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I do what I can to keep the thread alive... It seems though that many didn't get to see this series before it was licensed...(yes I'm a mean person downloading licensed anime)
You've only seen one ep? *takes a deep breath* I never would have guessed! (I've been surprised again) I knew you hadn't seen much of it but.. just one ep? blink.gif but I shouldn'y be surprised tongue.gif Naturally you'd know a lot of something without seeing it.. you have your favourites and al.... probably based on fanfics or?

Yes, the funny relaxed series suddenly turned.. well angsty compared to what it was before.
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

Reminded me of FMA all of a sudden tongue.gif And it just suddenly got soo wierd....
(Oh that's not a big spoiler by the way.. because I didn't mention names.. but just in case..) Of course I still love the series wink.gif I can't wait for the end.. I think it has been confirmed now 39 eps in total (the 39th was called "final episode" an aired 23.12 in Japan... I think)

Of course WolframxYuuri wink.gif I also like Wolfram/Yuuri because they're both uke types tongue.gif but I thought you prefered KonradxYuuri?
Hmm.. anyway... You mean YuurixWolfram is more popular? I don't know what that's based on... okay, Yuuri as Maou could be the seme and Yuuri might be more dominating(since Wolfram does pretty much what he says... but Yuuri is the Maou after all tongue.gif) however in terms of relationship... Wolfram seems more dominating. He is the only one "making moves". I really hope that this isn't going to be one-sided.. I'm soo hoping they'll be together in the end smile.gif
Omakase Shimasu
ph34r.gif I still can't believe how fast this series was licensed... One minute I was scrolling through this page, recommending the series, next I know I had one ep downloaded and BAM - licensed. T.T The rotten luck.

laugh.gif I surprised you~? I'm pretty surprised you were surprised actually. biggrin.gif;; Hehe, and I really don't know much of anything regarding this series, really. Even though I was the one who bugged my sis and bro about it, I'm the only one left in the dark. T.T My sis has a friend who's also into shonen-ai and has this series on her harddrive, so my sis got to watch most of it while I was stuck with one lousy ep. INJUSTICE. ph34r.gif And seeing there are only 20+ fics to read (16 of them YuurixWolfram dry.gif) I couldn't get much of anything out of them. ^^;;

ph34r.gif You're right, that spoiler does make me think about FMA. Uncanny. Waaa~ you didn't mention any names! Cruel~ tongue.gif Although, maybe mentioning names would've been crueler...

X3 If I had to choose between WolframxYuuri and YuurixWolfram I wouldn't hesitate to chose the former. The first time I saw a screenshot of them together I had my mind set, WolframxYuuri it would be. Imagine my frustration when all I saw was YuurixWolfram here and YuurixWolfram there... I don't really fancy Wolfram. tongue.gif;; The way he blames Yuuri for everything and all that junk. Meh~ And yes, I support KonradxYuuri, but that's mainly due to my sister. biggrin.gif She can't stand Wolfram, her favorite character's Konrad and she thinks the pairing's (KxY) cute.

But my main pairing will still be GwendelxGunther~ -^^- The way they interact, Gunther's obsession with Yuuri, Gwendel knitting his animal... socks. tongue.gif And episode 12 where Gunther was stuck with that rown and Gwendel had to kiss him to get rid of it. *___* Cute.
QUOTE(Omakase Shimasu @ Jan 4 2005, 07:44 AM)
tongue.gif And episode 12 where Gunther was stuck with that rown and Gwendel had to kiss him to get rid of it. *___* Cute.

I loved that part to lol biggrin.gif
Omakase Shimasu
You're also a supporter of this pairing then? *__* (hopeful-starry-eyed-look)

(Did I say "rown"...? blink.gif)
Kase: I know.. I was surprised myself that it got licensed so quickly.. I just started watching it and then... after that most sub groups stopped subbing it sad.gif
But how come you didn't get to see more eps if your sister did? She would be nice enough to let you too, right?

