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Omakase Shimasu
I'm sorry, I haven't actually read your fanfic just yet, but I just had to say this before anything else: paragraphs are a writer's best [plural] friend. biggrin.gif

With them, your piece will be more attracting to the reader, which almost always ensures you people will actually read the story, at least. smile.gif
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Random Person
OMG! That was filled with so much cuteness! You should make more.
QUOTE(Random Person @ Aug 14 2005, 09:36 PM)
OMG! That was filled with so much cuteness! You should make more.

I'm working on it! i write like 20 a week or so, half i get lost with, the rest are a bit long and others i just plain dont like!

I've got two that i'm definatly going to post, i just need to get them done!

Yea! i have a fan!
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QUOTE(eliss_music @ Jul 18 2005, 11:13 PM)
A Flower for Winry

By Eliss Music

Winry was ill. Pinako called them, demanding they come to Central's hospital immediately, the doctors were not sure how long she had.  The train ride was silent. Once there Ed was held off by two military guys so that Ed would not interrupt the doctors.
As the held him he screamed her name and she lifted her hand to reach for him, but they locked him out. He sat, tears of anger running down his face, as the doctors and assistants came out. "You may go in now." said a nurse.
Ed quickly ran into the room to see her. he grabbed her and hugged her tighly, whispering prayers in her ear. His boiling hot tears fell to her pale skin and dyed them a healthy color.
Ed stayed the night in a chair next to her, holding her hand as if her life would vanish if he let go.

Each day she grew weaker, and several days after they arrived, she began to fade. The doctors said noting could be done. Ed held her, afriad to let go, whispering more prayers, and begging her to hold on because he needed her, because he loved her.
Al and Pinako walked in to check on them. Winry, though her voice dry and harse, said "Thank you." and slipped away right in Ed's arms. He cried to no end, they all did, but his were those deep tears of internal pain that hurt so much that nothing can ever heal them.

Back in Rizenbul, at her grave, Ed placed his hands on the soil and transmuted a beautiful bright red rose. Pinako seemed angry but only for a moment. As Ed looked up at the rose he saw something strange. It looked like small flacks of metal but that was impossible.
Mustang order them to be on vaction under penalty of punishment for working. Al tryied finding people to talk to at HQ, leaveing Ed in the room alone. Ross walked up to the door and saw Ed in tears on the couch.
"Sir, If you need anything, I'm here." she said kneeling on the floor next to him. He sat up and hugged her to her shock. "She died in my arms, I couldn't save her." Ross looked at Ed "It's not your fault, Sir."

As she left Al told her about the flower and she went to the library. Mustang saw here there "what are you doing?" "Reseach, Sir." "On what?" "A theory,sir." Mustang raised and eyebrow at her and Ross proceeded to explane about the flower.
"I was just wondering if it was possible, Sir." Mustang saw Ed laughing with Havok in the lobby. "I'm sure he could have." he said. Ross explaned to Ed what she found and he was shocked for a moment.
"So it was blood I saw. Well she did love being out doors." he shrugged and smiled. "I'll go see her tomorrow." he said as he kicked back and proped his feet up.

Awwwwww! That made me cry! sad.gif great story, you should add it to
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QUOTE(eliss_music @ Aug 16 2005, 08:14 PM)
An undieing Love
(aka not my best work)
by Eliss_music

