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Full Version: Chibi Reina's Fanart
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Chibi Reina
Yee-eah. Finally got the scanner working, so....

Trisha elric

Okie, about this one.... well, part of it is a happy Trisha, and the other part is in Ed's dream in volume 2 of the manga...... sooo.... yeah.


I ruv this one >.< I like Trisha's more though, because I think this one doesn't look like envy much....

Hagaren Book Report

I drew this as a cover for my book report for Hagaren. got a 101% on it XD
Not bad, not bad... I like it^^
All seems alright except Trisha,she looks a bit weird.
perty good smile.gif
WTF, you did FMA for a book report?? I wanna do thaaat...;_;

I like the Envy one. By the way, did you draw your sig?
nice reina.. liike your bookreport cover.
I like the Envy one, but the proportions in the other two drawings are a little off. happy.gif;;
Trisha's nose and mouth is too down. i think Envy's eyes need to be tinier. Ed and Al's forehead need to be bigger. but is ok.
Owarinai Yume
love it....all!
I really like the Envy one its really good.
Chibi Reina
Thankies to you alls ^^ lol, I know there were lots of mistakes in them... esp. Trisha's lol... I have mores. 'Cept they're all Naruto...

Hope ya'll don't mind ^^

Naruto and Sasuke

From a Village of Snow- Haku

Poetry of the Sand

Kabuto Sketch

His Ambitions

The Two Amigos

There are more... but uh... yeah....

Oh, and just so that I'm not completely off topic, here's a Riza homunculus iwth Envy ^^ (drew it ages ago)

Lust!Riza 3
WOW! Those were nice!I like them
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