But if you've seen just one ep.. you know about ep 12? And well. you can't dislike Wolfram already! I feel comitted to defending him, because he's my favourite character tongue.gif I also kind of have the feeling that people are sick of his attutude for some reason. Maybe that's why everyone wants to put him as the uke?
Hmm.. I don't remember him blaming Yuuri for anything... *thinks hard* but Wolframdoes acuse Yuuri very often of cheating on him tongue.gif I think that's sooo cute, even if others might find it annoying. I've always thought jealousy to be a sweet way of showing love biggrin.gif
It's funny when it goes to the extremes. Like when Wolfram half strangles Yuuri when he thought he'd been shaking hands with a guy (who turned out to be a dolphin) or when he was jealous of a dragon tongue.gif
But anyway.. the more the series progresses the more devoted to Yuuri he seems to be... at least I think. At least the last couple of episodes I've seen have proved it smile.gif
oh.. and I really loved episode 18 smile.gif It's kind of a turn point in a way. At least in my eyes smile.gif
What screenshot was it that made you decide WolframxYuuri?

oh.. I like Konrad too wink.gif But I don't see/hope that his and Yuuri's relationship exceeds the father-son barrier tongue.gif After the recent episodes though I feel quite against the KondradxYuuri pairing because it's a threat. I want Yuuri and Wolfram to be together! biggrin.gif
GwendalxGŁnther is fine with me wink.gif So long as they both stay away from Yuuri wink.gif It's also kind of hinted tongue.gif With the crown scene and all tongue.gif
Although GŁnther is still after Yuuri tongue.gif

Hmm.. but to get to other things.. Also the drama mixed with humour reminds me of FMA... oh and I meant "limb" not limbs... Of course I could spoil a bit more.. but I didn't want to. I figured you'd click the spoiler anyway tongue.gif It seems to me though that a major character is going to die.. sad.gif I hope not....

lime-chan: How far have you seen of KKM? I know you like the YuurixWolfram pairing, but favourite characters???

urm... and this is almost a monster reply even though I didn't say all I wanted too.. Ooh scary ph34r.gif
Omakase Shimasu
biggrin.gif I'm never invited whenever my sis goes off to visit her friend, so nope, I've never gotten the chance to watch more eps. And incidentally, episode 12 was the only ep I managed to download. X3 That could be considered lucky for me, I guess~ Muwahaha~

Oh, I meant Wolfram getting jealous and accusing Yuuri of cheating and so on so forth. I just couldn't find the right word, so I just typed "blame" since it came closest in my mind. tongue.gif I dunno... At first I didn't have a problem with him, but then those fanfics and sis talking ill of him changed my mind. Maybe if you defend him enough my mind will do a 180 again. *wink-wink* ph34r.gif But I'll have to be careful my sis doesn't find out. She'd be livid.

Aherm~ happy.gif

Hmm, funny actually, but I haven't found a single person who doesn't like Wolfram yet. Bet that'd make you happy, eh? wink.gif And to my great dismay nobody has ever written a WolframxYuuri fic. sad.gif And seeing I've only gotten one ep to go on, I'm not even going to try writing one myself. It's bad enough I lack sufficient info to add to the [lack of] Gwendel/Gunther fics...

Um, the pic... well, I think it was a screenshot of the two first meeting each other. The way Wolfram looked so arrogant, looking down on Yuuri. XD Usually it's the bishounen who seme over the common boys. And Yuuri just looks very submissive. Which he is. rolleyes.gif

laugh.gif Gunther wouldn't have a chance with Yuuri, that much is obvious. He's just like Hotohori pining after Miaka, even though the viewers know from the start he'll never get her. So sad... Not that I want Gunther with Yuuri, that'd take the man's charm away! Can't have that. No~ Gunther belongs to Gwendel, yes, yes. X3

A major character... Somehow this makes me think of either Wolfram, Gwendel or Konrad. (All semes/brothers in a row~ Sorry, couldn't resist tongue.gif) Well, that certainly doesn't sound all that promising. But they wouldn't! It's still a humorous spoof right?? ph34r.gif Bah, I hate it when that happens...
If I were you, I'd force myself along tongue.gif but I'm not soo....
Hmm.. I do have quite a few on my harddrive maybe if I tried to send them to you? I'm not sure if it works through email though.. they're so big files....
Or are you going to buy the DVDs? That could be expensive..

