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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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Bump post
Ummm..... granted, but then Envy feeds you to Gluttony.

Done but then you coyuld never learn about alchemy through chemistry nor think about the song Period by chemistry while doing chemistry *i cant remember if chemistry do period*

I wish brotherhood pride was real and i could be friends with him
he becomes real but does not notice you

i wish my bro would shut up
granted but then your other bro starts sing "Excalibur"

I wish i was rich biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Granted, but you're not allowed to spend your money on anything. wink.gif

I wish I had nice, straight hair. laugh.gif
Little Washu
Granted, but you will never be able to style it ever again. No growing, cutting, ponytail-ing, curling, ect.

I wish I could control time
Granted but then you would lose track of it
I wish in all my storys i didnt make eveeryone die :/
*EDIT!* no way you people can help with that :/
I wish i was MAGICAL
Granted but you'll age 10 years everytime you use magic.

I wish I was the evil ruler of the world!
Granted, but then all the people you ruled over so evilly rise up and take you down. :c

I wish there was such thing as a cupcake tree, and that I had a whole cupcake forest growing in my backyard.
granted but the ants would ravage it
i wish i could do alchemy
granted, but your stuck here on earth where there's no such thing tongue.gif

i wish i could play the guitar REEEEEAAL GOOODLY :DDDDDD
Granted, but you never get a guitar

i wish i could marry Pride (brotherhood)
Granted but its a little disturbing ohmy.gif YOU STOLE MY PRIDE BOYFRIEND >;(
i wish i could steal pride back
Granted but he loves my not you ^^

I wish i was a wolf
Granted but pride kills you then falls in love with me biggrin.gif
i wish i could fly

granted but as soon as you start to fly you fall and die the end ^^

i wish friday was today ^^
It will be tomorrow, patience child!
I wish while i was falling i could flight form and glide safely to mine and prides wedding
Nature Path Alchemist
granted, but pride leaves you at the altar

I wish i could eat the wedding cake
Granted but then prideb gets angry, kills you and marries me
I wish that i could marry Envy too and Pride wouldnt get jealous
Granted, but Envy Loves me
I wish i got married to Envy or Greed/Ling
Granted but Envy sees Greed Ling and because Envy supposedly loves you he kills ling then hates you and comes and marries me as well ans me and Pride and Envy live together biggrin.gif
I wish Lunar then got a normal boyfriend
Nature Path Alchemist
granted but envy starts t get envious of the rest and slaughters them and leaves you with nothing, while i profit at your expense by running the court case for the divorce as a lawyer.

I wish you two would stop arguing over the homunculus
Granted but then the Homunculus start arguing over us
I wish me and Selim bradely went to school together
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