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Full Version: Pity Party!
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The random alchemist
Hey Gluttony should be up there >> he's uber pitiful...
QUOTE(mei_tenshi @ Jul 26 2005, 07:59 PM) [snapback]228009[/snapback]
I vote Nina. She had not choice in what Tucker did to her, and not to mention that Tucker's her father, the person she loved the most. Despite his betrayal, she still protected him from Ed's wrath. And she was such an adorable kid! (the sub version, not the dub...the dubbed voice was annoying...dry.gif)

I agree with this. As sad as it is. sad.gif
riza hawkeye 9
i voted for izumi , because after thinking and thinking about the subject ( for some reason it became very hard to choose) i think that no mother should lost her kid's so sad ...despite i'm being very close to chose nina or hughes family , i declined , first because nina after all [spoiler]died its was sad but means that she found peace in the end[/spoiler] and hughes family , well gracia lost a husband and elycia a father ( another thing that nobody should pass through but they have each other and family and friends ... now izumi..well kids arent supposed to die before their parents .. its so sad ... i think i pity her most
Kitty Chow
The Hughes family because Envy killed Hughes and they were very sad, that scene made me cry when Hughes's daughter was wondering where her daddy was!! TxT
I picked Scar because of what had happened to him and his brother in the past, and the pain he felt at himself for taking revenge, and then the final episode when admits he was wrong.
But you're forgetting a lot of people on that list. Tucker, though I wouldn't have voted for him, is piteable because after doing what he did to Nina, he spends the rest of the series trying to fix it.
Also, Hohenheim should have been on that list. In my eyes, he's easily the most piteable character in this series, with all his family taken away from him, either by death or by hate. The worst is that he accepts that this is his punishment and knows he deserves it.

Also I'm not sure why Havoc's on the list, unless you feel sorry for him and his bad luck with the ladies.
I felt bad for and how mnuch his daughter loved him and then he died....sniff....cry
Twilight Warrior Alchemist
I think Izumi because she had to go through the loss of
her son, sacrificed greatly to revive him only to have
him turn into one of the baddies (I think) Plus seeing
her pupils having made the same she had.
Izumi and Winry.

Wrath is the only homunculus on the show I feel sympathy for.

BTW, how old was Winry when her parents died?
Nina, poor girl she was so innocent. She was so cute! She loved her dad a lot and cared for Ed and Al too.
i pity the Hughes family the most .... Nina could be there to but i chose Hughes
The character(s) I felt most sorry for were probably Nina and Scar.

In Nina's case, she had the one person she trusted most betray her and turn her into a monster. She was so vulnerable, and it's sad to see such thing happen to so innocent a child.

Scar's tale was also a terrible one too. In a couple of days, he had his entire culture, race, and family obliterated. To watch your brother , those closest you, and your entire way of life mocked and butchered is enough to drive anyone mad. I'm surprised that he still has some vestige of sanity left in him.

Joint second place for my pity went to Rose and Hughes. Hughes was a good man, and his family and friends have each other to cling through their hardships, so I don't pity them AS much. Likewise, Rose still has her child, which is at least something to hold onto in life.
I chose Scar not because of what happened to him. I chose Scar because of what he does. I pity his method of making things better. One life is worth another life, but not as many lives as he's taken for his brother. Even Ed refuses to kill, and we all know how bad he wants to help his brother. Scar just irks me, and I only pity his actions, and his victims.

But, other than him, I have great amounts of pity for certain other characters, especially Ed, Al, Roy, and many others.
aww.. I'm listening to Papa to Asobou and it reminds me how Hughes and his family were so happy..ㅠ0ㅠ
Winry brought me over when she teary eyed said " Ed won't make me wait again." in the movie. Nothing could be more pathetic than that.
↑ Aw, man! I totally forgot that! Now he won't even give me a chance to wait for him again...
Now I want to vote for her, but it's too late now.
Just wait for a new prince instead *-* With the population in Amestries, Ed (and Al) shouldn't be her only friends or the one she waits for >_>

Doesn't like the word 'pity'. Or else, Nina TT____TT
For me, it's Izumi.. I just feel so bad for her. She lost her kid, was desperate enough to perform human transmutation and paid the price for it.. Now she has an ungrateful, unloving homunculus son where she could have had her perfect human son (which leads me on a tangent to anime!Envy but since he's not in the list I won't say anything).

