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Full Version: Do You Hate What Bones Did To Fma(manga) By Making Fma Anime (first Series)? Spoiler Warning For All Fma Series!
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I honestly don't have anything against the anime. Its true, the FMA anime is inferior compared to the manga, but it would have been incredibly dull if the anime was exactly the same as the manga.

Anyway, I saw the whole episodes and I didn't really have a question unanswered. You just have to go back, look at the episodes and make sure you have recorded every fact. It will all make sense in the end.
I just look at like this:They aren't meant to be the same.Both are good but you can't really compare them.
It's basicly two diffrent stories being told so you can't comapre them properly can you?

QUOTE(Jedi28 @ Feb 16 2006, 04:02 AM) [snapback]350409[/snapback]

I can't remember if this was addressed in the series, but does anyone know why Ed just SUDDENLY started looking WAY older and WAY taller at the tail end of the series and in the movie? I know he was aging naturally but it was like all of a sudden he just went BAM and aged and grew a LOT. I was noticing it while I was looking through the gallery images and I couldn't remember why. Did Bones just suddenly decide to age him in the last few episodes and in the movie? He goes from looking like a kid to a full grown adult.

Well the movie 2 years after the last episode so Ed is now 17/18.
In the last few Episode he looks older pobably because of the ammount of stuff that he's been through.
He ghrew alot mentaly so it showed a bit physicly...IMO
I loved the anime up too episode 42/43. Afterwards, I simply liked it. The story started to feel a bit rushed after that. I really liked the anime's version of the Homunculi, but with the exception of a couple of them (like Lust), I don't think the show spent enough time exploring them as characters. The only real disappointment for me though was Dante. She was nowhere near as interesting a villain as I thought she was going to be. For a chief antagonist, I found her to be a rather weak and boring character.
i liked the anime, but i think t was mutilated. As previously stated, i was seriously upset at how little royai there was. the story was also a little rushed, and i just like the plot in the manga better. however, the anime was very good and worth seeing, although it would have been better if it had stuck more to the manga.
I wished they made it a happy ending. I watch anime for happyness and enjoyment , if i wanted a sad ending, i'd just look at real life.

also end started getting really confusing because of dante. imo they shouldnt have put dante.
Eh? i never knew about this topic Here's what came to my mind after reading the spolier..

- The episodes is kind of lacking of Royai, that is why i prefer the manga..
- The movie.. Roy and Riza did not have a clear & defined ending. Plus, they appeared so little in the movie..
- The fact that Roy got DEMOTED in the movie got me worked up lolx.. After I first bought the FMA MOVIE guidebook and saw his new rank.. "HA!? What the hell had happened?"
- Depressed to see Roy gotten himself demoted after the great thing that he has done in episode 51.
- Lots of questions are left unanswered.. The longer they hang like that, the more irritating they become..

My conclusion, i voted "hate".., because I'm a Royai fan and i don't like what they did to my favourite characters.. =X
*resurects thread*

MeLRizA, yeah BONES sucks. I mean, Ed and Al are main chracters but I think BONES paid too much attention to them, and that kinda got Mustang-tachi fans pissed off *points at MeLRizA and myself*. Yeah and they kinda got off the whole "Philosiphers [sp?] Stone" business and the whole "Bringing back mother" thing and especially "Ill regain me limbs again!" thing with Ed. Kinda sucks cuz he half dies too. Then comes BACK...and Ed and Al dont reunite until the end of the movie.

I hate BONES.

And in the movie Ed and Winry get split up...and I mean, they're really far away from each other. I mean other side of the gate kinda of far away. How are they supposed to love each other and have a happy ending when they're not in the same world? BONES loves deppression!! I knew it!

Line from the Spongebob Square Pants movie: "I'm ready! Depression! I'm ready! Depression!!"

Yes! I am an ANGRY Royai fan with a SPOON! ( blink.gif ) Royai fangirls! AWAY!! *runs over BONES*
wink.gif Gonna start "I HATE BONES" campaign aren't we?

