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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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Smoke Alchemist
granted but you have to wait for valentines day! LOL

I wish I had more time!
granted but you have to spend it with me ^_~

I wish I could dance good
Smoke Alchemist
granted but it is all DDR dances...LOL

I wish I had my own house!
granted but you have to move to get to it

I wish I had more animes
Martin Easth
Granted but you have to see them in binary on the computerscreen!

I Wish I was a PhD in Theoretical Physics or Medical Biology
Granted but then you forget how to eat( how will you live!!!!!!!!!!!)

I wish i could fly and die in the sky.
okay you die tomorrow when some kid throws you into the air then shoots you

I wish there was another break soon, I heart breaks ^^
Smoke Alchemist
granted but you have to stay in your dorm the whole time

I wish I was warm
granted but you are now 2 hot
I wish it was cold.
granted but australia's hit with by a blizzard for a year straight

I wish I had more anime
granted, but then you lose everything.

i wish i had everything,.
granted - in your wildest dreams

I wish I could've chosen philosophy instead of nursing...
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but now you think about stuff WAY to much

I wish my freaking home phone wasn't dead thanks to this weird wind we are having >.< thank god for cell phones!!
granted but your cell phone dies

I wish there was more to do right now
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but you do it by yourself

I wish some people didnt insult people inadvertantly
granted,but now the insult for anything you do.

I wish i become a mod
granted but an admin bans you

I wish I didn't have any more classes today
granted but you get lots more tomorrow.
I wish i had a million $
granted, but you lose your all your other belongings

i wish there would be a snow day tomorrow
Blade Alchemist
Granted, but your house is completley(sp? my spelling is failing me tongiht) covered in snow so you can't get out and your power is out.

I wish I had .hack//GU
Water Achemist
Granted, but shortly after acquiring it, your house is robbed.

I wish the German tourists understood Jake...
Granted, but a German girl gets a crush on him, and you lose your boyfriend.(Is he actually your boyfriend..?..that's all I could think of.)

I wish,I could get a better paying job.
Granted, but your boss is a molester. ph34r.gif

I wish someone watched Shuffle! as well.

Granted, but every two minutes they ask you a question about it.

I wish I didn't have to get up at 7 am tomorrow, again.
Granted, but youŽll have to wake up at 7:00 am everyday but tomorrow.

I wish there werenŽt so many mosquitos in here.

Granted. They have been replaced by land sharks.

I wish I could fly.
Granted, but then you're clumsy and crash into a jet plane.

I wish I could have easy homework...
Granted, but you are assigned so much homework, you couldn't possibley finish it, before it's due.

I wish I didn't have to baby-sit later today.
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But your parents are making you spend time with them

I wish i had a shotgun
Granted, but then you shoot yourself in the head! ohmy.gif

I wish I could find my glasses.
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But they were just crapped out by an elephant ohmy.gif

I wish i had a better computer
Granted but it's so smart it takes over your city.

I wish Tony Blair wasn't crap.
Granted, but then everything else is crap.

I wish that I did not EVER hear the song "You're Beautiful" EVER!
Granted i wish my sister would stop singing that song every time it comes on.
Granted, but now she sings "Be Happy".

I wish I didn't have to clean my room.
Granted, but then it gets so messy that even you cannot wade through the junk.

I wish that Naruto was never even MADE! dry.gif
Granted, but a show you find even stupider, becomes your sister new fav. and she watches it all the time around you.

I wish, I was an only child.
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But then you parents adobt one

I wish i had an A-Bomb
Granted, but it can only detonate when you're beside it.

I wish I had a Porsche.
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But then its attacked by a horde of elephants

I wish i had a dollar
You have a dollar but it't counterfeit....

I wish I had an MP3 player like the one that got stolen...... (yeah I had an awsome MP3 player but some...... Idiot stole it... TT_TT)
Water Achemist
Granted, but this one doesn't work.

I wish Angel and Charlie would hook up...
Granted, but they start spending so much time together, you get left out of everything.

I wish, my parents would get a divorce.

I really don't like my stepfather, amnd wish my mom would leave him
Granted, but you will have to stay with your stepfather.

I wish I had no problems at all.
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But then you become mentally ill

I wish i could do alchemy
Granted, but you'll probably screw up this earth.

I wish the type-color button would work...
Granted but you can only post in ALL CAPS! (Learn BBCode)

I Wish I could see through Wallls and such...
Granted, but you accidently see through your grandmothers wall while she is naked. blink.gif (Scarry)

I wish,I could get my dream job.(Which includes no malesters.)

(Why would I have to live with my stepfather?He's not related to me.And would lose all parental rights.??)
Granted, but you get fired the next day.

I wish I knew how to use IRC.

QUOTE(popogeejo @ Jul 10 2006, 03:57 PM) [snapback]420487[/snapback]

Granted but you can only post in ALL CAPS! (Learn BBCode)

I Wish I could see through Wallls and such...

Oh, you can use the words red, green, yellow, etc.
The color button at the top didn't work for me and the previous color codes were just bunch of numbers.
Ice Blizzard
Granted, But then it gives your computer a virus

I wish i knew everything
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