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QUOTE (Disasterpiece @ Dec 6 2009, 09:47 AM) *
What did majahal (spelling?) loose when he tried to bring that woman back, in the town with Klaus?

As Claudius has explained above, simply put, he did NOT perform human transmutations, like Ed did. He transfered souls, but no human transmutations.. Hence, suffered no loss, like Ed did

QUOTE (Claudius @ Dec 6 2009, 04:53 PM) *
Here's my question: Is Rose's baby really hers? The time period between the Brothers' two trips to Lior (Episode 1-2 to Episode 39, minus the 'Four Years Ago' Origin flashbacks) amounts to probably five months or less, hardly enough to get a baby (As Riza Hawkeye exclaimed to Hughes: "Babies aren't born in five months!"). Rather than scream PLOT HOLE! like most of you, I'd rather conclude that Rose adopted the baby.

@Claudius - Hmmm, that's an interesting twist. ^^ Off-hand I can't recall the details of the time-line, and I have to think about that one for a bit, but meantime just letting you know that I really appreciate your continuous contributions to our board and keep presenting to us all these interesting ways of looking at the FMA story that are, sometimes, not necessarily going along with how the rest of FMA fandome might view. ^^ I enjoy reading your posts and discovering different ways of looking at the FMA story, regardless of whether I share the same view with you or not. biggrin.gif

QUOTE (Disasterpiece @ Dec 6 2009, 08:04 PM) *

@Disasterpiece - Umm... that post may be interpreted in different ways, and to avoid the possible misinterpretation of your post, (and to avoid being a SPAM post by having only an emoticon) would you care to expand your post a little further? I would love to read your opinion. ^^

In every intro at FMA1(other than AFTER he's combined with the philosifer's stone), he recited the first law of alchemy...or was it equivilent exchange? Ah don't matter. But at the end of Ep. 51 he recites it fully.
What does he say fully? huh.gif
@thedespised2166 - Are these what you're looking for? unsure.gif

The usual opening quote for FMA-1 anime (up to ep 41?)
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only truth.

FMA-1 opening quote: Ep 42 (?) - Ep 51
The Philosopher's Stone: those who possess it, no longer bound by the laws of equivalent exchange in alchemy, can gain without sacrifice... create without equal exchange. We searched for it... and we found it.

(I know these have been posted before, and I'm still checking the forums, and meantime, if someone can check for the accuracy, that'd be appreciated. ^^)
@Tombow - Close. But from Ep. 42 - 51, Edward speaks instead of Alphonse. In the end of FMA-1 Ep. 51, Al recites it fully.
Yeah, I didn't mention as I thought that may not be the important detail.. sorry for the omission ^^... in original Japanese episodes, Al speaks these "intro" words (in the episodes where we hear Ed speaking these words in English version,) but when these episodes got dubbed in English, they changed to Ed speaking those. ^^
@Tombow - Ah, I see. Although I usally don't watch the JP version. But yes, that is the one. Thank you.
Did Edward ever learn that Envy killed Hughes?