I was thrilled when I saw what you've posted^^ *floats over the moon* laugh.gif What BONES did to Edward and Alphonse Elric were good, but not to Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye and Winry Rockbell.. Especially Roy and Riza.. x(
Hating the anime/movie or BONES because this didn't have an ubber-happy-shappy ending but a realistic one and/or because a pairing did not happen is pretty shallow, IMO...
It was good though~. Ed and Al kinda got what they wanted. To be together again? But, their father died and they didnt get their mother back, so yar. I luv the word uber. Um what's IMO mean, SinLuxuria?
QUOTE(Jelly_Belly @ May 22 2006, 03:24 AM) [snapback]399274[/snapback]

It was good though~. Ed and Al kinda got what they wanted. To be together again? But, their father died and they didnt get their mother back, so yar. I luv the word uber. Um what's IMO mean, SinLuxuria?

IMO means In My Opinion.

Eh, I didn't like the anime much. But if it followed the manga, we'd have stupid fillers, like episode 4. So it's fine. Bones isn't making me watch it, and I still have the manga.

The anime itself is pretty good, just too rushed and anime!Ed's personality got on my nerves to no end.
I rather prefer the manga. I always tougth that animes were something comercial, so less complex. The characters aren't show in a deep way. It's like reading a book and then go to the cinema and see the movie. There is no way that you would choose the movie over the book!
There is no way that you would choose the movie over the book!

Some would.
QUOTE(SinLuxuria @ May 27 2006, 06:27 AM) [snapback]401721[/snapback]
There is no way that you would choose the movie over the book!
Some would.
I agree. We tend to focus on famous books/well-written books, and those, the movie versions often disappoint the book readers.
But, there are many not-so-well-written books that also turned into movies, and I think (tho I can't remember any specific example at the moment) there are examples of some of them turning into really memorable movies, then in return books became famous, and read by more people after the movies had come out, etc.

Back to FMA and Bones...
I like the visual aspect of FMA anime, both the TV series and the movie.
But the story... certain parts of the story, I wish they were done differently. rolleyes.gif
Actually, Arakawa requested that the Anime be different from her Manga. If the Anime was the same or much similar, what would be the point of even making it? You could just see one media or the other and be done. This way, there's a wider scope.

That's not to say I like everything that happened with the Anime, for I certainly would have made some changes myself, but for all you people going "ZOMG unfaithful to Manga KILL! KILL!! KILL!!!, >:[ " there's a reason for the variations.
QUOTE(Nepharski @ May 28 2006, 07:26 PM) [snapback]402627[/snapback]

Actually, Arakawa requested that the Anime be different from her Manga. If the Anime was the same or much similar, what would be the point of even making it? You could just see one media or the other and be done. This way, there's a wider scope.

That's not to say I like everything that happened with the Anime, for I certainly would have made some changes myself, but for all you people going "ZOMG unfaithful to Manga KILL! KILL!! KILL!!!, >:[ " there's a reason for the variations.

Oh! ohmy.gif I didn't know that!
and thinking for a second time, you are right , if they were the same..... dry.gif
maybe it's more interesting and better in this way smile.gif
One would think that after reading the manga, I would stop liking the anime.

I don't. In fact, I like the anime and manga in the same way smile.gif

That's not to say that the anime is perfect. It has its failures. The manga has them too.
But I think it's fair to say that despite of that, FMA is one of the best animes ever. That's what I think.

And in first place...I think most FMA fans got hooked on the series thanks to the anime. It has to be good...^^
I'm really sorry. I didn't read this entire thread. (There's like.. 35 pages... >.>)

But reading the first few pages, I feel kind of obligated to make a small defense for BONES.

