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Full Version: Corrupted Wish Game
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Granted, but all of them turned out to be Fooly Cooly

I wish for some more fun! tongue.gif
silver bg

this smile J_J
wat the hell? cannot corrupt 'cus I don't know how to...

I wish to see silver in person.
granted, but he is drunk

I wich i was more active in the House Party thread
I can't corrupt this 'cus your in already wink.gif

I wish zarpia can understand what Party House is... laugh.gif
silver bg
me too
I wish my younger sister(real life) would stop being bossy.
Le Monkey
Granted, But you are unhappy about it..
I wish to be able to fly
Granted, but you crash into a plane!
I wish to stop being lazy! tongue.gif
granted, but you became such a worker that you never had anysleep tongue.gif

I wish that I have all the xxxholic manga.
silver bg
granted but no print

my forum to have 300 memebers
granted, but you lose me as a member... ;___;

I wish that I don't need to go to Chinese School during the summer.
silver bg
granted but you have to go to real usa school.

for more smiles on the forum ! which we do really need !!?
QUOTE(silver bg @ Jul 13 2005, 05:41 AM)
granted but you have to go to real usa  school.

I already do. I live in US

granted, but you lose all the previous smilies including ph34r.gif
silver bg
i knowe but your going to chinise school so now your going summer school

i wish for all the bleach manga in the world
Oh, I get it.

granted, but no print tongue.gif

I wish I could go to Japan right now to watch FMA movie.
silver bg
but plan crashes into movie thearter and all the other places they would show it
AW! NO! laugh.gif

I wish for happiness in world.
silver bg
granted only last one day though
you forgot to wish...

I wish silver would be on Party House now....
Le Monkey
Granted.. but you are not..

I wish that this annoying person reading my writing would go away..
granted, but your not on. lol

I wish the checkbox in fast reply for enabel email notification of replies would alway forever turn off.
silver bg
granted for 1 day

i wish that i was the admin here
granted, but not granted. tongue.gif

I wish silver would type better.
I can't do anything about that laugh.gif

I wich i wasn't working
granted, but you soon become a hobo on the streets.

I wish we had a ^_^lll smilie
silver bg
granted but its fake

i wish zarpia was not a hobo on the steerts
granted, but she didn't turn out to be one. (she isn't already)

I wish I had a Nitendo DS.
silver bg
granted have my friends its broke

i wish i was ed off fullmetal but taller?
granted, but you became shorter.
i wish i had a fast computer
Envy's lil' miniskirt
Granted, but it processes information so quickly that you cannot keep up with it.

I wish my coffee wasn't cold. sad.gif
Granted, but it was so hot that it gave you second-degree burns.

I wish Bellatrix would answer my freakin' PM!!
Granted, but it has nothing 2 do with what u put in their.
I wish I was warm
Grated, but you were in Antartica in -365 degree (sp?) with winds. X3

I wish I could go to Japan to see the Fullmetal Alchemist movie.
Granted, but you don't understand Japanese and there are no subtitles.

I wish I could do really well at everything I tried.
silver bg
granted but everting u do it you brack your legs


best siggi maker
Granted, but no one else thinks its done well
I wish more people would come on here
Granted, but they are all n00bs

@WhiteMike: I know SOME Japanese

I wish for war to end
silver bg
granted but you die from crossfire

I wish for money til the end
Granted but its play money
I wish for a good anime wallpaper
silver bg
granted but it truns out to be a picture of your ass

i wish for good luck
Le Monkey
But the person you care abot most gets all your bad luck..

I wish to be able to use ninjitsu like Naruto.. tongue.gif
silver bg
granted but you die next day from a flying piece of poop

i wish i was roy from fullmetal
Le Monkey
Granted.. But animejunkie kills you next day for cheating on her with Riza..
@le monkey
your wish?
silver bg
copy, your wish
I wish people would write in good grammer, learn how to spell that apparently very tricky word grammer, and realize that other people correct they're grammer so that their not going to make the exact same misteaks in the near future.
Granted, but it results in you not being able to use proper grammar.

By the way, it's "grammar", not "grammer", and when you said, "they're grammar", you used the incorrect form of "there". The proper one would be "their", because in using "they're" you meant "they are". Also, it's "mistakes", not "misteaks".

Just trying to help. ^^

I wish that my horse would behave. ;_;
Granted, but its in you're bathroom every time your about to pee.

Thanks for the grammar tip. But didn't it occur to you that as the complainer, I might have done it on purpose? :b

I wish that people would stop mispelling words so many times, especially if English is they're first language.
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