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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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Indignant Judgment
Granted, he talks to only you and doesn't post anything, just keeps PMing you happy.gif

I wish that my dinner would cook faster
Granted, but it cooks so fast it tastes gross.

I wish i wasen't feeling bad.
Indignant Judgment
Granted, you are now forced to watch 24 hours straight of Spongebob XD

I wish that Katie was feeling better

Granted, but then i get sick again laugh.gif.

I wish the Cubs would strike out the last 4 people.
Indignant Judgment
^Granted, the Cubs lose a player though

I wish that I didn't have to sleep...
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, but your mom will sleep in your bed for the next 8 hours.

I wish I had money to buy a 512 MB DDR2-533 memory module and a 2.5" 160 GB 5400 rpm SATA hard drive.

granted, but it will soon brake.

I wish people would stop judging people dry.gif
granted but then people start judging themselves

I wish my computer didnt get full of viruses
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, but I come over to your house and destroy your PC.

I wish I have a machine gun right now.
Granted but you won't have a chance to use it because your mom won't let ya tongue.gif

I wish that I could have 2 boyfriends at the same time.
Indignant Judgment
Granted, they both dump you at the same time the next day

I wish it was Friday already tongue.gif
Granted, but then theres no weekend, and ya have to deal with Monday tongue.gif.

I wish the Cubs were on.
Granted but they lose

I wish I could go to Blizzcon
Granted but it blows up the minute you get their.

I wish my hair was longer.
Granted, but then when ya fall asleep your mom cuts it short again ohmy.gif.

I wish my friend was on.
Granted but then his computer crashes the minute he logs on.

I wish I had a boyfriend.
Granted, but then he dumps ya.

I wish my bf would stop worrying so much.
Granted but then he gets too cheerful so you end up worrying.

I wish the guy I like notices me.
Granted, but he only wants to be friends.

I wish the Bulls will win today.
Granted but then the bulls get sick and lose their next game!

I wish I was beautiful!
Granted, but then your so pretty no one can stand to look at ya.

I wish I wasen't sick sad.gif.
Granted you get better but then the next day your sick again!

I wish that I had more friends!
Granted, then all your friends leave this site, and go to a different one.

(*If ya want I can add ya to my friends list. I am always happy to have more friends biggrin.gif.)

I wish I don't have to do any more tests.
Granted but you get lots of quizzes instead

(Sure i'd like to be your friend!)

I wish I ate less junk food!
Granted, but then your face breaks out in blemishes.

(*^Okay, just add me, and then i'll add ya happy.gif! [yay! new friend biggrin.gif])

I wish I was farther in my DS game.
Granted, but then your game crashes and you must start all over again.

(I just did waiting for you to accept)

I wish I had wings so I could fly!
Granted, but then ya get tired of flying, and are stuck with wings.

(*^Accepted biggrin.gif.)

I wish I didn't have to wait to get an Itunes card.
Granted, but your itunes card has no money on it.

I wish I was a fox demon!
Granted, but then people start hunting you down

I wish I could meet my best friend/brother (Seriously, he's like a brother to me xD)
Demon x
Granted, but you don't have enough time to enjoy the meeting.
I wish I could meet my Alter-Ego
Granted, but when you see it you die.

I wish I could go out, and stop being sick.
granted, but u can never go back inside

I wish I was taller
Granted, but your so tall you topple over everyone.

I wish I had some pie tongue.gif.
Granted, but its a cow pie

I wish I was good at math
Granted, but your so talented at it you get an extreme headace that never goes away.

I wish I had pudding tongue.gif.
Full Flame Alchemist
Granted, but it falls into your hands so quickly that you drop it, slip on it and go into a coma for thirty years. When you wake up you find out you've missed all 100 hour long episodes of New FMA which was officialy voted the best thing ever every year since it's release. Also, it was so great that showing it again or talking about it might tarnish people's perfect memories of how great it was so both of those things were banned and you never find out anything about it.

never wish for pudding....

I wish for pudding biggrin.gif
Granted, but the only way ya would get it is from me, and I would NEVER give my pudding up laugh.gif.

I wish I could see all the new movies I missed in one day.
Full Flame Alchemist
Granted but the Secret New FMA Police have dubbed it so all the characters say is " You shouldn't have wished for pudding" and all the characters are edited as flying puddings.

I wish for huge tower that reaches the moon and that can't crush me.
Granted, but it does crush ya.

I wish Full Flame Alchemist would stop making me hungry talking about pudding tongue.gif.
Sleeping Forest
Granted, but you'll never eat pudding again.

I wish that I could pass physics.
Granted, but then you don't pass your next test.

I wish I could sleep.
Sleeping Forest
Granted, but you will sleep forever.

(I didn't pass my last physics test either... dry.gif )

I wish my math homework would magically complete itself.
Granted, but then more homework magically appears ohmy.gif.

(I am sorry, I wish ya all the luck biggrin.gif.)

I wish I could eat all the candy in the world, and never get fat tongue.gif.
Full Flame Alchemist
^ Banned beause that doesn't mean you won't explode.

Wait a minute, this isn't the banning topic unsure.gif

I wish the banning topic and this topic were merged together.
Granted, but then to many people post in this thread at the same time it has to be closed.

(^I think your posting to fast tongue.gif.)

I wish my comp would stop going off dry.gif.
Full Flame Alchemist
^Granted , it stays off so it's no longer 'going' off.

I wish I had a penny, a penny that was mine. biggrin.gif
Granted, but then thats the only money ya ever get.

I wish I had a better router.
Full Flame Alchemist
Granted, but it breaks after ten years.

I wish for a talking hat.
Granted, then your nose eats your food, and your real mouth becomes a nose tongue.gif.

I wish Full Flame Alchemist wouldn't say that sad.gif.
Full Flame Alchemist
Granted but I also changed the rest of my post and now yours doesn't make sense. tongue.gif

I wish for happy, non-murderous robot.
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