Oh you meant the jealous thing! biggrin.gif But it's cute.. it's soo cute wink.gif Wolfram shows his love and devotion for Yuuri biggrin.gif He's a little childish and stubborn so it doesn't always come out the right way wink.gif hmm.. I love it also when he's concerned about Yuuri and then acts a bit unlike his hothead self tongue.gif Oh and he does take Yuuri's opinion into consideration like in ep 18
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

Be mad at Yuuri if you must tongue.gif He's the guy who even forgets that they're engaged and seems at times oblivious of Wolfram's feelings although.. it does seem that he accepts them wink.gif And there was the time when he told Gwendel that his favourite animal is a lion (which symbolises Wolfram) if I remember correctly...

Ooh.. enough with all that rambling.. Yes, my duty is to defend Wolfram and turn your head! (yes, don't tell your sister)
I always seem to like thes fire types tongue.gif Oh yes, it would make me very happy to know that that you haven't met anyone who doesn't like Wolfram(besides your sister). I don't know... I just read somewhere about that and I got that kind of picture.
hmm... bishonen seme over common boys wink.gif Even if Yuuri isn't exactly common. Actually I don't know how submissive Yuuri actually is. He has pretty strong opinions and somehow seems to get what he wants tongue.gif
No WolframxYuuri fics? I know I should write one wink.gif I have all these whacky ideas/dreams/daydreams that I just love.. but I'm too lazy:P
I'm hoping that something similar will happen in the series. (as if tongue.gif)

oh of course GŁnther hasn't got a chance with Yuuri wink.gif That's why I'm okay with him all over Yuuri... laugh.gif yup GwendelxGŁnther it is. I can't see them with anyone else... although Maybe GŁntherxCheri... but only maybe, because I think she's better with Raven biggrin.gif

Actually.. I know that major character tongue.gif I'm just guessing though. He might not die... And yeah, there might be a mass death ohmy.gif I really hope the series isn't going to end tragically (I want to see a wedding! biggrin.gif)
Ooh... the happy go lucky series... I never would have thought that it would turn this way...(it's still a little humourous at times)
Although it was just the couple of episodes. I'm talking as if everything is going to be gloomy from now on.. the mood might change...
Omakase Shimasu
(Ugh, I would've replied sooner, but I was having immense trouble with major slow-down yesterday. @_@)

Well, I was certainly hoping to get my hands on those DVDs but so far I haven't had any luck finding them. T__T (While it's not my main priority, I'd still like to have them to add to my collection!!)

Well, you're certainly taking this defending Wolfram thing seriously. (meant in a good way, even though it may come off as sarcastic -.-;;) wink.gif It sounds to me he's kinda like Hisoka then, if I had to make a comparison. Unfortunately, I don't really like him either, but maybe this will change my views of him too? biggrin.gif

What? I could never blame Yuuri~ tongue.gif And I dunno, he seemed like a uke at first glance to me. Sort of a pushover at first, but growing up significantly throughout the series. biggrin.gif I'd like to think of him that way. Reminds me of lil' Yugi. tongue.gif

Oh, you should certainly write those fics if you think you're up to it and feel the urge to! XD Believe me, I'll be reading them! (Maybe you'll even give me actual tidbits of info about the series itself~ always looking for that too)

Waaa~ now I really have to restrain me from begging you to say who you think would die. ph34r.gif Such a scary twist all of a sudden, I never would have suspected that.

Wow... mini-reply much? biggrin.gif;; Maybe the fact that my cat's sleeping on half my keyboard has something to do with it...
QUOTE(Kihaku @ Jan 4 2005, 11:54 AM)

lime-chan: How far have you seen of KKM? I know you like the YuurixWolfram pairing, but favourite characters???

my favorite character is Yuuri but I also like Wolfram to XD
I've gotten upto ep.23 so far TT-TT*needs to watch more episodes*
Kase: You will go for the DVDs then? Ooh.. they're so expensive.. Not that I'm trying to stop you or anything tongue.gif After all, I spend a lot of money on manga tongue.gif

Yes, yes! I will defend Wolfram! biggrin.gif I hope I'm not bugging you... I don't know what it's like to hear all kind of talk about a character you dislike...
Yeah.. Wolfram is a little like Hisoka.. I never thought of that wink.gif They're both emotional, but closed up.. and both have light hair, green eyes(I think) and are bishonen uke types(who will eventually top the greater uke tongue.gif) They're around the same age too.. well kind of lookwise (Wolfram is a Mazoku after all, and ages a little differently tongue.gif I think he's around 80 tongue.gif)
Ooh.. how can you not like Hisoka??? because of his childish attitude? (Hmm.. that's a little like Wolfram too tongue.gif) He's soo cute wink.gif He'd be my favourite character in YnM if it weren't for Tsuzuki (thanks to your sister)

