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Full Version: Pity Party!
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Whee! Stupid poll! To keep it from being a landslide, the Elric Brothers were not included.

Not meant to start a flame war, or anything like that. If I left out some pitiful characters, sorry about that. (My sister was insisting that I include Black Hayate. tongue.gif)

So, we have Rose, in all her numerous tragedies, Wrath the strangely vulnerable murderous child, Nina for you-know-what incident, Scar's uber angst and inner turmoil, Izumi for what she endures, Roy, for his emo regretfulness, the Hughes family for another you-know-what incident, Havoc for his luck with women (tongue.gif), Winry for the loss of her parents and other angsty things that ensued due to that, Trisha for her tragic demise aggravated by her devotion.

Vote. Discuss. <3's.
I voted Winry because she lost her parents at a very young age and because of what happened to her in the movie.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Are we saying who we actually feel empathy for or who should have the Whaambulance called on them?
Actual empathy. >>;; Or, if you feel like whaaaambulance voting, that's all fine too, I guess.
I vote Nina. She had not choice in what Tucker did to her, and not to mention that Tucker's her father, the person she loved the most. Despite his betrayal, she still protected him from Ed's wrath. And she was such an adorable kid! (the sub version, not the dub...the dubbed voice was annoying...dry.gif)
Envy's lil' miniskirt
It was a hard decision but I went with Rose. Even though she wasn't in the story all that much she had pleanty bad things happen to her that she did not bring on herself.

The ones I didn't invite to the pitty party were Roy, Wrath (yes I know but I still hate him), and Izumi. I'm sure you are all shocked that I didn't pick Izumi since I love her so much but here's why.

Even though it wasn't her fault that her baby died she did try to perform a human transmutation. Which lead to her missing insides and the ungreatful homonculus brat who would stab her in the back given the opportunity.[/spoiler]
I voted for Scar because he lost his family and almost all of his race was massacured.
I voted for Trisha because she waited for someone who didn't come back... not soon anyway. dry.gif That's pretty tragic in itself.
I chose the Hughes family. It was just unbearable to see Elycia at the funeral. What a devestating loss of a wondeful and dedicated husband and father.
Nina...I mean, come ON! That episode stuck with me through the entire series. v_v;;;;;;

[spoiler] Especially towards the end when Tucker realized what he had done and spent the better half of the rest of the series trying to bring her back. [/spoiler]

I think Roze deserves pity, however I voted the Hughes family instead. There was such a loving family - they were all so happy and spontaneous together, but now since [spoiler]Hughes died[/spoiler], it's like Q without a "u".

Your banner is really interesting, Volte - so funny and disturbing at the same time.
nina, dude! how many tragedies can you go through, and she wasn't even 10! blink.gif that episode made me want to throw up, seriously. or cry. or both.
Hummm, for me it's hard to decided between Tucker and Nina so I didn't vote.

Tucker because he realized what he had done and how lonely he became without his precious daughter.Sure, he should have noticed that before he transmuted her, but like someone already mentionned, he spent the second half of the serious in pitiful attempts or brigning her back, and that is rather sad if you ask me.

Nina. She was just an innoncent little child who deep in her heart only wanted to help her father. She didn't deserve such a cruel end to her small life...
Omakase Shimasu
I nulled my vote. I can't possibly choose between them all. It's definitely a pity party for me. Poor Hagaren peoples.
when i voted i immediately chose nina cuz its so sad wat happened to her sad.gif
but i wasnt thinking so now i wish i could vote for all of them sad.gif

...........except havoc ph34r.gif biggrin.gif
Of course I pity all of them, but I chose Havoc tongue.gif As far as the anime goes, no one loved Havoc. Everyone else on the list had someone that cared about them. Poor Havoc sad.gif laugh.gif
I think rose is because of what she went through and everything.
i voted for scar cuz his entire race wass massacared.
I pity the Hughes family most, because that family was all warm and lovable, with the incidient, it just went *poof*

Nina would be next on my list, and then Izumi and Winry(baka movie = =")
How can u compair anything to combine w/ a dog. ><" ohmy.gif
Alchemist Adiktus Alexuna
Nina! at her young age, she died! that time , when finds out that she is dead.
Ed is mad and crying out for loud!

she is the one unsure.gif T_____T
OMG hughes family T_T
he was killed by envy who looked like glacier at the time....the thing hughes cherished most...he couldnt shoot SOO SADD
Ahem...Spoiler tags, please? mellow.gif

Anyway sleep.gif I voted Nina.
Hughes' family, I was crying so hard... Poor Gracia and Elysia, she didn't even understand.
Yeah, I feel sorry for Hughes's family, but I feel sorry for pretty much everyone on the list, because they've all had terrible things happen to them.
poor nina waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I have to say I pity Gracia the most because she just lost Hughes so suddenly it was a shock to everyone. Since Eylisa doesn't know about death its going to be very hard for Gracia to explain way dad isn't coming back. sad.gif
I voted for Winry because she not only lost both of her parents, but not long after her two best friends left her. -le sigh- Not to mention she is always kept in the dark. sad.gif

Eh...What happens to Winry in the moooovie? Wait! Don't tell me. D=

But it wouldn't hurt is you gave me hiiiint rolleyes.gif

Eh, go ahead and tell me! ^.^ Just about Winry though...Nothing else. o.O
I would go with Ed, but he's not up there...why?! He goes through a lot.

