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Full Version: Lil Alphonse Comic...
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I was talking to the Winry player from the Fullmetal Folly RPG when this bunny hit me. We were discussng whether Al, the character I play, should have Ed's coat like he did in the movie, since I had made him have Ed's journal... And this is what reselted after two or so hours of drawing. Sorrry for the suckyness, I wasn't aiing for an art masterpiece, just something to get the story across.

Read this in the American style. happy.gif0
@tempest_Strife: I thought it was pretty good biggrin.gif . Better then anything I could hope to draw laugh.gif . I would have liked it if there was more dialogue, but even then I'd still think it's a nice, short comic. The part with the teddy bear was funny, by the way smile.gif . I'd like to see what else you can come up with cool.gif .
TSilver Fox
LOL I loved it! Very cute, That was neat to kinda picture that going along with the FullMetal Folly. Which I'm also looking forward to the next chapter on! But very good lil comic there, I got the full idea of his mood and such. Nicely brought across. happy.gif
Thank you both!! happy.gif I have an idea for another lil comic... maybe I'll make a bunch of Alphonse sort stories...
@tempest_Strife: More comics huh.gif ? Yayness laugh.gif . Your style is very nice, by the way smile.gif . I forgot to mention that in my first post sleep.gif .
i have no clue about the rpg you talk of but i still liked to read it. i tried drawing comics but i (laughs at self so hard tears arise) suck at it! sorry but if you saw my "stick figure delight" you'd under stand. you did a better job then i could ever do and i cant even do chibi. (that resulted in "the chubby massiker".)
the real titles to both those are real deamons delight (deamon complanes about theres human in his samitch) and the chicbi masqurade (i tried drawing poeple i know from anime but it failed badly.) ok, bye and i would love to see what else you do! biggrin.gif
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