I read most of the mistakes Reika put in her pdf file. So I'm going to explain my thoughts as I crossed the same mistakes in the anime. For some of the quotes, I shortened it a bit for ease of reading and it was kind of long. NOTE: I do not have all the answers, as you can see. And also, my answers may not even be right. These are my own reasonings and thoughts I had as I watched the anime.


episode 1:
Why animals and plant are being transmutated freely when they are living forms of

Nn. This might be 'cause they aren't human? Edward was able to transmute the homunculi even though they're living, so I'm guessing that because of thise, animals and plants may be transmuted?

episode 4:
Why is Majihal able to transmutate people's soul to the marionettes without giving
nothing in Exchange?

Uh... These marionettes were pretty messed up... So I think his transmutations were incomplete and flawed, partly 'cause he didn't know how to do it and he didn't give up a proper price.

episode 5:
Why can Ed make the water boil without clapping when Gracia is about to give

I think it's because the bowl of water was in the shape of a circle, so he unconsciously used that as his circle.

episode 10:
Why is Al able to transmutate the apple, which is peeled, into a non-peeled apple?
Uh... This might not be it. Personally, I also think this is a production mistake, but if you really want to reason it out, you could say that he COULD have used parts of the actual apple to make the skin... >.> I dunno why little things bother you so much though.

episode 22:
Then why can't she [Dante] create the [Philosopher's] stone?
Remember how when Hohemheim made the Philosopher's stone, he like almost died? I don't think Dante wants that to happen to her... >.> And the homunculi around her can't use the philosopher's stone to transfer her to a new body before she dies.

After Ed touches the incomplet Philosopher's Stone... he enters in reaction with it, and further
more, he is very farther more discontrolled than when he touches the real
Philosopher's Stone later on. Does this mean that no alchemist is able to touch the
stone because it would get uncontrolled?

Uh... I think this is because Edward doesn't need a transmutation circle to do transmutations. So when if he accidentally claps his hands before he touches Edward, it may spark a transmutation.
When the first philosopher's stone was made, Dante had not seen the gate yet, so at the time when she can touch the philosopher's stone, she still needed to draw transmutation circles.

episode 28:
Al goes to the sea fishing, he is just partially submerged in the water, still, he
stands up and has all his inside armor full of water, why?

.... This is such a petty thing... Most animations or movies have these kinds of mistakes... >.>

Ed's left leg is made of steel, which means it's heavier than his other leg. That
would cause to leave a deeper footstep, specially in a soft surface like the sand.
Then, why are his footsteps of the same deepness? Same happens with Al, why are
his footsteps the same deepness as Ed's?

I think they actually mentioned this in the anime... I forget who noticed it though. But anyway, you can't expect the makers to make left footprint darker than the other... That's a bit silly.

Wrath has about 10 years when he appears, but in the first place he was
transmutated as a baby, so since the homunculus don’t age by themselfs but Pride,
did he keep growing thanks to Ed's arm and leg?

When I watched this, I figured maybe it's 'cause Wrath lived on the other side of the gate for a while. And maybe in that world, he may age.

episode 33:
According to Greed in episode 33: “I want the inmortality! And that’s possible with
you. I’ll have the secret of the soul”. But, according to Wrath, homunculus don’t have
soul. ?

That just may be Greed's own ignorance...

episode 35:
Why is Lust, being a homunculus, able to give power to the incomplete
Philosopher’s Stone? How did she do it? What power did she use?

Uh. She mighta transfered her own red stones into that one... I dunno.

Also, I see the Philosopher's stone as a stone with thousands or millions of souls concentrated into it. Because of that, the stone uses these souls in the equal-trade during alchemy. That way, the alchemist doesn't need to pay a price. ... >.> Just a side note...

episode 40:
Why does Scar’s brother die when he doesn’t have any kind of bleeding scratch on
his body? His lost arm isn’t bleeding either, why?

... Uh... Exhasution? Bleeding isn't the only way to die...

