In Germany

by Defade


1. First Meet


Edward sat on the train, looking at the empty seat in front of him, he sighed. Usually, Al would be traveling with him on trains. They had already been traveling for five years. And each time he took the train to another city, Edward would see the huge suit of armor, sitting in front of him.

Now, there was nothing but an empty seat in front of him. He felt uncomfortable when he was on a train without Al. Al had been his only brother and kin since the day their mother died. Of course, his father, Hohenheim of Light was still alive out there somewhere. But he didn't really count as a father.

Al had been a great friend too. Whenever Edward felt down, he would encourage Edward and give him his biggest support. It's mostly because of Al that he can keep going on through those past years. Although Winry, Aunt Pinako, Roy and other ones he met in his journey helped him a lot too.

Thinking of Roy, he wondered if that bastard colonel has archived his dream of making every woman in the military wear miniskirts. Edward chuckled at this thought.

But he was quiet worried about Roy too, did he win the President King Bradley? Has he gotten revenge for Hughes? What if...he died when fighting the homnuclus? No...he couldn't have died, his stupid gloves would have to keep him alive. Edward remembered the time when he first fought the colonel, and it resulted in a mess.

Remembering his days in Amestris, his will to go back through the door was stronger than ever now. He looked at his watch: 7:00 a.m. He had already taken the train for nearly a day. He should be nearly there now.

He yawned. He had been up all night looking at the information about the liquid rocket so he lacked a lot of sleep. But as long as he can go back to Amestris, it's fine.

After staring at the information for about 7 hours, he knew a lot about the rocket now. Some guy called Tsiolkozski brought up the idea some fifty years ago while scientists are trying to find a way to get his theory to work. And the functioned because of the liquid burning inside it will have explosions which will release a force that would push the rocket into space.

He found these information quiet easy to understand. Maybe he has a talent in rocketry as well as his talent in alchemy? Thinking of alchemy, he found himself wanting to clap his hands again and perform alchemy. He missed it too. When he first arrived in this foreign world, he often clapped hands when something in his father's house broke, then realizing he was still in Germany, and not Amestris.

Oh well, I think I'll have to cope with these things right now. Edward thought as he began reading the information again.


After a few more hours of sitting on the train. He arrived in Berlin, the city where the person he wanted to meet would be. All the houses here were at least two floors high, nearly like the ones in Amestris. Only the way of building it seemed...different. They were mostly only using two colors: deep brown and white. There were a balcony on some of the houses, mostly decorated with flowers of every kind. And the streets were made of stone bricks like everywhere else in Germany.

He looked at the paper on his hand, and on it was the address of where Oberth lived.

Eckracht Street

It was his first time in Berlin, so he knew absolutely nothing about this city, don't even think about the street's whereabouts. He looked around, seems like everyone here is German.

I don't know how many people can speak fluent English here....Edward sighed. There's no way to know. Alright, I'll have to try out my crappy German skills, taught by the father who has the same crappiness.

He saw a young man, who was the age of his, carrying some scrolls of paper walking by. He can only see his side face.

Why does he seem so familiar? Edward thought. Never mind that, now, he looks like he has learned a lot, so I'll try him.

Edward walked up to the young man and touched his back.

" Was?" The young man turned around and faced Edward. Suddenly Edward knew why he looked so familiar.

The young man had blue eyes that was filled with kindness. And he got light-brown bangs. He looked exactly like Alphonse Elric, Edward's little brother.

" Ich..." Edward can't seem to find the flow of words. He just stood there. His mind blank.

It wasn't until the young man gave him a kind look and a 'Hmm?' that he continued.

" Um, kanst sier bitte..." Edward tried to remember how to say his next words in German.

" Yes?" The young man quickly changed to English when he knew that Edward wasn't a German.

" Can you tell me where Eckracht Street is?" Edward, relieved that the young man knew how to speak English.

" I'm going there myself, so I can be your guide if you don't mind." The young man smiled at him.

" Thanks."


They walked for 15 minutes without speaking a word. Finally, Edward couldn't take it anymore, and broke the silence.

" Um, can you tell me your name?"

" Alphonse Heiderich."

Edward's mind wandered off to Al's face. And he can't help but wonder if his transmutation had really worked.

" Why did you want to go to Eckracht Street? Only a few people go there."

Alphonse Heiderich asked.

" Huh?" Edward was still thinking about Al, and didn't hear what Alphonse Heiderich said.

" Why did you want to go to Eckhart Street?"

" Because I have to meet this man called Oberth or something..."

Alphonse Heiderich stopped in his tracks.

" Teacher...?"

" Huh?"

" You mean Hermann Oberth?"

" I think so..."

" He is my teacher!"

Edward was amazed. " What?"

" I've been studying rocketry under him, I've been his student for about 3 years. You must have come to meet him for rocketry, right?"

" Yes..."

Alphonse Heiderich smiled, and said.

" Then come on!"

Alphonse Heiderich took Edward's hand and ran forward. Forward.

To be Continued...


Author's Notes:

Hope you've all enjoyed this story! And here are some...*cough* *cough* places in the fic that needs explanations:

Tsiolkozski IS the guy who brought up some rocket theory in 1896, I've done research on this. And I *think* my explanation of how rockets work are correct...sleep.gif;;

German translations:

Was? = What?

Kanst sier bitte... = Can you please...

Germans out there, you can now laugh at my pathetic skill of German. I know fully well that Konen sier bitter is the right one, but never mind, Ed doesn't know fluent German.

My first fanfic.