In my opinion, nothing hurts more than knowing someone you love doesn't love you back. (Got lots of experience with that too). Things like that, especially with family, it's really painful. And to know you sacrificed so much, only to have that, now that's really awful. But still, she loves Wrath, no matter how horrible he is to her. She loves him in the way a parent loves a child, which has to be one of the strongest kinds of love.

I'm getting sappy again... But in a way I'm glad that Envy wasn't in the list because I'd be ranting and this post would be about a foot long... hehe.
I suppose each of them have gone through sorrow. That's life.

But I chose Nina because I feel she was betrayed by her father. It wasn't so much of what happened to her as who did it. That's what hurts the most, I think.
Sword Alchemist
Denny Bloch was kind of a pitiful character too. Watching the one he loves flirt with someone else had to sting. It was a funny kind of pitiful though. It was like "Awwwww, poor guy" yet you had to laugh at the same time.

Roy had a very tragic story. Being a soldier, he had no choice when it came to the execution of the Rockbells and the mass genocide of Ishbal. Then his best friend gets killed trying to get important information to him. Then he nearly dies at the end of the series.
Winter Phantom
...Hard Choice...
I feel sorry for Izumi,since she lost her child and had a bad problem with her,meaing she has missing organs.
Nina,And Alexander (can't forget the dog) I really miss them since they were innocent and well,you know what Tucker did.
The one I choose is Trisha.Everytime I rewatch FMA, and watch the flasbacks of her,I feel sorry for her since she waited for her hasband til her death.Plus,she had Ed and Al to take care of and pretend everything was fine.
Night Shadow Alchemist
I voted for Nina, does it really need an explaination?
lets all feel bad for Elysia and Gracia
[spoiler]in manga 9 when Winry goes to visit Gracia and Elysia opens the door and says "papa" and then gets all upset, make me upset to.[/spoiler]
I'm giving my vote to Rose. You could tell that Ed felt guilty for what happened to her. And she had to sit by and watch as [spoiler]Ed got killed by Envy[/spoiler]. After everything she's been through, I wish Ed would just bite the bullet and marry her already.
Where's the "All of the above" option, dammit?! I feel bad for all of them!

My vote is on the Hughes Family, though. The [spoiler]burial scene[/spoiler] in episode 25 is so heart wrenching!

<Used Spoiler tags, just in case.. ^^ 07/01/07 Tombow>
QUOTE(Raimu @ Jul 1 2007, 02:14 PM) *
Where's the "All of the above" option, dammit?! I feel bad for all of them!

My vote is on the Hughes Family, though. The burial scene in episode 25 is so heart wrenching!

<Used Spoiler tags, just in case.. ^^ 07/01/07 Tombow>

I almost cry everytime I see that scene. Heck, I almost cry everytime I see that episode.

But honestly, they all have something to feel bad for them. Even most of the humunculus have some sort of tragic story.
They all deserve pity.

Things Rose had to go through are terrible. The same is about Izumi. Winry who lost both her parents when she was a child. Scar who lost not only his family but almost all his nation. Gracia and Elysia who buried their beloved husband and loving father. They all lost their relatives, close people. And this loss will always stay tragedy for all people.

Roy who was forced to kill innocent people has another kind of tragedy. To become a killer because of somebody's strength. To become a killer only because of someone's order. Not to have freedom to choose and act by heart.

Trisha's tragedy is tragedy of left woman, shattered family and hopes.

Wrath was revived only to tangle in questions such as "Why was I resurrect?", "What should I do?", "Who really cares for me?", "Who should I care for?"... It's his tragedy to be alchemic mistake that was happened because of despair.

