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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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Indignant Judgment
Granted but you wake up the next minute

I wish that there was something to eat...
Granted, but the food will be rotten.

I wish it would stop raining.
Indignant Judgment
Granted only it won't rain...ever

I wish that Spongebob would turn off...
Granted.. but then he comes back on ohmy.gif lol.

I wish i could have my rain back tongue.gif
Granted, it's become so cold, the rain's turned into ice ohmy.gif
I wish I could stay online longer.
granted, now you are stuck with your chair...chewing gum did that...perhaps???

I wish I could forget whatever happened today....sad.gif
Granted but then you'll forget everything.

I wish i could watch all of Angel Sanctuary in one day.
^Granted but your disk/s will be scratched. Or your viewing site won't work.

I wish my internet was faster sleep.gif
Indignant Judgment
Granted but now the internet don't work ohmy.gif

I wish I didn't have to go to school tomorrow laugh.gif
Granted, but then on the weekends you have to go to school.

I wish i could meet a celebrity.
Indignant Judgment
Granted but they kill you...O.o (weirdos)

I wish that I had my downloads back T-T they just disappeared...
Granted, but then the files corrupt.

I wish baseball season would start already
granted, but no one will play baseball

i wish i could help my friends in the exams...(bad me XD)
Granted, you shall get every question wrong for them tongue.gif

I wish I had more than 24 hours in a day.
granted, u'll spend more time in school

I wish I was immortal
Granted, you shall live every day of your life disabled and in constant pain

I wish the air-con wasn't on.
granted but the electric fan will

I wish there were more RenxAi stories in
Granted, it's all R rated content >.<

I wish English was easier T__T
granted but now you're gonna forget the other languages you learned and what's R rated by the way? ?_?

I wish that I had more mangas
Granted, but then you lose them all.

I wish my arm was better!
miracle_flame_alchemist147: Umm, restricted (adult content)
Granted, every other part of your body hurts now.

I wish my eyesight was better.
Granted, you now only have X-ray vision.

I wish I were in a country other than the U.S.
oh I see... thanks baKa-neKoh!! happy.gif


granted but it's really cold there

I wish I had that Fuji plushie I want from the store
Granted, but then all the stuffing comes out.

I wish there was no school ever
granted, now you have to stay in your house forever

i wish i could do a voice conference with my friends...
Granted, but then it blocks you from talking to them ohmy.gif.

I wish it was morning
granted, but now there is no night.

I wish i could understand from where to pick-up my friend....
Dark Butterfly Demi89
Granted but you'll end up getting lost afterward

i wish i could make someone fall in love with me
Granted, but then they hate you.

I wish i could go to a baseball game now
Granted...but the baseball got hit so hard it dropped into the fast moving garbage truck

I wish I have a car...
granted, but it is totally damaged

i wish i could go to Sports Zone again..
Granted but then it closes down sad.gif.

I wish the Bulls will win the Champion-Ship gold metal trophy tongue.gif.

(Cutie: Its cool you like Sports Zone too, i love going there happy.gif)
Sleeping Forest
They do, but they drop the trophy, causing it to shatter into a hundred pieces.

I wish I could sleep.
Granted but then you wake up the next minute.

I wish i could go to Las Vegas already.
granted but when you go there you don't have enough money to pay for anyhting

I wish I had that Fuji plush toy I saw in ComicAlley
granted, but you lost it...

I wish I didn't have to study Literature...
Granted but then you get more homework.

I wish i wasen't sad sad.gif.
Indignant Judgment
Granted but now you are really mad...

I wish that I had a newer computer...
Granted. It keep crashing, despite the fact that you will spend $500 a month trying to get it fixed (sounds like my computer..)

I wish homework didn't exist.
Indignant Judgment
Granted but now you have to go to school everyday ohmy.gif

I wish that tomorrow would come faster...
Triple Soul
Granted, but it goes by fast, too fast, and the following week wound up going by so fast as well that it is now two weeks from tomorrow.

I wish that made sense.
Granted but then two seconds later it doesn't make sense again [OH NO ohmy.gif lol]

I wish everyone was on FMA forums happy.gif!
Indignant Judgment
Granted, but then the forum shuts down mysteriously ohmy.gif

I wish I knew what to wish for...
Granted, you will wish that you had nothing to keep you out of boredom.

I wish the day was longer
Indignant Judgment
Granted, but time stops and you cannot move forever blink.gif

I wish that I had 20/20 vision
Granted, your eyes get burnt out the very next minute.

I wish computers didn't die sad.gif laugh.gif
Indignant Judgment
Granted, but your monitor blows up...

I wish I found my pen so I could keep writing my fanfics' sad.gif
^ Granted, but your pen explodes the second it touches the paper.

I wish my throat wasn't sore anymore.
Indignant Judgment
Me I mean Granted but now you have a headache

I wish I never had homework again.
^ Granted, but now you have 5 and a half extra hours of school.

I wish I had a better signature. T.T
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