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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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Granted, but then it turns into a killer robot one night tongue.gif.

I wish it was earlier in the day so I could do more things.
Full Flame Alchemist
Granted but then you become automatically tired and fall asleep and go into a coma for the rest of the day.

I wish I could fix my killer robot without getting killed. Please. smile.gif
Granted, but then it becomes so nice it never wants ya to go away. Otherwise it will turn evil again laugh.gif.

(^I think ya have somewhat of a evil mind tongue.gif. Just like your robot laugh.gif.)

I wish coma never comes to my mind ever.
Full Flame Alchemist
Great, now two people think I'm evil. tongue.gif

Granted. It doesn't get corruputed just to prove how un-evil I am. biggrin.gif

And you know what I'll say if you mention playing by the rules of the thread. (moon, tower, me getting crushed, as if I need to remind you. ph34r.gif )
~*Back to the game*~

(Full Flame Alchemist: Well evil as in keep posting that I would end up in a coma. If thats not evil-minded then I don't know what it tongue.gif. Aww but a little light came shining threw when ya said that laugh.gif. Oh what was that I don't remember anything about a tower, and ya getting crushed by it..xD.)

I wish I wasen't laughing so hard by what ya said laugh.gif.
Full Flame Alchemist
Granted but you can never laugh again. (that's so sad sad.gif )

I wish Edward Elric fan could laugh again.
Granted, but then I can't again tongue.gif. (Yeah it is sad..xD)

I wish I could see my puppies, and kitties soon.
Izotz Ālchemist
Well..... I don't wanna turn that round into something evil so.....
You see them but there all eating candy and following strange old men...

I wish.... um.. My gf wasn't a flirt....
Granted, but now she's a..... waitress at Hooters. ph34r.gif

I wish I didn't have to go to the track meet tomorrow. T_T
Granted, but when ya skip it your coach finds out, and make ya do 20 more laps.

(Izotz Alchemist: Thanks, well at least when my puppies, and kitties see me they would forget about following those old men, and eating candy tongue.gif.)

I wish most of the baseball programs were not in French sleep.gif.
Full Flame Alchemist
Granted but only after you complete a year long french course.

I wish the moon really was made of marshmellow. biggrin.gif
Granted, but you get really fat from eating all of the marshmellow clouds.

(Though I don't know how you would get close enough to eat it tongue.gif. Oh, and i've taken so much French, and learned most from my mom, and brother. Though it would be nice just to hear it in english wink.gif.)

I wish I didn't have 'bodyguards' around me laugh.gif.
Izotz Ālchemist
Ok... but you keep getting randomly attacked by ninjas........ ph34r.gif

I wish I didn't have a dell computer..... but a hp one smile.gif
Granted, but then the new HP breaks right away sad.gif. (I have a HP biggrin.gif.)

I wish my friend Justin (Illusionist Alchemist) was on.

(@Under me tongue.gif: Nah I didn't, you are mistaken just look blink.gif laugh.gif.)
Izotz Ālchemist
Dude... you skiped me....

sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
Full Flame Alchemist
Granted but then illusionist Alchemist logs off.

@isotz Alchemist: if you didn't want to be skipped this time, you should have made a wish. They come true in this thread:p

I wish I was a seagull
granted, but the school closes before you can finish the class.

I wish I had a shooting star.
EniviD EiraM
Granted, but you will accomplish each dream with a mistake !

I wish of traveling abroad safely ... smile.gif
Wish granted but then
i's TOO safe, so you
begin to go insane and
you kill yourself, so you

I wish I could fly!
Granted, but the wind is too strong and it blows you into the jets of an airplane.

I wish people would listen to me more often.
Granted, but then you go mute.

I wish you wouldn't ruin the next wish I'm about to make.
wish granted, but
then you get hit
by a car, and you

lol I wish I wasn't so evil.
EniviD EiraM


you will not go to heaven when you die. You're gonna live forever here on earth smile.gif

I wish I was a genius anime character and see Ed smile.gif
Granted but edward laughs at you and kills you off the show

i wish edward was real
Granted, but you never get to meet him.
I do. tongue.gif

I wish I could get Edward to do my chemistry homework for me. >>
Granted, but he uses the chemistry homework to make human transmutation notes and you get a F

Ok i wish that The gate exsisted and i went through it to see Edward and Alphonse
Granted, but you have to give up a few limbs and/or siblings to get through.

I wish I could do alchemy. biggrin.gif
Granted but you always fail and end up turning people into chimera
(i would give up limbs to meet edward)

i wish that I could see Human alphonse and that he went on a date with me

Bump post
Granted, you see him but he already had a date

I wish that The States were real
What? XD

I wish I had a pet purple flying people eater.
Granted but it will eat you first biggrin.gif

I wish I had a male bestfriend.
Granted but he will become a monster like envy

I wish i had all the fma on bluray
granted but they were all stolen

i wish i was a humunculi
Granted but you were killed by Roy Mustang And Edward Elric (take that you backstabber tongue.gif)

I wish i got back all of the stolen FMa blrays that Lunar toook
granted, but they were stolen again....(wtf)

i wish i could go into movies
Granted but you were kil;ed in every movie (you deserve it)

I wish i could fly on a proto drake (twenty points if you know what im talkin about)
granted, but you fall of

i wish i was as hot as evny
Granted but then people dont know what gender you are

I wish i could have a awesome Edward Elric Coat
Granted, but then he comes and beats you up for stealing his coat. He does not ask you out on a date after beating you up.

I wish I didn't have to memorize and perform a monologue.
Granted but u went on a killing spree(for some reason)

I wish i could turn invisible
Granted but then you couldnt go to FMA cons (because youre invisible) *shakes fist at rainshine* Ed beating me up hurt

I wish that i could get some awesome FMa cosplay and that they couldnt be harmed in any way
Granted but you never got your cosplay
i wish that my Edo plushie was real
Granted, but your dog would eat him (oh noes!) and Ed would scream (OH NOES!)

I wish i had a fma plushie
granted, But it got stolen you have "BAD" Luck

I wish i had L'Arc~en~ciel's Sigs
granted, but they are fake

i wish i had a kitten
Granted, but he's an evil kitten and pounces on your face while you sleep.

I wish 2011 will be nice to me. c:
Granted but noone else will

@Lunar, I do not have bad luck

I wish i could have christmas come now

*edit christmas happened*

I wish that i could have a true form envy
*edit bump*

I wish Envy was real and i met him
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