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Azura Elric
<Closing the thread since this Sig maker had been gone since June 2006. 03/07/07 ~Tombow>

I'll do just about any anime/game/manga. Some may require that you give me a picture of whomever or whatever you want me to use. I expertise in making sigs and banners, but I can also do icons and avatars if resizing and text is needed. The program I use is Photostudio, if you wanted to know.




Banners (for forums):
if iu know how to make sigs move can you tell me waht you use?
Azura Elric
Nope, sorry I don't know how to make sigs move myself. I'll probably experiment on Photostudio sometime.
foolmetal alchemist
I love you sigs, especially the Daisuke one. It's colors fit together so perfectly! I also admire your Roy signature.
Azura Elric

The rest of my sigs that I've made are here ^ If anyone is interested in browsing. There are some Front Banners that have been mixed in. Most recent in front while the oldest are a few pages back.
Wow! They're soooooo pretty! I really like the pokemon one. It's soooooooo cute!
hope this works
foolmetal alchemist
@Romell- Don't attach a thumbnail for your signature. Use your actual signature feature.

Edit* Nevermind, I thought I was in a different thread. ph34r.gif
Azura Elric
QUOTE(romellbrown @ Jul 21 2005, 02:32 PM)
hope this works

You want me to use that to make a sig? *blinks*
your siggis are really good, i love the winry ones
ed's numbuh 1 fan
can you make me a Edo and win win sig and maching avi?thank you muchly

EDIT;never mind is it o.k if i use this?user posted image
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