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Full Version: Is Fma the Saddest Anime Ever?
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i think it is because of what happens in the anime and the stroyline is sad.
Hmm.. I don't think FMA is the saddest anime I've ever watched. To me.. it would have to be Grave of the Fireflies. It’s basically about two kids, Seita and Satsuko, and how they dealt with the horrors of World War 2. If you haven’t watched it before, you should. It’s a really sad Anime movie and it made me cry at the end… ;_;
I agree with Willow, Grave of the Fireflies is definately the saddest anime I've ever seen, however FMA would likely be my second choice, as that anime brought me to tears as well.
Hagane no Renzy
Definately not, Grave of the Fireflies has got to be THE saddest, the first time i watched i felt like throwing up.....
Havent seen Grave of the Fireflies before, but Chrno Crusade is pretty sad too...
well its the sadest to me besides pokemon^^.
I dont think FMA is the sadest anime. But as for Grave of fireflies I have never seen it so I would'nt know. I dont know much for I have only seen three animes, but now Im addicted, lol. But i'll admit FMA is sad, I mean the first one is sad, when they try to bring there mother back but it fails.
Radical Alchemist
Tell me more about the Grave of the firflies thing... i've never heard of it...
Berserker Alchemist
It is sad...and i haven't seen this..."Grave of the Fireflies" so this would be my first choice...then again...
Yes, the FMA Anime is very sad. Many characters just don't deserve to die. The manga is so much funnier and joyful. ph34r.gif
I wouldn't say it's the saddest anime, but it is sad at most times.
FMA is very sad and full of tragedy.
But I don't think that it's the saddest...
Animes like Elfen Lied are more sad...
It's sad from the begining to the end!! sad.gif
But it's beautiful... The series.. anyway huh.gif laugh.gif
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I haven't seen Grave of the Fireflys yet so I can't compare it to FMA. But I do know that FMA made me cry a few times and that's something few movies or anime have made me do since I rarely cry at movies.

The second one that made me really cry was Samurai X, trust and betryal. I just lost it toward the end.
I go with what Envy's lil' miniskirt. I'm really cold hearted, well, at times, rarely, I have those day's when I'm not so aloof, and being known to be the devil's child. But when I came upon FMA, I noticed that in some episodes, it made me cry! Me? CRY?! I was very surprised, and since then, I've been sorta emotionall towards sad animes.
I've never seen Grave of the _____ (dont remember), and I would probably watch it soon by the sounds of it.
When my friend introduced me to Wolfs rain, I also got sorta hooked, even though the end was a completely stupid idea, I thought it was sorta sad. Like the part when Toboe dies T.T. He was cool.
Ahh, I danno, I guess I just looove tragic animes, and it just gets me hooked. But animes like inu-yasha, and ranma, I freakin hate those.
FMA is a true, tragic anime, but it's still gets us hooked ohmy.gif !! It's like, we dont want to see another tragic happening, yet, we still want to watch, even though we know something sad might occure.
But FMA is the best few animes I know of.
I found Cowboy Bebop and Wolf's Rain sadder sad.gif
The person who started this thread obviously hasn't seen Berserk.
QUOTE(sora-chan @ Jul 23 2005, 10:34 PM)
i think it is because of what happens in the anime and the stroyline is sad.

well i think FMA aint the saddest and samurai x is more sadder. thats what i think only
Art of Misconception
I think it all depends on how you're setting the tone. Fullmetal Alchemist is definitely heart-breaking.

But if you watch other more sentimental anime, like Grave of the Fireflies of Dog of Flanders, that's just tragic.
i thought chrno crusade had a lot sadder ending. fma just left you very disappointed.
Fullmetal Alchemist is really sad, I also cried when I'm watching last few episodes and Alphonse thought he is created by Ed. So its temporary saddest anime for me, but I think Groove Adventure Rave is quite good, and quite sad, but the anime only released untill 51 which is vol. 15 something in manga..... for Grave of the Fireflies, I haven't watched it yet, so I will watch it and compare it! wink.gif
i'd have to say yes because look at all these things happening first their father never came around (either becase he was dead or just because i don't know) thier mother got sick and died when they tryed to bring her back they lost al's body and eds leg and after that his arm to save als soul then he almost died from loss of blood then after that shou tuker turned his duaghter into a chimera and that really pissed ed off then after the fact scar killed her then all these alchemists are diying because he is trying to get revenge because an alchemist killed his brother now he is just hunting down ed then he lost his arm in a battle with scar and al lost half his body almost breaking his blood seal okay i think you guys bet the picture now smile.gif
full metalgirl
*get* oops tongue.gif
i think it's the saddest. I totally cried when Hueghes died!!!!! On the ohter hand i never even heard of half of those animes you guys mentioned.
envy's lil miniskirt...... you know envy is a guy right?
FMA is really a sad anime, some people die, there are some tragedies etc.. Anyway the ending it's not so sad

[spoiler]Ok they got separated but they're alive and Al got his body back[/spoiler]

for example Grave of the Fireflies, Chrno Crusade, Saikano and many others have a sadder ending (imho tongue.gif)

But i havent' seen the movie yet so well, who knows ph34r.gif
FMA is a sentimental story, I like this kind of story and FMA's music like Bratja is awesome especially it mixed with the anime, that's perfect. Can anyone suggest me a sentimental + action story?
I haven't watched enough anime to be sure just yet.

