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Full Version: The Orphan Assassin
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Rei smiled as she picked flowers for her parents. They were really pretty. Yellow, pink. light blue, and white. The would make her mommy and daddy very happy. Giggling, Rei remembered what her daddy said. Tomorrow, they would get her her very own puppy. Running back to her house, Rei smiled. She was very pretty for a three-year-old. She was slim and her black hair was already long. Her ice blue eyes sparkled. As she neared her home, she spotted two tall, claoked figures exiting. They saw her and stopped before hurrying down the road. Rei watched them leave.

"Who are they?"

Shrugging, Rei grinned again and flung the door open.

"Mommy, daddy! Look at the pretty..."

The flowers were dropped and the girl stared. Her father was lying on his stomach, red liquid forming a large puddle around him. Her mother was on the floor, her back against the wall and eyes wide open. There was a huge gash on her thraot that was leaking the same red liquid.

"M-mommy? D-daddy?"

Neither spoke, nor moved. Tears streamed down Rei's eyes and she ran forward, her barefeet making loud thumps as they hit the floor. She collapsed to the ground, blood splashing on her knees.

"Mommy daddy you have to wake up! You can't fall asleep here! Mommy? Daddy?"

More tears came and she began to sob.

"You have to! You have to get up! We're getting a puppy tomorrow, remember? You have to get up! I even got flowers for your pretty vase, mommy!"

The girl crawled over to her mother, slipping in the blood.

"Mommy, I drew you a picture! Don't you want to see it? Mommy?"

Crying even harder, the girl flung her arms around the dead woman's neck and sobbed into her chest.

"P-please wake up! Please!"

She cried almost all night, blood smearing on her face and clothes as she crawled from her mother to her father.

Finally, in the morning, the door opened and a man wearing a blue suit looked in. His eyes widened when he saw Rei sitting there, holding her father. Her face was covered in their blood, her tears mixing with it and leaving little trails. It had gotten in her hair and all over her clothes.

"My god..." "My mommy and daddy won't wake up! Why...why won't they...they..."

New tears formed and Rei began to sob loudly.

"I *hic* want *his* my *hic* mommy and *hic* daddy!"

The man carefully walked over and picked up the bawling child.

Another man walked in. Unlike the first one, he was bald and had a large mustache.

"What in the..." "Gron, I leave you to clean this up. Come on, Rei." "NO! MOMMY! DADDY!"

Holding the girl carefully, Bradley walked out. Several other people went in to get the bodies. Rei looked back at her house and began sobbing again. She flung her arms around Bradley's neck, covering his uniform with red blood as she sobbed.

"There there. It's going to be all right." "Mommy...daddy..they won't wake up!" "No, they're not going to wake up." "I want them to wake up! I was going to get a puppy today!"

Bradley rubbed the girls back, trying to calm her down.

"I'm so sorry, Rei."

End chapter one.
Water Achemist
So that's how it happened...That's really good!
Bradley glanced at Rei as the pastor read. The small girl had the urns that held her mother and fathers ashes, tears streaming down her face. She was only three years old and already she was so mature. She had stopped sobbing a while after Bradley had taken her with him. She watched her parents get burned without saying a word and now was holding what was left of their bodies in her arms without any noise at all. Finally, the pastor finished and all the people who had come to pay their respects bowed their heads.

Rei looked up at Bradley and he nodded. Gently, the girl placed the urns on the ground, removing the caps. A wind picked up and she hurled the ashes into the air. There was a quiet amen and people began to leave. Sighing, Bradley watched the ashes with a heavy heart. Rei began to cry and ran off somewhere. Suddenly, two cloaked figures appeared from behind a large tree.

"We appreciate what you're doing for us, Bradley." "I don't."

"We have to. The Fuhrer cammanded it. Either we 'die' or Rei gets drafted into the army. She wouldn't have had a choice in her life if we were-"

"I know. But still. For gods sake, Alaric, she's three!"

The thin man looked down. A lock of his long brown hair fell in his face and he didn't even bother pushing it away.

"I...I know. It pains us too." "I'm beginning to think the Fuhrer isn't as great as we thought."

There was a feminine gasp and Rhiannon covered her mouth, her ice blue eyes wide.

"Bradley!" "I know, mutinous talk. But it's true. If I were Fuhrer, this wouldn't happen. Ever."

(This is my version of why Bradley became Fuhrer.)

"Well, that's not the case, unfortunately." "Alaric, we have to go." "I know. Bradley, please take care of Rei. We love her very much, but we can't help her."

Bradley nodded and the two were gone.


"Rei? Rei!"

Bradley sighed as he searched around the graveyard.

"Where did that girl go?"

Suddenly, he heard a sniffling behind som ebushes and pushed them apart. Rei was sitting there, crying. She was still wearing her black jacket and skirt, along with black shoes and knee-socks. She was rubbing her eyes as she cried.

"Rei..." "I *hic* want my *hic* mommy and daddy!"

Picking the girl up, Bradley rubbed her back and made soothing noises.

"It's going to be all right." "Why did *hic* they *hic* have to *hic* die!" "Because the world is cruel. And no one wants to try and make it better." "Why *hic* not?" "Because, Rei. Just because."


Putting Rei in her bed, the tall man tucked her in. She had fallen asleep on the way back to his home.

"Poor Rei. I wish it were different for you. Tomorrow, I'll take you to Dublith. At least there you've got some family."

Straightening, Bradley left the room to go work. He frowned at the paper, thinking of how stupid their government was. Two parents had been wrenched from their baby girl because the highest in command said so.

I'll be damned before I let this happen ever again.

Inside Rei's room, Rei thought of what Bradley had said.

How can I make the world better?
Radical Alchemist
Very very nice. Only thing I have to say is when people talk you might want to make it a paragraph such as:

Putting Rei in her bed, the tall man tucked her in. She had fallen asleep on the way back to his home.
"Poor Rei. I wish it were different for you. Tomorrow, I'll take you to Dublith. At least there you've got some family."

Just to make it easier to read ya know? Everything else is perfect! poor Rei sad.gif
Azura Elric
...I still have much hatred to King Bradley, but it's nice to see a more friendly side of him.
Rei looked out the train window. In her lap she had a little black leather bag that held her fathers holy book from when he when little, her mothers silver necklace with an ice blue gem, a little puppy stuffed animal that Rei got when she was two and a locket. The locket held three pictures. One of them was of her parents from not too long ago, holding her between them. All of them were flashing peace signs.

"Rei?" "Hm?" "We're almost there."

The girl nodded and looked at where they were headed. It was a small town called Dublith. It was where Rei was going to live. She looked at Bradley, who smiled at her.

"Don't worry Rei. Everything will be all right." "Okay."

When the train stopped, Bradley moved out of the seat, helping Rei out. Their bagage was in a seperate car. When the man who was taking the bagage asked if Rei wanted to leave her bag with the others, she had hid behind Bradley and clutched the bag, shaking her head no.

"Your aunt and uncle will be waiting for us. Are you ready to meet them?"


Chuckling, Bradley took the girls hand and led her off the train. Waiting for them was a nice old woman and a fat brown cat. The cat meowed at Rei and rubbed against her legs.

"It's nice to meet you, Rei. My name is Korea. You can call me auntie." "Aunt...a?" "You can call me that."

Bradley smiled.

"Well, I have to get back to Central."

Korea took Rei's hand and smiled at the man.

"You will come by and visit, won't you?" "Of course."

Sqautting down, Bradley smiled at Rei.

"Be good, okay?" "Okay. I'll be good. As long as the man with the funny face-weasel doesn't come back."

There was a long silence and Bradley finally stood up and left, trying not to laugh.
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..."man with the funny weasel face"?
Rei's nickname for Brigadier General Gron is 'the man with the funny face weasel'.

Seven years later...

Rei ran down the dirt road as fast as she could.

"Rei, wait up!" The girl screeched to a stop and frowned.

"Ami! You're too slow!"

A girl with brown hair caught up to her and tried to catch her breath. She frowned and narrowed her green eyes.

"Am not! You're just too fast!"

"You are too slow!"

"Granma says you run faster an me 'cause you've got longer legs."

"Cause I'm older. Now come on! I want to get to the library!"

Ami placed her hands on her hips and pouted.

