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Chibi Reina
Yes. That's us. Chibi Reina (me), Legolas of Mirkwood, and Hagane no Rekinjutsushi {Ed}. The Four-Eyed Fullmeddlers...

Anywho, they forced me to help them out with an EdxWin pic, and I was forced to draw the faces, and Winry's hand.... just because LoM kept slapping me because whenever she tried to copy my own hand down, I'd make it go limp XD (and another reason why she was slapping me was that I wouldn't stop with the RoyxEd jokes, lol)

*gets whacked again* Okay... so I wasn't forced to. I volunteered because it bugged the living crap out of me that they couldn't draw the faces right.... (we were copying the kissing part from a Ceres: Celestial Legend volume... tongue.gif )

And here's to us three! With my bad scanning abilities!! XD
nice.. thx reina.
sry for slappy you (remember the plowing comment? lol)
...Poor Ed it looks like he's in pain.
lol*hugs reina*
Chibi Reina
XD I knew I forgot to mention something else!!! Thanks for saying that!!
hey your new sig. ...nice!
you drew that?!?!
Chibi Reina
Yeah, lol. Kinda typical for me, huh?? XD
to bad I cant slap ya. lol just ki8dding. It's really good
that pictures really good and i love your signature legolas
thnaks, I am going to change it soon
I can't see it!
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