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FMA in the style ofÖ

This is a new idea I came up with just a few mins ago. I want to write FMA parodies in the styles of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Super Milk chan, and what ever else I can think of. So please enjoy and be afraid be very afraid.

I donít know fma or aqua teen.

In a dark and scary cave outside of New Jersey.

Lust: BeholdÖ The Philosopher Stone!

Envy and Gluttony: Thatís just a painted red rock.

Lust: SoÖ

(opening theme)

My name is...
Ed Elric.
The Full metal
The new schoolah,
Ya wanna trip? I'll bring it to ya.
Mustang and I'm the flame, I like mini skirts
Alphonse you up next with your knock-knock.
Alphonse make the money, see.
Alphonse get the honeys, G.
Drivin in my car, livin' like a star.
Ice on my fingers and my toes and I'm a Taurus

Check it.
Check it, check it.

'Cuz we are the State alchemist,
make the homies say ho! and the girlies wanna scream
'Cuz we are the State Alchemist,
make the homies say ho! and the girlies wanna scream

The State Alchemist.
Number 1 in the Hood, G

Ed: AL! Your Kitten is here! (is pulling in a long box)

Al: Is it really Ed! Oh Iím so happy my kitten finally came! But why is it in that long box?

Ed: Itís in there Al really.

Al: Um ok brother (opens box) Um brother why is my kitten a snake, a 25 ft. look snake.

Ed: You like it or not?

Al: I donít know?

Ed: Hey Al you can use this pound of hair, stapler, and pipe cleaners and make him into a kitten.

Al: Okay brother! (Getís the stuff and goes back over to the snake) Ok now hold still this may hurtÖa lot. (Staples snake and getís bitten) Ahhhh.. Ed the snake is biting me!

Ed: So it shouldnít hurt you youíre a giant suit of armor!

Al: I know but It hurts, and itís making me feel sleepy, and sick.

Ed: Yea thatís how snakes kiss, like Europeans.

Al: BROTHER HELP!! THE SNAKE ATE ME! (Is in the snake)

Ed: What the hell!

(Snake starts going off to Alís room)

Roy: Ed did Alís kitten come in yet?

Ed: Yea but it was a snake.

Roy: I see, whereís Al?

Ed: I donít know.

Roy: You do to know, and whereís that snake going?

Ed: I think itís going to Alís room.

Roy: it is in Alís room.

Al: Roy help! Nathan ate me!

Roy: Hold still (is getting his flame alchemy ready)

Al: No donít kill Nathan or Iíll hate you forever.

Ed: (is getting a camera ready)

Roy: Ok Iíll get you, and I donít care if you hate me!

Ed: Hold on I have an idea. (getís some beer and a funnel) ITíS SPRING BREAK NATHAN!

Ed and Roy pour beer down that snakeís throat)

Roy: I think heís drunk.

Al: I feel funny hip.

Roy: No we got Al drunk.

Ed Somehow got into the snake next to Al

Roy: Oh great (getís Flame alchemy ready)

Al: Donít kill Nathan.

Ed: Donít kill me!

Roy: Iím not promising anything. (flames spark, and the snake blows up)

Roy: What have I done?

(In a field in the middle of nowhere)

Roy: Thanks for coming out today Barry the chopper.

Barry: No problem, so when will I get my pay?

Roy: I donít know.

(back at home)

Roy: Well with out those two around I can finally hang with the bad crowd.

(Roy now has his hair in crow rows and is on the phone with Mini-skirts-are-us)

(The Next morning Barry came over with a fruit roll up)

Barry: I came over here cause I heard a lot of noise, and I was going to tell you to shut up!

Roy: No Barry you shut up. (Shoots Barry with firey spark, and burns the suit of armor to a crisp)

Roy (throws Barry in a trash can) mwhhahahahaha!

(Back at home Roy is pouring gas all over the house)

Roy: I hate this house! (getís flame alchemy ready)

(knock at the door)

Roy: Who could that be?

(answers it and no one is there)

Roy: WTH (turns and seeís Ed, Al, and Barry as zombies)

Ed: Itís your fault.

Al: Itís your fault.

Barry: Itís your fault.

Roy: Is not.

All: Is to.

Roy: Is not

All: Is to.

(house is on fire)

All and Roy: Ahhhhhhhhh

Al: No no make it stop!

Roy: And thatís what would happen if you had gotten a kitten. (takes virtual helet off)

Al: And this is what will happen if I kill and ate your flesh. (kills Roy)

Roy: Ahhhhh (wakes up) oh man what a bad dream.

RR Plz
Hey everyone sorry itís taking me so long to update, but you see I have a part time job, and I donít come home until late, and Iím usually very tired. And this time kiddies weíre going to be doing Super Milk Chan, or as I like to call it ĎSuper Edo Chaní. LOL yes funny.

