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I didn't know where to put this, because I didn't see anything for just stories
A story I'm writing, which is currently under hiatus: The Legend of The Wolfdrakes
But I hope you enjoy the amount I can show you now!
PG13 rating for the future (gore and cursing)
For now it's pretty ok

Back in the days of King Arthur and dragons, there were magicians who could combine the very creatures of earth. These strange Chimeras were not of this earth, and yet they were allowed and holy. They were as natural as you or me. Exactly how this was accomplished was and remains unknown to those who were not of the sect of law breaking magicians and ancient alchemists who created these things.
Their greatest, and last, creations were the combination of a wolf and a dragon. The purpose was to create an obedient and powerful army, combining the ancestry of dogs, and the most feared creatures of the time. Unknown to them, this breed was intelligent and independent. Perhaps it was the magic of the wizards, or maybe the proud nature of both wolf and dragon, but this turned out to be the death of these people.
The problem was that each day, the "Wolfdrakes" as they called them, were getting wise to their plans and tired of their constant, and painful, tests. So one day, they destroyed the whole castle and everything in it...
Rishingu stood upon the hill, watching the flames lick at the wooden structure. He was a lean built Wolfdrake with muscles showing under his sleek, coal black fur. His eyes were of molten gold but had slit pupils like that of a dragon. His left eye bore a scar the shape of a sun, though he could still see through it, for the scar had not crusted over his lid, and his eye had been unaffected by the burn. He stretched dragonic his wings, which were also coal black, and flicked his tail which had black spikes protruding from the top. His eyes searched for a sign of human life, so that he could end it. Seeing that there were none, he laid down.
It was then that another Wolfdrake approached him. His name was Cye, and he also had black fur. But his wings and right leg were robotic, along with his right eye, which was souless gold. His actual eye was red, with the same slit pupils, and his spikes were of same black. The only thing that would've seperated him totally from Rish was his unusual, dark blue streak pattern. The pattern started above his eyes, in an octagon outline above each eye, then goes through his eyes in slash shapes, which then takes a sharp obtuse angle from a little ways below his eyes to all the way to his hind legs, were it stops write at the end of his upper leg muscles.
"Sir, we've checked the whole place, theres no survivors." he said, his voice was deep and rugged sounding.
"Good," said Rishingu, his voice equally deep, but handsome sounding, "Now we know this will never happen again."
It'd been a hard battle, and 15 of the original 36 Wolfdrakes were still living. Sorrowful howling sounded about the place, a tribute to the dead.
"What will we do know?" said the voice of a young puppy. He walked over to Rish and looked up to at him. His fur was black with dark pink paws, his eyes were blue, spikes silver, and wings black as well.
His eyes were full of hope as he looked to the leader. Rish turned to him, "Well, Ginz, we'll just have to find out."

Part 1: Danger of the Caves:
Rishingu walked in front of the procession of most of the Wolfdrakes. They had been in search for many days of a certain kind of "paradise" so to speak, but had found nothing but cold grounds. Just then his mate, Lendei, a Wolfdrake with pink fur, purple eyes, dark red spikes, and pink wings, jogged up to him.
"Rish, theyre tired, we need to rest," she said to him quietly. "Yea dad, Im tired!" said Rishingu's son, Ginz.
"Dont complain," said Rishingu gruffly but his eyes were full of fondness as he looked at his son resting on his mother's back. "Alright," he said, then turned to the rest, "There's a cave up ahead, we can rest there for the night until noon tomorrow."
"Alright doggies, you heard the Leader," said Cye his voice stern and full of command, "Double pace, come on lets march!"
It wasnt long before they were nearly there. But they were unaware of the danger inside the cave, as lion-like eyes watched them come.

The two scouts sent to look for food, recieved the message of them settling in a cave not far from where they last left them from a runner. The runner was a lean, light green wolfdrake with orange eyes, dusty brown spikes, and pine-green wings, by the name of Boren. He came puffing up to them, his for legs slightly shaking as he relayed the message to a dark red, female wolfdrake, with black rings around her eyes, a black right front paw, dark purple spikes, stone grey eyes, and dark red wings, named Reiga, and a dark purple, golden eyed, silver spiked, grey winged, male wolfdrake with gold stripes about the muzzle and legs named Royiltora. They listened carefully and then looked about.
The two were twins, even if they didnt look it, so they did a creepy finish-each-others'-sentance thing twins were prone too.
"Well it seems.." started Royiltora, he had the voice of your average "cool guy" in highschool.
"..There isnt any food about here," finished Reiga, her voice sweet and melodic.
"So mabey we should.."
"...Just get some sticks.."
"...So that we can..."
"..Start a fire!"
"My thoughts.."
"Och, will ye listen tae yerselves?" said Boren, his accent somewhat Scottish although Scotland wasnt their homeland. "Thats creepy, ye kin?"
"What does..."
"...'Ye kin'..."
"...Mean?" Reiga finished. The twins were soon snickering at Boren's face.
The three gathered the sticks around and went to the cave.