"Rei, the library's too far! I can't run anymore!"

Rei rolled her eyes. "Okay, climb on."

Ami smiled brightly and hopped onto Rei's back. "Yay!"

"You did that just so I would carry you!"

"I like it when you carry me, Rei! It's really fun!"

Sighing, Rei smiled and held onto her friends legs so she wouldn't fall off. They began walking, Rei leaning over slightly. It was extremely early in the morning. The sun hadn't even begun to rise and it was still really dark. Rei liked getting to the library early so she and Ami could hide from all the people and the librarian. One time, they had stayed there all day and had gotten locked in. Both had panicked for a while, but then Rei began to see it as an adventure. Her aunt and uncle didn't.

"Look Rei, you can still see the stars! Aren't they pretty?"

"Uh huh! And so's the moon!"

The two smiled as they walked along the road, looking at the stars. Rei didn't mind carrying Ami. She did it a lot. She loved leaving while it was still dark and then walking home after sunset. It was always nice to watch the stars. Jessi, Ami's puppy, ran up to them and gave a happy woof.

"Sh! You have to be quiet, Jessi! People might wake up and get mad at us if we're too loud!"

"She doesn't know any better, Ami. She's only three weeks old."

Jessi woofed again and began walking beside them both. They reached the outskirts of town just as the sun began to peak over the hilltops. Rei stopped and smiled. Dublith. It was beautiful. As the sun got higher, it seemed as though a blanket of gold was draped on the small town. Beads of water on grass sparkled and shone as the sun hit them. Spiderwebs looked like strings of golden beads. The small, homey buildings seemed to glow with the light of the morning sun. Rei had lived here for seven years and seen just about every sunrise and sunset. She did quite a bit, but still made time for the beauty of nature.

Walking down the well-known path, Rei couldn't help but smile. It was spring and the sakura's were starting to bloom. Rei loved sakura's. Everyone said it was because Sakura was her last name, but really it was because sakura's were magical flowers.

The two friends and puppy reached the library just as the librarian, Lily, reached it. Lily was a kindly old woman who was in her late sixties. She smiled at the two as they reached the door.

"My, Rei. You and Ami get here so early, I should just let you two open up the library and sleep in!"

"But you do a good job, Miss Lily!"

"I know, Ami, but I'm get old. When you're older, you'll understand how wonderful it is to sleep in."

"And be late for work? Nuh-uh!"

Rei laughed, along with Lily and Ami. Jessi panted happily.

"Well, I suppose I should open it up."

Taking her key out, Lily placed it into the key hole. She turned it and frowned.

"That's strange."

"What? What's wrong, Miss Lily?"

"The door. It's unlocked."

All three looked at each other and Rei set Ami down. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the great doors open and looked in. The whole library was a mess. Books were strewn everywhere and pages lay on the ground. Some of the shelves were toppled over and tables lay broken, along with chairs.

"Oh my goodness!"

"What's wrong Miss Lily?"

"Oh, Jeff! It's awful! Come look!"

Jeff, the town's blacksmith, walked up the steps and looked in.

"Good gracious! It's a pigsty in there! What on Earth happened?"

"I don't know! I just got here!"

Rei walked in and looked around. Gasping slightly, Ami ran in and clutched Rei's arm. Closing her eyes, Rei searched the room using her hearing. There was a scuffling noise from the far end of the library. Taking a deep breath, Rei began to walk towards it. The windows had been messed with, so half the library was in complete darkness.

"Rei, I'm scared."

"It's okay Ami. Don't worry."

The noise got louder and suddenly, there was a looming face in front of Rei. Narrow red eyes glared at her and strong hand wrapped itself around her throat and picked her up.

Water Achemist
biggrin.gif that's really well written, as are the other chapters. And thanks for adding Ami. ~ hands you a cookie~
Last Chapter...

The noise got louder and suddenly, there was a looming face in front of Rei. Narrow red eyes glared at her and strong hand wrapped itself around her throat and picked her up.



Rei clawed at her throat, trying desperatly to breath. It was too dark to see anything, but she could hear the screams of Ami. Suddenly, she was thrown into a bookshelf. Rei landed on the ground and grabbed her head, groaning.

"Rei! Ami! Where are you!"

Ami was thrown into the bookeshelf and landed in beside Rei.


There was a groaning sound and Rei looked up, squinting. The windows returned to normal spontaneously and the young girl's eyes widened as she saw the bookeshelf she had been thrown into leaning towards her. Rei panicked completely.


Grabbing the girl, Rei held her tightly as the bookshelf fell on them both.


Lily screamed as light flooded the library. Rei was crouched on the floor and looking up, Ami next to her. A big, heavy bookeshelf was leaning forward. Rei's eyes widened and she reached for Ami quickly.

Someone on the window above it pushed it hard and it toppled onto the two girls just as Rei grabbed Ami and held her tightly.

"REI! AMI!" Jeff ran forward and began to try and lift the bookshelf. Lily ran out, her eyes filled with worry.


Many people came out to see what was wrong.

"Miss Lily, what happened?"

"Rei and Ami! They're trapped under a bookshelf!"

Several of the men ran inside to help Jeff. Jessi ran around the bookshelf, barking her head off. Charles ran up as well. He was a beautiful young man, but many people teased him about looking like a woman. He had long, black hair and lovely purple eyes.

He quickly drew a transmutation circle on the back of the bookshelf and placed his hands on it. It glowed and the shelf turned into a large block of dark wood. Rei lay on the ground, Ami pinned under her.

"Rei! Ami!"

Jeff picked up both girls in his strong arms. Aside from a bunch of paper cuts and a bloody nose, Ami was fine. Rei had taken most of the damage. Three of her ribs were broken and her wrist was sprained. Jessi whimpered.

"Are they alive?" "Someone tell their family!" "Rei's unconscious!" "Ami, are you okay?"

The younger girl began to cry and reached for Rei.

"Rei's hurt! Someone help her!"

Charles took Ami and held her close. "It's okay Ami. Rei will be okay."

Karen, the town's baker, took Rei and hurried off with her to the doctors office.

"I want Rei! I want Rei!"

Picking up a bawling Ami, Charles followed Karen.

Lily looked around the library. "Who could do such a thing?"

"I don't know, but they were looking for alchemy tips. Your entire section on alchemy is torn apart."
ARGH! You people and your lack of replies has forced me to DOUBLE-POST! sad.gif I don't like double-posting, but I wanna keep writing.


Rei's eyes opened and she sat straight up.

"Where's Ami?!"

"It's all right, Rei. Ami's fine. She wouldn't leave your side. She's right there."

Looking over, Rei sighed in relief as she saw her young friend sleeping soundly, her head on Rei's bed. She was snoring quietly. It wasn't an unpleasant sound, and it made Rei feel good.

"What happened?"

"Someone pushed a bookshelf on top of you two. How are you feeling?"

Rei smiled at the pretty nurse.

"I'm fine! I don't hurt at all! See?"

Rei gently stood up and walked around. The nurse laughed as the girl did a cartwheel.

"Well, you're very lucky Mr. Charles helped you. He used alchemy to fuse your ribs back together. It was hard work."

"I'm glad he helped me too. Where is he?"

"He went home to sleep. Apparently, he stayed up all night helping Miss Lily fix her library."


"Don't worry, you can see him tomorrow. Right now, you should stay here with Ami."

Rei nodded and crawled back into bed. She pulled Ami up with her draped the blanket over both of them. The nurse turned off the lights as she left.

"Good night Ami."


Ami woke up in the middle of the night and looked around. Rei was sound asleep next to her. A hospital blanket covered them both and Ami smiled. Even when hurt, Rei was always looking out for her. Cuddling up to the older girl, Ami fell asleep once more.


Charles ran a hand thorugh his hair and sighed. He had repaired the books that had been ripped and was reading through them. The more he read, the more afraid he got. All the books had been ripped deliberatly and they were all about how to make chimeras. Whoever had been reading them wanted to know how to make chimeras and how to make them well.

"What sort of madman would want to know how to make such an unhappy beast?"

"I would."

Turning, Charles had just enough time to see a glint of metal before the knife connected with his throat. He fell backwards and tried to stand, but the figure with the knife stabbed his stomach. His eyes widened as the light shone on his murderer's face. He was able to choke out his name before he died.


