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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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granted but that's all you own, or ever will own

I wish Tarja hadn't been kicked out of Nightwish
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but now the other members leave

I wish I was with the ones I love more often.
Granted But You find out that she/he has to many annoying traits you didn't know of before

I wish I ruled the world
granted but nobody listens to you or cares of your self proclaimed title

I wish I had more popcorn o.o
Smoke Alchemist
granted but its dipped in eggs

I wish I was with my BF
Fayth Prophecy
granted but now everyone else doesn't have any.

I wish that I could go back in time to undo the things that I did.
granted but there are some more serious consequences than you thought

I wish I was with my gf >.<
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but she is cursed and sleep forever... wink.gif

I wish we could teleport to anywhere in the world in seconds
granted but you could only do it once, one way trip

I wish I still had another day or two before school started
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but classes are 2 x harder when you begin *Good luck today*

I wish I wasnt so nervous for my job interview
granted but you're sick *hope it works out ^^*

I wish my current relationship turns out awesome and we get to have a family together (I know, I'm only 19, but I can hope <3)
Smoke Alchemist
LOL! Granted but you have to finish college and get engaged.

I wish I live happily ever after.
granted but you can't have a husky (it's mine ^^)

I wish Smoke gets the job she interviewed for
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but I have no time off... >.<

I wish I had 1000 dollars.
granted but its monopoly money

i wish i had a link plushie
Granted, but it's still in Japan...

I wish there were no chemistry in the psychology field.
granted but there's 12 biology courses

I wish Kakashi would die already in Naruto >.<
Granted,but he comes back as a zombie and knocks on your front door and does the water dragon jutsu on you!!!!!!!!!!

I wish that Nartuo would be killed by a zombie Kakasi.
Smoke Alchemist
granted but when he tries to eat naruto's brains he finds nothing.

I wish Naruto was never made *at least the english version*
granted but no anime was made because of that
I wish I could fix my computer
Granted but after you fix it someone steals it from you

I wish I lived in a van down by the River
granted but there's no gas and nothing in it

I wish I lived close to Smoke Alchemist
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but we can never find the time to spend together sad.gif

I wish Kyros was my next door neighbor
granted but we can't see each other during the day cuz one's always gone >.<

I wish my hair was slightly longer
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but you must let it grow to your shoulders.

I wish I lived alone again.
Granted but thats how you live for the rest of your life
I wish I was going 2 school. (Timetable all wrong)
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but there are no rest for the wicked...

I wish I had something to do this afternoon.
granted, but you're bored for the rest of your life
smoke: granted but it has to be with me ^_~

I wish I could take my awesometabulous gf to a private getaway for a while <3
Smoke Alchemist
granted but we get more then we bargained for ^ ^

I wish I had a better paying job
granted but I'm your boss tongue.gif

I wish I had a within temptation cd
Smoke Alchemist
granted but it skips

I wish I had money
granted but you lose your job

I wish I could go to cali for a while
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but you like it so much you never go home

I wish I had my own apt again.
granted but it costs more money than before and has less stuffs

I wish I had more moneys >.<
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but you have to spend it all on your GF

I wish I had no bills
granted but your taxes are doubled

I wish I had school off this week
Smoke Alchemist
granted but your snowed in so no leaving campus

I wish I didnt eat a lot of pizza
granted but you eat a lot of chinese/japanese food instead ^^

I wish I could take my gf to a concert <3
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but it is an Nsync concert and she breaks up with you

I wish I had new clothes
granted but those are the only clothes you have cuz your other ones are stolen

I wish Aerosmith was good like they used to be
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but they die

I wish I wasnt so freaking cold!!
granted but you're hot...wait you're hot already *confuzzled self*

I wish mtv and vh1 didn't suck
Granted but than when it finally got good the shows get cancled.

I wish I wasn't in such a bad mood.
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but now you are acting like an enchanted fairy

I wish I had a plane ticket
granted but it has to be to nc

I wish I had cereal bars >.<
Smoke Alchemist
granted but there rotten

I wish I didnt have to work tonight
granted but you're fired

I wish I had more time for video games
Granted but you get so hooked on video games that you rarely eat and you get one hour of sleep a day.

I wish I could get that stupid dent out of my car! dry.gif
granted but the car breaks down

I wish I had a gc with Naruto 4
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