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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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granted, but now you have no belongings

I wish I had skills in photoshop
granted, but you have no idea/skills in anything else.

i wish i had more courage
granted, but u dont get to use it

I wish i could pass my french exam
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but the test is in russian

I wish I felt better!
Granted but you get sick again on Christmas

I wish Christmas came faster
granted, but all the other holidays are gonna come later

I wish my nails would stop breaking
granted, but you'll suddenly have tons of split ends

i wish the entire world would bow down before me with plates of cookies
granted but they're all plastic cookies

I wish I could be with Smoke Alchemist right now
Granted, but Smoke Alchemist doesn't want to

I wish It would snow here
Granted but the snow is Radio active! (Evil Grin) biggrin.gif

I wish that weekends would be 3 days long instead of 2!
granted, but now you have no breaks [weinter breaks, summer break, sprnig break, etc.)

I wish I won't screw up furing the comcert o.o
granted, but you screw every thing else up
I wish I was not in pain
Granted, (hope you truly ARE feeling better, btw!) but now you're hungry instead.

I wish it would warm up again. This is Florida, for chrissakes, it isn't supposed to be cold here!
granted, but now it's for 115 degrees xD puahaha

I wish I was good at typing
Granted , but then you didnt know how to spell anything.

i Wish that all wars would end.
Granted, but everyone is dead now

I wish that I could get these banners done for my RP team in time for Christmas
granted but your computer crashes before you can upload them to anything

I wish I had more food right now T_T
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but with each bite you take the slower your metabolism gets and you grow fatter.

I wish I was filthy rich
granted but your friends leave you

I wish I could be with Smoke for Christmas
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but she doesnt know who you are.

I wish Kyros' avatar came to life.
granted but he goes emo and kills himself cuz he can't be with Sherrice

I wish I didn't have to get up early >.>
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but you are already awake

I wish being with some people was not so hard!
Granted but the other person dies.

I wish I had everything I wanted for Christmas.
Granted but you also get stuff you dont want
I wish amy was back on MSN
granted but she wont talk to you ever again.

i wish that i went to Harvard.
Granted, but now you're so broke you can't afford food.

I wish my neighbour would quit blocking my driveway!!! mad.gif
Granted, but a giant crocodile is there instead

I wish that it was Christmas tomorrow
granted but you're constipated

I wish I could sing and dance really well
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but you sound like Wacko Jacko

I wish I was at the movies with someone special
granted but you can't have food T_T

I wish I had more chocolate ^^
granted, but it has a LOT of alcohol in it and you get drunk (like my bropther did!)

I wish I could see through things like boxes and paper and junk o.o *sees what presents are*
Granted, but looking at your presents, all you got was a pair of old boxers and a bag of coal.

I wish that I was famous. =)
granted, but it's because you killed an innocent person

I wish I had a better computer
Granted but you dont know how to use it.

I wish there was world peace.
granted but you're the only one left in the world

I wish that some people would get online
granted, but they're all on away/busy/idle/etc.

I wish I had creative ideas o.o
Smoke Alchemist
granted but they are al somebody elses

I wish I could cuddle with someone awesome
granted but it can't be right now, must wait >.<

I wish I could hold that special someone close
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but she's sleeping

I wish I didnt have to wish about somethings
granted so some of those things don't come true

I wish I had a doggie or kitty
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but it detests you.

I wish I was with J.H.
granted but you can't be alone cuz his friends are there too

I wish I could do more for my gf
Granted, but you have to give up everything and only focus on her for the rest of your life, and she becomes a fat Jerk!

I wish for an Igloo!
Smoke Alchemist
Granted but it is a lunch pail igloo not the frozen kind.

I wish people were not so fuc*ing stupid!
granted, but now you're f*ckin' stupid xD;; (don't hurt me)

I wish it would snow instead of rain today
granted but it snows so much you can't get out of your house

I wish that I got a hundred dollars instead of seventy-five
Granted but you have onli 100 dollars for your whole life.

I wish that i could get used to the enviroment in my new school.
granted, but it changes right after you adapt

I wish I was talented
Granted you were talented at eating

i wish that i wasnt so hot.
granted but now you die alone because all girls despise you o.o (what horrible people!)

I wish I had the shiny silvery thing Micky uses to tie his hair back in the Rising Sun performance
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