You're right about Yuuri. He seems like a pushover, but actually isn't. Like Ryo from FAKE wink.gif They're also both really dense and ignorant tongue.gif
Yeah, I suppose Yugi would be like him too...Both have this "other character" inside them too wink.gif I see Yugi though like a much more innocent and naive kid... Don't know why.

I'd write a fic, if I wasn't this lazy tongue.gif I have my own story(well actually other unfinished buisness too) the D.N.Angel fanfic and the Ed fanfic which I haven't even started yet!
And I suppose I'll wait until I've seen all of the series... because I have a feeling that I'm going to be disappointed

I really don't know if the person is going to die... I just have this feeling. But I'm usually never right anyway:P (FMA proved that)

lime-chan:Ooh.. good thing that you like Wolfram too! *hugs*
Episode 23! hey, that's pretty far already! You'll soon get to the ominous part..
Oh, didn't you think that ep18 was just cute???????

I'm too into this series.. just look at my replies:P Kase, you have a cat?!! biggrin.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Yeah, the money might form a problem, but... this obsession's just too great. tongue.gif And my collection as it is right now... it's just sad. biggrin.gif;;

laugh.gif Well, it does make me feel... 'uncomfortable' for lack of a better word when you talk about him that way. But I don't really mind all that much, so you can keep up your campaign as long as you want. wink.gif Haha, but Hisoka's pretty old as well, isn't he? Not as old as... mellow.gif Wolfram's the same age as Tsuzuki? Wow...

Hmm, I don't really know why I dislike Hisoka that much... The attitude, maybe, yes. He reminds me of both Wolfram and Kai, two characters I don't like either. tongue.gif Hehe, I'm sure sis will be overjoyed when she hears that! laugh.gif Her mighty persuasive powers have made Tsuzuki your fave~

I also think Yugi's uber-naive and innocent. ^^ One of his many charms if you ask me. Oh, now that we're back on the YGO subject, I went looking for those fanarts, but so far I haven't had any luck in finding them. -.- What I could find though, was this adorable picture of Atem as a kid: Click me if you wanna see~ -^^- Adorable~ I won't stop looking though! >.<

Aherm~ So anyway biggrin.gif Yes, I have a cat! Well, actually I have seven at the moment. But Mom is thinking about giving three of them away. sad.gif I don't like that at all, though. Every cat is as precious as the other... I love my cats.
A great obsession? that sounds great? And a sad collection? Try me tongue.gif I don't have a single anime DVD, but I do have the Animatrix on video... I haven't watched it yet.. even though it was some time when i got it for my brithday wink.gif

Ooh... don't worry if you don't have "a better word" tongue.gif makes me feel more knowledgeable tongue.gif Plus, so long as I get to praise Wolfram, I'm happy! biggrin.gif
hmm... actually I thought that Hisoka had "just died" I remember reading his "date of birth" somewhere.. but i don't remember..
Hisoka is stuck as a 16-yar-old.. Wolfram... he seems around 14 in "human years" but I suppose he's meant to be the same age as Yuuri (15 going on 16... which his hard to imagine tongue.gif) Oh Hisoka's and Wolfram's attutudes are pretty alike wink.gif Who's Kai??? The only one that comes to mind is the one in Beyblade...Oh he's different though... well maybe not that much tongue.gif

Oh yes, I love Yugi for his over naiveness and innocence wink.gif He's my fave character (along with Atem) in YGO after all wink.gif (but Ryo is really close behind) I either go for those types, or half-evil types tongue.gif
Oh Atem is sooo cute as a kid wink.gif I always wondered though why he didn't look more like Yugi wink.gif Atem seemed to be an older version of Yugi...
on the YGO subject again wink.gif It should have its own thread tongue.gif

7 cats! wow! 7 is a magical number.. And yes, all your cats must be equally precious to you. Don't give away any of them.. unless they're given into homes close by...
Omakase Shimasu
ohmy.gif You only have the Animematrix?? Now I feel bad about me harping about my own collection. tongue.gif See? I tend to self-pity myself a lot too.

