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okay! here is a thread where you post those stupid ideas of stupid things to do in an elevator.

1. Stare at someone, then back away slowly and say in a frightened voice: You're one of THEM!!!
Lmao Yuna, this is such an odd thread... laugh.gif

Wait untill the elevator door closes, and then act like an insane person trying to escape from they're cell. Then start clinging onto anyone that's in the elevator and asking them if they have any butter finger candy bars or cigarettes you could "borrow". tongue.gif
silver bg
press every button on 124 story building when somebody needs to get to the 123rd floor and leave on the 2nd floor
laugh.gif @silver's post

*don't think wrong, animejunkie!!!!* OH wat the heck!

HAVE SEX!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD *is KO'ed that I said that*
1. Pace around the elevator endlessly, never saying anything and trying to blink as little as possible. When the other occupants are thoroughly creeped out, curl up in the corner and go to sleep.

2. Take out some Cheez-Its and eat them really obnoxiously, spewing crumbs and saliva everywhere.

1. make-out

2. poking the person next to you consecutively to see what happens...

3. slapping them endlessly.

Crazy? yes...
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this lol
Make bad humor until the person next to you kicks/slaps/hits you...
I just.....i really don't remember doing anything funy or out of place while being in one, but if i remember I'll let you know.
alchemist x
Make people suffer with your bottly function.

ah a cruel tourture indeed. ha ha ha
silver bg
make GIR vocies from invader zim or sing
you have yes you have hid nnot hiv but full blown AIDS
alchemist x
^are you quoting from family guy
@alchemist: Yes silver is... XD I love that episode <3

Pretend that your a alchemist that you can make doors and stuff XD
Riza Babe
Make faces at the camera
Re-make that section of the Lindsay Lohan music video 'Rumors' XP
Riza Babe
Play dance mat tongue.gif
QUOTE(Riza Babe @ Jul 17 2005, 07:37 AM)
Play dance mat tongue.gif

How do you play that... o_O

Play lets-see-how-many-buttons-we-can-press
QUOTE(animejunkie429800 @ Jul 16 2005, 08:45 PM)
laugh.gif @silver's post

*don't think wrong, animejunkie!!!!* OH wat the heck!

HAVE SEX!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD *is KO'ed that I said that*

and someone calls me perv
Envy, I had something that was wierd on my mind.... That was a sudden outburst. That is something that just came out without thinking.

1. play tic-tac-toe

2. run like a maniac

3. Tell bad jokes like: I love you! wub.gif
Person next to you: You do?
jump up and down non stop yelling "WEEEEEEEEEE" as loud as you can and when the elevator stops say "the ride is over already?"
Stay in the elevator for eternity until it's broken.
Blade the Ice Alchemist
Jump up and down to make people think your gonna break the elevator. wacko.gif

Very stupid,reckless,and dangerous indeed. happy.gif

Hahaha. laugh.gif

How do I put a sig!!!?? mad.gif

Somebody please tell me sad.gif
[bad humor] Um, in an elevator, you can:

1. Ask someone how to put up a sig.

2. Post something that's off topic in a "certain" board...

3. Call the mods over. [/bad humor]
Wait till the elevator is full and do a crowd surf on the peeps
Wait until the cart is full, then fart as loud as you can... ph34r.gif
silver bg
take a poop
1. Have "fun"

2. Don't have "fun"

3. READ!!!
silver bg
randomly ask people how old you are ?
Get high. No, literally...<----example of bad humor! >.<

Say random things like: I'm bored, are you bored? I'm bored... etc.
turn round and say to the person next to you, "you know the last time i was in this elevator the cable snapped" and look at there expression, its priceless! Trust me, done it before, hilarious!! biggrin.gif
Yeah Alchemist_Sami me too. but i said "you know last time i was onthis elevator a guy died froma heart attack after seeing a fat women!"
The guy looked at me funny tho

What about if you start screaming ,"im claustropobic!" when the doors close, then take out a pen and pretend its a knife and say, "stop breathing in my air!!!"
Chibi Reina

tell people you are a cannibal, and if you don't eat anything in the next five seconds, you're gonna eat them :-P

I know! Iz bad!! XD
i would say you have to

go from the top to bottom floor, and when people are leaving through the doorway, push and hold the CLOSE button.
1. Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering, "Shut up,
dammit, all of you just shut UP!"

2. Meow occasionally.

3. Announce in a demonic voice: "I must find a more suitable host body."

4. Give religious literature to each passenger.

5. Do Tai Chi exercises.

6. Sing songs in a different language or in english

The first five I got from some humor site. The last one I do whenever I'm on vacation in our hotel building.
Chibi Reina
Before going into an elevator, put a pillow under your shirt, and wear a jacket over that. Then, while riding in the elevator, fall to the ground, and yell you're about to go into labor O.o
Le Monkey
You maybee not.. you are too young..
Pretend to trow up in someones bag?
or jump up anmd down and try and break it!
thats funny to do..
Pretend your having an anxiety attack. Squat down, start rocking back and forth and say "Oh god, oh god, oh god." repeatedly while keeping eyes wide, unblinking (if you can), and fearfull looking
Chibi Reina
1. Stare at someone until they look back

2. Stare at someone until they look back, and say "I know where you live."

3. Stare at someone until they look back and say "I know what you did last summer."

4. Stand behind somone and whisper "Seven days."
Here's one with instructions!
FIRST: get your PJs on
SECOND: Take a pillow, blanket, and alarm clock into an empty elevator
THIRD: set up the pillow and blanket in the corner like you sleep there and put the clock beside
FOURTH: Crawl into the bed you made and wait for someone to come in
FIFTH: when somebody DOES come in, act like they woke you up when they close the door and scream "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!!?"
Chibi Reina
XD lol

When you're going down, and there are enough people, scream "OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Uhm.. you could..
Stop at every floor and go "Oops, not my floor."
Chibi Reina
Stand with a guy/girl, and grab their hand, and then drop it yelling "EEK!! YOU PERV!!!!"
Haha, I do something similar with my fiends.

Turn to the guy standing next to you and start talking gibberish like you were some foreign guy.
Chibi Reina
When someone stands next to you, say "I have rabies"
AHAHAHAHA! You're great at this!
ok how about..
Act like a psycho-ish thing. Foam/drool at the mouth, shake/shiver, make your fingers and eyes twitch constantly, be startled by every little thing, growl/snarll, you get where I'm going
Chibi Reina
Like, look at one of the office workers, and go "Your fly's open" and when they look down, say "Monkeys always look!!" and do it again, 'cept say "Your shoelace is untied," then do it again, but say something else lol
Teehee, how deliciously evil >3
Chibi Reina
lol, I got in trouble when I yelled the "OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIEEe!!!" one, but it was worth it XD
I have a new best fiend
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