Since when someone can take lifes from something dead? Ed “He was taking the
lifes of the dead people of Ishbal in order to create the Philosopher’s Stone inside of
him” According to episode 41, doesn’t the Philosopher’s Stone need living human

I'm guessing he's taking the souls of the newly-dead Ishbal people 'cause they're not quite gone yet (Kinda like when Al sorta-revived Ed in the end)

episode 41:
Wrath “I shouldn’t worry since I don’t have an original body. My body was part of
the ingredients for the transmutation” How does he know that?

Uh... Well some of the homunculi retained some of their memories...


Also in the pdf file, it referenced to unrealistic situations like "Why is Scar not dead even though he lost two arms and has 3 bullets in him and the something vein is cut off, which causes one to die in 10 seconds" kind of thing. My personal thoughts on that is.... Yes. It is unrealistic, but... It's also an anime. It's also a story. And there are bound to be unrealistic things.

Alchemy in the anime, in fact, is quite unrealistic. I would imagine to decompose and rebuild an object, one would need to know everything about the structure of the object, down to the molecules. And I highly doubt that Edward and Alphonse know the exact structure of every object they have transmuted.

If Edward can transmute his automail back to normal (after using it like a sword or something), why does he need Winry to fix it? Questions like that are a bit useless in a story. You should expect unrealistic things when reading/watching a story.

Anyway, my point is, you guys are being a bit nit-picky by pointing out little points like this. (And also, I agree with SinLuxuria, those of you guys who are not liking the anime because of a particular lack of pairing, you are being very shallow).

And BONES hardly "ruined" FMA. Think of the FMA anime as.... "FMA as interpreted by BONES" rather than "FMA as created by Arakawa Hiromu".

(... On another side note, I actually enjoyed the FMA anime... >.>)
Now that I read Lybi's posts, I notice how Reika unconciously says the manga also has plotholes, and how she/he obviously didn't pay much attention to the anime at this time, since most of the things considered as plotholes there have been explained.
I personally hate BONES now because of their interpretation of the manga. But, it makes me hate FUNimation more, because their interpretation of BONES' interpretation of the manga was so skewed, it basically screwed us all over. And (this is more of a FUNi thing than a BONES thing) I hate the English voices. Personally, the only good voices were Aaron Dismuke (Alphonse), Colleen Clinkenbeard (2nd Lt. Hawkeye), and Gwendolyn Lau (Schiezka). Envy sounded too much like a girl (Monica Rial was not a good choice), both Edward (Vic Mignogna) and Roy (Travis Willingham) sound way too old, though I can sort of forgive Roy because he is nearing 30. But, I really enjoyed hearing the original Japanese voices. I think that they were more on target than the English choices, and if I were working for FUNi, I would have said 'Let's just subtitle it, because it's such a great cast.'
The interpretation and the events may have been skewed, but the voices were great. At least they did something right.
I don't really mind what Bones did to FMA.. besides it's already been said that the anime of it was supposed to be different from the manga anyway.

Although after reading some bits of the manga there are *some* things that I wish they'd put in the anime.. but hey it's happened now, we can't build a time machine and force BONES to put in those certain things now, can we? ^^;

(Note: I saw the entire anime long before I read the manga, and haven't read much of it yet).

@Becca: Exactly. If people prefer the manga to the anime, then that's their choice, but we can't change that now. Ignoring the canon existence of the film is another matter... tongue.gif

I understand that some of the criticisms leveled at Bones is down to continuity errors and mistakes, but what doesn't make sense is some people claiming that the anime somehow got the story 'wrong' by not following the manga.

The anime and manga might come from the same source, but they are essentially different creations; their plots differ that much. Considering Arakawa took what I think was a brave move in handing her story over to BONES for the animated adaptation, I think we should appreciate that they still managed to create what is a decent series in its own right, rather then compare and criticise it for what it didn't do.