Hell, I haven't even seen all the FMA eppies yet tongue.gif
FMA makes me cry all the time
Meh... I think it is because it's the only anime that made me cry.... >.>;; ^^; So... yeah.
I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND!!!!! s-cry-ed is sadder. All of the cool characters die. The worst part is though they make ya get attached to the one's that are gonna die, the most.
Yeah I Think SCRYED Is Sadder Too. I Hate It When Cherice Dies! sad.gif
Vivian Remora
I'd have to say... Wolf's Rain... I have yet to see the ending, but my friend said that all the wolves died. -sighs- I want to see if she's right or not. mellow.gif
FMA is very sentimental and gets you in to the storyline so i think its really sad
its just a little but saddest i dont think, at the same time is funny, or how weren´t laugh when someone said to eduard "you are small" or when say to al "you are the big brother"........i think that it isn´n saddest jus a little bit sad tongue.gif
QUOTE(The_Fma's_Girl @ Sep 1 2005, 10:28 PM)
Yeah  I Think SCRYED Is Sadder Too.  I Hate It When Cherice Dies!  sad.gif

She dies? Put that in a spoiler tag! I've only watched up to episode 17 sad.gif
[spoiler]Kimishima's death got to me[/spoiler]

FMA is not the saddest, but it does have quite a few sad moments. The ending of Wolf's Rain was much more depressing. I could not stop crying, even when I tried.
[spoiler] Toboe's death was the saddest of all ;_;[/spoiler]

QUOTE(Vivian Remora @ Sep 1 2005, 11:20 PM)
I'd have to say... Wolf's Rain... I have yet to see the ending, but my friend said that all the wolves died. -sighs- I want to see if she's right or not.  mellow.gif

[spoiler]Your friend is right sad.gif [/spoiler]
well out of all thte animes I have seen(and I have seen alot)
I have never seeen any character whatsover shed so many like ed has.
so yeah In my oppionin it is possibly one of the saddest out there, deep and emotional too.
the last episode of cowboy bebop was kind of sad.

[spoiler] spyke dies sad.gif[/spoiler]

but fma was sad too, the saddest i have seen.
fma is pretty sad. the saddest moment i think is when hughes died sad.gif
nakagos bunny
I voted no.

FMA definitley has it's sad moments. But I think Fushigi Yuugi, for instance, overall has more sad moments.

Nakago's past alone is sadder than anything that has happened in FMA, imo, and he's one of the many characters that had a sad background.

Add to that tragic deaths at early ages, and many cases of unrequited love, and you have a more sad series than FMA.
Fushigi Yuugi is sad. I only saw a few episodes but, it is sad.
nakagos bunny
The last ep is the worst for me, because I'm such a Nakago fan. Though I don't like the Nuriko's end eps either....

Off topic, but I love your chibi Sasuke and Naruto! biggrin.gif
Oh thanks, but I don't deserve the credit. The ppl who created the site (click at bottom of siggy) deserve all the credit.
I have watch alot of sad animes but to me FMA made me cry the most and even the movie made me cry alot too because to me I kind of relate to that show sad.gif I mean like to mea the Elric brothers kind of remind me of me and my big sis. Because we oly live with our mom too and our dad doesn't live with us sad.gif (and i kinda hate that mad.gif ) Yea FMA is the saddest anime I've watched well too me though.
There is no way. I wouldn't think this is the saddest even if all of my favorite characters died. I don't think that this can top the Kenshin movies.
ive never heard of grave of the fireflies...oh well i dont think FMA is the saddest anime but theres still some sad parts like when nina died sad.gif i almost cried!!!
Fullmetal Fugazi
its not the sadest but I do believe that it is the most emotion filed. as gay as it sounds no other anime/cartoon or regular tv show for that fact has ever made me feel as emotionally attaced to the characters as FMA has
QUOTE(Fullmetal Fugazi @ Sep 11 2005, 10:51 PM)
its not the sadest but I do believe that it is the most emotion filed.  as gay as it sounds no other anime/cartoon or regular tv show for that fact has ever made me feel as emotionally attaced to the characters as FMA has

I agree. It's sort of weird, really. I never feel too much emotional attraction or cry for anime characters, yet FMA got me on the edge of my seat with my heart pounding in my mouth a couple of times, as well as it got me crying uncontrollably (sp?)
its not THE saddest animes ever, but it is sad at times.
the saddest is grave of the fireflies
this doesn't come close to the saddest anime It's one of the best anime around though, but not the saddest. HOwever there were scenes where it was when that girl and her dog got combined as one...that was so sad...

but yea I agree with the above poster, graves of the firefly is by far the saddest anime around...I never seen anything like it...even though the chracters don't say much, the art and movements say a lot...if you want to cry that would be a good anime to cry to. Plus it's base on true stuff...
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