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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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Granted but as soon as you get it the power goes out and you didn't have time to save your game.

i wish for longer weekends
Granted but you end up having to stay at work/school longer.

I wish I would get LAID!! (ooooooooooh, this has so many possibilities for corruption)
laugh.gif Oh boy I can have fun with this one!

Granted, but you get AIDS and die, but then come back from the dead to pass on AIDS, thus creating a army of AIDS-infected zombies!

I wish that Mako Reactor #8 in FFVII wasn't so confusing!
Oh noes! AIDS-infected zombies!? Wait, are we the kind of AIDS-infected zombies that pass it on through rape?
PH3AR US!!! >3

Granted, but Sephiroth now becomes impossible to beat. :3

I want there to be another Haruhi Suzumiya series!
Granted but you have no money for the books and your tv broke so you cant watch the anime

I wish I could stop myself from writing the FFVII Hojo Boss Battle Logs +_+ Hojo dances... Heheheheh
Granted but still drooling for it

I wish for a new cellphone
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but you get no reception.

I wish I wasnt so tired.
Granted but you sleep for 10 years.

I wish I found this thread sooner and did not start a spam one.
Granted, but your other mistakes will be told to the rest of the world

I wish for my work to be done
Granted. Your work will now be done as soon as you finish it.

I wish I did not look so stupid anymore.
granted...expiry date: 14th February 2007

I wish I can sleep now... Zzz
Triple Soul
Granted, but you get to sleep on a bed of nails. ^__^

I want Trauma Center: Under the Knife for the DS.
Granted but your DS breaks soon after

I wish I had enough money for a japanese PSP
Granted, but the money is counterfeit... and the PSP won't be japanese

I wish tomorrow would be be snow day
Triple Soul
Granted, but all the power will be out.

I wish for Super Smash Brothers Brawl to be out early.
Granted, but it will be only half-finished

I wish I could finish my three books by spring.
Tian Ai
Granted, but after you finish them your teacher(s) assign you five more to finish by summer. biggrin.gif

I wish to have a snow day tomorrow.
Granted but you're stuck inside your house for 5 years

I wish my TV would work
Triple Soul
^Granted, but it only gets the three basic news stations.

I wish the ice would stop melting so we can have another snow day tomorrow.
^Granted but now your buried deep in snow.
I wish I wasn't so lazy.
Granted But Work so much you don't ever get a break

I wish I was rich
^ Granted but your not allowed to spend any of your money.
I wish I had a bunch of yaoi doujinshi.
Triple Soul
^ Granted, but the doujin are all only a page each.

I wish I had Prismacolor markers.
Granted but they're all dried up.

I wish I could visit Japan
Granted but you get eaten by Godzila.

I wish I owned Godzila...
Granted, you have to clear up his poops after all

I wish I was more flexible
granted...but beware of osteoporosis...

I wished the place I am going tomorrow has a connection...
granted but it's really slow

I wish everyone from Prince of Tennis was real and were my friends and I studied in Seishun
Granted but, Seishun, gets taken over by space monkeys, and the characters from Prince of Tennis (except Momo) become slaves to the monkeys.

I wish I could have a cat.
granted but cat's cannibalistic

I wish that Fuji was my childhood friend
Sleeping Forest
Granted, but Fuji hates you.

I wish that I had a Wii.
Minnie Alice
Granted, but it doesn't come with the controller. Not much you can do with it now, eh...?

I wish I had a No.2 ticonderoga pencil.
Sleeping Forest
Granted, but the lead/graphite keeps breaking.

I wish that my US history report would magically write itself.
Granted, but your report will undoubtedly receive an F.

I wish my schoolday wasn't as long =(
Sleeping Forest
Granted, but you have to go to school on the weekends, too.

I wish I were taller.
Tian Ai
Granted but you're now 11 feet tall..

I wish all the FMA people would just pop out of the TV into real life sad.gif
Granted but a giant bird chimera swoops down and carries them away.

I wish I wasnt so spooked of an area in RE4
Sleeping Forest
Granted, but the next area is even scarier.

I wish I were cool enough to cosplay as Auron.
Tian Ai
Granted but it's mysteriously impossible to get a costume.

I wish we could teleport anywhere in two seconds.
Granted but everytime you teleport, your body will be all warped (Example, your foot will be coming out of your face)

I wish I could find a new anime magazine.
Granted, but it's quckly sold out...WAAAAH!!!!

I wish I would love to live at the Greek Isle.
granted, sadly it became overpopulated with crabs

I wish that I was a Seigaku Tennis Starter for the Seigaku Boys Tennis Team
Granted but you loose your legs due to flesh eating bacteria.

I wish I did not have such an over active imagination.
Tian Ai
Granted, but you now have violent seizures every 10 minutes biggrin.gif

I wish my parents didn't always drag me out for stuff like walks sleep.gif
Granted, but you won't be able to do anything else either.

I wish there was an undo buttn in my life.
Tian Ai
Granted, but you have to pay a price, like the toll for the gates in FMA, every time you want to press it.

I wish erasers wouldn't make smudges.
granted but now they burn holes into your papers intead whever they touch the surface of your paper

I wish Fuji was real so he could be mine!!!!!!!! Mwhahahahhahaahaha!!!!
Tian Ai
Granted, but he dies very tragically in one day sad.gif

I wish America wasn't so expensive sleep.gif
granted but they won't allow you to enter the country

I wish the Seigaku tennis team visited my school
Indignant Judgment
Granted, but you will be sick that day

I wish Spongebob would turn off
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