The Wolfdrakes were soon all setteled around a fire they had started. Rishingu was uncomfertable and couldnt sleep. "Leader?" came Cye's voice from the darkness. His robotic eye loomed out of the darkness to gaze at him.
"I just...couldnt sleep..." said the Rish, avoiding stating he had an ominous feeling about the place.
"You dont have to worry, sir. I feel it too," said Cye. He came to sit next to the leader and the two stared at the fire. Suddenly Rishingu lifted his muzzle into the air and let out a howl. The howl reverbrated off the walls, but didnt wake anyone.
When he finished, he lowered his head back down and listened to his echo. His ears twitched this way and that, then we turned sharply to look towards the pitch black cave back.
"Sir?" said Cye puzzled, but he finally understood as he too picked up the echo reverbrate off something that wasnt stone.
"Tell the children and pregnant to leave," he said, not taking his eyes off the shadow of the back end. Cye gave a yip and a whine. Everyone awoke. He repeated and just as they were backing away, the shadow attacked!

Part 2: The Islands of Perfection
Rish jumped away just in time. He was soon glad he was near the fire, for the beast skidded to a halt and it was now visible. It looked to be a huge lion with a scorpian's tail and hellish bat wings.
"Its a Manticore," he said. The others looked at him.
"Manticore?" repeated Reiga, "How can you tell that?" asked her twin.
"I heard it from them, our creators. They described and I listened. Now, I know what its like to actually SEE one."
They stared in awe at the leader's wisdom. "Very good," said a grating voice. It was the Manticore's,
"Ive come to feast upon you all, for I am hungry."
"Will have tae see aboot that!" Boren charged. The Manticore ducked and swang its tail.
"Look out!" shouted Rish. Boren feinted and wasnt hit with the barb, but still was hit. He went flying at the bullish force of the Manticore. "Dont let the barb hit you! It's poison much worse than that of a Hydra!" Rish explained to them.
"-is that?" said the twins, "Hydra poison-"
"-is the most-"
"-of poisons!"
"Yes, because its an instant kill. But Manticore poison is slow acting and extremely painful," Rish said. He just barely finished when the thing charged him again. "I WILL KILL YOU!" it roared bringing its tail up.
It lashed out but Rishingu was very quick to react and light on his feet. He dodged and grabbed the thing's hind paw. He swung it once and let it go. It went whooshing to the back of the cave. But It twisted and landed on paws with cat agility. Rish let a sigh escape him, the thing was heavier than he thought. But he was still ready for more.
It was Cye's turn. He whoofed once and growled, the signal to shut their eyes. They did so. He then walked straight up to the Manticore. "Think your tough?" he said mockingly. "HA! You think YOU can stand a chance agaisnt me?!" It charged, only to be blinded by Cye's mechanical eye. It reared and yowled as it pawed its eyes. Now was his chance! He lept seized the things front paw and flung it back to Rish. The other got out of the way as the Manticore staggered upward, eyes streaming.
Rish then headbutted it in the throat, sending it backwards towards the mouth of the cave. It now could see and was gagging. It glared at them and, with a hiss, ran off, yowling his hatred.
The rest of the night, Rish posted guards. Making sure each was in place, he finally laid down. It was late and now he was finally able to go to sleep.
In the morning, he sent a hunting party to try and find some prey. They returned with meager offerings, but they didnt take them for granted. After eating Rish called a council of his trusted friends and his mate.
"We need to know which way we should go. The morale is decreasing and more encounters like that may cause fighting and desertion," he began. "Any ideas?"
"Well...maybe we should keep going north. We're bound to get to some pine forest," said Lendei.
"Its cold in the north," said a gold brown male with a white tail-tip, black ears and tear stripes, black spots about the muzzle, gold wings, orange eyes, and black spikes, by the name of Chetzem. He had a strong commanding voice. "I propose we go south-"
"And go back to THEM?!" said an old white furred Wolfdrake with silver fur, dusty gray wings, white spikes, and one brown eye, one milky blue eye that was blind. His voice was old and croaky sounding, he had been the first Wolfdrake ever created and his name was Fiss
"Ye're onlae not in tha mood tae see yore dead wife!" Boron said, "It warm tae the south!"
"ENOUGH!" Rish said as they bickered. "If we cant decide on north or south, how about east or west?"
"I heard talk about a western continent from...them" said a child's voice. Ginz sheepishly poked his head out from behind his dad. "Ginz.." said Rish warningly. Ginz lowered his ears, "I know...I shouldnt be spying.."
"Land to the west?" asked Chetzem.
"He said 'continent' which means we'd have to fly to it," said Lendei.
"How far is it?" asked Ginz looking to Cye. The others had no idea why he was asking Cye. They looked questionaly at him. Cye sighed and lowered a wing. OUt from behind his wing rolled a scroll. He carefully unrolled it and weighed it with stones. "This is a map of the world as the mages predicted, this is the land he was talking about." He pointed to a large mass of land on the other side marked 'New Land'. "The castle was here," he said pointing to a dot on the map, in a mass called 'Europe'. "This is, as you can tell, only a small version, this bar here tells how many kilometers every so far is,"
"Which means this land lays over thousands of kilometers away, maybe even millions!" said Chetzem. A moan went up from the others. Cye pointed to a place just north of where the castle was. "I suppose we're somewhere close to here, which means we can still go west and settle on some warm beach." A murmer of agreement was heard. "So is it settled? We travel to the ocean?" Rish asked.
"Only to a non-populated area, an island preferably," said Fiss. He was not prone to other species. "We could have it to oursleves!"
"Yes, yes!" said Ginz, but his father shook his head. "There will be other creatures there whether or not you like it, Fiss. But the idea is good, find an island, settle down, start a colony, its a very good idea indeed,"
Cye pointed to a lagoon just off coast, "This should be good, right here!" Rish looked about to the rest, "Yes?" They nodded but Ginz spoke up, "But no dragons, dad? Please? Or Manticores?" a chuckle emerged from a few. Rish smiled, "We'll try son, we'll try."