So, do I hate what Bones did to FMA? No. They worked with what they had, and weren't the first nor the last people to do so.
Not really.
I mean, they're two different formats,
with unique storylines.
Reading the manga and watching the anime is kind of like experiencing different series sometimes.
I mean, what would be the point of buying the manga if it was the same?
I appreciate their differences...
I think It makes it more interesting to see how BONES handles situations differently then Arakawa-Sensei.
It was difficult for them anyway; The manga had only started when they began animating, so Hiromu Arakawa had the send them quick ideas which she changed later (and of course they changed the plot around themselves quite a bit).

Anyway, because they're different, there is just more to love and find out about.
I mean, I prefer the manga, but I still like the anime.
You can't complain about what they do...
The movie and series isn't going to change the remaining volumes to come out.
Arakawa will just continue with what she believes.

I'm also happy that the Edwin pairing is coming true in the manga. tongue.gif
I wasn't concerned when nothing happened in the anime.
The random alchemist
I really didn't like what Bones did for many reason.

A) sudden use of altenate dimension is usually a ploy use when you fail to be able to think of anything smart.
B ) They made King Bradley boring T.T we need melons!!!!
C)Homunculus were made into being too needy...
D)Envy was turned from funny to annoying
E)Gluttony was made into a weak pathetic creature then suddenly lost his brain and then turned into a creepy white thing... enough said!
F)Dante... enough said
G) No Ling make random alchemist sad girl ;3;

and there's a few other things... personally if I would have been incharge after 1/2 the series was animated I would have waited for the manga to get a few more chapters. you know like have a new season every couple of years instead of 2 seasons in all =/
I don't mind. 'Course, I saw the Anime first and for some reason like it slightly better (though the Manga does rock).
Fullmetal88 just going to say that after i finished watching the anime, which happened just recently like 2 days ago, i was really really upset about the ending and when i found out about the movie i was so happy and i thought finally they'll fix the ending and so i got the movie and watched it and the ending sorry for those who liked it but it was just plain terrible. i mean come on they are together forever blah blah the usually but did bones have to stick them in the alternate dimension thingy? yea, after i watched the movie i cursed the makers of the anime....hopefully reading the manga will make me feel better as i havent ever read it before
I'm not too pleased with the ending m'self. Which is why I, err, don't count the movie in my personal continuity, instead fanficcing to return Ed to His World quickly. tongue.gif
I like that answer lol. i just keep wondering to myself right now since i finished the movie only 20 mins ago.....its just so wrong haha he gets stuck a world without EVERYONE. sure there are different people that look like them but u know, its not the same. he left everyone one behind like winry and ARMSTRONG!!! HOW COULD U LEAVE ARMSTRONG?! its just sad...the ending made me feel nothing but upset with it like another anime i know..... and btw you gotta send me links to ur fanfic lol i gotta see xD
Haven't 'actually' written yet. Just, err, developed concepts and such. I know a lot of what will Happen. Need to Write it. tongue.gif

He's not stuck for sure, is he? Could not Something happen, even in the Officialverse, to return our short friend home? tongue.gif
well seeing as how the animes over and the movies done with...i dun think there is much to do lol. i would love if they put out ovas as they usually do after a series which brings them home and back to winry and of course ARMSTRONG but yea...not likely. bones is probably done and over with when it comes to fma..sadly... sad.gif AND OMG i keep watching the ending over idk why...maybe im hoping it'll suddenly change and he'll stay or something..
See, post ending is where You Decide What Happens next, at least in my mind. I do that for basically Everything. >.>
i just cant get over the ending tho.. oh well, i guess on to the next anime
I agree.
I didn't enjoy the ending...
Or Dante...
Or Linglessness...
Or the many melons Ed was not handed by Wrath.

