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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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Corrupted Wish Game-

How to play:

First you wish for something, then someone else grants your wish, but in a bad way. Then that person wishes for something


Poster one: I wish for a sandwich.

Poster two: Granted, but it's rotten. I wish for a dog.

Poster three: Granted, but it has rabies.

Then poster three wishes so on so fourth.

(My post)

I wish for the Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel game.
Granted but the Cd's don't work!

I wish to have Lust's outfit!
Granted, but the front has a rip. Well more of one.

I wish for a new joystick.

(Thanks for joining!)
Granted but it's broken!

I wish Ed to be my husband! biggrin.gif
Granted, but Ed is cheating on you for Winry!

I wish for Envy to be husband!

(Hey check this place out. You might can marry Edo here)
Omakase Shimasu
Granted, however... there's only the bad way. tongue.gif

I wish for the n00bs to take heed of my signature.
Granted. They do, but go ignore it, and form together to make a Super N0ob! -runs away-

I wish for new contacts.
Granted, but there black and you can't see out of them!

I wish for Heather to be a real character on FullMetal Alchemist!
Granted, but she is in a come

I wish i had all the ep from Bleach
QUOTE(zarpia @ Jul 10 2005, 12:59 PM)
Granted, but she is in a come


well at least you did'nt say she dies in her first episode! tongue.gif
Granted, but they all get abducted.

I wish I it was illegal to set off fireworks in Georiga.
Granted, but they don't have any

I wich i had a pony^^
Granted, but people light them off anyway,

I wish that someone would make me an avatar and a siggie!(really!)
(To Zarpia)

Granted, but its a demon pony that eats fingers instead of hay.

(To Copycat-Heather-Elric)

Granted, but it won'r upload.

(My post, only one person reply, please and thank you!)

I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner...
Granted, but it doen't work

I wish i had a see saw cd
Granted, but it breaks in two.

I wish I had six toes.
Granted, but someone eats you!

I wish that Chrisy would come back to life
Granted, but hes a zombie and is set out on killing you

I wishmy leg wasnt broken
Granted, but you break your arm.

I wish I understood Math...
Granted, but then you dont understand anything else

I wish I won the lottery
Granted, but before you get your cash, your winning ticket blows away.

I wish I had another Envy action figure.
Granted, but it's a cheap peice of junk and breaks

I wish for Whinry to die
Granted, but Pinako brings her back from the dead.

I wish for these thank you cards to write themselves.
Granted, but they all SWEAR!!!

I wish that Gluttony would Eat Whinry!^-^
Granted, but her throws her up.

I wish my hair would stay tied up.
Hagane no Renzy
Granted, but a disgruntled yet determined hair-assassin sneaks into your room at night and eats every last strand of it on your head.

I wish that people could finally see that Pepsi and Coke are the same thing. Truly, I do.
Granted, but it gets really messy

I wish that Whinry would go to another dimension
Granted, but she meets aliens, and becomes super smart, and then comes back to destroy earth.

I wish I could have my nose back to normal without surgery.

(I'm getting it in Spring)
Le Monkey
Granted, But she takes Lil Edo with her for traveling fun.. wink.gif

I wish to have a teleporter that works forever..
Granted, but it teleports itself so you can't find it.

I wish I had a cookie.
Le Monkey
Granted but you cant eat it because your moth is sowed shut.. tongue.gif

I wish that I could get to california for free whenever I want..
Granted, but you have to ride in the back of a truck full of pigs and chickens, and the driver might be a rapist/serial killer, but thats for you to find out wink.gif.

I wish for a successful wish.
Granted, but you didn't wish for what you wanted to be successful.

I wish I didn't need contacts.
Le Monkey
Granted. but you cant see...happy.gif

I wish for the abilitie to breath under water..

QUOTE(WhiteMike @ Jul 10 2005, 01:53 PM)
Granted, but you have to ride in the back of a truck full of pigs and chickens, and the driver might be a rapist/serial killer, but thats for you to find out wink.gif.

Thats not so bad..
Granted but you get minos up your nose.

I wish I could fly.
Granted, but your legs are gone 4evur

I wish that Whinry would disapear from the face of the Earth
Le Monkey
Granted.. but Edo kills you for taking her away from her.. then reserects you and keeps killing you again and again untill you bring her back...

I wish I could live in the anime world..
Granted, but you land in InuYasha's time and Naraku eats you.

I wish I coud be like Greed and be the 'Ultimate Sheild'.
Le Monkey
Granted, But you act like wrath tongue.gif

I wish I cold become HUGE!
Granted, but you step on everything and everyone you like.

I wish I could meet my fav band.

(Hey, I like that brat!)
Le Monkey
Granted but they dont like you!

I wish I didnt need sleep

QUOTE(Chrisy @ Jul 10 2005, 02:35 PM)
(Hey, I like that brat!)

lol.. ypou like wrath!
Granted, but Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't air anymore.

I wish I could stope time.

(Hey, he's whiny and stuff, but he's so adorable!)
Granted, but you can't restart it.

I wish I could punch out my English teacher without getting punished.
QUOTE(WhiteMike @ Jul 10 2005, 05:08 PM)
Granted, but you can't restart it.

I wish I could punch out my English teacher without getting punished.

Granted but she's magically healed and promptly makes your life worse for no reason because she's on menopause(sp?)......

I wish I had a life.
Granted, but now your to busy and can't use the computer.

I wish I had a third eye.
Granted, but its a glass eye.

I wish I could break out of my art block.
Granted, but then you can't draw well.

I wish I could draw half way decent.
granted, but you don't have enough money to buy the items you need to draw well.

I wish there was no such thing as the Dragonball series.
granted, but all the characters apeard in your fav anime series

I wish i could fly!!
granted, but you can never talk to humans anymore...

I wish there were no such thing as n00bs dry.gif
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