Part 3: Generations
It'd been 3 days since the Manticore incident, it was Rish and Cye's turn to hunt. They stalked through the forest, scoping out possible prey. Rish looked at Cye's mechanical parts and remembered that horrible day...

The creators had recently discovered Cye and Rish proclaimed dominance over the pack. They tested the two on why this was so. Unaware of their wisdom and determination, they started strength and durability. Especially durability, not because of scientific reasons, but becuase they felt like it. Human kind was almost always prone to the cruelty of animals.
They started with Cye. First testing him agaisnt weapons, then agaisnt wild animals, then...against a Gryphon. Each had been somewhat starved and were promised food if they one. Cye had already lost his eye to a gigantic board and lion at once, and a wing to several birds of prey. His wounds were bandaged and uncaredfor, to make him want to fight with craziness from the pain. The Gryphon was very skinny and had been teased, so it was also irratable.
The battle began! Cye went straight for the wings, to disable flight. But the Gryphon caught him on his remaining wing and tore it off with a mighty sweep of its talons. Cye went crashing to the ground. Standing on hind legs, the Gryphon screeched, making Cye wince. But he recovered quickly to pretend to attack the arm, only to turn and go for the throat. When he put plan into motion, he found he was going at the throat instead of the arm. Gryphon magic disables all things false! The Gryphon saw it coming and dodged away. Cye hit the wall and kicked off with hind feet, again going for the throat. This time he struck! He dug deep into the juggular. The Gryphon screeched in pain and clawed at him, ripping off his arm. Cye fell again, but couldnt get up. It was then that Rish broke into the room and attacked the Gryphon himself. Attaching himself at the same spot Cye did, he sunk his fangs into its windpipe. The Gryphon's air was cut off. Letting off horrible gurgling screeches, the Gryphon went down.
The creators came in, and cast spells over Rish for punishment, giving him his sun shaped burn. Eventually, they finally treated Cye...

Cye saw him out the corner of his eye. "Fond memories eh?" he said and gave a hollow chuckle. Rish looked away, "Sorry Cye, didn't mean to stare."
"It's alright, I kind of enjoy the attention." Rish and Cye grinned and continued on their way.

It was noon time when they finally came back with good game, two deer and a rabbit. As everyone ate, friendly talk could be heard among them. Rish smiled as he listened to their conversations:
"...and what I heard was that they can smell evil a mile away!"
"Really? Heh, we sure could use one of those eh?"
"...he rose up big like this and went 'raaagh!' but I killed him!"
"I swear! That fish was HUGE!"
"That fish gets bigger every time!"
It was then that Ginz walked up carrying Cye's map. Rish had forgotten to ask Cye where he got it.
"Mr. Cye said that we might be here," Ginz said as he pointed a paw at a cluster of woodlands west from the last place they were. "Doesnt look like much does it?"
Rish pointed to the bar at the bottom, "Yes, but it could mean long. Remember this bar? For every one of these is around 600 kilometers, so..have we traveled far?"
Ginz looked back and forth from bar to spot, he finally nodded "I think we traveled pretty far! We could be there in no time!" He happily marched off to give Cye back his map. Rish watched him go. "Ye be a good father ya know," said the familiar voice of Boren. Rish turned. "That boy looks up tae ya, he does." Boren went back to eating, leaving Rish to his thoughts. He knew the pups were almost old enough to be trained in the ways of survival and combat. He decided that once they were all settled, he and some volunteers could train them.

