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ok first this will be a post of all the music you like from techno to J-pop and more
but second i would like to know does anyone have a good music editing program i need to cut a song into a 50 second peace for a play i wrote the song is One Winged Angel also known as Saver Sephiroth and i need the latin chanting and a little after off could you please tell me where to get a music editor
Fav Music:
1. Daft Punk- Digital Love
2. Daft Punk- Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
3. Akeboshi- Wind
4. Berserk- Tell me Why
5. Dune Vs. Troublemaker- Hardcore Vibes
Umm~ Go to and search for "mp3 cutter".

I love the first three on your list too. I don't have all-time favourites though.

1. Asian Kung-fu Generation - Kimi to iu Hana (once you listen to it, you can't stop)
2. BONNIE PINK - Last Kiss
3. Chet Lam on the Pancakes with Ketchup - Martin
4. The Brilliant Green - There Will Be Love There
5. Joey Yung - Instant Breakup
6. Pharoahe Monch - The Light

hi hi .. I like Daft Punk too ^^ ... here are some of the songs i like..

Bjork - 107 Steps
Daft Punk - Voyager
Daft Punk - Burnin'
Utada Hikaru - Tokyo NIGHTS
Byakuya - True Light (DNAngel)

I think the 2nd OP of FMA is really cool too --
Le'arc~En~Ciel - READY STEADY GO

thats a really great song ^^
i downloaded "Bonnie Pink - Last Kiss" and "Byakuya - True light"
They're really good... but especially Last Kiss is very romantic.
*sigh* I love those "love songs" rolleyes.gif

like i love Utada Hikaru or Ringo Shiina laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Waiiiii~! Utada Hikaru ^^ And Ohta Takako <3

What are some good Ringo Shiina songs to download??
I really loooooove Jpop and i need some new MP3s..

Have you noticed its getting harder and harder to find Jpop Mp3s??
I used to download most of mine from Audiogalaxy...
I found SOO many great songs there ((all the ones that were hardest to find))
Like the Xmas version of the OP to "Kanon" (called Last Regrets)

And I also found the ending to the mahoujin guru guru movie .. (that was the hardest to find since mahoujin guru guru is an -ancient- kiddy anime which wasnt very popular ..))

but then the RIAA closed them down :cry.gif: and my great jpop downloading source is no more .... ;_;

I hate the RIAA!! mad.gif .. especially when im not downloading songs they produce! and they close down my napster! those meanies >:P
Two-Mix is also a great Jpop group. They did 'Just Communication' and 'Rhythm Emotion' (from Gundam Wing - <3).

Also love L'Arc-En-Ciel... I so agree with you, Garden_Gecko - READY STEADY GO is one of my favourite songs... But I only have the MIDI. (MIDIs are evil, evil things, but it's the best I can do right now...

Sadly, my only source of MP3s is from friends who already have them. The University I go to has banned them for some strange reason... tongue.gif Too much ninja-ing ph34r.gif , and waaaaay too much bandwidth...

Oh well...
O__O SAME!!! I used to download Final Fantasy music from Audiogalaxy. (At least five albums...) I use Direct Connect now. But usually the anime servers require you to have at least 5-10 GBs worth of music.

I like Parody by Shiina Ringo and Utada Hikaru. It's the only song I've ever heard by her ^^;;

I haven't heard of Two-mix besides those two songs. They bring back memories...
That SUUUCKS soooo much that your school banned MP3s... Ara.. I would DIEEE...

If I don't have my music 24/7 I'm not a happy camper!! ((at all... ph34r.gif )) ...

Does direct connect work good?? I could probably join their servers I know I have at least 5 gigs of jpop... Where do you get it ? I've never heard of it ...

TWO-MIX -IIS- good.. ^^ And yeea their songs certainly DOO bring back memories ...

Thats a good idea .. I'll go try and find some TWO-MIX mp3s I haven't heard yet... heeh ^^ .. wai! ;D
I'm an avid fan of video game music, as well as some J-Pop and K-Pop artists. I suppose since I like video game music, I pretty much like and listen to every genre, except for rap. I detest rap. And of course, regardless of type/style, if I don't find it good, then I don't like it.
songs from Shiina Ringo?
i haven't got many, but i loved one song very much....
if you can find it: "Mayonaka wa Junketsu" or "Cappucino(maybe spelled wrong)"
Mayonaka got a very american jazz touch, but i love it^^ give it a try and hear the refrain... it's cool... laugh.gif

yes, it's really harder to find songs(with Kazaa, WinMX, emule) and videos too.... i completely use bittorent now... wink.gif
i searched for the GuruGuru Opening theme in italian. Earlier, it was no problem to find it, but now.... sad.gif

steelphoenix only got the midi of ready steady go?? can't you download all the openings and endings from this! site here??..