But still. Two seperate plots make for more FMA.
I really like what Bones did to FMA, especially some of the episodes that weren't in the manga, you should expect that from Bones when they create an anime from a manga, they did it wit fruits basket as well with host club, and I really like how they do there own thing, it just gives you another reason to appriciate some things from the manga as well (=. The ending though was kinda ehhh, like it could have been a bit better, it's like they just rushed at the end of the movie, but to me, it was overall a great anime series. I just love how Bones put it together. Just a friendly opinion ^.^.
I found the anime to be good. I love the manga more for many reasons but the anime is good in it's own right!
The Great Asparagus
i get the feeling that fullmetal alchemist is the kinda thing that keeps its loveliness no matter how weirdly people make it

well to some extent at least biggrin.gif

howeeeverrrr, i find that many many animes (kinda like fma) tend to have a random ending that has nothing to do with like 50% of the rest of the anime =[

buuuut.... fma is stilll sooooo spectacular!! YAY!
Again, we say, if you didn't like it- STOP WATCHING IT. There are many, many fans of the anime and if you didn't know, Ed's country isn't supposed to be Japan. It's supposed to be that world's Germany. That's why he ended up in Europe at the other side of the Gate.
AND if you didn't like it, WHY ON EARTH did you register on these forums to only post how you didn't like the show or the manga?????

And DeadBeat, does your name mean the truth??
@HaganenoKyuubi - Welcome to the board!!

Umm.. just so that you know... you responded to discussions that are more than one year old!!
And, DeadBeat hasn't been on this board since August of last year. happy.gif

Hope to see your responses on more current discussions. biggrin.gif
Look swettie... I don't wanna be mean but... first: if you didn't like FMA you dind't have to watch it, I mean did someone put a gun on your face? I doubt it... second: why on earth did you have to entered here? this is a fan website for GOOD discussion no for a "steaming pile of dog poop" like your very interesting commentary... but thank you for your perspective wacko.gif
This is over a year old. Responding to it is futile. Why does no one understand that?
QUOTE(Ailuro @ Dec 13 2006, 01:56 AM) [snapback]483991[/snapback]
This is over a year old. Responding to it is futile. Why does no one understand that?

Nod, nod... like, I can use one standard answer... tongue.gif

QUOTE(Mariel_faw @ Dec 13 2006, 01:45 AM) [snapback]483990[/snapback]
Look swettie... I don't wanna be mean but... first: if you didn't like FMA you dind't have to watch it, I mean did someone put a gun on your face? I doubt it... second: why on earth did you have to entered here? this is a fan website for GOOD discussion no for a "steaming pile of dog poop" like your very interesting commentary... but thank you for your perspective wacko.gif

@Mariel_faw - Welcome to the board!!

Umm.. just so that you know... you responded to discussions that are more than one year old!!
And, DeadBeat hasn't been on this board since August of last year. happy.gif

Hope to see your responses on more current discussions. biggrin.gif
Hey common give me a brake... I'm new at these and I didn't see the date... plus maybe you should erase those if you don't want any more comments but it's just a suggestion... oh and thanks for the invitation to keep writting happy.gif
@Mariel_faw - That's ok, we understand. smile.gif
It also helps if you click for the Last page of the thread, and not just the First page.

When clinking for the thread, go for the largest page number and click that one.
Or, go to the far right, and click on Last post by.
This will bring up the most current page for that thread. biggrin.gif
nick fury
I don't hate bones, I do hate you. I can't believe I read that fanboy, nitpicky waste of webspace. I enjoyed the anime and even think it has some better plot than the manga, not many but some. One is the way homunculus are created. I like it being from human transmutation failing. Yes there are plot holes, mainly the question of if Dante knows how to create the stone why does she need ed? If Marco never figured it out and others like lab 5 then fine, but once they figured it out why did she continue with ed and al.

The plot holes are not enough for me to write a stupid paper about hating it. I want the 10 minutes of my life back that you have wasted on your petty bickering nitpicky thread. Get a girlfriend and a job and you won't have enough time on your hands to write junk like that.
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
No, because Arakawa says the anime has to be different from the manga and that it's also nice seeing something that's different from the original.