laugh.gif I would think you're pretty knowledgeable without my help. tongue.gif

Just died? Really...? Sad to say, but I can't exactly remember either. biggrin.gif It would make sense, since he just got introduced in the second chapter or so. Heh, strange because I thought he'd be older... OK, Muraki would've been a carcass if that was true. ph34r.gif Damn fine carcass in any case. tongue.gif

Yep, I meant the Beyblade Kai. biggrin.gif I don't like him, only if he's in a relationship with Tai.. Takayo? The main character. tongue.gif Then he's tolerable enough for me stand him.

Innocent and half-evil types, eh? I got that one stored in my Kihaku database now, so you know you can never back down on your word after this. tongue.gif But I agree~ Although sometimes I can't stand the all-around-innocent type. blink.gif Even though I adore Yugi... Wonder why that is... Hmm, I think the author wanted to make them different from each other because it'd be less confusing...? But how do you mean Atem looks like an older version of Yugi? o.o

An official Yu-Gi-Oh! thread: GREAT idea!! biggrin.gif To you the honors, I'd say.

biggrin.gif Yes, my cats are all very dear to me, no matter how naughty and playfully painful they can be. ^^;;
Nah... I don't even want anime DVDs tongue.gif They're just too expensive.. I don't even have a DVD player... but I like downloading stuff onto my computer (and now burning it) I'm so evil *sighs* DVDs would be nice.. if they weren'tsoo expensive..
Self pity? You're talking to the master here... tongue.gif

Oh, exactly! You got my point! wink.gif Muraki would have aged too.. although I keep on jumping back with my theories about him being human or not tongue.gif

Kai in Beyblade.. I don't like him as much as Rei, but I do like him. He's more of a "Kaiba" character in my opinion than a "Hisoka Wolfram" character...
I tend to either dislike those or dislike/love them tongue.gif or something or other.. sometimes I'm not sure wink.gif

You have a Kihaku database? tongue.gif Hmm... but anyway.. That's just in general.. I can't be really sure. With some I also dislike the too great innocence, but then they're usually girls tongue.gif
And I have to say that appearance is sometimes an important factor, especially with those who're evil (I don't usually like the totally evil types, a bit evil is cool)

Me? Start Yu-gi-oh! thread? It's not too late for it? A great amount of that discussion has been poured out already. I should check if there's an existing one.. I thought I saw some... but I don't remember that they were "proper"
And Atem/Yami Yugi... I mean.. he does look like Yugi, doesn't he..but older..more confident.. sure.. how can I explain this...

Such a long post and hardly any of it had anything to do with KKM, besides the mentioning of Wolfram's name tongue.gif
Omakase Shimasu
You don't have a DVD player? T__T So sad~ don't you want one? Oh, yes if you don't even have any DVDs to play on it... biggrin.gif;; And I agree, things are so expensive nowadays~ T__T

Haha, we can always wallow in self-pity together sometime. wink.gif

Aaah~ The Muraki is an Angel theory? biggrin.gif Yes, he's giving me much doubt as well. I just wish I had all the volumes of the manga so I could make sure.

Kai and Rei... I usually tend to dislike fan-favorites because I'm stubborn and don't always like to go with the flow. tongue.gif I'm horrible, I know~ Mainstream pairings I usually don't like all that much either anymore. I used to a lot, but times have changed. biggrin.gif;;

Yep, my Kihaku database which is located in the few braincells I haven't destroyed with my liquor candy. tongue.gif (I'm addicted to those things since childhood -.- So bad) Oooh, I know what you mean, innocent girls who are way too helpless for their own good and generally act like Mary-Sues. tongue.gif Don't like.

laugh.gif We love off-topicness, there's no way around it. tongue.gif
Hmm... a DVD palyer would be nice.. but I only have on DVD tongue.gif maybe when I'm older and will burn all my anime on CDs to DVDs ( I hope it's possible)

It's so hard to wallow in self pity together.. we seem to be keeping a very positive attitude! biggrin.gif I'm actually a negative person tongue.gif)

You don't have all of the YnM mangas? oh well.. nobody can have all, since it's not finshed dry.gif . Muraki... just can't be human... cheating death commaning and Ouryuu dragon...noo...