Disclaimer: I donít own FMA or Super Milk Chan.

Very annoying theme song plays and we see images of Ed in an over sized red sweater, drooling and singing to the theme song. So annoying

It was a normal day at Edo-chanís house, which was shaped like his auto mail arm. Edo-chan was prancing around drooling, while Al was cooking and cleaning up Edoís drool, and the dog/worm Den was watching the whole mayhem.

The phone rings and Edo picks it up.

Edo: Hello this is shimmer lotion are us, your dry skin makes us money (yen signs flash in Edoís eyes) just kidding.

Roy aka the President: Ah yes I am the president (has a ps3 and a rubix cube on his desk) Ah that shimmer lotion you mentioned reminds me of these hot girls that used it and they wore mini skirts (flies start to fly around Roy).

Edo: (is drooling, and we wonder why?)

Roy: Those were so pretty and I talked to the girls, and said I liked your skirts, and I tried to lift it up, and I got slapped.

Edo: Wait I need get the rent. (storms off)
Edo goes down stairs and outside to the anthill in the ground, and yen signs flash in his eyes)

Edo: Itís time for you damn ants to pay up.

Ant 1: Oh no heís back!

Ant 2: Donít look at him.

Ant 1: Oh shut up honey I know for a fact your cheating on me with a lesbian.

Ant 3: Mommy Daddy is that true.

Edo: You damn ants (getís the hoes ready)

Al: UmÖ brother, brother, Roy is still on the phoneÖ

Edo: Iíll take care of you damn ants later! (goes back upstairs)

Roy: (is still talking about the girls in mini-skirts)

Edo: President Roy do you have a mission for us?

Roy: Yes the mission. Edo I want you to catch a man who is making fake money so he can buy waffles.

Edo: Waffles?

Roy: Yes Waffles I didnít stutter.

Edo: Ok sir we shall go out there and find the collaret.

Roy: Good now go!

Edo: Roger Roger!

Edo, Al, and Den are now in a helicopter that is shaped like an auto mail arm. And Edo is drool everywhere.

Edo: We should stop and get a robo dog that will help us sniff out the fake money.

Al: But, why brother?

Edo: YOU DUMBASS! We need a special robo doggy to get the fake, duh!

Al: I knew that.
Den: (In his mind) Hello my name is Den the worm/dog. I took this job to pay off my loans to the lawyer after I lost my case with my ex-wife who won everything, including the house, and I wish they could have asked me to sniff out the money, in my opinion theyíre both the dumbasses.

Edo, Al, and Den land and buy a robo doggy named Black Hyate.

Edo: According to the directions, Hyate will behave until he sniffís out the bad money but when he does stand back cause he will go crazy! Keep out of reach of children, and any orifices.

Den: (growls)

Hyate: (shoots a rocket at Den)

Edo: YOU DUMBASSES! Thatís enough playing around we need to catch the crook, but how?

Al: I have an idea letís set up a waffle stand!

Edo: (drooling) Yes Yes waffles! Letís letís.

Somewhere on the other side of town, in a deep dark basement Maes Hughes was up to no good.

Maes: Yes I must make all this fake money so I can get BELGIN WAFFLES!

Gracia: What are you doing down there honey?

Maes: Nothing dear, just donít worry about it.

Gracia: Hey arenít you support to be dead? O.O

Back to our heroís they just got done setting up the stand and are waiting for the fake moneymaker to waffles, and Edo is of course drooling and singing an annoying song.

Edo: Waffles waffles waffles. They are made of milk, butter and love, please come here soon money thief so we can get you.

A beautiful princess named Winry comes up to the stand.

Winry: Hello may I please have a waffle?

Edo: Hyate sniff her out and see if her money is fake.

Hyate sniffed her money, and it was real, and Hyate was so happy he started to lick Winryís face. And Winry just laughed at the dog.

Winry: Thank you very much good bye. (dances away)

Edo: She was pretty (blushes)

Maes is walking down the street, and is looking for a belgin waffle stand.

Maes: BELIGIN WAFFLES WHERE WHERE ARE THEY? (smellís them) BELGIN WAFFLES! (Runs toward the smell)

Edo: Hello, and welcome to our little waffle stand how may we help you?

Maes: Iíll take them all! (opens brief case with tons of money in it)

Edo: Weíre going to need a lot of batter.

Hyate sniffís out the money, and starts to growl

Hyate: FAKE FAKE ITíS FAKE! (jumps on Maes and bites him)

Edo: We found him, Al call the President.

Al: Right!

(The President and the police show up five seconds later and arrest Hughes)

Gracia: Why? Why did you do it?

Maes: For waffles duh? See you in 2 years!

Gracia: (cries a river and blows her nose on the fake money)

Roy: Well done Edo, who would have thought Hughes would have done so dumb as that?

