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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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Granted but you lose all your friends, because you get so annoying.

I wish,I could play the game Breakfight really good.
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But then you dont have th game to play

I wish i had X-Ray Glasses
Granted, but you're blind.

I wish I could fly.
Granted but you get lost ovger sea and DIE!

I wish I had an army Penguins.

QUOTE(MasterKris @ Jul 11 2006, 12:19 AM) [snapback]420491[/snapback]

Oh, you can use the words red, green, yellow, etc.
The color button at the top didn't work for me and the previous color codes were just bunch of numbers.

The numbers allow for a wider ammount of shades but you can use color names as an alternate.
Granted, but you don't have the money to feed, them all and they die.

I wish, I could read any books I wanted in the whole world.
Granted, but then you would have no money left.

I wish I could get a new mobile phone.
Granted, but you don't have enough money to put minutes on it.

I wish,I could just stay at home all day, doing whatever I want.
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But you have no home

I wish i had a shotgun
Granted, but you get arrested.

I wish I understand how to create thesis statements...
Okay, but now you don't understand anything else.

I wish I didn't have to go to band camp.
Granted, now you have to go to yogurt appreciation camp.

I wish i could make time pass as slow/fast as i want.
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But then time ceases to move

I wish i had a big screen TV
Granted, but then it topples all over you!

I wish that I could sleep at night. dry.gif
Ice Blizzard
Granted,But then you could never wake up

I wish i knew everything
Granted, but since you know everything, you would discover that the truth is, nothing is worth anything in this world, and you will just go gout and kill yourself.

I wish that I would never forget anything.
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But you dont know anything

I wish i found 20dollars
Granted, but its a fake

I wish I had a new computer (no really, this current computer crappy!)
Granted, but you're in debt.

I wish my ipod would work.
Granted, but you lost the usb cord for it

I wish the Tyranid mods for Warhammer: Dawn of War would come out soon
Granted, but you don't have the money for it.

I wish I had some potato chips in my house...
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But there stale

I wish i had some pepsi
Granted, but it was diet

I wish I had air conditioning
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But its hot, not cold

I wish i had invisibility
Granted, but only your skin is invisible, leaving whats underneath in plain view.

I wish my scanner would work.
Granted, but it turns all the scans into something diffrent then what you wanted to scan in the first place.

I wish I had a Llama
Granted but it's dead.

I wish my cellphone had unlimited load.
Granted but it falls on the floor and breaks

I wish I could find the right ringtone for my cellphone
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But you cant afford it

I wish i had a sandwich
Granted, but its moldy

I wish I could beat RE1 x_x I keep chickening out...
Roy Jr.
Granted, but you're still a chicken.

I wish for brownies...
Granted, but I cooked them, which means they probably don't taste very nice.

I wish I could fly!
Wish Granted!

But in mid-flight, you run out of pixie dust. Unfortunatly, there is nothing below you but jagged rocks. Sorry.

I wish I didn't act hyper around calm people.
Granted but now you act hyper around mental patients because people in white put you there.

i wish for more chocolate!
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But its the "Other" kind of chocolate

I wish school did'nt have to start
Granted, but you'll be forced to spend the rest of your life laboring at minimum wage with a crappy job and no respect instead.

I wish I had someone to go play sports with.
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But they didnt know how to

I wish it stopped raining
Granted, but then it started hailing ice chunks the size of golf balls

I wish there was such thing as materia
Granted, but I have no idea what that is so all you get is a coupon to Jiffyloop.

I wish my hair wasn't so wavy.
granted, but it immediately turns gray

I wish it wasn't so damn hot out
Granted, but the earth freezes to death.

I wish I could eat chocolate right now.
Roy Jr.
Granted, but your'e just dreaming.

I want puppies!
Sleeping Forest
granted...but what would you do with them...whatever...

i wish i had volume eleven of tsubasa...
Granted but you accidently buy a bootleg version, and get caught with it.

I wish, I didn't have to do homework.
granted, but you fail the grade you're in

I wish I was in California
Sleeping Forest

You're supossed to make a twist to someones wish like..
Granted but you choke on your cheese cake.

I wish I had an ipod.
Sleeping Forest
ah...i forgot...granted...but your ipod explodes...

i want nana kitade's new cd...
granted but someone steals it

I wish Avenged Sevenfold would come to the arena
Sleeping Forest
they do...but they get kidnapped by rabid fangirls!!

granted, but you never wake up

I wish I could get the golden chocobo in FFVII
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