Thomas stood as Charles fell limp and his breathing stopped. Turning to the desk, he picked up the books and left quickly, the knife still in his hand.
Water Achemist
OMG, I'm sorry for not reviewing.. sad.gif Now I feel bad.. erm......~hugs~like the other chappies, that was really well written!^_^ MORE!
Rei and Ami both attended Charles's funeral. Ami's grandmother came too, as did Rei's aunt and uncle. They all wore black and Rei and Ami said prayers to him. As they were walking away, Ami began to cry.

"I wish Charles didn't die! He made Rei better!"

Rei gently wrapped an arm around the girls shoulders and held her tightly in a hug. Eleanor placed a hand on Ami's head.

"That's just the way things are, sweetie."

Rei felt pain sting her chest as seh remembered her own parents. Tears painfully stung her eyes and she tried to blink them out.

"Y-yeah...that's just...that's just..."

Suddenly, the girl broke down and fell to her knees, sobbing. Ami gave a cry of unhappiness and knelt beside her. Korea, Rei's aunt, was about to help them up, but her husband, Kakaroff, scooped both of them up. He carried them to Rei's house, holding them in his strong arms. Korea and Eleanor held arms as they passed, weeping as well.


Rei and Ami lay in bed, listening to the adults talk. They were talking about who killed Charles and why.

"I was able to see his body. There's no doubt that someone cut his throat and then stabbed him."

"That's horrible! Who would do such a thing to Charles?"

"Someone who wanted his books. They were gone when the authorities got to his house."

"But who would want his books? And what for? What books were they?"

"Lily's alchemy books."

"Thomas, maybe?"

"I always thought he was strange."

"Kakaroff, you can't make accusations unless you have all the facts."

"Who else would kill Charles and steal his books?"

"I...I don't know..."

Rei turned to Ami, lowering her voice to a whisper.

"I'm going to go spy on Mr. Kireff."

"Rei, you can't do that!"

"I want to know if he killed Charles."

Standing, the girl quietly tip-toed to the window. Ami jumped up to follow her. She scurried over to the window which Rei was climbing out of.

"I wanna come too!"

"No, Ami! I need you to stay here and pretend I'm here! I'll tell you EVERYTHING when I get back, okay? I won't be long!"

"...Okay. Stay safe?"


Letting go of the window, Rei dropped silently to the ground and ran down the hill. Poking her head out, Ami called to her quietly.

"Come back quickly, okay?"

In the quickly fading light, Ami could just make out Rei's hand waving at her. Rei smiled and ran down the hill quickly. She knew where she was going. She could wakl through Dublith blindfolded and not run into too many things. She turned right instead of left, heading for the secluded home of Thomas Kireff. She reached her destination half an hour later and spotted a light on in his house. Quietly, she crept up and peeked in. There was an open door leading to the cellar on the ground. Strange noises were coming from it.

Pulling herself up, the young girl slid into the house and down the stairs. She reached the bottom and looked around nervously. There were rows of cages with strange creatures in them. They gave eerie cries and reached out of their cage as Rei passed, each of them trying to get her. They all looked different, like they were all two creatures fused together. They all had cruel, red eyes and were mutated. Standing in the exact middle of the hallway, Rei walked by, fear rising quickly in her chest. She held her breath and prayed that Thomas didn't see her. If he did, the chances of her getting grabbed by him or one of the monsters was abnormally high.

She passed tha cages and hid behind a tall bookshelf. Thomas had his back to her, muttering to himself about something. There was a small cage next to him, an ugly creature in it yowling in pain. The creature reached out and tried to scratch the man, but failed. All he got for his troubles was having his cage thrown to the ground.

"You infernal beast! Were you not one of my creations, I would kill you in an instant!"

The creature hissed like an infuriated cat and tried to free itself. Thomas slammed his book closed and threw it near where Rei was standing. Reaching down, he picked up the cage and shook it violently.


Pulling his arm back, he hurled it right next to Rei.

"I didn't murder Charles and steal his books to make you! I have better things coming to me!"

His eyes widened as he caught sight of Rei. Her eyes were wide with terror and what he just said ran through her head again and again, like a broken record.

"Reia, is that you?"

The girl stepped out, still scared. The chimera in the cage reached up and touched her arm.

Help me out of here! Please, help me!

Rei glanced at the creature before bedning down slowly and picking the cage up, clutching it in her arms. Thomas smiled, his eyes wide and maniacal.

"Reia, be a good little girl and give me the cage."

Stepping back towards the hallway full of cages, Rei shook her head. Her chest felt tight with fear and her heart was pounding.

"Reia, just give me the cage."



Thomas lunged forward, attempting to grab Rei. The girl screamed and dodged him. Still clutchin g the cage, she ran down the hallway. She swerved to avoid the larger chimeras. Thomas shoved their arms aside and dashed for the girl. She ran up the steps before him and quickly shut the doors, latching them. She knew it wouldn't hold him forever, but it would hold him long enough for her to get out of his house. As the doors jerked, Rei grabbed the cage again and ran to the door. Grabbing the handle, she wrenched it open and ran out into the darkness. Without thinking, she ran towards the path she had come from. There was a large cracking sound and Thomas emerged from the cellar.

Water Achemist
wow! Me likey! Action-ness!
Last Time...

There was a large cracking sound and Thomas emerged from the cellar.


To Continue...

Rei ran as fast as she could. Her mind was screaming at her to hide in the forest and her legs were screaming at her to run. The chimera in the cage screamed loudly. Thomas charged out of his house, his eyes burning with rage. The forest was getting closer, but, unfortunately, so was Thomas.


Looking back, the girls eyes caught metal. At that moment, her foot caught a rock and she fell face-first onto the ground. She reached for the cage, but a heavy boot was smashed onto her hand. She screamed in pain and tears rolled down her face. Thomas picked her up by her hair, grinning.

"If you had given me the cage, I would have let you go. But now I can use you to make a talking chimera!"

Rei cried, her hand swelling and bruising. It felt like he had broken her hand. In the cage, the creature thrashed around and screamed. Suddenly, a small black puppy ran forward and bit Thomas's ankle. It didn't really hurt the man, but it did get his attention. Ami raced forward and hit his knee with a lead pipe.

"Let Rei go! Let her go right this instant!"

Thomas chuckled and reached for Ami.

"How about two humans and dog? That would make a nice chimera."

Ami screeched and tried to run. Thomas grabbed her ponytail and laughed as she cried in pain. Rei was growled and began clawing at the man's arm. He glared at her and threw her to the ground, this time crushing her arm. Ami beat him with her fists. Thomas laughed.

"Fool! Like you could hurt me!"

Jessi yapped and was kicked for her troubles. Rei tried to stand, her good hand feeling around for anything useful. The chimera touched her hand again and spoke to her in a language only she could hear.

Let me out of this cage and I promise I'll save you.

Rei quickly glanced at the chimera.

Who are you?


Ami screamed again as Thomas grabbed her throat, still holding her hair. Rei made a quick decision and grabbed the cage. She tore the door off and Kashi leapt out.

What do I do?

Activate the symbol on my stomach.

But I can't do alchemy!

You can and will! Your friend needs you! Do you want her to live in eternal pain?

Glaring up at Thomas, Rei gritted her teeth and placed her hand on the transmutation circle on Kashi's stomach.


The circle activated and Kashi grew much larger. His fangs lengthened and his claws shot out of his paws. His ears flattened against his head and he snarled loudly. He now had Thomas's full attention, as well as Ami's and Rei's. Rei's eyes widened and she whispered quietly.


Thomas dropped Ami and turned to Kashi.

"You runt. I guess you were worth something after all. No matter. I can defefat you. Using the very same alchemy that created you!"

Kashi leapt forward and pinned Thomas to the ground before he could react. Leaning forward, he grabbed the man's throat and tore it off. He raised a paw and with one swipe, left three, huge gashes. Blood was sprayed on the dirt path. Thomas could only give a choked scream before he died in absolute in pain. Ami flung herself on Rei, sobbing. Rei wrapped her arms around Ami, her eyes never leaving Kashi. The great chimera turned to her and gently walked over to them both.

I am yours now.

Suddenly, Kakaroff ran up.

"Rei! Ami! There you..."

His eyes fell upon the mangled body of Thomas Kireff.