ah, Final Fantasy........especially Final Fantasy VII..... it was like a dream to me..... like a never-ending dream.... with cloud, tifa and Aeris and Barett..
i downloaded the music too cause it's good memories...

like Ragnarok Online!! anyone played it??? the music is soooooo... aaaaaawww.... if i hear it, i think i am in the world of RO again....T.T
No I haven't played it sad.gif
But I also really like game music. From Final Fantasy too ~! ^^

I also love BGMs from anime (really good BGMs))

CCS, Cowboy Bebop and nurse angel ririka has alooooot of good BGM and music--- Oh yea and I like Rob Dougan BGM from the matrix x)

Rob Dougan ish VERRYY GOOD ;D

My favs are ... "clubbed to death"
and .. "will you come with me"

ps: thanks prinz imma try downloading those songs ^^
HEY HOW DO U GET THE names next to ur name tall me
which names do you mean?

ah garden gecko....! and all other Gurugurufans!! laugh.gif
here you can download the Guruguru italian theme, if you are curious and want to hear it.....:

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

the volume is a little bit low, but it will do, i hope... laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
LOlz x) !!
now my collection of guru guru music is complete.
I wanna send you dynamite heaven Prinz ! >O
whats a way i could load a song to you .....
my address is ""....-> send it to mee please!!!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Can I send it with email...? I've tried doing that before and i dont think it worked... But I'll try hold up... !
hm... if it's bigger than 2 MB.. it won't work... i tried in the past several times... but didn't work...

what's it named??
maybe i find it in Kazaa or anywhere laugh.gif
Yup I just tried it wont work sad.gif
Oh and its just called Dynamite Heaven --
by the way its the SECOND op to Doki Doki Densetsu MGG
I never did find out who exactly sings it! sad.gif
And I dont know if you will be able to find it anywhere ... Wait try going to google and looking up the name ... plus MP3

If that doesnt work I could always send it to you via AIM ? ... or maybe if I put it in my shared folder you can download it off me with kazaa-lite XP

My user name on kazaa-lite is Fennec_Fox_Yumeko

.............. I just put ALL of my guru guru MP3s in meh share folder .. hope that works!! D:
Uh... just posting to keep the topic going...

Favorite Music?

Of course Melissa and READY STEADY GO by Porno Graffitti and L'Arc~En~Ciel [Mind you, I heard these two songs before I watched FMA]
curious DDR songs
Forbidden by Moi Dix Mois
Coming Closer by L'Arc En Ciel
Toki no Wakamae by GLAY
And a jumbo list of others... too... lazy... to... list...

Do As Infinity- Deep Forest
Bonnie Pink- Its Gonna Rain
DNAngel-True Light
Seatbelts-Call me Call me

DAI will always be among my most favorite bands, Larc En Ciel...I have their last two albums. Bonnie Pink's last album is nice, DNAngel is freakin AWESOME, but super mello, and GOOD GOD the seatbelts can swing.
dnangel !! ^^
Aww thats a super cute pupppy dog..!! tongue.gif is it yours?? aw.. me loves it...
Oh and prinz did you ever find Dynamite Heaven?
no -.- i couldnt fin it...
WINMX and Kazaa aren't good anymore for searching songs..-.-
Does winMX have corrupted songs now too?? I know k-lite does.
Right now I use Limewire to get songs .. all of the ones I've downloaded from it, work so far, but its not the best place to find jpop music .. come to think of it there are hardly any places to download jpop that I know of anymore. I used to use audiogalaxy which was REALLY cool... audiogalaxy had THOUSANDS of songs .. i miss that place so much ;_; ....

Then theres .... but they dont have a very good selection and it's mainly just anime music .. not actual artists... Where does everyone else download their jpop?? Please tell!! I need a new source ... lol .. :'(
errmm... i use winmx, sometimes long queues, some corrupt files, but i get what i want :>
currently my favorite band is UNDER 17 biggrin.gif (sang the Popotan OP )
OMG .. Wow .. Hey huys I've just experienced the best music ever =D
If you like electro/breakbeat/techno you might like this artist. =D
He creates long electroclash DJ mixes w/ artists like Miss Kittin, Daft Punk, Avenue D, Moby, etc...

I downloaded a song of his on Limewire by accident and LOVED IT! So I looked him up and it turnes out hes got the music for download on his site .. You can see the site here ... You should really check it out! His music is SOO great!! >)

I recomend Slugs+Snails+Puppy Dog Tails, but thats just one of them.
wwwoaah. Sick Puppy Dog Tails ...more than one hour of variations!...this music is for party music, partying all da night XD

AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! and there is "i wear my sunglassess at night"... i loved this psycho-music.... it's like...uhh....knowing the supernatural... laugh.gif laugh.gif

and yea.... some sound a little bit like daft punk...... and like some Sonic the Hedgehog BGM, too^^^^

phew... the others are so long music too... are you a party girl, Garden Gecko??! laugh.gif laugh.gif
All the FMA Themes are good(except the one with Winry)

Outside FMA the best group is Nightwish... They ROCK biggrin.gif cool.gif
I see no music area other than the FMA area, so I'll make a topic.

so waht kinds of music do you listen to, what are your favorite bands, etc....


anything accept for Rap, Country or Pop

Bands / people:
Linkin Park
E Nomine
Nickelback (a little)
any techno artists I can find
I most like gothic/metal, my favourite bands are:

Lacuna Coil

They are in order of liking them, I have all albums of nightwish and lacuna coil. There is some other music I like, if somebody is interested here is the complete list of music i have.