Part 4: Hunters and Hunted
The quail pecked at the ground, unaware of their hunter's eyes upon them.
Licking his lips, Ginz crouched. He was now much older and he was doing everything his tutor, Boren, had taught him: keeping silent, staying still, being patient. Those were the key things to the perfect hunt, "Och, if ye donnae haeve em, yore as good as starved," he had told him. With words like that, it was hard to disobey.
He crept foreward a bit, peering through the bushes. He watched one that dared to stray from the group. His luck was going well, the bird was even coming toward him! Just a few steps more, and it would be his...
There! Now was the time. He readied himself, then he sprang forth, running to the quail. The flock squawked and scattered, but Ginz wasn't the reason...
A red blur flashed before his eyes and his prey was gone. Bewildered, Ginz looked about. Then he saw the fox cub. The fox looked at him and Ginz stared back. The fox dropped his kill, "I'm sorry was that yours?" he asked. Being of canine and mythical families, Ginz could understand him. "Well...uh..erm...Depends..." Ginz studdered, he wasn't expecting competition. The fox sat and rocked his head. "Depends on what?" he asked, curiousity glittering in his eyes. "Well, long have you been here?" Ginz had learned from his father the fairness in hunting. "Um, maybe around...half an hour..or so.." the fox sat down. "Ah well see I've been here only 10 or 15 minutes, so that means it's yours," explained Ginz. "Oh ok, I get it," said the cub briefly wagging his bushy red tail. "Ya know you're pretty good at hunting, for someone whose all red. I didnt even see you until it was too late.... for the bird anyway," said Ginz. "You're one to talk," replied the fox indicating Ginz's pink paws and silver spikes with a grin. "Ya got me there," laughed Ginz looking at his front paws.
The fox picked the dead quail back up, and turned to go, "Wait!" said Ginz. The fox turned. "Do you know of another good place I could find some more prey?" asked Ginz. The fox pointed a black paw, "Affoo yars ofer dare, 'ares a raffit den," he replied, his words muffled by his kill. He left, half dragging the quail, and Ginz went in the direction he had indicated.

Boren was an excelent sneak, when it came to green foliage. His variety of greens hid him well and his experience made it better. He crouched in the bushes alongside the road, watching the humans' approach on horses. Some were in typical knight wear, others in soldier wear. The halted in front of him. He ducked out of fear of discovery and laid even lower. But the humans didnt look at him. Another man came bearing the same banner from the opposite direction. Boren listened closely.
"What news have ye?" asked the leader of the group.
"Sir, I come bearing a message of the local lord! His menagerie was destroyed and his prized striped cats are loose," replied the lone man smartly. Boren had already guessed him to be a messenger.
Striped cats? he thought, Ah should repurt this tae Rish.
A rustle in the bushes made the men grab their weapons only for Boren to be long gone.

Ginz creapt foreward silently, yet the world was weird. His hair raised on the back of his neck, as his nose caught the scent of blood. That can't be right.. he thought. Rabbits eat greens.
When he came upon the den he found it deserted and foul-smelling. Poking his head in further, even digging a bit, he came upon a dead rabbit. Blood was nowhere, but the rabbit had a horrid expression on it's face. Fear.
Ginz yanked out of the hole. Rabbits are scared of everything.. so why am I scared? It could be just another fox. Yet his senses told him different. Something was here.. watching him.. stalking him.. hunting him.
Ginz took off running. Blindly racing. Something was behind him, something big, something fierce, something fast, too fast. Not daring to look, he felt it's hot breath on his rear. Before he could pull ahead he was knocked off his feet, a great gash on his side. He scrambled to his feet and attempted flight, but something hooked it's great claws into his rear and dragged him back down. A great paw bashed him on the side of the head, and he was slammed agaisnt a tree, stunned...

Tell me what ya think so far cool.gif
foolmetal alchemist
Well, there is a fanfiction section under the FMA discussion section.
Well it's not technically a fanfic..
But it seems to have been moved here so eh *shrugs*
Hey! Your story is rreeeaallllyyy good so far!! I really hope you continue! Rish and Cye are such cool characters! I hope my fic turns out as good as this!
*blushes* Thanks =3
I think I've got a general idea about what'll happen next, but I'm unsure
Why? Because I usually end up screwing up and winging it XD
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