Anyway, I chose Izumi cuz she's had her fair share of heartbreaks too, not saying the others haven't.
nakagos bunny
I say Nina because she was betrayed by her own father and mutated and her life cut short.

Scar next because of what happened to his people and now he is consumed with emotional pain.

Full Metal Elf
I picked Nina because she had no choice in what happened to her. She loved her father and he used her. (I hate Shou Tucker with a burning passion for this). She was such a sweet girl, with a good heart, and I always will feel sorry for her.
Rose. Her fate was horrible.

I also feel terrible about Nina, the poor girl...I agree with Full Metal Elf, and I hate Tucker for it too.
The Great Asparagus
Scar...!! At first, I despised him and his meanyness, but then he turned sides (sorta) and was all sacrificey. ;_; so sad!!
Chopper Enthusiast
Poor random soldiers...
They alone mortally wounded Scar, and got no recognition...
But I will remember the random soldiers.
Where mercenaries, Kimblee, Gluttony, and Lust failed. Only you three soldiers succeeded!

Riza Mustang
nina, because she was so vulnerable. She definitely did not deserves such an end
I can't decide, to be honest.
Winry because of her parents, Izumi because of her baby and Nina because of what happened to her.
However, I guess I'll go with Nina. She was only a was sad what happened to her.
I voted Nina because:
1.I am listening to a D.C. Simpson song dedicated to her and its making me cry
2.Her mom was dead and she didn't even know
3.her dad was a driven to insanity,and she was taken away from this world sad.gif
I voted Rose.Scar and the Huges were joint second.
Ninas was ad but didn't effect me as much when I heard her talk in English,damn her overly cute speech pattern!
I voted Wrath...... I don´t exactly know why but I always feel really bad when Envy beats him up. It´s not exactly pity. Is more that I feel sorry for him. Losing his¨mommy¨ and Dante doesn´t even care. Anime Wrath was more of annoying.

And I really really feel bad about what happen to Hughes. And how Elycia was crying.... I cried in that episode.
I went with the Hughes family because Elicia was so...
you know what I mean. That quote...
[spoiler]when they're burying him and she asks why they're putting him in a hole because then he can't go to work...[/spoiler]
It was also tempting to vote for Wrath, but I wasn't sure whether we were talking about mangawrath or animewrath. MangaWrath is pitiable because
[spoiler] he had his body stolen from him and his soul commandeered at such a young age, and was all homeless and everything, and then was forced to be a homunculus with no thought to his life... unfortunate.[/spoiler]
I thought he volenteered?
Hum, yes, and I'm sure we're talking about the anime characters here, mostly. This thread was created looooong before we discovered the all Manga!Wrath thing.
I voted Izumi.
Movie spoilers!
[spoiler]In hindsight I pity Sig, Izumis husband.
He looses his son and see's his suffing on an almost dialy basis yet still loves her dearly and soldiers on then she goes and kicks the bucket leaving with just Mason. Poor Sig.[/spoiler]
^^ Agreed. Poor him sad.gif

I went for Elicia. Poor little girl:(
WEll, i really wnated to vote for Ed, because of all he's gone through. I mean, loosing his mom and then nearly loosing his brother, being around all of these deaths that almost always relate directly to him,
[spoiler] and he died, too... although he came back.[/spoiler]

I voted Wrath for this, though... poor kid got abandoned and then was abuseed by a buch of people, saw the woman he viewed as his mother died, got abused again, lost his arm and leg,
[spoiler] and then got chewed up by gluttony! >_< [/spoiler]
Manga!Wrath i don't see as so tragic, though.
i voted for havok cause he is a tragiclly active smoker, and he must spend tons of money in something that just gives him bad breath, wich is probably the reason he doesnt get any women
I voted for Hughes' family.. Losing such a loving man in the family to me is the saddest thing ever (I LOVE MY DAD even if he hunts me for my academic results all the time).. Glacier and Elycia were really pitiful in the series, let alone if they were to die in the movie I would break down for nights.. sad.gif I always have the thought (while watching FMA) of seeing Glacier crying every night and Elycia just comes up to her to see if she's OK, and yet the thought of Hughes leaving the family to somewhere had been engraved in her mind.. Basically, she doesn't know that her father had left her forever.. On the other hand, Glacier was the person crying on her behalf..
I almost voted for Nina.. Considering that she died in the end, I suppose she didn't have to carry as much pain as Glacier. She did carry her pain when her loving father transmutated her as a Chimera, but death had actually allowed her heart to rest.. I guess..
I agree with Nil-chan that Ed's pitiful too.. After all that he beared in the story..
Oh geez. This was a REALLY hard question. I found all of the people in the poll, pitiable in their own way. They were all intense sob stories. I mean, if I were in their position it would be hard to recover. In the end I voted for the Hughes family. Yes. Ed and Al would totally sweep the polls if they were up there, tongue.gif. I mean, they went through so much unsure.gif , and in the end, it did pay off, just not the way they wanted it to.... WAH! The movie was so depressing!

Imagine being Glacier-Gracia which ever you prefer- she's kind of one of the reasons why Hughes died. Don't you think? It's not like it's her fault, but if Envy didn't choose to turn into her -which he chose her for the sole purpose that Glacier is Glacier, do you get that?- Hughes would have lived. Ahh. Once again, depression sweep... Hughes was totally comic relief, why did he go and die? unsure.gif sad.gif

Yeah, but at the funeral there was a totally Royai moment...

Oh my gosh, whatever I do or say, it always leads back to royAi....
I voted the Hughes family, but Nina has gained my pity, too.
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