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wow i never knew fma was taken place inbetween ww1 and ww2. thanks. very imformative. lol
Hi xxlazybum101xx I am almost sure you know the point of this thread, but just in case you don't it is where you can ask questions that seem stupid but you really want answered. You answered a question from page one right? Be sure to be on the current page next time. wink.gif

As a new member you should read The Rules and maybe post an introduction here.

Have fun, and if you ever have any questions please, I'm all ears, so just ask! biggrin.gif

P.S - I was surprised to find that out too!
How old is Wrath? If anybody knows.
QUOTE(Kisara @ Apr 18 2007, 04:06 PM) [snapback]532203[/snapback]
How old is Wrath? If anybody knows.

A little younger than Ed and Al, but not by much. For an exact age, I'm sorry, but I don't really know right this moment unsure.gif
ya they could be close....
cz wrath told tht...after a long time a fool showed up(ed)....and he took his arm and leg.....thn....he was pretty much aged
may be he is ... a little older thn ed and al
WHEN Izumi attempted human transmutation?
If we know the answer to this question, we will get to know Wrath's actual age. We know Wrath was born as a result of Izumi's failure in human transmutation- something that has happened before she took both the Elric as apprentice.

On the other hand,
He is obviously older than Ed and Al, IF we count his age including when he is 'not born', which means he is still in the door as one of those black things with purple eyes that has unknown age... XD

He is obviously younger than Ed IF we count his age after he is out of the door. Remember the sequence:
Ed attempted to revive Trisha at age 9 > Wrath took away his right arm and left leg > Wrath comes out from the door, 'born' to the world
I we count Wrath's age based on this fact, Wrath will be 9 years younger than Ed. smile.gif

IMO it will be wise to accept the fact that Wrath is younger than Ed based on the day he walked out from the door. smile.gif and since Wrath has about the same body size as Ed when Ed is 15/16 [Ed is a small and tiny twerp!! ALWAYS remember that!!]
something fishy abt the age factor is....we cann't know the perfect age of wrath if we don;t seek info abt when he was born
we know tht he little child.... izumi tried transmutation on him after he was died.....and i didn't find any info abt when he was born....after or before ed
but if u count his age ....from the time when ed opened the gate..thn he is 9 to 10 years younger thn ed
there's a question too
as we all know....houmunculi....born from the failed transmutation......and they lived after eating or having the sherd of the stone
when did wrath had the stone.....from dante???
did dante have anything tht..drives the houmunculi to her...and she fed thm with the stone(cz trisha's houmunculi form .....ran to her..after she was created)
Well, if you watch the anime again, Wrath was the last homunculus fed with Philosopher's Stone smile.gif and when Izumi found him on the island, he isn't fed with the stones yet. ^.^

IMO... After he is out of the door, maybe he survived in the island like normal human being- food [He can do alchemy] and maybe he can get into human shape without the power of philosopher's stone because he possess Ed's limbs... Who knows... All these still a mystery...
Hello. Yah I'm shamed. I read that last episode on your anime list and it says somehting involving Ed. Does the series end here? And also, my TiVo says Inuyasha is on at the times you guys say FMA is on. Thirdly, which came first-anime or manga for FMA?
Amethyst Sunset
QUOTE(Connor*_* @ Jun 2 2007, 10:18 PM) [snapback]549316[/snapback]
Hello. Yah I'm shamed. I read that last episode on your anime list and it says somehting involving Ed. Does the series end here? And also, my TiVo says Inuyasha is on at the times you guys say FMA is on. Thirdly, which came first-anime or manga for FMA?

The anime series has 51 episodes in all, not counting the movies or the OVAs.

I can't really answer your TiVo question, as Inuyasha doesn't air on the same channel as FMA where I live.

The manga came first, if I'm not mistaken. Then they adapted it into an anime.
@Connor*_* - Welcome to our board! biggrin.gif
Please don't be ashamed!! Those are good questions!!

As Amethyst Sunset has kindly answered, there are 51 episodes for FMA anime. But, the FMA "Shambara" movie acts as if it is the very long episode 52, and it takes where the episode 51 left off, and concludes the FMA anime series story line.
Then there are several FMA OVAs, 3 anime short stories and 1 live-action short, but these are not meant to be cannon story-line (according to the interview with the director of the OVA who also was the director of the FMA anime TV series and FMA anime movie.)