Anime1 shows no evidence of him possessing this knowledge, but there is no proof he was oblivious either. There is one strong possibility that Edward did find out, and it could have happened during his alliance with Lust between Episodes 46 and 47.
So why would it happen? One has to know Edward's state of mind at that point. His No. 1 priority was protecting Alphonse the Philosopher Stone at all costs. This, of course, meant his second priority was destroying the Homunculus who wanted Al (giving their mother- the Homunculus Sloth- a huge place in Edward's thoughts towards this dark goal). But after these two priorities is Edward's loss of Maes Hughes.
Now, one has to remember Hughes' importance to Edward in the first series. In the manga/Brotherhood, the Brothers knew the man for only a few months. In Anime1, that relationship was stretched to four years, establishing a strong bond. To Edward, Hughes was probably the father he wanted to have. In their first meeting in Episode 5, we have Edward walking atop a train, making his first steps in his long and dangerous journey. When he falls, Hughes is there to catch him (rather strong fellow to carry a kid with metal limbs while on a ladder! Come to think of it, Nazi Hughes was able to stop an older, taller Edward in his tracks and throw him to Nazi cronies. All the Hughes were built). Later, the man holds a birthday party for Edward, leading to the birth of his daughter. Hughes refers to Edward as Elysia's 'brother.' Although the Brothers four-year journey meant few meetings, there must have been many correspondence between the two (there is an official drawing documenting Edward writing a letter to you-know-who). So, there was a strong father-and-son bond between Ed (& Al) and Hughes. So his grief over Hughes' death was definitely greater and the Anime1 faithfully portrays it in a 'turd-meet-fan' way. 'He was our...friend,' the angry Edward is awkward speaking about Hughes' importance, implying he was really going to call the man 'father' if not for his own daddy issues. But unlike Roy, Edward doesn't allow vengeance to color his goals. He tells Schieszka this, speaking about how revenge ruined Scar. Besides, such dark thoughts might hinder his protection of Al (even if his means of protection- killing his mother- is a dark deed in itself). If anything, Hughes' death had strengthened Edward's resolve to stop the Homunculus, so they can never harm another good person or innocent.
Still, Hughes' death is definitely on Edward's mind when he makes his alliance with Lust to destroy the rest of her brethren. For all he knows, Lust may be the murderer! So, its possible that Edward is going to bring the subject up as they make their trap. It either came out as a reluctantly civil question 'Tell me Lust, did you kill Maes Hughes?' or a more aggressive declaration: 'I have trouble trusting someone like you. You killed millions of people. You killed my friend Hughes.' And Lust would have confessed the whole truth of her innocence and Envy's guilt. Unlike her manga counterpart, Anime1Lust had turned against her brethren (she carved that transmutation circle for Sloth), and would sell them out. She needed Edward's help to make her human, knowing that Dante would never do it. If she was going to win Edward's trust, Lust was going to have to tell him the truth about Hughes. It would have been an easy confession, since she did not do the deed herself. Also, in Episode 49, Edward reveals to Dante he knows about her body problem. Now, he knew about Dante's longevity and her relationship with her father, but how would he know about the body-decomposition? Through Lust. If that is so, she would have told him about Hughes as well.
At any rate, Envy confirmed things. In Episode 50, he points to Gluttony as Marcoh's murderer- after taking Marcoh's form- but as Hughes (...), Envy makes no admittance about his own deed. And Edward is intelligent enough to note that omission was a confession in itself.
I'm sure this was answered before, but I couldn't find it so my question:

How was water fitting for Sloth? Brotherhood's version makes so much more sense..
QUOTE (Vlyse @ Apr 17 2010, 10:07 PM) *
I'm sure this was answered before, but I couldn't find it so my question:

How was water fitting for Sloth? Brotherhood's version makes so much more sense..
Basically liquid is something of a lazy thing. It stays where it is unless something else does the moving for it (a hole in the containment area, pouring, etc.). If a person was made out of liquid without any containment, then it would just sink to the floor and just lie there.
Sloth also means one's inability to take responsibility given to him or her. Trisha was the most devoted mother to Ed and Al. Sloth does nothing for the kids. She never visits or communicates with them. Worse, she tries to kill the boys because they are the only ties to her former life (actually, this was Dante's manipulations, which makes Sloth even more lazy for not having a real point-of-view of her own).

If that doesn't work for you, remember that not all the Homunculus' powers fit their name. What does claws have to do with Lust? Where does eye-precognation work with Wrath?
Thanks, Claudius, for clearing that up.

As for the other Homunculi, I could associate their name with some aspect of their character. Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Greed - okay, those are obvious. Wrath the kid - well I dunno, his whining made people get angry? laugh.gif Same for the Fuhrer as Wrath, or as Pride - who made a snide remark to Envy in episode 46 about missing his father. The only thing I could think of for Sloth was something along the lines you mentioned - the brothers created her because they were too "lazy" to go on without her.
Sloth's power evokes the waters of the womb. This becomes implicit when Sloth captures Wrath literally within her own body. That is the start of the adopted mother/son relationship between the two characters, so Sloth provides Wrath's 'second birth' in a sense.