The man looked at his niece, whom had finally removed her eyes from Kashi and looked at Kakaroff.

"T-Thomas...killed Charles...he wanted to hurt me an Ami...Kashi saved us..."
Water Achemist
So that's how you get Kashi!~hugs~ You rock! And you do Ami so well! Everytime I'm not on, I sould let you control her!
Last Time...


The man looked at his niece, whom had finally removed her eyes from Kashi and looked at Kakaroff.

"T-Thomas...killed Charles...he wanted to hurt me an Ami...Kashi saved us..."

To Continue...

Kakaroff looked from Rei to Kashi, trying to decide what to do. The chimera sat faithfully by Rei's side. Ami was still crying and Rei was still holding her.


Sighing, the retired assassin scratched his head.

"Well, first we have to get home. Amirisa, your grandmother is worried sick. Rei, Korea is too."

Nodding, Rei stood up, Ami still holding onto her. Kashi bent down and Kakaroff helped his niece onto his back. They walked away, the light in Thomas's house still on and his corpse still lying there. Glancing back, Kakaroff gently muttered a few words under his breath.

"God, may he burn in Hell for harming these two girls and for his other sins. Amen."


The trip back was silent. Ami sat in Rei's lap, her tears dried and her cries quieted. Rei was sitting straight, her eyes gazing at the road ahead. Her uncle would glance at her every so often.

Rei's changed. It's because she saw his death. To see still bleeding corpses is one thing, but to actually witness a death, and one that you helped cause...That changes people.

When they reached Rei's house, Eleanor and Korea were waiting. Both women ran up to the four and Eleanor picked up Ami.

"Oh, my poor baby! What did that mean man do to you?"

"He tried to hurt me! And Rei!"

Korea helped Rei off Kashi's back.

"Reia? What's wrong?"

Kakaroff lead all of them inside and put Ami and Rei in bed. He led his wife and Ami's grandmother into the den and spoke to them in a low voice.

"It's Thomas. The chimera Ami and Rei were riding killed him."

"You saw?"

"The chimera told me. Long story. Don't ask. Anyway, there's a transmutation circle on his stomach that makes him larger. Rei activated the circle. She thinks that it's her fault Thomas is dead."

Eleanor gasped and Korea paled.

"'s not...Rei..."

"Korea, she's changed. I can tell. It was one thing to see her parents dead. This is another thing entirely. I used to know how her brain worked. Now, I'm fumbling in darkness."

"What will happen?"

"I don't know. Rei may become obsessed with death and kill herself, she may become obsessed with killing and kill as many people as she can, or she may fear death altogether."

"What happens if she fears it?"

"She'll think everyone's trying to kill her. She'll get so scared, she won't trust anyone. Not even Ami. In trying to stay away from death, she'll kill herself."

"But that means..."

"I'm not saying those are the only choices. She may not be fazed by it. But I don't think that's the matter. Tomorrow we'll see."
Water Achemist
Me likey! More please!
.... Okay, there are some quirks with this story.

Before you take this the wrong way, I just want to say that this story was, okay but there are things you should work on.

Let's begin with Rei, she seems a bit unrealistic. Especially when she was a child. she's three years old how can she be that mature? Her parents just died! The two most important people in her life and she's just going to watch their corpses burn? Not say anything? Not question anything at all? She is 3! She is only a child she would be crying her eyes out. Babies already cry when there parents aren't around for 5 minutes. And why would they let her watch her parents cropses burn, I wouldn't want my nephew to say his parents bodies burn in fire. It's true that anyone would be emotional unstable to see someone died! But, Rei saw her parents die at the tender age of three, she should already have emotional scars already this would just add to the pain.

I don't like how she suddenly became attached to Bradley, I mean since she is only three wouldn't she struggle at all? She doesn't even know him. I mean imagine you are three, your parents just died and some stranger comes and takes you? You are going to be kind to this person and give him a nickname? I think not. There is a lot more I want to say about this but I'll move on.

After the first chapter, you didn't describe her at all. I mean.. she's grown since it's seven years later and Ami. You haven't really developed these two characters or the others.

Another quirk is the fact that you mention some characters and never introduce them like Jeff and Charles, it's like they came out of nowhere.

How excatly does Kashi .. follow the law of equlivaent trade? That's impossible for him to suddenly grow fangs.

Sometimes, I have no idea who is talking.

If you would like me to go through the whole fic I will.

Quick note: I'm sorry if I sounded harsh, but if you rewrite your fic I would be happy to read it. smile.gif You are also good at describing certain things when you do.
Thanks for what you said, Fresh_Coffee. You really don't have to go through the whole story. I know there are mistakes and I'm sorry about them. Eventually, I may edit a few things in the story. But for now, I'll just keep writing chapters. ((Please don't think I'm ignoring what you said, because I'm not. Oh, and Kashi always had fangs.))

Rei sat in her room, her brain replaying what had happened. She didn't know what to think. She was glad the evil man was gone and all, but her mind was still trying to decide what it thought about this. The image of Kashi killing Thomas flooded her mind. Kashi wouldn't have killed him if she hadn't activated the circle. But if she hadn't activated the circle, she and Ami might be dead or worse. But her uncle had come, so maybe he would have saved her.

Uncle still would have killed him. What if I hadn't gone to his house in the first place? Kashi would be in trouble. Charles never would have been avenged. Does one death make up for another? I don't understand.

Standing, Rei opened the door and walked out. She nearly tripped three times, but she finally made it outside. Kashi was lying by the door, unhappy that he hadn't been allowed inside and that Rei hadn't returned him to his normal size. He lifted his head as she walked out. Standing, he gently placed his head on her shoulder.

Rei? What's the matter?

"What have I done?"

You haven't done anything wrong. That bastard deserved to die. Uh, Rei? Could you change me back?

Still in a daze, Rei placed her hand on Kashi's stomach and activated the transmutation circle, changing him back to his original form.

Ah, much better!

"I need to think."

The chimera chose not to follow the ten year old girl as she walked down the hill. Her mind reeled as she walked on. Touching the transmutation circle reminded her of her decision. Her decision to sacrifice Thomas to save Ami.

But does that make it better? Can I hide and say I did it to protect Ami? I'm so confused. Aunta always said that killing was bad unless it was necessary. Uncle says that too. Was killing that man necessary? Could there have been another way? What else could I have done? Is there anything else I could have done? Yes...anything would have been better than killing. I killed. Something I did made someone die. That's wrong. Killing is wrong. You shouldn't kill. But I killed. I killed someone. I killed. I killed.

These two words repeated in Rei's head like a broken record. She didn't know if she wanted to cry or not. She didn't know what to do. All she knew was that she had killed someone. She bumped into someone and looked up. It was her uncle.

"It's almost midnight."

"I killed."

Kakaroff looked at his neice and took her hand.

"Lets walk together. I want to talk to you."

"I was walking away."

"You were walking slowly in a circle. Your aunt is worried. Ami too."

"Uncle, I killed. I killed."

"To save Ami."

"But killing is wrong."

"There is no innocent in this world. Everyone's done something bad in their life. Everyone's commited a crime, no matter how small. The crime could be stealing from the cookie jar or laughing behind someone's back."

"Killing is a great sin."

"I'm not saying killing is right. I'm only saying there are times when you have to kill."

"I should have found another way. I shouldn't have killed him."

"You didn't. Kashi did."

"That doesn't make it better! I activated that circle that helped Kashi kill him! It's the same things as me killing him!"

"Rei, do you know why I became an assassin?"


"Because I could."

Rei's eyes widened and she looked at her uncle. She released his hand and took a step back.

"I was a teenaged boy with excellent martial arts skills and the knowledge of a sword. I had heard about assassinating from my uncle and thought it would be a fun pastime. On the day I decided to become an assassin as a pastime, I threw my entire life away. I couldn't get any other jobs, I couldn't even quit. I learned the hard way that one stupid mistake could destroy my entire future. Death isn't as easy as the innocent think it is. Many people think they can just lop someone's head off and that would be it. You learned that the hard way."

The conversation was beginning to make Rei scared. She didn't know what her uncle wanted her to get out of this talk. She usually did. But now she didn't have a clue. All she wanted to do was to run back home and hide in her room.

"I don't understand...what are you trying to say?"