The manga came first. The author of FMA manga, Hiromu Arakawa is the creator of FMA story.
Buy the way, FMA manga has very different storyline from FMA anime, and FMA manga is still going strong, currently we are waiting for chapter 72 to come out in about 10 days. You can read English translated version of FMA manga on ReadManga through out site (currently up to chapter 67) by clicking on Manga on the left side of this page. (No downloading. Just reading.)
Then, you can join our FMA manga discussions in our FMA manga forum!!

As for the FMA anime TV series, assuming you are in the U.S., FMA Anime was taken off from regular schedule as of Feb 12 (I think) but, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim routinely rotates many anime series' for regular airing, and we assume FMA will be back on regular airing schedule sometime in the near future. biggrin.gif

By the way, since you are new to our board, if you like, please stop by our Newcomers thread and post your "hi"!! ^^
Thanks a lot! I have read up to about chapter 53 on the readmanga on this site. I just noticed I could make an account hehe happy.gif. I really hope it comes back on, I love this manga/anime. I spoiled my experience by reading final episode spoilers stupidly =P. Just curious, how does Shambala pick up? Because, [spoiler]doens't Edward die? [/spoiler] Thanks for the information, though.
QUOTE(Connor*_* @ Jun 2 2007, 06:58 PM) [snapback]549404[/snapback]
Just curious, how does Shambala pick up? Because, [spoiler]doens't Edward die? [/spoiler]

@Connor*_* - I'm glad you discovered the forum part of our site!! ^^
And, as for the movie... no, Ed [spoiler]didnt die.. he just went to the other world, a.k.a. our world.[/spoiler]. ^^
Connor*_* Thank you!
Concerning Wrath's age, I'd vote for younger than Ed. His mannerisms, especially his clingyness to a mother figure, is like that of a child that has yet to go through puberty.

I have another question: When does the anime split from the manga? I'd like to know the approximate chapter.

And how frequent are the chapters written? Once a week? A month? Or should I move this question to the FMA manga board?
I was kind of confused with Lust and Lujon. Lust needed Lujon to make the Philosopher's Stone? Then why did she give up on him? Because Ed and Al came along?
QUOTE(Amalthea @ Jun 13 2007, 08:47 PM) [snapback]552217[/snapback]
I was kind of confused with Lust and Lujon. Lust needed Lujon to make the Philosopher's Stone? Then why did she give up on him? Because Ed and Al came along?

I think that Envy and Lust explain it in one of the flashbacks. Lust gave Lujon the incomplete stone to give him a taste of the power of the stone. They knew that the stone's power would fade, and they thought that Lujon would go and search to make a complete stone. I think that she gave up on him, because he wasn't smart/talented enough to make his own stone. He was just clinging on Lust to give him all of the answers/solutions. The Elrics were a much better bet. xD
@Menelvir - FMA manga chapter comes out one chapter each month. The FMA anime-manga difference is explained on How Well Is Fma Anime And Manga Correlated? thread in FMA manga forum. Basically, from the second season of anime, specifically, after Ed and Al visit Izumi, the major separation in the storylines starts. Although even before that there are minor, yet significant story differences. Please read the above thread for further explanation. smile.gif
Thanks, Tombow!

Concerning Amalthea's question, I like to think Lujon was too connected to Lust's past. Remember the theme for that episode: Where did we come from, and where are we going? Lust's ultimate goal is to find the Philosopher's Stone. If life went on in a loop, as it would if Lust were to help Lujon save his village again, Lust would never move forward, and never reach her goal. So she killed him to break the loop.