I can't put Havoc next to all these characters. His "tragedy" of unluckiness with women just looks weird among them and even insulting. It's unserious.

I haven't mention one more character yet. Her tragedy shoked me the most. Nina. I couldn't speak for good 10 minutes after seeing her story. She was a child, innocent one, loving her father and wishing he'd be ok. And he used his own daughter. I never will forget smoldering picture with happy looking Nina's family drawn by her. I couldn't believe in what have happened. I even couldn't cry. I only shuddered, tears came later.
Wrath, poor kid...He was Brought back to life and left in the dark,
and in the movie all he wanted was to see Izumi again but gluttony had to chomp on him >.<
QUOTE(Evileo @ Jul 23 2007, 04:04 PM) *
I can't put Havoc next to all these characters. His "tragedy" of unluckiness with women just looks weird among them and even insulting. It's unserious.

I don't know if you're familiar with the manga, but the reason Havoc deserves pity is because he was paralyzed. He can't walk anymore and he probably never will. Poor guy. sad.gif
Out of these, I know I felt the most sorry for Anime!Wrath. I really like him as an innocent kid, and the episode where he realized what he had done to Sloth through Alchemy made me pity him very much. :'(
I pity anime Wrath the most. Especially with what happened in the Evil M. (My name for the FMA movie) But I think the saddest part was when Ed killed Sloth and Wrath was so sad and began to beat the crap out of Ed. Ohmygosh, Ed, did you have to kill Wrath's "mother?" I just can't believe Ed would hurt someone as badly as he hurt Wrath in that episode.
I think Wrath deserves to be pitied.
Crystal Hughes
I totally pity Hughes family more than Nina. Just because of sweet little Elicia.
[ Spoiler ] She is so cute and shouldn't have lost her father. T_T
I pity them all, but the only one I cried for was Nina : (
For some reason, Wrath always got to my heart more than Nina did. Just the way he let his emotions out was so raw and heart-wrenching, compared to Nina's calmness and... almost delirium at the end, where she still wanted to protect her father despite what he did.

And I suppose there's also the fact that, when faced with "Their Creator" or an afterlife, Nina would surely be granted some sort of mercy and be shown to a "Heaven" of sorts. But to me, it seems that Wrath would have no such luck, being a Homunculus.
I have not watched the anime, therefore my knowledge on everyone is limited, but Nina really struck me. The Hughes were sad, of course, and especially because I adored Hughes as a character, but Nina was the one I cried over the most. That poor girl! How could her father do that to her?
The Hughes family suffer a lot... And the most of the readers (i'm in) suffer with them.
Everybody loves Hughes. (Even today u can see Hughes alive in 90% of the fics).
What? Alphonse isn't up there?
Doesn't he deserve some pity too?
He never got to know his Dad, his Mom is dead, he's stuck in a suit of armor, with his only travel companion is his short-tempered brother, who in the end, ends up losing. (temporarily)
But for the poll, I chose Wrath, because though he was kind of a brat, he was just so raw with his emotions (like Blysse said) and because he was so devoted to his "Mommy."
and in CoS when he sacrificed his body so Al could get his brother back... sad.gif
I put Nina, because you know, she got her doggy-head blown off... :-(

I agree with Rain though, I think Alphonse definitely has it harder than a lot of the others on that list (Scar comes close). Not only that, but he handles it all with such grace (for lack of a better word).
I feel sooo bad for Scar! What with the war and his brother dying, and him being cast out without even a name! ;-;
Well, most FMA people have it pretty's a tough call. I think Gluttony's up there, though. Both series. Poor guy. D:
You know, after thinking about it, I did feel a lot of pity for Havoc when he became paralyzed. It was pretty sad to watch him and Roy talk in the hospital and how he was going to retire and Roy had to leave him behind.

As for the other characters, even though I feel sad or a lot of other things for them, I don't know if "pity" would be the right word.
I've gotta say Havoc. Poor guy not being able to walk.
I've also got to say Havoc. Poor guy only wanted a hot girlfriend. Instead, he gets paralyzed. Now that's hardly fair.