Rei and Kai? as in persons or pairing? Heh ReixKai is of ourse one of my faves. althoug so is KaixTakao tongue.gif I suppose you meant pairings, because it seem like you like fan favourite characters wink.gif

liquor candy tongue.gif I used to loath those.. but I like some...
Yeah, innocent Mary-Sue girls tongue.gif *thinks* Well Miaka is okay... but I don't like Sakuno from PoT tongue.gif

Now to topic... Oh gosh, what happened to the KKM thread? It suddenly truned into open chat tongue.gif
Hmm.. because you said you don't mind spoilers... Argh, can't do it tongue.gif
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Omakase Shimasu
Sorry for this but I'm first going to talk about that MEGA spoiler you just dumped on my lap tongue.gif ph34r.gif WHAT??

........ *deep breath* ..........that's just.... T__T I really hope you're incorrect. I'm not even going to discuss that second spoiler because it made my stomach turn for a sec. ph34r.gif No, no, no~ This can't be~ I really really really hope you're incorrect. T___T If it turns out he's going to die I don't think I want those DVDs... well, it won't be on my list of "anime to search for some time" in any case. Childish I know, but...

OK, let's stop about the spoiler, I wanna get my happy mood back. Yes, yes, our positive outlook, the one that you were talking about. ^^ Let's make an effort.

Burning CDs to DVDs shouldn't be a problem if you have the proper equipment installed into your PC. Don't ask me about those though, I'm so not the person to explain these things. biggrin.gif;;

Hmm, you seem to share my negativity concerning the unfinished state of the YnM manga. tongue.gif At least there's still that side-story to look forward to, ne~? Hmm, now that I think about it... didn't someone say Muraki was a wizard of some sort? Sometime? blink.gif Can't remember completely, but I thought someone did. Hmm~

Well, actually I meant both the fan-favorite characters and pairings. biggrin.gif Yeah, I know I do like a lot of fan-favorites, but most of them were decided on way back when. tongue.gif Now I don't seem to fancy fan-favorites anymore. Still, exceptions remain: Ed~ tongue.gif

PoT? biggrin.gif;; I thought you meant Petshop of Horrors but that can't be...
Ooh this is exactly why I didn't want to spoil anything for you! Now you're going to miss buying those great DVDs. For the sake of that, I hope I'm wrong tongue.gif I usually am though.. You weren't supposed to read the second spoiler tongue.gif okay.. so why did I put it there then? Whatever... No, but really even if great characters die, it doesn't mean the series is all that bad tongue.gif I won't regret watching the series even if
Wolfram dies (OMG please don't let that happen, or I'll curse KKM) or he and Yuuri don't get married/end up confessing their love for each other/ are together someway (OMG please, oh please let that happen) in the end. Even tragic serieses are great. Think FMA. And tragical things can be beautiful... Think Zabuza and Haku. Anime that effects you emotinally in some way is worth watching. Even if you longed for a happy end. Actually sometimes I like sad endings more than cheezy ones, even though I'm a great fan of cheezy endings. *thinks bact to MKR and almost pukes*. It depends really. Who knows how KKM will turn out to be, I might be getting all worried and prepared for nothing. But it's been really great all the way.. the surprising turn of events just shocked me a little.

Okay, now back to off topic (didn't think I'd say that:P)
Positiveness is great! Especially for negative people:P
Yeah, what is the side story in YnM about? involving same characters? then I'd anyway like to read it! I wonder why she started a new story instead of finsihing the current one first... ph34r.gif
Muraki a wizard? well some freaky magician guy would make sense, yes biggrin.gif

Ah the fan favourites are from the old times wink.gif I get it. I for some reason like what the mass likes.. although there are exceptions tongue.gif Usually I never the most popular character aka main character.. but pretty often the most(or one of the most) popular couple tongue.gif

PoT= Prince of Tennis biggrin.gif (Don't let Sakuno stop you from watching it. She hasn't got a chance with the Ryouma.. I hope tongue.gif
I love KKM. I have all the DVD's. Well the ones that are out. I still got 7 more volumes of season 2 to go. Humm, romor has it yuri and the prince dude get married....i wonder
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