And also, Lujon had become distracted from the goal. He originally set out to save his village by finding the true Philosopher's Stone, but in actual fact, he was searching for Lust to help him again. This wasn't the way Lust wanted things to go. If she'd let Lujon be, he'd keep coming after her, hampering her in her search, so she dispatched him.
Amaya Hawkeye
I figure this is the best place to ask. ...erm... in FMA (I think I remember it being in the subs, but its also in the manga) they use the currency "cens" I've looked it up on google, and havent found anything, so is it a made up currency for FMA or is it part of the Japanese currency? I mean I know the japanese currency is yen but.... oh I feel stupid asking this.
@Amaya Hawkeye - That's an interesting question!! biggrin.gif
I think it's a made up currency.. made to sound kind of similar to some real currencies?
In Japan, they use "yen" only now, but if I'm correct, before the devaluation, which I think took place sometime after the end of WWII, they had "sen" (100 sen =1 yen.)
It kind of sounds similar to "cens".. biggrin.gif
I think Wrath is a little older than the Elrics.
gunslinger alchemist
Ok, I'll just ask this question this way, because I can't get "new topic" to work... (new here and clueless) I looked and as far as I know, No one's asked this.... If they did I'm sorry.

Am I the only one who thinks Nina's death had a less obvious purpose?
I mean, If Ed wasn't looking for her killer, Barry would have killed Winry... Ed wouldn't have come in time....
@gunslinger alchemist - Yeah, if you put it that way, it did some good coming out of it.. I guess? ^^ But, either way, it's sad the way she went.

And, as for not being able to open a new thread, it's explained on Can't use ADDREPLY button? thread. smile.gif
gunslinger alchemist
thankyou tombow!

ETA: July 5

another question: those who watched the movie know how "Alternate Al" was like, Anyone care to speculate how "Alternate Ed" would have been like? Or for that matter Winry? I personally think "alternate Ed" would have been a hopless romatic type.

<Merged consecutive posts. ^^ 07/05/07 ~Tombow>
Okay, I think I am honestly missing alot. I thought that I seen all the anime and I played the two US games, but I don't remember seeing some stuff and I am wondering where they can from.

I see numerous shot of Ed wearing a military uniform, but when did this happen?

I also see pictures of Ed with black hair, is this a fan edit?

Also, where does Homunculus Ed come from?

One day soon, I am going to watch the whole anime again. And help on when these happen would be greatly appreicated.
I think you are talking about the Chinese doujin game, Bluebird's Illusion. unsure.gif
gunslinger alchemist
umm... that's not quite what I meant. In Conquor of Shambala, you have Alphons Heiderich... In episode fifty........


[spoiler]Ed came to our world the first time by possessing a boy that looked like him. his"alternate" self. In the end he died in a Zeplin (sp?) crash. I'm just wondering what kind of person alternate Ed was and would have been if this didn't happen. orbetter yet, Ed found a way to go back to Amestris WITHOUT killing A- Ed. How awkward would that be, meating a complete stanger wearing your face.....wearing your skin....[/spoiler]
@Fuhrer - Ed wearing military uniform and Pride!Ed, these are from "BBI" as posted by Twilightz. It's a fan-made game, and as such, anything form t is not cannon. If you want to read more about it, you can check out BBI thread also.
And, Ed with the black hair is a part of FMA anime story-line. biggrin.gif

@gunslinger alchemist - I believe Twilightz was answering to Fuhrer's question. biggrin.gif
Yours is an interesting thought, and I think this type of "what if" question is probably better handled on some other thread where posters can expand more on the discussions, in this case, probably on some thread in our FMA "Shambara" movie sub-forum. ^^
I'll go and check and see which thread is best for this discussion, and get back to you later. smile.gif

BTW, I covered part of your post above with the Spoiler tags.
The code for the Spoiler tag is:
[spoiler]spoiler content[/spoiler]

And when this gets posted it lookes like this:
[spoiler]spoiler content[/spoiler] (highlight to read ^^)
Reta McClain
What was Juliet Douglas's rank? I don't remember Dx
She assumed the identity of Colonel Juliet Douglas, a soldier who was said to have sparked the Ishbal War by killing an unarmed Ishbal child.

Yeah, I think she's a Colonel.
Reta McClain
Thanks^^ I'm helping one gal with her FMA fansite (they're missing a lot of information... I ended up doing character list rolleyes.gif )
Really am ashamed to ask this. The answer is probably obvious. Anyway.

Why is it that Ed gets to wear his "normal" clothes but everyone else has to wear military outfits?
Amethyst Sunset
QUOTE(MIRANDAAA @ Jul 10 2007, 07:43 PM) [snapback]560888[/snapback]
Really am ashamed to ask this. The answer is probably obvious. Anyway.

