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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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granted, but everyone is stupid now

I wish for a fairy good parent XD
granted but you become really selfish and ignorant to them

I wish I knew all the anime in the world and when it was made.
all the animes sucked and they all talked about the same thing.

Id like to wish to have more wishes
granted, but after that, you don't exist

I wish I had the magazine, Newtype.
granted, but mix up get's you the magazine "Fat Losers Monthly"

I wish for death god powers
granted, but you accidently say god death powers, so now your dead...

I wish we had a sweatdrop smilie on this site.
granted, but is so tiny that no one can see it

I wish I had all the candy in the world
granted but your teeth rot and dentists charge a huge price for an excruciating surgery to fix them

I wish for a million bucks
Granted, but they're all male deer. laugh.gif

I wish for much pocky!!
granted but you accedentilly said pokie so a bunch of fat kids gathered to poke you for eternity
^ you forgot to make your own wish!

i wish that there were no such things as SATs.
Granted, but instead you have to do a 20 page project on a certain topic(you can't even choose the topic!)

I wish I could make anyone do what I want them to.
Granted, but you can't do what you want.

I wish for my sisters mouth sewed up.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Granted, but you sister secretly audio taped herself so she will follow you around with a tape recorder turned up to 11 just to continue the annoyance.

I wish for a beach house in Fiji with a step in the back that leads out into the ocean.
Granted, but the ocean is filled with hungry sharks.

I wish that I didn't have to get braces.
granted but to do so you loose all your teeth

I wish for a 2005 corvet convertible
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Cool! I love sharks laugh.gif

Granted but it's a remote controled car.

I wish for Envy in a vinyl french maids outfit to be my houseboy.
Granted but he breaks everything in your house, poison your meal and kill you!

I wish to be Wrath's new mother! laugh.gif
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Granted, but he's a thankless little bastard that is "disturbed" and refuses to be housebroken.

I wish for a cushy, high paying job.
Granted, but your boss and coworkers are all ungrateful bastards.

I wish for a rock! laugh.gif
granted but it fell on your head and killed you

I wish that this wish for a corvet couldn't be corrupted
granted, but when you wished for it, it corrupted anyway laugh.gif

I wish that Micheal Jackson's nose isn't fake.
granted but it changed the out come of the future so much that a rip in the space time continuem destroid the universe

I wish for bodyguards
granted, but they're all Micheal Jackson fanatics and they fake noses just like him.... laugh.gif

I wish foolmetal was here.
granted but it was a block of lead with a jester hat

I wish for alchemic powers
granted but it was just a bunch of lighting and colors.

I wish JPD would have a great trip!
Granted, but when he comes back he'll break his leg.

I wish for a guy for my RP charrie. T_T
granted, but he turned out to be a homosexual. lol

I wish I can find my Utada Hikaru CD that I burned.
Granted, but it's broken.

I wish for COFFEEEEEEE!!
granted, but its enchanted and makes you unsleepy for eternity

I wish silver would hurry and come back online.
granted, but he does not pay attention to you

I wich i has a poppy, a cute and little one
Granted, but it bites.

I wish that I wasn't so bored.
Granted, but it turned out that it was a hollow.

I wish that silver was on... (again)
lol, oh well, i won't corrupted that wich rolleyes.gif

I wich my cousin was online forever
granted, but he/she soon becomes nerdy with glasses.
Zarpia forgot to wich for something....anyway

I wich FMA wan't dub
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Granted, but it has no dialog so you have no idea what's going on.

I wish I could fly.
granted, but your wings are so little that is only for a few secons

I wich Bush was dead
granted, but Hitler comes back to life and rules the world tongue.gif

I wish there was an annoyed smilie.
silver bg
granted but it has spam every time you use it

i wish for more fullmetal alchemist ep
granted, but you lose all your previous Bleach DVDs.

I wish for peace in the world.
silver bg
granted but tommow war

granted, but you become a pimp.... (I don't want you to though!)

I wish for more fun. tongue.gif
silver bg
granted but fun only last 15days

wish that i knew you
granted, but after you see me, you go away, and I can't contact you... (I don't want to...)

I wish we can be in more places than one. (to see you, silver)
silver bg
i will not mess up that one

this smile &^&
granted, but you lose the *__* smilie
silver bg

i wish i had a cool car
Granted, but you lose all memory on how to drive.... wait, your 13! laugh.gif

I wish I had all the Tsubasa manga.
silver bg
but no print

all the anime in the world
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