QUOTE (xUltimate_Shieldx @ Jan 18 2011, 07:16 PM) *
As for the other characters, even though I feel sad or a lot of other things for them, I don't know if "pity" would be the right word.

I totally agree with you. I feel like "pity" just isn't the right word for the others.
Envy's Lady
I don't pity Envy. It's kind of offensive to pity someone. I feel empathy for him. That's more of "Putting yourself in the same shoes." I do know how he feels, since I did go through a lot of the same feelings at points in my life. If anyone's read my posts in the Envy discussion topic, you'd understand.
I voted Nina for many obvious reasons which I won't bother mentioning because someone else probably has already sad.gif
I see a lot of people saying how they don't think "pity" is the right word for this and I've got to agree, since pitying someone implies a sort of contempt and I don't really feel that way about anyone in FMA (since I either feel their struggles or genuine or I just don't feel bad for them.) However, there are a few characters I don't like but I have been in their shoes, so I understand them, but I can't really have much empathy.)
I think Manga Envy should be on this poll too. I emphasised with him like crazy, especially when he died [sorry, spoilers]. His self-loathing was so great, and short-comings so glaringly and painfully obvious, he denied it for all he was worth and turned his hatred on humanity [this part doesn't apply to me btw], whom, in his subconcious, represented everything he was not and would never have, and in the end it ended up destroying him. Very ironic, since envy is a self-destroying sin.

I felt so badly for Nina as well--reduced and demeaned as a 'sacrifice at the altar' for her twisted father's sick amibition of 'greatness' which he did not possess. And worse, she didn't seem aware of this fact at all, and cried at her father's death, and was doomed to die--no less at the hands of a man who was nearly as corrupt as her father at the time, even if he killed her in all good intention. .

Scar, I did not feel for at all at first. When I did, it was only pity at what he had become. He was, and kind of continued to be, the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth--using the alchemy that destroyed his people to destroy state alchemists and anyone else. Alchemists who had not harmed either him or his countrymen (Ed and Al). He was even willing to kill innocent people to achieve his goals. Then the flashbacks of his past came around, and I pitied him. Kind of. He was still a murderer comsumed by revenge. And a hypocrite. I did pity him that he had to endure such unimaginable suffering--but that did not excuse any of his adominable actions, as with Envy.

Alphonse. Poor, poor Alphonse, never being able to express his true feelings--even to his own brother, concerning his existence in that metal body of his. No wonder he snapped. And what did he get for expressing his deepest feelings? A beat-up by Winry and yelling. Wow. How understanding. I know where Winry was coming from, but still. Nobody could truly understand Al's suffering, and he knew it. Nobody could identify with him. He was, in that sense, all alone. He was so desperate to be understood and appreciated that he trusted and befriended everyone--even the father whom he knew full well had left them all alone after their mother died, and having been around Ed and his felings of hatred for the man.

I felt for 1st Anime Wrath too. All he had was Izumi to love him, but when this was taken away, he had no one, and thus attached himself to Sloth. It was sheer desperation and loneliness on his part, and he did not know what to do with himself but mourn and beg for her revival after her death. Sloth never really cared for him either. He was just a tool for her mothering urges. And in the end, realising that his true mother, who genuinely cared for him, was Izumi...SHE died on him!! And he was left with nothing. He couldn't bear to live without her, and killed himself to be with her and make amends for his misdeeds. He could only be happy in death...T_T

Havoc--manipulated and robbed of his ability to physically help his comrades and country. That was awful. But not as pitiable as the above, in my opinion. The empaty, however, left me when Havoc began training to recover--mostly because this, to me. was a sign that he would indeed recover and be back for more. He became too important to be discarded from the plot, and thus was given the means to overcome his supposed irreversable handicap. And, lo and behold, HE DID. So much for the tragedy. .

There are just so many characters to pity and emphasise with in turns...
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