Anyway, it's a matter of personal preference. You can't really say the English cast sucks. I prefer the English cast than the Japanese one. Most of the female characters in the Japanese cast sounded generic. Rie Kugimiya make Al sound really girly. Though I do praise Romi Park for a wonderful performance. And also... I do think Vic Mignogna's voice-over for Ed sounds a bit older. When Ed was 10 in the show, he sounded the same as he did when he was 16 at the end of the show. Vic Mignogna's voice-over is perfect for the movie though, just wonderful. And is it just me or does Winry's voice actor make Winry sound older?
FMA - Breeze
I voted "a little bit", most of the ideas are OK, they shortened the story length and that helps keeping up the quality of individual episodes, I would have said it's better than the manga story if not for the last two episodes. The parallel worlds idea complete blew it up for me, what's the point of putting protagonists into a world we already know so much about and strip them free of their power?

It was nice seeing a little variation from reality that Nazi lady was able to summon a group of armored suits along with being a powerful alchemist herself, but in the ending we saw Hitler was on his way again just like what happened real-life, this ending sucks just like the anime one.
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
You've got a point there with the movie's ending. It's really sad... and what's worse is Ed and Al are at the wrong time at the wrong place.

Most of us fear the worst for them if there is ever going to be a sequel. It's hard to think that they might end up as soldiers or just being killed in the impending doom that is World War II. But the story ends there and they are together again... starting life once more. The resolution is definite and it's just hard to touch it, it's at the same time hard to see that they are both alone in a world in the brink of destruction. They left everyone else they knew just to be together. And the mystery that is the events that may unfold after the movie's ending is what's intriguing most people. With that kind of ending, it is extremely hard to speculate that there will be a sequel to Fullmetal Alchemist. The brothers whom we came to know and love are not anymore alchemists. The closest they can probably get to another Fullmetal Alchemist sequel is new main character, not anymore Ed and Al. But a spin-off like this will probably be crappy and if it ever ended, we'll all be back to phase one. We have to face it... things do end.

Sorry for the long post.
"And is it just me or does Winry's voice actor make Winry sound older?"

Not just you. I rented out one of the DVDs, and was shocked to hear the dub for Winry. It was the scene when she's crying about her parents being killed. Now, in that scene she was about six (?), but she sounded no different then she did normally. That was a little odd. The VA plays her well, its just a little hard to accept this girl is supposed to be 16 when she sounds so much older. It is a thing that happens, though, that VAs are older then the characters they play, and it doesn't always work. The one thing I don't like about Mignogna's Ed is the fact, as you said, that he sounds exactly the same at 16 as he does in the flashback episodes. Its an interesting pair they got to play Ed and Al - Mignogna is at least in his twenties, I think, and Dismuke being quite a bit younger (is he still a teenager? He didn't look like it when I saw him at the LondonExpo.) For me, the dub VA that nailed his part was Travis Willingham being Roy. Not perfect, but pretty darn close. I mean, from the line in episode 5 when he burnt the hijacker, I just knew he'd got the part down.

@Ratzenheich - I don't think there should be a sequel to the movie, simply because the world war is such a massive issue it would overwhelm anything else. Lets face it, the appeal of the characters aside, many people were watching FMA for the alchemy... the magic of it, and I believe the people who made Shambala made a big mistake by trying to factor in something as large as pre-WWII Germany.

I didn't mind the anime version. Having since read the manga, on the one hand I'm glad they didn't try to adapt it - because the space between chapters would have been filled by all-too-likely godawful fillers. On the other hand, there are somethings which would have looked so good had the manga been adapted further than it was. The plot for the Xingese characters, the wider history of the Ishbal war and, just for the sheer awesomeness of it, the entire subplot between Hughes death and Ross getting sent to Xing. I still think those chapters are the best Arakawa's done to date. There's so much in that section alone that completely out-does anything BONES managed on its own terms.
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Definitely no sequel. Even if it is such a sad ending we have to agree to it that they're... gone. It's hard to say for most devoted fans of the series such as me. Who knows what will happen to them. But the special OVA of grandpa Ed and his grandchildren is keeping our hopes up that they survived the war.