Why is it that Ed gets to wear his "normal" clothes but everyone else has to wear military outfits?

Well...for one thing, it is possible that military uniforms don't come in Ed's size. XDDDDD *beaten up* And it would just be too much trouble to try and fit him with a uniform when he's itching to get his and Al's bodies back.

And since he goes around a lot...I can't imagine Ed running around wearing military garb. He may also have some difficulty traveling if he has to wear the uniform all the time. It is also possible that he doesn't like screaming to the world that he's a dog of the military when he doesn't have to.

For everyone else, it's military policy to wear uniforms. Like school uniforms. XD

These are just my theories though - but there may be other reasons why.
Oh gosh XD I can't imagine him wearing it either. tongue.gif
I mean, I guessed pretty much what you did. XD Then wondered if there was a real specific reason that was ever stated I may have missed, but maybe not O:!
Amethyst Sunset
QUOTE(MIRANDAAA @ Jul 10 2007, 10:57 PM) [snapback]560922[/snapback]
Oh gosh XD I can't imagine him wearing it either. tongue.gif
I mean, I guessed pretty much what you did. XD Then wondered if there was a real specific reason that was ever stated I may have missed, but maybe not O:!

Well, a specific reason was never exactly mentioned in the anime, or the manga. So we can just speculate and form our own theories. XDDDDD
I have a theory. To prevent fangirls from drooling all over Ed in a military uniform! Not like they don't already drool over him...

Back on topic, I like to think Amethyst Sunset's first reason is the real one, although her second makes more sense, plot-wise.
gunslinger alchemist
He was the first CHILD to enter the military. they probably don't have child sizes
QUOTE(gunslinger alchemist @ Jul 10 2007, 01:07 PM) [snapback]560944[/snapback]
He was the first CHILD to enter the military. they probably don't have child sizes

LOL!! True. A very short child to boot. tongue.gif

Besides, it seems not all State Alchemist wear military uniforms.
We have never seen Tucker wearing one, (granted that we saw him mostly at home) so I guess it's ok not to wear one for some cases? ^^
I'm of the mind that he does have a uniform; he just never wears it.

It's arguable that State Alchemists, whose duties are half-battlefield support and half-advanced research, are not required to wear military uniforms at all times, especially during peacetime and when not called up to the field.

"But what about the uprising in Lior?!" you ask, "Ed didn't wear a uniform then!"

Well, we have to keep in mind that Ed was traipsing around the East with Al and Martel at the time, doing their own thing, when they were captured and taken to Eastern HQ. Hardly any time to prepare a military uniform. After all, Ed seems hardly the type to take along a uniform with him in his suitcase. tongue.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Ahh, boy have I missed this thread! I love answering questions! biggrin.gif

Please keep in mind that my biggest praise for this series is how it makes you think - not just about ethics and such, but also about how people interact, and that I have a natural penchant for being able to see things below the surface, which I find useful when analyzing a series such as FMA; given that, read on!

Here's what I've always assumed about Ed and the whole uniform thing:

Roy constantly rubs in his face that Ed is a military dog; also, he bargains with Ed that in order for him to search for the stone, he has to share that info with Roy (which Ed often doesn't, as we all know).

Anyway, by being Roy's pet dog, Ed is basically his "gopher" (go-for... whatever) - running errands, and being Roy's eyes and ears, and getting into all those "hard-to-reach" places, especially places where the militay isn't welcomed (the short novels tend to deal with this more). So, Roy probably never pushed the issue of wearing a uniform for the following reasons:

1) he knew he would lose what little of Ed's cooperation he had if he tried (keep this in the back of your mind when you read point 3)

2) it would make it harder for Ed to do missions involving the cooperation of the town's people (such as the Youswell mine episodes; everything went swimmingly until Ed started bragging!)

3) it shows how Roy actually does respect Ed - despite everything, Roy tries to be a substitute father-figure when he can and to the best of his own abilities, and tries his best to level with Ed as a peer despite this natural instinct to protect. So, I think Roy never even brought up the uniform thing b/c he knows the dangerous situation Ed is in at a young age, and probably believes that the first way to protect him is to keep him as close to a civilian as possible; Ed's age, if he wore a uniform, would present him as a natural target.

