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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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Granted but the link will keep breaking

I wish I had more to do
Indignant Judgment
Granted, but then you forget what you had to do.

I wish I didn't have to go to school >.<
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted but the airforce suddenly bombs your school and your parents volunteer to hold class instead at your house! XD laugh.gif

I wish I become as good as Edshrimp in drawing.
granted but everytime you draw something bad happens nothing too bad though...

I wish I can draw Kanda nicely
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted but your writing instruments break everytime you attempt to draw.

I wish I can go to Amestris and meet Ed, Al, Winry, Roy, Riza, everyone. XD
Indignant Judgment
Granted, but you have to take me with you (That is ultimately evil XD)

I wish that I had some ideas for my fanfic >.<
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
That isn't evil. LOL. laugh.gif I'll gladly take you with me if that can happen. XD

Granted but as the really good ideas start popping into your head every one of your thoughts start materializing and things were becoming disasterous.

I wish I can go to Europe and have a 2 month tour there.
Indignant Judgment
Granted, but you don't have any money with you blink.gif

I wish that I had an idea for my fanfic >.<
Granted, no one likes it! ohmy.gif

I wish I could be bothered to finish off that pic.. >.<"
Granted, but then the pic looks weird cause ya rushed.

I wish i could go to the bookstore now.

Indignant Judgment
Granted, but you don't have any money with you

I wish that my ramen would cook faster laugh.gif
Granted, but then when you get it on the plate it gets cold tongue.gif.

I wish my side didn't hurt sad.gif

(Illusionist Alchemist: You are making me laugh so much laugh.gif.)
Granted, everything else will.

I wish I had more music sad.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
You got more music but your earphones suddenly blew up and you became deaf. tongue.gif

I wish I'm as rich as Bill Gates. biggrin.gif Ahahaha!!!
Granted. But then US dollars slumps down and all trades conducted using Euro.

I wish I was a star giving hope to everyone~
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, but then a team of elite assassins come and assassinate you and you're dead.
*It doesn't mean that all of my money are in US dollars. tongue.gif So I'm still as rich as Bill Gates... Oops. I'll actually be richer than him because all of his money is in US dollars. tongue.gif

I wish that I'm already 18 years old and in a college somewhere in Canada or the USA.
Granted, but you are a brain in a jar.

I wish for a fish.
granted, but it is dead...

i wish that our final rehearsal would be successful....
Indignant Judgment
Granted No one is there though

I wish I wasn't so sick now >.<
Granted, but then the next day you get even worse.

I wish i already new how to play the guitar.
Indignant Judgment
Granted but you can't find a guitar to play

I wish I was pro edward elric laugh.gif
Granted, you die. (...)

I wish Wordpad didn't suck so much.
Indignant Judgment
Granted but now it goes bye-bye

I wish that I didn't have to go to school tomorrow >.<
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, but your computer stops working tomorrow. O_O

I wish that Illusionist Alchemist was my big brother. happy.gif
Indignant Judgment
Granted but......blink.gif I don't know, I have some kind of growth defect laugh.gif

I wish that I wasn't so depressed...

@Ratzenheich, happy.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, you start to feel good and okay. But... here I come and start teasing you. tongue.gif j/k happy.gif

I wish that Roy Mustang was my personal bodyguard. XD
Granted. But he snaps his fingers at you whenever you are naughty.
Ratzenheich= BBQ laugh.gif

Wish I have lobsters for dinner tonight...
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, but as you were about to get the lobster it started moving and snaps your hands. ph34r.gif

I still wish Illusionist Alchemist was my big brother. tongue.gif biggrin.gif Growth defect or not. happy.gif
Indignant Judgment
Granted...blink.gif I don't know, we just have to live on Mars laugh.gif

I wish my brain would function laugh.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, but your body suddenly freezes. XD

*Umm... why must we live on Mars? O_O;

I wish there was world peace. tongue.gif Muhahahaha! And I become the ruler of the world...
WOrld of ants

Wish all the conflicts will stop.
Indignant Judgment
Granted, no one is around except you blink.gif

I wish that I was not sick

@ Ratzenheich, because my half working brain couldn't think of anything else tongue.gif
Demon x
granted lose a limb.
I wish for absolute power.
Granted. Absolute power to rule the ant kingdom... XD

I wish I am the God of Peace

Its been such a long time I didn't play forum games with you Demon_x ^.^
Demon x
Granted, but you'll have to face me and that's something I don't want.
I wish for the ability of flight.
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, but SAM sites around the world lock on to you when you fly so if you ever try to fly, expect missiles to follow. ph34r.gif

I wish that I can go back and forth in time without limits.
Granted, But first you must solve this calculus integration problem with limits.

The integral from 4 to 7 of the integral from x^2 to 1/x of the function (3y^2)/(y^4-y)^(1/2) dy dx.

I wish I was rich.
Indignant Judgment
Granted, but it was stolen from a bank and the police are after you ohmy.gif

I wish my computer wasn't so slow...
Demon x
your wish is Granted but your PC get's too hyper to to use.
I wish for apples that never rotten
Indignant Judgment
Granted, they are just poisened

I wish I had my FMA manga...
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, but suddenly, as you opened the magna the Gate of Truth opened and sucked you in. You've got a 50/50 chance of dying or getting to Amestris. O_O

I wish I get a PSP tomorrow.
Indignant Judgment
Granted but it doesn't work and that was the last one in stock for a month blink.gif

I wish that I was near the same time zone as Ratzenheich...
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, but you'll make me so happy I'll die. mellow.gif

I wish that I can go to America and visit Illusionist Alchemist.
Indignant Judgment
Granted, but now for some reason I moved to Germany laugh.gif Nothing just works out huh?

I wish that I had some more music >.< The same stuff is really getting boring...
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, but for some reason, you became deaf. ph34r.gif

*Then I'll follow you to Germany. tongue.gif Anyway, the Scandinavian countries, Germany and France are the places I've always dreamed of going to.

I wish that Illusionist Alchemist was my cousin (but I'll start calling him "brother" instead tongue.gif).

*Hello, brother! happy.gif
Indignant Judgment
laugh.gif Granted, but we live on the other side of the world...oh wait tongue.gif

I wish that the days were longer...
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Granted, but now each year has twice as many days.

I wish that Illusionist Alchemist is my neighbor. XD tongue.gif
Indignant Judgment
Granted, I have a private property sign on my lawn and no one can come in due to the fact that I am allergic to the sun laugh.gif (I am not really allergic to the sun just FYI)

I wish I had more anime DVDs?
Granted, but they're used, scratched and won't work.

I wish I could finish my drawings!
Indignant Judgment
Granted, but as soon as they are done, something is spilled on them

I wish that I had a new notebook, running out of room O.o
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