"Rei, don't throw your life away. Do what you want to do. Don't make my mistake and become an assassin because it's there and that's what I'm teaching you. If you decide you don't want to become an assassin, I won't train you anymore."

"There's something else, isn't there? Your tone of voice...uncle, what is it? Stop scaring me."

"What are you thinking, Rei? I can't understand you anymore. I was able to before, but now I can't. Tell me what you're thinking."


Grabbing her head, Rei let her tears fall.

"I'm scared! I don't know what to think! I don't know what to do! I just killed someone! What does someone do when that happens? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!"

"Rei, do what's in your heart."

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S IN MY HEART ANYMORE! I CAN'T STAND IT! I tried to act older when my parents died, but I can't take it! I never wanted anyone to come near me! They would smother me in sympathy, and I didn't want that! I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Turning, Rei ran back towards Thomas's house. Tears ran down her cheeks. She was so tired. She had pretended for so long that she was over her parents death, but she wasn't. She got scared at the sight of blood, but she always covered it up until she could get away to where no one would see her. There were times when she wanted Bradley to come back. He reminded her of her father. At the same time, she wanted him to stay away from her. She wanted everyone to get away from her. She wanted her parents to be alive. She wanted to live a normal life. That wasn't possible anymore. Not after she had killed Thomas. Not after she got blood stained on her hands.
Water Achemist
The circle activated and Kashi grew much larger. His fangs lengthened and his claws shot out of his paws. His ears flattened against his head and he snarled loudly. He now had Thomas's full attention, as well as Ami's and Rei's. Rei's eyes widened and she whispered quietly.

^ This is what I meant by Fangs smile.gif

I'm glad you took what I said to heart, I'm glad to see that you are developing Rei as a character more. *nods* You've improved greatly, there are some things you could fix, it's still good than before. smile.gif

Random note: this is my third time writing this, the site was down. ph34r.gif
*goes over sheets for Kashi* Oh! Now I get it! Okay, thanks for helping me! (Sorry about your computer sad.gif )

It seemed like hours that Rei ran. She tripped several times because she was so tired. But she couldn't stop. Her eyes hurt from crying so much and her throat was tight and sore. Her legs begged her to stop and her lungs screamed at her. She finally slowed to a stop. She had just cleared the forest and not too far away was Thomas's house. His mangled body was still there, a pool of blood around him. It reminded her of her father. And her mother. The girl collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily.

I can't run...I just can' legs...they hurt so much...

She heard a faint scream from the other chimera's Thomas had made. Without knowing why, Rei crawled into the house and down the cellar steps. Twice she nearly slipped and fell, but she caught herself both times. Finally, she reached the bottom and sat there, listening to the screams of the chimera's.

"You all deserve to die...but I can't kill you. Would killing help you? Would it make things better?"

All she got for an answer were serveral screams.

"No, killing doesn't solve anything. What do I do? I wish there was someone here to tell me what to do. I wish...I wish my parents were still alive..."

Suddenly, something caught her eye. Sitting up, Rei crawled through the hallway to the area where Thomas had been. She stood shakily and walked over to the desk. There was a silver watch on it with an odd symbol. She picked it up and frowned.

"Bradley has a watch like did..."

Rei's eyes widened and the girl felt her body go numb. Seven years ago, when she had caught a small glimpse of silver like this from the pocket of one of her parent's muderers.

So did those people who killed mommy and daddy. But that means...

The room suddenly felt a lot colder and Rei felt numb.

Bradley works with the people who killed my mommy and daddy. He probably knows who they are.

Hot tears stung her eyes as Rei clenched the watch.

"He lied to me. When he said they didn't know. He lied."

Turning, Rei hurled the watch at one of the cages and watched as it hit the bars and bounced off. The chimera's screamed and recoiled slightly.

"I hate him! Why did he lie to me? WHY WON'T ANYONE TELL ME THE TRUTH?!"

Suddenly, the young girl's legs gave out and she fell to the ground, crying in anger and frustration.


Kakaroff walked through the forest. He had decided to give Rei some time to think, but she had been gone too long. Kashi trotted beside him, unhappy because he had been woken up at such an ungodly hour.

I say let the girl do what she wants. It's not like she'll kill herself.

The old man didn't hear him. Even if he could have understood him, he wouldn't have listened to the words anyway. He was too busy worrying about Rei.

Where are you Rei? What's going on in that mind of yours?
Well, I don't care what coffe said, I think its an excellent story!!! biggrin.gif
QUOTE(fullmetal_4eva @ Aug 31 2005, 02:01 PM)
Well, I don't care what coffe said, I think its an excellent story!!! biggrin.gif

o_0 I never said her story was bad.

@kit: The site was down, my comptuer wasn't dead. laugh.gif Which reminds me... I used to see you a lot more, what happened?
Sorry Fresh_Coffee. I've been busy lately.
@fullmetal_4eva: Thanks a lot!

Continuing Our Story...

It was near the afternoon when Rei awoke. The chimera's had given up trying to rouse her. She had fallen unconscious from running and crying so much. Her eyes were full of dirt and her legs and knees were bruised. Pushing herself up, Rei groaned in pain. She felt like Hell. It hurt so much. Her throat was sore and she was extremely thirsty. The light was dim and she could barely see The girl leaned against the desk and rubbed the grit from her eyes.
I'm so sore...I need something to drink...
Standing, Rei stumbled down the hallway and was about to climb up the steps when she remembered the watch. She turned and spotted it on the floor. None of chmeras tried to stop her when she retreived it. They had a small respect for someone who could sleep near them without fear. They didn't know she had passed out, but that didn't really matter all that much. It was bright upstairs and Rei had to sheild her eyes, the watch clutched tightly in her hand.
"It must be late morning. It's too bright to be anything else. I missed the sunrise. How long have I been asleep?" Rei didn't really know she had passed out. She thought she had fallen asleep. Though how she did so when she was nearly surrounded by screaming chimeras, she didn't know. But she ignored that fact and searched for water. She decided not to look outside at the body.
If I pretend it's not there, maybe I won't think about it. God, I really am thirsty. I think I still have grit in my eyes.
The girl found a cup and got herself water. It wasn't exactly cold, but it was enough to make Rei's throat feel better. As she drank, she sat at the table and tried to remember last night. Her brain realized what she was doing and jumped up at the thought of recalling all that. It didn't take long for it all to rush back to her. Her eyes were still too sore to cry, so all Rei could do was whimper and sniffle.

* * *

Ami paced around the living room. Kakaroff had come back without Rei and said she would be fine, so they all went to sleep. Ami had dreamed that Rei would turn cold and leave her, becoming a cold-blooded killer. This had scared her more than anything else in her life. When she awoke, she had hoped to see her friend sitting there, holding Ami in her lap. She hped Rei would smile at her and say: 'Good morning sleepy-head. Did you have nice dreams?' But the only one who had been there was Jessi, whom was warily eyeing Kashi. There was no Rei in sight.
"Can you see him?" Korea, whom was sitting at the window, shook her head. Eleanor was sitting on the couch, knitting. They were extremely worried. Kakaroff had gone to the villiage and gotten them to help look for his niece. He had asked if the librarian had seen her. Lily said that Rei hadn't come to the library at all. She wasn't anywhere in the town, nor the woods near it. They thought she might be in the graveyard, to think of her parents. But she wasn't there either.
"What if Rei's in trouble? What if she's hurt?"
"I'm sure Rei is fine. She's just...she's very upset right now." Ami nodded and returned to pacing. Kashi had gone off to find his mistress not long ago.
Rei, please be okay.