( if somebody want to make a complete list easy too, in Winamp you can just press ctrl + alt + g and it renders a html playlist for you, so you don't have to do it like i did, editing a playlist and typing a lot )
Yami no neko
L'arc en ciel
Malice Mizer
Dir en grey
The calling
Plastic tree
Janne de arc
Porno grafitti
The rasmus
There the only ones I can think of at the moment. There in no Order, although L'arc en ciel are my favourite.
Omakase Shimasu
Hmmm, I don't know. I don't think I've got a favorite band/singer etc. laugh.gif Actually, I can listen to anything I think sounds nice, has a nice beat.

Well, I had J-pop/rock as my favorite in general for a while, but now it all varies, so...
i love the music from Gackt (i.e. Wasurenai Kara) and L'Arc~en Ciel(i.e. Stay away)...
but i also like the voice of TMRevolution in the ending of Rurouni Kenshin -> "Heart of Sword"

besides that i like baroque music^^
Omakase Shimasu
What's baroque music, if you don't mind me asking? happy.gif I like to broaden my horizons concerning music.
uhm... *cough laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

i'm so göad that somebody asks me!!!! rolleyes.gif

baroque music is the classical music played in the 18th/17th century.. It's the music of the kings of that time... the netherlands made the best harpsichords(standard music instrument at that time) in whole Europe!!
Composers were Bach or Händel. They lived before Beethoven and Mozart.. And Beethoven and Mozart adored both Bach^^
Omakase Shimasu
Aaaaaah, baroque music, of course! happy.gif In that case, yes I like that kind of music too!

Do you by chance know "When I Get You Alone" by Thicke? I think it's a great song, he uses the Fifth Symphony, in a more modern way. biggrin.gif Definitely one of it's charms!

It's the music of the kings of that time... the netherlands made the best harpsichords(standard music instrument at that time) in whole Europe!!

tongue.gif Hey, I didn't know that! I learn something every day. Thanks for the info!
wow, i downloaded the song and it's really impressing, and it sounds soo cool laugh.gif laugh.gif

the harmonies are almost the same... only few variations and repetation and with text on it^^^^
oh, so there are other lovers of classical out there. that's cool.

oh yeah. forgot

Yuki Kajiura ().hack//sIGN)
Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings)
John Williams (Harry Potter)
Omakase Shimasu
wow, i downloaded the song and it's really impressing, and it sounds soo cool laugh.gif

biggrin.gif Glad I could make you happy! (pssht, been to favorite anime, yet? Got a nice link for shonen-ai titles there!)

oh, so there are other lovers of classical out there. that's cool.

Hail to baroque music~
I went to a baroque concert once, fell asleep lol, maybe that's because it was so relaxing. The only classical music i'm into (well it's not actually classical) is Final Fantasy music played by orchestras that is (to use my English teachers words again) 'sublime.' The piano collections for final fantasy are really good too, but the best classical music in a game was Castlevania Symphony of Night's theme, splaying classical gothic music with rock guitars was always a great idea!!

Another great band I love are Radiohead, their melodies are soo relaxing and mellow lol.

any techno artists I can find

Do you like delerium or aphex twin, they're two of my favorites.

Oh and also Scott Peeples of OC remix fame is good, his remixes are great.
Omakase Shimasu
Oh, you've played Final Fantasy? happy.gif I like the music, though I've only got FFVII and FFVIII (and FFX, but I didn't pay attention to the music with that game). Out of these three I like FFVIII's music best, especially the intro! I thought it was something Latin, but I'm not sure...

Oh, speaking of FFVIII, I really liked "Eyes On Me". So beautiful and emotionally enhanced that scene between Squall and Rinoa in the Ragnarok... *sigh* I've got the mp3 of "Eyes On Me", it's one of my all-time favorite songs!

And back to baroque music; in Dead or Alive you've got Helena's theme song. I believe it's a remix of a baroque song (can you say song?). I love her theme~ Fast-paced but still 17th centurie-ish!

Oh oh, another baroque; anyone heard of Devil's Thrill? happy.gif If you haven't, shame on you! tongue.gif
I'm afraid I haven't heard of a song called Devil's Thrill, but I will download it tongue.gif.
Yeah I really liked Eye's on Me, teh music for FF8 was great, pity the game wasn't as good IMO tongue.gif .