* I didn't go into detail on events that happened in the story,---*
* so be forwarned. Also Al's is still in armor and no, I still-------*
* Don't like Rose, she's just fits the part best.---------------------*
* It started with the first line and grew from there.Enjoy.--------*
* Also, Maris looks exactly like a much hotter Envy.--------------*
"Next time I die, I want it to be in your arms."
is all Rose heard in her dream.
It was always the same, A young man;
sad lost and alone; holding a picture of a young woman.
Then the young woman remembering the young man.
Rose felt sad for them both, but she was sickened
and angered all at once. "Who was he?"
she mumbled to herself as she
bumped into a man in the street. "Hey, Watch it!" he yelled.
"Sorry..." she said
nervusly. She had the dream ever sence she left Lior.
She baught fruit fromt he market and as she walked to
the center of town, she met a young man. "You from around here,
little girl? I don't belive I've ever seen a beauty like you before."
he said as he moved his long black hair out of his face,
his smile and blue eyes made Rose light up inside.
She hadn't really paied attention to his words, but she did her best.
" I..." she paused. "I'm from Lior, I just came here to start over."
He smiled, making her blush. He put his arm around her shoulder
"This is no place for a lady of such beauty. If you want, you can
stay with me in Central."
She smiled shyly "I'll have to think about it , I just moved here a
few days ago."
Rose went home and just before she could set the basket down
on the table, she ran out the door.At the train stationshe saw
him boarding the train. "Wait!" She yelled "I want to go with you!"
he smiled and shouted something to the train attendent,
who waved Rose to the train door.
"What made you change your mind?" he asked.
"I..." she began, out of breath "I relized it was pointless to
start over alone, with no friends at all."
They talked most of the waythere. She told him about Lior
and loosing her baby. He just smiled softly and said "Life throws
horrable things at us, but our job is to make the best of it."
Rose relized while looking out the window on the train that God
gave her a mission. The dream about the parted lovers, Finding
Maris, and getting a fresh start offered to her was all in God's
plan for her mission. It made sence too, if she helped the lovers
reunit then she'd be granted a new life.
She awoke from the dream in Maris's arms, they arrived in central.
As they walked past the State building, She relized the voice sounded
like Edward's. "I would like to stop and see an old friend if that's ok."
He just smiled.
"Major Elric, there you are!" Lt. Hawkeye's boomed acrossed the room.
The brothers turned to face her. "Sir, a couple came by looking for
you, they left their address for you in the office. Also you have the
day free till morning." Ed amused himself as she walked away.
He and Al went to find the couple, Al baught flowers saying it
was polit to bring gifts.
Rose was setting the table as they knocked on the door.
"Hello Rose." said Al politly, handing her the flowers.
"Thanks you two, come on in!" she busyed herself with the
flowers for a second then added "We were getting ready to eat,
would you like ot join us?"
The boys were a bit shaken by how happy Rose was to
see them after all that has happened. Maris carried food to
the table "Are these your friends, Rosy dear?" "Yup." "Oh,
Edward, I wanted to ask you about someone, a blond woman."
Ed wasn't sure which one she ment, he knew quite a few.
"Does she have a name?" Ed asked. Rose hugged him, then
reacher her hands inyto his pockets, compleatly catching him off guard.
She couldn't find it...Wait....Ah! She found it! she pulled it out
and handed it to him.
They sat down and ate. Al noticed that Maris didn't look twice
at his armor or his full plate. Al sighed at the full plate, he hated to
waste food.
After dinner, Rose told them about leaveing Lior and moving
around a bunch, then meeting Maris who offered her a simple,
yet wonderful life.
"Ed somewhere a the perfect life is waiting for you, Don't keep
it waiting too long. God only gives us one life and one chance
to make it better. I'm very greatfull I was givin another chance
at life, go and be greatfull for yours."
Al and Ed left, photo in Ed's hand.
It was Winry in a summer's dress, her smile like pure sunshine
on a clear summer's day. "A new chance at life?" Ed thought, then
he put the photo back in his pocket. "Brother, you ok?" asked Al.
"Yeah, remember what Winry said last time?"
"Yeah, Brother, She told you not to die again. You realy scared
us all by doing that, I wouldn't try it again."
Back at HQ,Ed picked up the phone. Lt. Hawkeye saw him and
ducked around the corner quickly to listen.
"Uh, Hi! Winry there?..Oh hey! Almost didn't recognize
you!..No the arm and leg are fine, I just called to see how
you were doing.....No, We're all right, I promise! I
just wanted to say that...."tears fell from Ed's eyes
"That the next time I die, I want it to be in your arms,
Winry, as an old man, The one who will love you then just as
much as he loves you now and has for years."
Winry droped the reciver. "What's wrong, Child?" asked Pinako.
"It's Ed...he said he....he loves me...." Her voice driffted in shock.
"Well, don't leave him hanging, Child"
Winry picked up the reciver "Ed?" "Yeah Winry?" "I love you too.
You and Al come home soon, ok?" Ed laughed "Roger that Winry Elric!"
Wirny hung up and cried teatrs of joy. (End)
Ok, punish me. Tell it like it is.

Good damit! stop making me cry T~T! lol im serious after reading all of them i was in tears! awsome stories! make lots!
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Random Person
QUOTE(eliss_music @ Aug 17 2005, 09:36 PM)
Good damit! stop making me cry T~T! lol im serious after reading all of them i was in tears! awsome stories! make lots!

Sorry! I'm just great at writing emotions I guess!
Here's one more tear jerker.

PS- This story doesn't fit the Reincarnation Style, but it's still kinda good.
I might re-do this one, but I'll leave this version, I promise!

