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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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granted but you never get a boyfriend/girlfried ever again
how did you know i was 13! ph34r.gif
@dragon- granted but you awaken and i kill you.i am the all powerful demon!!!
its blint it has 2 be
back 2 the Corrupted Wish Game
i wish i had my computer back i hate blint
granted and i dont break it this time the evil monkey ninja gods do
i wish the evil monkeys were dead!
Your wish has been granted. A deformed and gored carcus lay amist your living room and what quivers inside is not quite evil and not quite monkey. you now have two wishes left.

I wish for more wishes.
granted but i take them
i wish the thing in my living room was dead,there is no way it can come back,and it doesnt kill anyone.
granted but they hurt me not kill but hurt
i wish that i was not so scared of the vampire
Granted. You now have a very stubborn mess that won't come up with any cleaning solution known to man.

I wish for the only cleaning solution that can remove any and all stains.
granted but it puts a hole in the tings you use it on.
i wish i knew why zombie is afraid of vampiers.
granted when u ask him
i wish i did not go on that goth site with vampire's
Granted. The answer has been revealed to you, but now YOU are afraid of zombies.

I wish for an auto-mail eye.
granted but you cant see out of it.
who is afraid of zombies me or zombie?
its me it has 2 be me
so u r afraid of yourself now?
I wish spelling out the words "to," "you," and "are" isn't so complicated!
yes if u can have evil monkey ninja gods i can be afraid of me
laugh.gif ok
I wish 2 people who want to chat by themselves would use AIM.
granted but you die
back 2 the wishing
i wish i could do the e-mail for ed fan
I wish I could understand your wishes!
(As a side wish, I wish you would start typing "to" instead of "2.")
Well u do and your lifes great for about 1 minute but then your house catches on fire.

I wish there would be no school
granted but u soon have a heartattack.
i wish my lil bro would let me play his video game.
granted but its dead
wish i could stay on the net longer
granted so stay! sad.gif
i wish i had some pizza.
granted but its cold
i wish i did not have to do this online test
granted.what test?
i wish i knew what test.
granted its 4 a job but uy dont know what job
i whis i did not stay up all night fixing the VCR
granted but now you stay up all night fixing your computer

i wish my mom didn't over react to everything
Granted but then she never reacts to anything and you start to think she don't care about you

I wish Microsoft wouldn't make X box 360, in the way where you have to buy the modem seperate unlike the origonal x box
Granted, but it costs $10 million.

I wish that I could stop time......and start it. laugh.gif
Granted but the remote you are given to stop time and start it breaks after you stop time and you end up lonly no one to talk too

I wish i had Claws like Wolverine
silver bg
granted but their consplay

i wish envy would post in party house?!
granted but envy gose on about something u dont like
i wish i could go to night school
Granted but then you miss out on all the night parties your friends are having

I wish I didn't have to go to college anymore
Frozen Ice Alchemist
Granted but you couldn't get a job anywhere

I wish I knew how to read Japanese.
granted but its only one word
i wish i could do that dam online test so i could get my job
Granted, you did the test and got the job you wanted, but you had to take another test to keep the job and you failed that one.

I wish for a Limited Edition 6 string Stratacaster.
granted, but I still don't know what the hell that is.

I wish that there were more people on Party House topic.
Granted but they are all snobs and act like there better then everyone else and it gets to the point where you don't want to go to the party house

I wish Everyone laughed at hughes dying
granted, ecchii-kun, but I still don't do it. I only laugh at
[spoiler]Edward Elric's death[/spoiler]

I wish people would stop being so perverted.
Granted then TV shows stop playing anime and anything that may show skin or sexual stuff and everyone becomes Prudes

I wish Me and Lux could have kids
Granted, but then you realize that it is just a message board "relationship" and put the kids up for e-adoption.

I wish "The Da Vinci Code" had a better ending.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Granted, but you still don't like the ending.

I wish I knew what I was going to wear tonight.
granted but now you forgot why you are wereing it

i wish my character is approved (on another forum site)
granted but u dont like this forum
i wish that blint would show up
he/she does but for 5 sec???

I wich people could see my avatar
granted, but the site goes down for a long time.

I wish zarpia would visit Party House once today.
granted but she just visited and didn't post

I wish I could use alchemy
Phyco girl
Granted, but all you can do is change the shape of paperclips.

I wish I had some cake right about now...
granted but it a little pass its use by date 2 years
i wish i did not know so many nutters.
edit: is this dead?
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