The sin of sloth can be committed by refusing to move on or by trying to go backwards. This is what the Elric brothers did when they tried to bring their mother back: they refused to accept death as a natural part of life and wanted to return to the safety of their past by committing the forbidden. This particular sin is also Sloth's downfall: Wrath became so attached to Sloth that he "never wanted to leave her again" and fused with her... Wrath was essentially committing the same sin as the Elrics, refusing to move beyond his mother and regressing to the safety of his past (or in Wrath's case, returning to the "womb"). It's fitting that Sloth the Homunculus is both created and destroyed through acts of sloth.

Since Sloth and Lust become opposed to each other, the use of liquid contrasts visually with Lust's, um, sharpness. Also, similar to Psiren's dual personalities, there's a major divide between the mother and lover types and the how the two Elric brothers choose to approach them.
To be honest, I sort of think that the Trisha-homunculus was labelled Sloth because Bones didn’t have any other options (like it was the only sin left, so they just slapped it on her.) I agree with the water theory, and it definitely fits to call her Sloth after she was created out of the Elric's inability to emotionally progress after their mother's death. But while it ties-in nicely, one of the other sins would’ve fitted her just as well if you think about it in the right way, for example, she could’ve been Pride; born from the Elric’s arrogance and belief that they could bypass God’s/nature’s will.
Oooh, Can you imagine how delightfully twisted/creepy it would be if she had been Lust?

However, when you think about it, all of the homunculi have characteristics that could apply to any of the sins... Anime-Envy could easily be Wrath. Greed's independence and confidence could label him as Pride. You could strrrretch it and say that anime-Lust has a sort of ENVY for humanity...

Yeah, I just forgot where I was going with this. Anyway.

I always thought it would've made more sense if anime-Wrath had been labelled Sloth, and (perhaps even a little ironic because he was so quick and youthful), like his attachment to the mother-figures (Izumi, Dante, Sloth) could tie into his inability to be independent.
Anomia Grey
Is there any one person responsible for the alternative storyline the first FMA pursued after it split away from the manga's plot? The ANN profile gave as many as six scriptwriters, but which of these is the person who had the broader vision in creating a new plot for FMA whilst staying true to the overarching themes? Would that be the director?
I need help! I'm in a bit of an argument with an FMA fan on another website, and I was wondering if you guys could settle something for me.

As far as I've known (I haven't read all the manga extras or anime guides, so all I have to go on is what I've read on the forums here), the first anime started with the original manga plot, then when they ran out of manga material, Arakawa requested that they make their own plot and ending so her own ending wouldn't be ruined for the manga readers.

But the fan who's arguing with me claims that "the original plot is in the first FMA! Arakawa explains it in Book 8 at the very back! The original plot was the first FMA and after they made the anime she changed her mind!"

Now I've never heard that story before, but I'm willing to be corrected if I'm wrong, and I'd love it if some of you experts could tell me the real facts about this. What really went on with the first anime? What's "Book 8", and what's in the back of it? What, if anything, did Arakawa change her mind about? My head's starting to spin and I'm tired of fighting with this person. >.<
A Pierrot's Aria
I've never heard anything like that, either. laugh.gif

I've never heard of "book 8" but out of curiosity I took a look at volume 8 and in the back of which she tells the story of how she found out they wanted to make an anime of FMA, and how she helped them out with it. I know I may be very wrong here, but I thought this would all be worth a mention since this person said "book 8" at the back and coincidentally, volume 8 has something about anime 1 at the back.

I just read through it and she mentioned that once she helped them out with the basics the first anime was then just left in the director's, et al, hands. She also says that she told them what happened/would happen in the manga and what would happen at the very end. But then she also states that she didn't even know what was going to happen in the final episode of the first anime. So if this is the material that this person is going by it would stand to reason that, if she didn't know what was going to happen in the final episode, it wasn't the original plot. xD;

So maybe the person you're arguing with read that and got confused? Or maybe there is something called "book 8", because like you, I've never read all of the guides. laugh.gif I hope someone can offer up a better, more informed contribution for you at some point. ><
@Dearheart - As far as I know, there is no official publication of 8th FMA guidebook, if that helps you. smile.gif

And, as far as Arakawa-sensei's comment at the back of FMA manga Vol. 8, I agree with what A Pierrot's Aria posted above, and it's a good possibility that that's what that person in other forum is referring to you also.