Reincarnation: Riza and Roy : "Yes Sir...." *tears*
by Eliss_music

Riza saw the man running away and fled after him, she had to catch him,
and now before anything went wrong. She rounded the corner only to see a bloody Colonel on the ground, gloves slashed, and agun pointed at him....He was powerless. "Riza, Run! Get away from here!" he yelled at her. "No sir!" she yelled, her gun to the Colonel's attacker. "That's an order Leiutenet, Now!"
"No sir! Shut up and let me take care of this!"
Colonel Mustang was furrius, he knew this guy would kill him, but he refused to let him kill her. A life isn't worth a life, but she couldn't die, not now, not ever.
Roy began to get up but he only saw the man move then Lt.Hawkeye jumped infront of him, She suddenly jerked, then fell on him, shakeing and Roy noticed the blood on his hand.
"He cried for days, but away from the men. He refused for anyone to see his pain and then he..." Major Hirsushi couldn't speak. "He what?" asked the fuhrer angeridly. "He took his own gun and shot himself in the head, sir."
The story was leaked and the papers printed it, it was a tragidy.
The phone rang "Hello, Center Memorial, How may I help you?" said the nurse at the front desk. A man in scrubs ran up "We got a car crash victum from off the bridge, He just came in." "Who is he?" asked the nurse after hanging up the phone. They both ran over to the man. "Susan, I need a room!" "Yes doctor!" she said as she ran off.
The TV behind her blared loudly "The Asqua Bridge fell today due to a minor earth quake that shook the outer city of Basor. No survivers wer...Wait, this just in! One surviver was rushed to the hospital a few minets ago! We will keep you posted on his condision."
"Sir, What is your name?" asked a second nurse. He mumbled something softly. "Sir!" "What Leiutenet?" he muttered. They looked around at each other, then quickly got back to work. An hour later he was stable, the breathing machines and heart moniter whird and beeped accordingly.
"Any ideas?" "No, he's a John Doe, No id, nothing!" the nurses buzzed as Susan (the desk nurse) checked his eyes with a small flash light. "Sir, can you hear me?" she asked.
"Yes." "Sir, What is your name?" she asked, he seemed to have thought about it "Colonel.." he muttered again. "Colonel? Strange name, Well it'll work!" said the second nurse.
A woman wondering down the hall, arms crossed over her stomache, glanced in and stoped imeadetly. "Ma'am, you can't be here, please leave."
But she ignored them and ran over to him. He looked up at her, his ear length blond hair and deep blue eyes made her forget about the now. Her long black hair and golden-purple eyes shimmered as tears fell from her eyes. "Leiutenet?" He mumbled. "Yes sir?" she answered without thinking. "Leiutenet, What happened ot me?"
The nurses were highly confused and belived them both to be off their rockers.
A large police officer came to the door "Ma'am, I need to speak with you for a moment." Outside the door he asked "Do you know this man? his name, anything?" "Yes...he's Colonel?" she seemed jamed by her memory loss. "Colonel....A horse of some kind, I can't remember clearly."
"A stalion? A mustang?" he began "Mustang! Roy Mustang!" she suddenly fell fowards, leaning against the officer. "Sorry, it hurts a lot."she looked at his tag, Officer Louis Anderson, it read. "That's quit alright, We just need to get you back to your room. What is your name?" "My name?" she seemed puzzed at the fact she even had a name. "Monroe, Jessica Monroe...I think." The officer sighed deep with sadness, the earthquake caused lots of head injurys, but he'd just take the information and go. "We were...once married." she muttered softly, hugging herself a bit.
She went back into see him. "Honey?" she said. He moaned in responce "Do you remember me?" "Yes... I do." "Who am I?" "My wife." he ran out of energy and layed back to bretah better.
Suddenly tears fell from her eyes. "Colonel, It was 1923....Wasn't it?" "Yes, Leiutenet." "What happened?" "You saved my life, but not my soul."
It hit her....Jessica Monroe was a fraud, she truly once lived in 1923. The psyciatrist repeatedly told her it was 2003, not 1923, and it was impossible for her to have lived then.
She stood on the bridge that fell, Asqua Bridge, and relized the city just over from it, now and forever it seemed in ruins, was once Central.
As a girl she read in school that it fell as a result of a civilwar amoung the locals, a people long gone. She used the temperary bridge to cross over and wonder around the ruins. She seemed to know exactly where everything was.
She went to the military graveyard. A flower for Huges, a person she had no reason to put a flower on the grave of, for she never knew him and she had no clue why she was compeld to.
She later on, after walking on, covered her mouth as she gasped.
The tombstone read :
"Colonel Roy Mustang, A great man and leader, Best there ever was."
on the bottom was stained in ink "The Mini-Skirt Brigade, Love Jean."
Someone laughed behind her, she turned to see him there.
"Funny how we once died only to almost die again." she nodded, he walked her over to another grave. This one read:
"Leiutenent Riza Hawkeye, Keeping the Flame from the rain sence the dawn of mankind."
She giggled a little. Next to her name, beautifuly done in ink was " Riza Hawkeye-Mustange, wife, lover and body guard. Forever be at peace, Sinierly, Roy."
"One question, Did we ever truly love each othe back then?" he asked with a smile.
"Yes sir.." she said as tears fell from her eyes in relefe that she had finaly saved his soul. (end)
Judge me...1 bad ten really!

"An undieing Love
(aka not my best work)"

omg that had me almost crying, Ed should say that "I wanna die in your arms" speech in the manga. XD. The only problem I had with it is that he told her all that over the phone. Cant do the kissing through the phone, or can you? (DUN DUN DUN)
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