* * *

Kashi walked along the path to Thomas's house. His fur bristled at the thought of going back to that wretched place. But there was a good chance that's where Rei went. That's the way she ran. That was probably where she would be. He finally reached the house and he spotted Rei through the window. She was sitting at the table, drinking water. He ran forward and through the window. Rei looked up and saw him.
"Kashi...what are you doing here?"
Where have you been? Everyone's looking for you. Your little friend is worried sick and your uncle and aunt are scared out of their wits. Come home.
"What's the use? I ran away. I can't go back to them."
You can and will.
Start by stop acting like a sniveling coward. Face your fears. Grow a backbone. So what if you killed that man? No one cared for him. He deserved to die. He got his just reward. Now come. I'm taking you back with me. You can't stay here.
"But all the chimera's..."
We'll have to kill them.
"What? But why?"
Rei, you don't know what it's like. Those monsters, those tortured beasts, they're in pain. Kill them. Free them.
I'll show you. Lets go down together. Rei shook her head and bit her lip.
"I can't. I'm too scared. Kashi, I can't do it!"
...All right. We'll let your uncle do it. Lets go home. Home to your young friend. Nodding, Rei picked up Kashi and walked out of the house. She stopped herself from crying as she avoided the body and strode down the path to her house. Soon, she began to jog and finally began to run. Kashi watched the house for a bit before turning to the front. Kakaroff's form became clear. Rei ran to him.
"Rei? Oh, Rei, I was so worried!" The man ran to Rei and picked her up, tears stinging his eyes. He held her tightly as she rested her head on his shoulder.
"Uncle, I want to learn to be an assassin."

Nine Years Later...

Korea placed bacon on Rei's plate. She could hear the girl sparring outside with Kashi. It was the girl's nineteenth birthday. Kakaroff and Korea were going to Amestris to get her a present. Smiling, the old woman glanced out her window. Rei had just heaved Kashi off his feet and was attempting to dump him in the pond they had. There was a loud splash and a cry of victory, signifiying that Rei had succeeded in her quest to get Kashi soaking. Over the years, Rei had developed into a beautiful woman. She was tall, slightly muscular, and strong. Not that she bragged. In fact, if Korea didn't insist on it, Rei probaby wouldn't ever brush her hair. She would probably just pull it into a ponytail and ignore it.
"Aunta, is breakfast ready?"
"Just about Rei. Come in and get cleaned up. Hose Kashi off too. I haven't cleaned that pond in a while."
"I'll clean it later!" The sound of the hose turning on reached Korea's ears, followed by the lou shriek from Kashi.
"Kashi, hold still! I know it's cold, but the pond is filthy! Quite-KASHI!" It was a while before Rei came in, soaking wet and an eqaully wet Kashi on her shoulder.
"Kashi grabbed control of the hose, I see."
"I'm going to get a towel now. And I don't want to speak of this ever again." The woman chuckled as Rei passed her uncle to reach the bathroom.
"Kashi gained control of the hose? Or did he throw you into the pond?"
"I don't want to talk about it, uncle!" Shrugging, Kakaroff sat down and started on his breakfast. Rei came out a bit later, drying her hair with a towel. Kashi had a pink fluffy towel draped over him.
"Mm, breakfast looks good!"
"I made your favorites. Happy birthday, Rei."
"Thanks aunta." Sitting down, Rei hastily dug into her eggs while Kashi nabbed a pancake and began tearing it up and eating it.
"Kakaroff and I are going to Amestris today."
"What for?"
"It's a surprise."
"Can I come?"
"No. It would ruin the surprise if you did." Rei pouted at her aunt, whom laughed.
"Don't worry Rei. You can visit Amirisa tomorrow."
"Okay. Don't be too long."
"We won't."


Rei Sat back and admired her work, wiping the sweat from her forehead. Kashi admired the tulips.
"Aunta bought these weeks ago, but she hasn't had time to plant them. I can't wait to see her reaction when she see's I planted them."
She'll be really pleased. Rei grinned and stood. Kashi leapt onto her shoulder and they walked around to the front. Suddenly, a man hurried up the path. He spotted her and walked over to Rei, fidgeting slightly.
"E-excuse me, b-but do you know w-where Rei Sakura is?"
"I'm Rei Sakura. What can I do for you?"
"Well, ah, it's your aunt and uncle." The girl tensed up and felt her heart turn a bit colder.
"W-what about them?"
"Th-the train they were on, ah, crashed. Th-they didn't make it." It was as if the entire world had left her. Rei's entire body went numb and her legs gave out. Luckily, the man caught her before she hit the ground. Kashi snarled at him and tried to bite him, but Rei didn't even notice. Her eyes glazed over and her mind went blank. Kashi tried desperately to reach her, but she wouldn't respond. Suddenly, her eyes rolled into her head and she blacked out.


Rei came to in the hospital in Dublith. Kashi lay on her lap, cooing softly. Sitting up, Rei remembered what the man had said and began to cry. The nurse who was in the room, came over and tried to comfort her.
"Miss, what's the matter?" It proved futile to try and get an answer from Rei. She sobbed uncontrollably for a while before standing shakily. Kashi leapt onto her shoulder as he always did.
"Miss, are you all right?"
"Where are my aunta and uncle?"
"I don't know. Are they sick?"
"You know the recent train crash?"
"Y-yes. Quite horrible. There was a large group of children. They all lost a limb or two. Almost all of the adults didn't make it."
"Where are the bodies?"
"In the morgue, just down the street." Thanking the woman, Rei quickly dressed and ran to the morgue. Kashi remained silent. It was no use trying to make Rei feel better. It would probably be fatal to try. They reached the morgue in a few minutes. Korea and Kakarof were there, along with several other bodies. A few children with missing arms and legs were there as well, crying. Rei held her tears and went to the children.
"Hey now, don't cry. Your parents wouldn't want you to be sad. I know mine wouldn't."
"But you're all grown up! It's easier for you!"
"It's just as hard on adults as it is children, believe me. I lost my aunta and uncle in that crash." The children sniffled and grouped around Rei. The assassin stood and led them outside. She held back her tears and smiled slightly as Kashi nuzzled her ear.
We'll be okay.
"Yes, we will. And we're going back to Amestris. But first, we have to take these children some place they can stay."
Again, you've forced me to double post. Shame on you all. Not really.

In Amestris...