Also, if I may point out additionally, Arakawa-sensei had how she would end FMA manga in her mind more or less from the beginning of FMA manga series.
(She stated that in multiple interviews, but I will list one from her interview on September 2003 issue of "ぱふ (pafu)" magazine below. smile.gif)

目的が (Warning! Series final spoiler in Japanese --->)「元の体に戻る」ってハッキリしてるんで。絵的には筋肉少佐(笑)。ストーリーも連載当初から最後まで考えていて、変わったところもないです。

(And yes, that's how she ended the FMA manga, and no, she did not "change her mind.") If so, doesn't that make that (Arakawa-sensei's FMA manga ending) as the original ending? unsure.gif

Anyway, we can't speak for what someone meant in what he/she said in his/her post in some other forum, and hence I think the best way to find out what that person meant is by asking him/her directly what he/she meant by "book 8." biggrin.gif
And/or, (if what he/she meant by "book 8" is NOT FMA manga vol. 8) maybe you can ask him/her to post Arakawa-sensei's quote from that "book 8", if possible, so that you can read exactly what Arakawa-sensei said, instead of going by that person's personal interpretation of her words. smile.gif

If /when you find out, please post back here and let us know. biggrin.gif
Hello FMA Forums.
I do not watch Full Metal Alchemist. But I require your assistance with the lore of "transmutation circles."
A month or so ago, this not so big game called The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim was released. Some of you may play it, some of you may not.
However, the very smart people over at the Skyrim subreddit of (who happen to be FMA fans) have discovered that there might be a transmutation circle spanning a whole province. We know a little bit, but we still need to know more about this easter egg, because it might be reveal the next plot point for a DLC.
Right now, I need to know if this is a Transmutation Circle.
If it is, I need to know the details of how one goes along transmuting. We know it requires massacres and sacrifice.
Here is the thread on Reddit if anyone wants to read.
Thanks so much!
PS here is a second pic of the transmutation circle:
well, no one else has replied, so i made an account to respond.
it is a transmutation circle, derived from one used to resurrect the dead. it doesnt actually work in the series, and instead maims the user as a "price," granting large amounts of or all knowledge, and then creating a homunculi, a demon type thing that looks like the person the user was trying to resurrect and is pretty much evil.
Hey, I was brought here by your comment on reddit, and the problem with the transmutation circle theory (which I believe is the best theory yet proposed, especially given another page which shows a solar eclipse), is that in the diagram of the second pic of the previously proposed pentagon is just that, a pentagon. The transmutation circle is a hexagon. So I think that the pentagon theory may be flawed, and we need to look for a new, hexagonal shape.
Welcome to our board, nightrunner_ks, and that's an intriguing question, and thank you for the help, Leprechaun and Leprechaun! happy.gif
I agree that, although some other transmutation circles with pentagon is theoretically possible, I think, the transmutation circle used in the series was a hexagon shape, and therefore some other explanation may be needed? biggrin.gif
Shadow tH
In the first tv fma Ed and Al went through so many emotions! And what about Shamballa? Brotherhood fma will never be so emotional for me, although there're many action and combats. And when I see a new series about Ed and Al, continue series from brotherhood line, I become very dissapointed... When will be continue of Shamballa? T_T

I just want to see this brothers... who have gone through this and ended up in another world...
A Pierrot's Aria
I think it's extremely unlikely that there'll ever be a continuation of Shamballa. xD
Shadow tH
That's so sad =(

Btw, tv-1 soundtrack is the best, I think
QUOTE (Shadow tH @ May 30 2012, 04:29 PM) *
In the first tv fma Ed and Al went through so many emotions! And what about Shamballa? Brotherhood fma will never be so emotional for me, although there're many action and combats. And when I see a new series about Ed and Al, continue series from brotherhood line, I become very dissapointed... When will be continue of Shamballa? T_T

I just want to see this brothers... who have gone through this and ended up in another world...

I'm sorta writing one...
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