Out of these three I like FFVIII's music best, especially the intro! I thought it was something Latin, but I'm not sure...

I asked my latin teacher about that 2 years ago in fact. He said since it ended in an OS, (was it something like hemos, i can't really remember, ill get it up in a second) it was greek.

I've been playing Final Fantasy since I was 7 starting with 6 on the SNES my uncle gave me (resisting the temptation to put another lol).

Also Kase since I last looked you were on like 75 posts, now your on like 95, how do you do it.............
QUOTE(Aqua_Alchemist @ Aug 2 2004, 09:54 PM)
Do you like delerium or aphex twin, they're two of my favorites.

lol, yeah, I just downloaded a bunch of delerium stuff today. I really like Ressurection and Aria ^^

and yeah, aphex twins are really good as well.
Omakase Shimasu
Aaaw, you didn't think FFVIII was the best game ever created by Squaresoft?? tongue.gif Hehe, I'm one of those few out there who actually called FFVIII their favorite. And about the intro; wasn't it something like Liberti Finale? blink.gif I guess that's wrong, but...

Also Kase since I last looked you were on like 75 posts, now your on like 95, how do you do it............

For any Xellos fans out there; Sore wa himitsu desu. wink.gif Meaning; That's a secret

Seriously though... I'm just crazy! laugh.gif And I don't have a life besides cruising this forum, it seems.
In fact for the last two days I have been doing relatively the same thing, since I'm supposed to be 'working' on my ICT and Geography (a subject that I now hate) coursework.

The main problem with FFVIII was the battling, the only way to win was to keep using the same GFs over and over, in other words they tried to pull a semi-pokemon they failed miserably, of course IMO. In other news Pokemon rocks and so does it's music actually, fear the level 50 milotic, the game was originally my little brother's but I have monopolised it lol.

In other music related news i'm getting a bass guitar tomorrow, but if i don't get some sleep now and stop drinking this red stripe (lol) im going to be getting up at 12 again (for the fith time in a row actually) lol.
Music I listen to eh? Hmm...

English: Evanescence, Maroon 5, Stabilo, Hoobastank, Metric, Sondre Lerche

Japanese: L'Arc en Ciel, Kids Alive, Sowelu, MOVE, W-inds, Do As Infinity

Chinese: Richie Ren, Aaron Kwok, Gigi Leung, Kelly Chen

...that's all I can think of at the moment.
Omakase Shimasu
Hmm, you know what? I'll just set up a topic in the game's section (probably tomorrow cuz I really gotta sleep~), so we can continue discussing FFVIII and Pokemon! (And I'm serious!) laugh.gif

Oooh, a bass guitar you say? cool.gif Cool. I always wanted to play an instrument when I was younger. Well, I still want to actually. I only managed to get semi-decent at playing the flute. dry.gif What I really wanted though was either being able to play the piano or violin or the electric/bass guitar.

So, once you've made a song you're gonna put up a midi or mp3? biggrin.gif I'd love to hear some!

Oh, another favorite song btw! Star Wars Episode One remix (hehe, I like remixes!). Originally I liked the normal version, being a Star Wars freak, but once I got to listen to the remix version - I fell in love~
So, once you've made a song you're gonna put up a midi or mp3? biggrin.gif I'd love to hear some!

Sure, back here we've basically got a band with each of my friend's with an instrument (electirc, snare drums and synth), you'll be hearing about us really soon tongue.gif.

Oh, another favorite song btw! Star Wars Episode One remix (hehe, I like remixes!). Originally I liked the normal version, being a Star Wars freak, but once I got to listen to the remix version - I fell in love~

Haven't heard the remix but will get round to it. Oh you like Star Wars as well, check out the new posters for Revenge of the Sith here :
QUOTE(Omakase Shimasu @ Aug 2 2004, 10:27 PM)
wasn't it something like Liberti Finale?

theintro is called Liberi Fatali by Nobuo Uematsu.

and it just so happens I have it hosted for download if anyone would like it, I have to go get the address again, though, one min.

Liberi Fatali

there you go guys ^^ enjoy/
They rock the most! In Flames is good too but Nightwish is better...
One Slipknot song (Duality) is good too... It's not so much.... um... ROAR!! :S laugh.gif unsure.gif
Vixx Elric
Oh God, I love Nightwish too, as many of people here. I play the bass too.

Here are the one's I like:

-Nightwish of course
-Smashing Pumpkins
-The Cure

Also I like J-music, like, L'Arc en Ciel or Megumi Hayashibara, Videogames OST, like the Silent Hill ones, (Akira Yamaoka makes great music), and some Films OST, but not at all, only the Gladiator one or some songs of LOTR.

That's all I guess...
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