The train pulled into the train stop and the passengers filed off. Rei kept with the flow of the crowd, easily moving to a more vacated spot. Kashi poked his head out from her kimono and she pushed him in.
"Stay in there. Chimera aren't considered good things."
I know, I know. Rei snorted and pulled out a map. She had searched through her house and found some mob groups her uncle worked for. She hoped they would hire her to help them. She really needed the money. the thought of going to ami had crossed her mind, but she had decided against it and instead decided to get a job. Following the directions, Rei walked to somehwere on the outskirts of Amestris and came to a specific alley. There was a door on the end and she knocked on it. A small slit opened and two eyes peered down at her.
"Who th' Hell 'r you?"
"I'm looking for a job. I was told that your boss could help me."
"Th' boss don' need no b*tch."
"I'm not a whore. I'm an assassin for hire."
"...Was yer name?"
"Rei Sakura." The eyes widened and disappeared for second before the door opened. Rei walked in and looked around. the place was dirty, to say the least. Actually, calling it dirty was being kind. A few other words that would be appropiate would be disgusting, vile, horrific, filthy, stomach-turning, etc. None of this bothered Rei. She flinched slightly at the smell, but didn't let it show. Kashi gave an angered chirp. Sitting behind a large desk was an obese man. His bald head reflected the light from the dinky lightbulb in the room and his cigar muffled the light.
"So. Yer' Rei Sakura? Wouldn't be related t' Kakaroff Sakura, would ya'?"
"His neice, actually."
"Where is th' old man?"
"Train crash. Dead."
"Ah, sad thing." Rei nodded and kept all emotion off her face. Rule one of being an assassin: Never show any emotion.
"An' you need a job?"
"Yes sir."
"Well, how can I turn down a gal like you?"
"I don't know. You don't have to get creative." The man laughed. When he did, his entire body shook like a bowl of Jell-O. Rei was suddenly reminded of Santa Claus, which was more than disturbing.
"I like ya'! Got spunk!"
"I suppose so."
"Yer' jus' like th' man! Stick way up yer' ass!" Rei's eye twitched, but no flicker of emoion crossed her face. Kashi was the only one who caught the flinch. He snickered slightly.
"I think I can use a gal like you. How much money?"
"5,000 yen a target, plus more depending on how strong a fighter they are. Goons don't cost anythinng and other assassin's are 10,000 yen. Anyone in the military is 3,000 yen and State Alchemists are free."
"Really? State Alchemists 'r hard to beat. You really don't charge nothin for em?"
"Not a penny."
"Why not?" Rei smiled her sweetest smile.
"That. Would be none of your goddamn buisness." The boss looked a bit taken aback, but regained himself and grinned.
"Well, ain't you a lil ray of sunshine?"
"Funny. I don't seem to hear that a lot."
"Heh heh. I think we can do buisness, Rei Sakura. How about you become my personal assassin?"
"Very well. I want to lay down a few rules, though. When I am given a target, let me be until I am ready to kill them and don't send any of your cronies. When it comes to assassinating, thinking with your brain rather than your brawn has better tactical advantages. If you don't pay me, I will hack through all that fat and tear out your vital organs. If you hire an assassin to get rid of me, I'll cut you open and shove his corpse into you. If you treat me like your personal whore, I'll break your limbs and leave you in front of a prison. If we come across State Alchemists, I will take care of them. and finally, you will NOT, under any circumstances, tell me how to do my job. Think you can handle these rules?" The man grinned and nodded, sweating a bit at the threats of his death. Rei smiled.
Water Achemist
Gomenesai, onee-chan! I'm sorry. Thank you for updating. Please write more? Soon?
It was absolutely silent as Rei crouched in her tree. She was on a mission for Suitake. He was her fat employer. She had been studying this person for a week now, learning their schedule, house plans, gaurd shifts, everything. He had a very strict schedule. Anyone who did not obey the schedule exactly was severely punished. Even his own family. Kashi sat on Rei's shoulder, his tail wrapped around her neck so he wouldn't fall. Rei had been in this postion for tha past two hours. She had yet to be found. Her target, Shizen, was downstairs having dinner. She was right outside his bedroom. Rei was actually glad she had to kill this man. He forced his wife to sleep in a nother room and if his children didn't get perfect marks in school, he would beat them, not feed them for a week, and make them sleep in the cellar. Gaurds were killed if they misbehaved. The thought of killing Shizen excited Rei. Suddenly, the door opened and Shizen walked into the room. His slippers were placed exactly by the door and he went to brush his teeth. Rei moved along the branch in absolute silence and opened the window without making a sound. She hid next to the bathroom door, her katana hidden from view. Kashi went to his designated place. The door opened and Shizen, a balding man with course black hair, walked out. He didn't even notice Rei until she cleared her throat.
"Ahem." The man spun around and stared at Rei.
"How did did you get past security?"
"They're really quite incompetent. So are you. In fact, you're even more incompetent then they are." Shizen was about to call for security when he saw Kashi sitting by the door, his lips pulled in an evil grin.
"Oh my God..."
"Haven't you read the Bible? Thou shalt not use the Lord's name in vain." Shizen turned to Rei and found a katana in his chest. He was about the scream when Kashi bit down on his throat, cutting off his voice and air.
"You shouldn't have gotten involoved with the mob, Shizen. But I'm glad you did. I have a reason to kill you." The man slumped and Rei pulled out her katana, wiping the blood of on his shirt. She pulled out a cheap dagger she had taken and placed it in Shizen's chest, where she had stabbed him. Gently, she lay the body down and used a bit of alchemy to clear the bitemarks off his neck.
"Rot in Hell, you b*stard." Both mistress and pet leapt out the window. The whole job took about a minute. Rei and Kashi liked the jobs to be quick and then covering it up even quicker. They never left any unnecessary marks. To everyone, it would seem as though Shizen had killed himself. No one ould ask question sas to why. Nobody liked him except his mother, and that was Rei's next target.
"Well, that's 5,000 yen for us. And we don't collect it until tomorrow. Come on." Rei leapt from tree to tree until she reached a branch outside a room in a large, luxurious manor. She settled herself on the branch and watched a gorgeous brunette brush her long hair. The girl was around 17 or so and was very beautiful. Her long brown hair was shiny and silky. Her skin wasn't very pale and was flawless. Twin emerald orbs looked into the mirror, making sure she got all the tangles. She wore a long, loose white shirt that served as a nightgown. There was an old dog lying on the bed, watching her. The girl stood and twisted her hair into a bun so it wouldn't get knotted as she slept.
"Come on Jessi. Time for bed." As the girl climbed into bed, she looked at the window and for a second she thought she saw her best friend, Rei, sitting in the tree. But when she looked again there was nothing.
"I'm must be delusional." Shaking her head, Amirisa blew out the light next to her bed and fell asleep quickly. It wasn't long after she was asleep that Rei snuck into her room and walked over to her silently. She pulled up the blankets and tucked the girl in. When she was done, she kisser her forehead and smiled.
"Pleasant dreams, Ami." The brunette snuggled deeper into the blankets happily as Rei left with Kashi to go to their apartment.
It couldn't really be called an apartment. On her first mission, Rei had been sent to kill an uprising group. Their hideout had been in an old apartment building and Rei had decided to keep it when she was done with the job. The bodies had been moved to the fourth floor and Rei made her room on the third, training room on the second, and kitchen on the first. No one came to the building, mainly because it had rats, roaches, leaky roofs, and so on. The roaches and rats were eaten by Kashi, much to Rei's disgust, and the leaks were ignored because they only affected the top floor and that only had bodies that Rei needed to get rid of. But all these problems aside, it was kind of a home for Rei. She had grown used to it.
"Time for sleep, Kashi. It's going to be annoying to get up in the morning."
You know, we could just take a day off.
"We need the money, Kashi."
Rei, you take weeks to kill one target. You need a break and a hobby.
"I have a hobby!"
I mean a hobby that's not killing people and Ami watching.
"Watching Ami is not a hobby. And it's not even watching! I'm giving her extra protection."
No, it's watching. Giving her extra protection would be staying with ehr 24/7. You are watching. Not protecting, watching.
"Just like you watch that dog that lives down the street."
That's different. I have doggie genes. You have horomones.
"I do NOT have a sexual attraction to Ami. I know she's attractive, but she's my friend!"
So? Lots of people who get in relationships with other people have been friends with those people for forever.
"'s AMI! She's as straight as the come! And I'm an assassin! My job's dangerous! Were I to get in a relationship with Ami, it would put her in danger! I won't do that!" Kashi decided not to press the subject and leapt onto the bed as Rei quickly bathed herself. It was true. Getting into a relationship with Ami at the moment would be bad. But there was always later.
"I know what you're thinking Kashi, and the answer is no."
You would make several teenaged boys happy.
"I bet chimera's taste good."
Shutting up now.
Water Achemist
Ami watching, and...YES YOU'RE RIGHT SHE'S STRAIGHT! rolleyes.gif Besides, do you really wish to make Naota girlfriend-less?
Sorry, my comp was acting up. Read the next post.
To tell the truth, I've been debating whether or not to add Naota...wait! I have the perfect idea. Mweheheheheheheheh. *rubs hands together gleefully*

Continuing the Story...

It was just before sunrise when Rei reached her employer's hieout. They had been rudely awakened when one of Suitake's goons barged into her house and ordered her up. Rei had been going to spare his life, but then he slapped her butt. She nailed him to the wall by his wrists and ankles while he was still alive, angered several rats and threw them on him. All before getting dressed. She had listened to his screams while she got ready. Kashi tore her off an arm since they had no more food. They shared it, since the man had been stripped down to a bloody skeleton with chunks of meat here and there.

Feminist much?

"Nobody does that to me and gets away with it."

Except Ami.

"WILL YOU DROP THAT!" Anyway, back to the present, Rei knocked on the door and watched as the eye slit opened and two eyes peered down at her. The eyes looked around and she could see the man frowning.

"Where's Frankie?" Putting on her nicest smile, Rei looked straight at him.

"I have to eat, don't I?" The eyes widened and the slit closed. Shortly after, the door opened and Rei strode through, her smile gone to be replaced by an angered glare. Suitake looked up from the prostitute he was undressing and smiled.

"Ah, Rei! You're here a bit late."

"You sent a goon. And what's worse, this goon barged into my home and invaded my personal space."

"How'd he do that?"

"..." Rei turned a bit red and pressed her lips together. She could tell by the faces of the leering goons that he had been dared to. The prostitute that had been on Suitake's lap pulled her shirt back on and obidiently stood off to the side. She sent Rei a sympathetic look. Rei gritted her teeth, realizing that to these men, she was sexy meat that was up for grabs. They probably thought that woman were there to do as men said. Rei's hypothesis was proved correct as one of the man walked up in front of her.