Well, Arakawa gave a praise and go signal when they presented her the plot of the series and movie. I only read few chapters of the manga (the later parts) and it's a lot more... well, negative, not in a directly judgemental way. I saw Maria Ross fleeing and Havoc paralyzed and all those really bad things only happened in the manga.

It's probably the nature of anime being so alive compared to manga. When I watch the series, when I hear the characters speak and their faces change in facial expression, it just hits me. The emotional expression present in the anime is what keeps me stuck to it. It also seems like the anime focuses more on the Elric brothers and generally the world around them instead of specifics such as this event, that character, etc.

BTW, Vic Mignogna is in his 40s already. Aaron Dismuke is relatively a lot younger, he started doing Al's voice when he was 11. He voiced Al Elric in the movie when he was 14 I think.

I hope you don't mind me asking but, do you live in London? And they had an anime expo there? How recent was this London Expo you were talking about with Aaron Dismuke in it? Were the English dub cast of FMA there? Sorry for so many questions. I just never heard about this expo before.
I didn't realise Mignogna was in his fourties. I was judging mid-30s at most. Well, I guess he should be congratulated for managing to play a 15 year-old as well as he did.

Arakawa let them adapt it, but I'd like to know what she thought of what they did to the storyline. The anime could have turned out a lot worse, but I do think it was a risky bet that just happened to pay off (well, for fans at least. Hopefully Arakawa herself isn't ruing the day she let BONES take on her work.)

I do agree that anime version is very much 'alive'. Its in the style of the show. It did manage to express a lot through the character designs and their voices - some things which are harder to communicate in manga dialogue (especially in a poor translation). This sort of expression also happened at lot in the background design, the sorts of details that were used.

Like the first episode, when we see the attempted transmutation. The colours, the fact there was a storm outside (Hooray for pathetic fallacy!), the ominous moment when the bright lights turn to red and grey, right up to Ed's horrible scream: everything worked brilliantly. That kept me on the edge of my seat the first time I watched it, and nothing in the two-part episode that followed matched it. (hell, for the first few eps I was watching just to find out what had happened) I bet that if I showed non-fantasy fans even that scene alone, they'd be curious about what happened next. The manga had something similar, but it just didn't come across with the same sense of horror and energy.

One of the reasons I like the manga is that it does expand upon so much. Not that quantity is better then quality, just that there is more space for explanation, for things to be explored at the kind of depth that the anime didn't manage - mostly because, as you say, the anime focussed very much on Ed and Al. Viewers needed to know where things were going, and just who/what to pay attention to. The manga has had the luxury of time. We find out more about the FMA'verse in general, not just Ed and Al's points of view.

As for the examples you give - I'm totally biased, seeing as these chapters showed Roy's team in the spotlight when I thought that, in comparison, the anime gave them a raw deal. Over dinner I was trying to think of anything especially 'happy' that has happened since. Can't come up with anything. We've had optimistic stuff since then, but nothing really light-hearted (heck, even one gaiden chapter was angst-ridden. 'His Battlefield Once More' - just *class*)

To answer your other questions:

Technically, I live in a town outside of London. A 5:30am train to Paddington to get to the Con for 9 was a pain in the neck.
The London Anime Expo that I went to was in October. Its one of the main ones, and an annual thing. It was my first con, and it was flipping incredible. I have my first ever piece of 'official merchandise' to prove it (an FMA t-shirt).

When I went, not all the FMA cast were there. Aaron Dismuke was doing a signing next to the FUNImation stand, and I think he was the only FMA-related person there that weekend. I didn't get anything signed...because I thought it would look a little too fangirlish and weird (he's about 14, I'm over 18...I got embarrassed). If it had been Travis Willingham, it would have been a different story. Probably involving blushing and giggling, and attempting to look indifferent.
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