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Just fill This Out if want sig

Picture of Who?:
What Words Say?
Color Of Background:

Past Presents
-Update Ever New One That Is Decent-
Chris Redfield Signature
Leon Kennedy Signature
Hitsugaya Signature
Kingdom Hearts Logo
Naruto Signature
Edward Signature

Picture of Stewie off of Family Guy
I want it to say two things
#1 Envy

#2 Why don't You Burn in Hell!!

Red with black colors
Here it is.
Its kinda small
Awsome job for a start, a few more techneches you need to learn but one thing for sure i love that backround you have on there biggrin.gif and your good on cutting Stewie out great job

if you want my opinion i give your work 7/10

i'll put it up in a bit
Wow Thanx alot Envy.

Another Request Anyone?
what about....

Picture: Yuki from Fruits Basket
Words: Alchemist Sami
Colours: Pretty ones! biggrin.gif You choose!
Well Here It Is!

Give Me A Rating From 1 To 10

P.S: Never Hear Of Fruit Basket But It Seems Cool!
Thats really good!! i would give it a 9/10!! biggrin.gif

and yes, i'll be you little sis biggrin.gif
Really? cool thanx

(Ill add ya now!)
I like your FG siggi, is really funny
Well thanx. would you like me too make you one?
silver bg
robo some advice......make your siggi's
500x150......ut good work keep it up
Cool thanx alot Silver!

Been a long time since ive been on here.
I now have PhotoShop and i've got very good on it.
Taking requests once again.

@Robo-Mechanic - Welcome back!! Nice to see you!! biggrin.gif
I deleted the double post as requested.

Also, if you're interested in taking more sig requests again, I would be happy to add your thread to our Sig Shop Directory. ^^
Please let me know. biggrin.gif
@Tombow: Wow, Thank you for the Welcoming back ^^ Im glad someone actullay remembers me.
Thanks for deleting it, Computer screwed up for a second.

Please do! Thank you smile.gif
@Robo-Mechanic - Oh good!!
Your Sig Shop is on the Sig Shop Directory now.
Hope you'll get many "customers"!! biggrin.gif
@Tombow: Thanks very much biggrin.gif

Now, These are my past presents to check out. [I Will Start Making Signatures 500x150 From Now On biggrin.gif]

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

<Edited to switch postings of 2 oversize pics from Image postings to Attachments to stop stretching of the forum page. ^^ 05/21/07 ~Tombow>
Your Okami sig makes my life. I want to steal it. *shifty eyes*

Good work, good work. I have a few suggestions for you though:
1: It might not be a good idea to use fanart. (Your Hitsugaya one), because those technically are not presented to the public to be used that way. It seems kind of rude to take someone's hard work without their permission, chop it up, and stick it in a sig.

2: Try adding more to the background and using some different brushes.

I hope to see more from you!
Hmm.. Thank you Nil-chan, Ill make sure to use your advice biggrin.gif
@Robo-Mechanic - Nice stuff!! ^^
You banners have distinct tone/flavor, and I like that!!
Please keep up!! biggrin.gif

Oh, and I changed two oversize pics from Image postings to Attachments on your post above, because the board's current automatic resizing function automatically shrinks the pic, and after that we can't view the full size pic, AND at the same time, it stretch the forum page. tongue.gif
For pic posting tips for the current forum format, you can check out How to post pics in this forum (second post of the thread.) biggrin.gif
Thanks Tombow!
I appreciate the comments.

Alright, Ill check it out.

Newest Signature
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That One Dude
*sigh* Excuse me, but I am in desperate need for a sig... My deeper-speaking/creepy text is getting slaughtered out there...

Pic of Naoe holding Takaya (from Mirage of Blaze, in case you don't know)
I want it to say TOXIN13(hidden in a far away corner, almost invisible) and 'I would give anything for you...'(I want that really visible, not in large text, but noticeable)
And a shiny white background.
Please and thank you thank you thank you!
I don't know who these characters are so I can't find a specific pic.

Please find the pic you would want then Ill create it.

Newest Signature

<ETA: May 26, 2009. Closing the thread for being on "extended vacation." smile.gif
~ Tombow >
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