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Full Version: Akari-chan's Doujin
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This is pic of Ed that I drew. I spent alot of time on this one, but somehow, I still don't think it is that good. The quality of the image is not really good cuz I took a pic of it. I don't have a scanner either. T_T Well, I don't really have anything eles to say, enjoy mina-san!
Here's da pic: Da Pic

Update: 7.23.05
This is a pic of Riza and Winry I drew yesterday.
Riza and Winry
You can draw well, maybe you draw more and you might see the improvement.
@akari-chan: I understand if take pictures of your art, because you don't have a scanner. I do the same thing laugh.gif . It's a good drawling, really it is. You got the shading right, the hair right, the folding of the clothes right. I could only spot one error, which was pretty small, and not very noticable. Edward's face looks kinda thin on one side, you know what I'm saying huh.gif ? But like I said before, it's a good pic biggrin.gif . I'm looking forward to more artwork from you happy.gif .
Thanks fer yer comments guys.
I noticed some things Riza's and Winry's seems a bit too big.Winry's body is a little too small.
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