Edo: We did it. We did it! Now letís go eat sushi or something!

Everyone jumps up and down, and that is where we end for now.

Wow that was long. I based this off the first time I watched Oh! Super Milk Chan. And I was scared by that show. So I told you to be afraid LOL.

RR Plz
Hey everyone hereís an update for my FMA in the style of fanfic. I guess Super Edo-chan wasnít as funny as I thought would be. Well right now Iím jacked up on caffine and itís Thursday night I donít have to go to work tomorrow so I figure Iíd do some writing. I notice all these Fma pairings and I think some of them are just plain out odd and I canít see some of them happening so brace yourself for the craziest fma parody yet. JERRY SPRINGER!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: I donít own fma or Jerry Springer!


Jerry: Hello everybody and welcome to todayís episode of Jerry Springer. On todayís show, ďThe biggest love pairings everĒ we have pretty much the whole cast of the number one anime in America Full Metal Alchemist. Our first three guests are the three main kids in FMA: Edward Elric (16) Alphonse Elric (15) and Winry Rockbell (16). Now Ed I know you have something to say to Winry donít you?

Ed: Yes Jerry I do.

Jerry: What is it?

Commercial break

Roy: if you want your female officers to wear the best in mini skirts then make sure to get them Royís lil mini skirts the best of the best and the minest of the minest.

Jerry: Ok welcome back everyone when we left Edward was about to tell Winry something what is that something?

Ed: (getís up and walks towards Winry) Winry I LOVE YOU!

Audience: (gasp)

Winry: Oh Ed I love you to (getís up and kisses Ed)

Al: No sheís canít love him, I love her also brother I won the fight when we were little kids and I have the right to marry her.

Ed: Piss off sheís mine now trash can!

Al: (picks up a chair and throws it at Ed)

Ed: (Turns the chair into flowers and gives them to Winry)

Jerry: Ed there is someone back stage who needs to tell you something important, so please welcome Roy Mustang!

Audience claps

Roy: Hello full Metal.

Ed: What do you want Taisa?

Roy: Edward Rossford Elric I LOVE YOU! *grabs Ed and kisses him)


Ed: What the hell I donít love you.

Voice: But I do (itís Riza)

Riza: Roy Ronald Mustang I love your crazy yaoi ass (kisses him)

Al: I have a confession to make.

Jerry: What is it Al?


Ed: What?

Al: But Iím also in love with Roy whoís in love with you but youíre in love with Winry, and Riza loves Roy. And itís all so confusing and wrong!

Another voice: Not so fast (itís envy)



Ed: Itís true Iíve been seeing Envy!

Winry: Ed I have to tell you something.

Ed: What Winry?

Winry: I too am in love with Roy and Hughes.

Ed: When were you going to tell me this?

Winry: Now!

Hughes comes out: You canít have Roy heís mine!

Havoc: No Roy is mine!

Roy: We had the three-some remember?

Havoc and Hughes: Oh yea!


Ed: No you crazy lady!

Rose: Who you callin crazy (punches Ed)

Al: donít hurt my brother who I love so much (picks up Rose and throws here on the floor)

Steve: (holds Al back)


Jerry: Ok let me get this straight?

Ed loves Wirny

But Al also loves Wirny and Ed and Roy.

Roy loves Ed who loves Winry, but Roy had a three-some with Havoc and Hughes

Envy uses Ed as his sex toy.

Winry loves Ed but is also in love with Roy and Hughes.

Am I right so far?

Everyone: yea!

Both Havoc and Hughes are in love with Roy also, and so is Riza.

Havoc, Hughes, and Riza: Yup.

Jerry: And Rose is in love with Ed also?

Rose: (lying on the floor just barely alive) right.

Jerry: All I can say youíre all sick people, and you all need to get tested!

All: (they feel bad)

Jerry: For my final thought. If you love someone have the courage to tell him or her. And donít get to carry away with free love. Thank you for your time. Take care of yourself and each other.

Well folks this was a lot of fun to write. I probably wont have much time to write for awhile because next month I start college, and I have to go to work right after and I donít get back hme until late,a nd all my spare time will go to homework. So I will write and update when I can. Kay RR plz
foolmetal alchemist
Please don't double post. Also, what do you mean it's taking long to update? It was one minute after your first post?
the story is also on so that's why i'm saying this stuff ^^
fooly cooly pillows
i thought it was funny very funny lol biggrin.gif laugh.gif
i like your screenname


*perks up* *cheers* GLEEEEEE!!!!!!!! *hugs Chibi*
fooly cooly pillows
QUOTE(Luckyalchemy27 @ Jul 30 2005, 06:59 PM)


*perks up* *cheers* GLEEEEEE!!!!!!!! *hugs Chibi*

lol laugh.gif
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