So, those are my crack-pot theories! laugh.gif At least, that's everything I've always thought and assumed. smile.gif

What do you guys think?
I say aye to The New Fullmetal Alchemist! You're probably right about Roy trying not to push it too hard about Ed wearing his uniform. Ed'd probably get into more trouble than he usually does if he DID wear the uniform anyway, considering how the people in small towns like Lior and Youswell hate the military so much. He'd probably even hate himself if he had to wear the reminder of his connections with the miltary all the time!

And I think the Philosopher's Stone research was supposed to be hush-hush, right? Roy probably didn't want the people to think that the military was finding ways and means to get more wealthy and powerful, causing them to hate the military more!
Will fans accept that the main character wearing the same clothes worn by almost 6-7 people in the anime? I don't think so.

In most motion pictures, main characters tend to receive some fashion bias, the dress smarter than other characters... laugh.gif
gunslinger alchemist
I don't know about "smarter" dresser.... he's wearing black whilst trapsing around in the dessert....
as for the lack of uniform thing, it's like Ed's an undercover cop or something....
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
In response to the last three posts, in order (and all responses relating to Ed's absence of uniform):

He's like an undercover cop, yup-yup!

He certainly never plans for the weather, you're right!

While the *appreance* of the character is essential to any visual form of media, and Arakawa certainly wanted her lead star to be well-identified, I don't believe that that is her *sole* reason for dressing Ed the way she has. smile.gif you can tell because of her intentions in writing the manga, which are reflected not only in interviews, but within the story itself - she wrote FMA because of the *story* rather than anything else - she dressed Ed the way she did because it probably felt right to her, but rather than explain it, she's letting us decipher it for ourselves based on the story's dialogue and plot.

smile.gif Anyone else have something they want to throw my way? I'm not saying that I'm an expert, but I certainly have taken an intensive view into FMA! (curse my training in analyzation of literature! >.<)

The Fullmetal Wad
I think hes like a secret agent laugh.gif


*thinks of question...*

Nevermind, i'll get back to yah.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Alright, take your time. smile.gif

By the way, where is the quote in your sig from? It sounds strangely familiar...
The Fullmetal Wad
QUOTE(The New Fullmetal Alchemist @ Jul 21 2007, 08:50 AM) *
Alright, take your time. smile.gif

By the way, where is the quote in your sig from? It sounds strangely familiar...

Here be a clue...

One way to get rid of them is to tell 'em stories that dont go anywhere. Like the time we went over to shelbyville during the war, I wore an onion on my belt....which was the style at the couldnt get those white ones, you could only get those big yellow where was I........oh yeah, the important thing was I was wearing an onion on my nelt, which was the style at the time, you couldnt get those... (trails off)

Gotten it yet? tongue.gif
gunslinger alchemist
quick and stupid question: can anyone picture Ed with Glasses?
QUOTE(gunslinger alchemist @ Jul 23 2007, 02:02 AM) *
quick and stupid question: can anyone picture Ed with Glasses?

I can imagine it, but I don't think Ed wears glasses in the series. biggrin.gif

BTW, reminder to everyone: This thread is mostly for FMA anime fans to ask "factual" question we find in the series, and the FMA anime experts to help you with the facts.
If you have "what if" kind of hypothetical questions, please post those elsewhere as they would call for completely different set of discussions. smile.gif

For example, if the question is "Does Ed ever wear glasses in the series?" then it belongs here.
If the question is "Do you think you like Ed with glasses?" then please post on Ed fans!! thread where Ed fans talk about all kind of stuff about Ed. biggrin.gif

AND, also another reminder to stay away with Spam/Off topic posts...
Since this is not a Chat thread, please try to keep your post to stay on topic. You can post off topic content, as ADDITION to on topic content on your post, as OT. But, if your post consists of only contents that has nothing to do with the discussion topic, then please try to avoid making a new post just to post that. You can wait till you have on-topic content and add your off topic content to that post, or discuss that on PM, please. smile.gif
(Except, posting "thank you!" to the expert who helped you, that is "exempted," I guess.. ^^)
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