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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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granted but all the same wish cancels each other out

so here it goes

i wish

i wish

i wish that i lived in the land of the wheel of time
granted but then you die becuase of lack of air

i wish i was a genie
granted but they threw away your lamp

i wish i could have all the super powers ever created
granted but you cant controll them and you end up killing yourself

i wish that i didn't need a lamp
granted but now you go up ina puff of smoke

i wish i couldnt ever die or grow old
granted, but since evryone does you end up alone

I wich nintendo release AC DS now
granted but now you can never eat, drink , or sleep

i wish i was a weredragon
granted but you get slain but a club weilding noop

i wish that they would remake ff6 with ff10 style graphics
granted but now the gameplay sucks

i wish i was invicable, invunerable, immortal, and didn't need to sleep or eat
granted but you go brain dead

i wish i could change form into animals
granted but now you can't look like a human

i wish i coiuld never go brain dead
granted but now you have no brain

i wish i had an extra set of organs
Granted, but then when you wished for "extra" they gave you too much and you explode and your innards are all over the place...etc.

I wish school would always end by the time school starts.
Granted, but you never learn anything, and your brain soon shrivels to the point of extinction. You then become a dumb....ass
I wish that there was peace in the world for eternity.
Granted, but not enough people die and the world becomes so overpopulated it's like 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag.
I wish that life was easy.
granted but then you get bored and blow yourself away

i wish anime was always free
granted but it is the anime you dont like.

i wish i was an inuyasha character.
Granted, but you turn into Inuyasha and Naraku kills you.

I wish I was a character in FMA.
alchemist x
granted but you are basqe gran <and eventually die.

I wish I had super nacho powers
Granted, but all your character does is walk by in the background once in the first episode.

I wish I was an animator.
granted but no one watches your stupid animations

i wish there were more people like Foamy the squirrel
granted, but we all turn foamy... and into a squirrel...

I wish someone can reply in Party House.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Granted, but it's nobody you want to talk to.

I wish my job was more stimulating.
Granted, but it becomes so stimulating you find you cannot bear it, and end up jumping of a bridge because of the stress.

I wish I could protect the people close to my heart.
Granted, but you die protecting them.

I wish that all my problems were solved.
granted but now everyone asks you to solve their problems

i wish everyone was a squirrel (for real) cuase then we would be cute
Granted, but after the wish is completed, every year the squirrels have to cross a super-highway or they will run out of food. And yes, there are cars driving on this highway.

I wish for the 7th Harry Potter book to be done and completed, and in my hands right now.
granted but the book is wrotten in a language you can't read

i wish cars could fly
granted but they all cras into trees
i wish that hotmail worked
granted but you dont have time to use it.

I wish I would have all the free time in the world
granted but the world came to an end i min later
i wish i had cookies!
granted but they r the ones that u hate
i wish i could do that e-mail
Granted, but they are like 1,000,000 years old.

I wish I was Edward Elric in FMA XD
granted but you soon die
i wish my new friend was here. sad.gif
silver bg
granted but you die

i wish animejunkie429800 would log on?
granted bbut u log off
i wish that i could get faster net
granted but your computer breaks
i wish i knew more japanesse
alchemist x
granted but you loose your speech in the prosses

I wish I had a better smelling deoderent
granted but its only one word
i wish that my computer was fixed
granted but you cant get on it
i wish i had lots of money!
granted but i take it off u for killing my computer
i wish that i did not have 2 do that
granted cuz i give it to you anyway!
i wish i lived in fuderal japan and i was a demon.
granted and their is no point in Corrupting that.
i wish my girlfriend was not so weird
granted but i act weird behind your back
am i really that weird?
yes well when people r demon's u start 2 think whats up with them but i know u & u r not that weird.
i wish for my tax 2 come 2 me soon $1000
I wish I could understand your wish to grant it. sad.gif
i also wish for that! laugh.gif
in aus when u work u pay tax aud u get it back well some of it.
its tax time and i will be getting $1000
granted but then your home catches on fire

i wish i lived in a post apocaliptic world as a half-demon with great powers that haven't awaked yet will waken soon someday
I wish 13-yr-olds would stop being so desperate they'd settle with an online boy/girlfriend.
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