"Well, sweetie? What did big bad Frankie do that made you so late? And where is he now? On your bed? I thought women stayed with the men they have *** with." The female assassin clenched her fists and let out a warning growl. Kashi's fur stood on end and his ears flattened against his head.

"Might not want to do that Rex." All eyes turned to the prostitute. She was inspecting her fingernails as if she really didn't care what happened to the man.

"She looks ready for blood."

"Aw, shut it Shien! You're a stupid whore! What do you know?" Shien tossed her long, blond hair over her shoulder and snorted.

"It's your funeral." Ignoring her, Rex turned back to Rei and leered down at her.

"Well, since Frankie's not here, I guess you're really not his b*tch. So you can be mine. Now why don't you show the other men how good you are?" He reached forward, ready to grab one of Rei's breasts, but she stopped his hand. Her eyes turned murderous and without hesitating, she twisted his hand up, snapping it cleanly in two. Rex screamed and tried to pull back, but the assassin wouldn't let him. She placed a hand on his shoulder and tore his arm straight off, blood splattering on her face. Kashi leapt forward and began tearing the mans face to shreds. Rei then broke both of his knees and cut them off in the middle of the thighs. Kashi returned to her shoulder, blood dripping from his mouth. Rex shrieked and flailed. His eyes had been torn out, his nose split in half and opened and deep gashes made all over his face.

"Like how good I am? But guess what, big boy, I'm not done." Taking her katana, Rei drove it straight into his crotch, cutting his **** off. This made him scream even more. The other goons backed away and Suitake paled. Shien grinned at Rei.

"Nice womanly touch."

"Hn. Now then. Anyone else wanna take 'Frankie's Girl'? Or do you want to end up like him? Or Frankie, who was nailed to a wall and had frenzied rats thrown on him. I bet there are still chunks of meat left if you're hungry." Suitake motioned to some of the goons to get Rex, whom was still a writhing, bloody mass on the ground. Rei spat on him as they carried him past her, as did Kashi. Rei flicked his blood off her sword and sheathed it.

"Now what's my new job?"

"R-right. Never liked Rex anyway. Too cocky and arrogant. Made too much of a mess."

"The job."

"Right. Here he is." Suitake tossed Rei a folder who caught it and opened it. Kashi peered at it as well.

"Naota Taijiya."
Angry forum girlfriend
Don't you DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kill my Naota! Ami would mysteriously become very mad. ~insert glare~
...*sigh* To everyone, against my better judgement, I decided to tell y'all that Rei isn't going to kill Naota and Naota is going to die an unnatural dead.

To Continue Our Story...

Rei, there is a limit to how many times you can read someone's folder.

"I know that, Kashi."

Well then quite reading it! The female assassin rolled her eyes and closed the folder. It was true she had been reading and rereading the thing for nearly two hours.

"I just want to make sure I don't miss anything."

What's there to miss?

"He's an Ishbalan alchemist. Ishbalan's are strictly against alchemy. It doesn't make sense. I missed something."

The guy is a loon! What's there to miss, I ask again?

"I get it. *sigh* I suppose we'll have to go find him now, won't we?" The chimera nodded and slipped into Rei's kimono as she pulled on her large, straw hat. Carefully, she slipped into the crowds and followed the map that had been given to her. She found her target earliar than she expected. He was outside a shop, leaning against the wall. He wore glasses that hid his eyes from the view of the general public.

"That's definately our target."

Wait, you're attacking him now?!


What?! Why?!

"Because there's something in the base of my skull that's screaming at me. It went off when I first read this guys name. And it's not my danger sense. I don't know what it is, but I want it gone as soon as possible." Stealthily, Rei drew her katana and moved closer to Naota until she was only a few feet from him. Adrenaline began to flow through her bloodstream and her heart sped up a bit. She gripped her katana and was about to strike when a familiar face showed up.

"Sorry I took so long, Nao!"

"That's okay, Ami. Did you get your book?"


"Cool. Now how about I treat you to ice-cream?"


"Shall I read you poetry?" Ami laughed and took her boyfriend's hand. Naota smiled down at her and the two set off down the street. Rei watched them leave, her heart pounding and her brain screaming at her. Her katana was still gripped in her hand. She moved her mouth, but no sound came out. Kashi cralwed up to her shoulder and licked the side of her face, trying to bring her out of her stupor. The girl backed up until her back hit a wall and she sunk to the ground.


"I can't do it Kashi...I just can't..."

Rei, you don't have to. No one is forcing you. You can go back to Suitake and quit. You don't have to if you don't want to.

"Ami was right there...if I had...right then...she would have...I can't...I can't do it...not to Ami..."

Rei's it's all right. It's all okay.

"I have to..."

No you don't. You don't want to and you don't have to. So don't.

"But if I don't, no one will hire me...I won't have any money...I have to..."

Rei, snap out of it! come on. Lets go back to Suitake and tell him you quit. We can steal money. Or we could ask Ami. Come on. Rei was about to stand when a man ran into the ally. Rei recognized him as one of Suitake's goons. He spotted her and was about to cry for help, but a shot rang through the air and he fell dead, only a foot in front of her. Rei looked up and saw a man wearing a military uniform, holding a smoking gun. He motioned behind him and several others ran past the ally. He looked straight at Rei, still holding his gun out.

"Don't worry, ma'am. Please go back to your home." Before Rei could answer, the man ran off and she was left alone in an ally with a dead, bleeding man.


"Yeah Kashi?"

I think they found Suitake.

"Yeah Kashi."

Which means we're out of buisness.

"Yeah Kashi."

So...what now?

Water Achemist
Oh, great. Now I feel like it's my fault... Even though this is just a silly(sorry) story, I care wa~y too much about it...
Nothing's your fault, Water.

To Continue...

"Welp. It's official. We're out of a job." Kashi sighed from Rei's shoulder as they watched the military lead Suitake into a car. Shien was leaning aginast the side of the building, wrapped in a blanket. Sighing herself, Rei walked over to her and crossed her arms.

"So. How'd you escape all this?"

"I just said I had been kidnapped and forced into being his sex slave. They gave me a blanket and treated me nicely. What about you, Rei-Rei?"

"I'm out of a job."

"You could try the other mob bosses. I'm sure they'd take you in after hearing your sob-story."

"What sob-story?"

"That the bloody miltary shoved you out of employment for their own selfish needs. That they kicked you aside like garbage, not even caring that your life depended on working for the obese slob."

"Uh-huh. So I take it that I shouldn't tell them that I can just steal money from people and get away with it."

"Rei-Rei, if you really want a job, I suggest you take off your mask and show off a bit of your feminine side. You know, get warm with them. Wrap them around your little finger until you become an addiction to them. Then they'll do anything to help you. And with a great bod like yours, you'll have 'em in no time."

"There may be wisdom in your words. Or it could be you're drunk." Shien sniffed and wrapped the blanket a bit tighter around her.

"I'm not drunk."

"Right. Next you'll be telling me you're an untouched virgin."

"Rei-Rei, I'm serious. You need a job because you need money. There are a lot of assassin's in this town. And they probably have lower rates than you."

"True, but they're all useless scum."

"I know that, you know that, Kashi knows that, anyone with brains knows that. But mob bosses are stupid. Rich and powerful, but stupid. They'll do anything for property. And that's what women are to them. So if you really want money and a job, open up and get fuzzy. I know you can be seducing. Show off your feminine side and they'll be yours in seconds." The female assassin sighed and sank to the ground.

"Shien, I can't. When I decided to become an assassin, I decided not to get in a relationship with anyone. If I did, it would be used against me and the people I love would be hurt."

"But you won't care about the guy. It'll just be an act and he'll just be a toy. A prop. Nothing special."

"There's a risk that it might become something more. I can't show anyone my true feelings."

"Cept me."

"Only you on few occasions." The former prostitute sat down next to Rei and placed an arm around her shoulder, trying to offer comfort. Kashi moved to Rei's lap and growled quietly.

"Rei-Rei, I know it's hard. But if you want a job, you have to. The alternative is stealing from people and loosing all of your pride, whatever you have left."

"I don't know how."

"I'll show you. Here, come with me." None of the military men noticed when the former sex slave ran off with a dangerous assassin and her chimera. Not one of them. They all forgot. Of course, they were puzzled when they discovered one of their blankets was missing.
Water Achemist
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