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Full Version: Fetishes And Obsessions
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QUOTE(Bling_bling_Angel @ Apr 4 2007, 12:40 PM ) [snapback]525338[/snapback]
Would constantly pinching and squishing my boyfriend's cheeks count as a fetish?

I like doing that too! And ruffling his hair. Not that he has much now... Damn National Service...

My obsessions vary from time to time, but the constant ones are: books, anime, movie soundtracks, writing, insane Math questions and/or logic puzzles, good grammar and spelling, swords and other weapons of the old world(daggers, bows, spears etc), communism, and, for some strange reason, sheep.

Fetishes include: correcting bad grammer and pronounciation, sprouting random Japanese words (see, I watch too much anime) and excessive punning and/or word play.
Latest obsessions...
long pillows
silk that's kinky!
vintage era (victorian to 60's)
I dont know what to call it, but when I see my friend from school I have the urge to tickle his new beard for some reason laugh.gif

As for obsessions, it's usually coming up with really weird ideas for a roleplay that my friend and I do over AIM, and watching anime... Also apparently doing my algebra homework ._.
Megan - Sleeping in the nude. <33

Melissa ie. Me - Tongues = TEH SEXXx biggrin.gif

Still Getting done... the tops is getting filled in on the 20th.

I have an obsession with body mods - tattoos and piercings make me happy.

I'm obsessed with the Foo Fighters smile.gif

- and strangly, with buying stuff for my kitchen. I got really excited the other day about a powder blue cake spatula.

*there goes any 'cool' i ever had....*

Oh and another thing, more of a fetish than anything else, I have a really strange thing with ears... like when I'm talking to someone new I always look at thier ears.

My boyfriend often has to put up with me stroking his ear lobe. Luckily he's very understanding lol >.<
ohmy.gif I obsess over so many strange things!

Things I've obsessed over:
Dogs, Animals, Horses, Dragons, FDR, Beagles, Trench Coats, Really big boots/shoes, Eyes, Typing, Writing, People with missing/artificial limbs (I wonder how that started. dry.gif ), Pianos, Edward Elric happy.gif , Anime, L, Japan, Sushi, Ireland, Wolves, Werewolves, Greek Gods, Egyptian Gods, Hades, Cerberus, Pomegranates, Birds, and a whole lot of other things.

Ooh, and Edgar Allen Poe! happy.gif (I really want to decorate my room like The Pit and the Pendulum, or at least replace all the walls with book shelves. ^__^ biggrin.gif rolleyes.gif
I happen to think ties on the male sex are very sexy. mellow.gif Only if the male in question is wearing a 'uniform' of sorts. Sexy, sexy ties. Blazers are somewhat sexy too.

As for obsessions... my study, other people's study, collecting piano/violin pieces. Yeah.
Naivete- i think its just suits in general, its a good look
-Shiny/Sparkling Things (SHINY!! Oh might be weird but...champagne is one of my favorites!! But I dont drink!!)
-Shoes (sleep.gifU I cant help it XD)
-Books (I love them!!!!)
-Bunnies!! (So k@wii!! XD)
-Things made of silver (Necklaces, rings etc)
-The smell of wood when I open my violin case (:3 I love that)
-The smell of books (Yeah I's weird...but some of them smell really good...others dont!)
Maishadowalchemist- books do smell good

Spesh comic book stores

I'm not going to say everything, but one of my obsessions is Anime.

Oh wow, so original.
a. bite my toe nails
b. smell my manga
c. when i spin something i instantly spin it back the same amount of times.
d. drawing in class
e. lego(wow people could really get the wrong idea with this)
(not sure if these count)

QUOTE (Schmitz_7 @ Mar 2 2009, 08:56 AM) *

Still Getting done... the tops is getting filled in on the 20th.

sorry to double post. but ZOMG THOSE ARE AWSOME. I WANT NOW. WHY CAN'T I HAVE. ( remembers he is only just 13)
wink.gif [size="4"][/size] I Love Cosplay sex like crazy!!! laugh.gif
Most of what I've read in here don't at all count as a fetish...

I'd have to say stretching & yawning. Always turns me on when a girl (especially my wife) does it. That still isn't a fetish, though.

As for obsessions... Diablo/D2/LOD, John Dies at the End, fully automatic weaponry, Metallica, the M1117 Guardian ASV, and counting stairs.
I am also obsessed with correct spelling/grammar when I type or write anything. Even a simple text message or Twitter feed has to be perfect.
You could say I'm obsessed with being in the Army. I try not to be, but the phonetic alphabet, brevity codes, and acronyms have been forcefully embedded into my soul by my training, enlistment, and deployment. So foxtrot uniform charlie kilo [break] india tango.
I love tan men with black hair and really dark, almost black eyes. Tall too. I love it when men have good hygene, too. I also have a thing for accents. Especially Scottish. Ooooh.... Sean Connery.... Anyway other than men-wise, I've got an obsession with pine apples. Just love 'em. Don't ask why. Anime, too, of course! And intellectual conversations, or really hot debates get me.
FMA Obsessed
My obsessions:

~My books and posters have to be perfect
~Anime(FMA at the moment)

I have more, but I don't want to list them all.
(staring at hagaren 4 ever).................... okay now thats a fetish. i guess i have a fetish of corecting gramar
i guess i have a fetish of corecting gramar

Something's not quite right, but I can't seem to put a finger on it...
My obsession is manga and food. My fetish is glasses and tall guys and they HAVE to like to argue or else because it's not fun to win an argument because the other person doesn't care.
My obsession is llamas, eat cup noodles watching something at the same time, write and shopping *_*

My fetish? well, i don't know, i'm ecletic in this type of thing. hsuishuis
I really have to date an anime chick! (that's not a fetish)
Maybe I've been going out with the wrong girls...
Shoes D:
Time to update my list, I guess.

Current "Fetishes" or Things About Which I Am a Stickler:

- My husband
- Etiquette
- Grammar
- Spelling
- Formatting (as in, the appearance of a page/list/chart/etc.)
- Cleanliness
- LAUNDRY!!! I love doing laundry.
QUOTE (Imbris @ Apr 14 2009, 04:11 AM) *
I really have to date an anime chick! (that's not a fetish)
Maybe I've been going out with the wrong girls...

QUOTE (Vash_the_Gunslinger @ Apr 14 2009, 07:22 PM) *
QUOTE (Imbris @ Apr 14 2009, 04:11 AM) *
I really have to date an anime chick! (that's not a fetish)
Maybe I've been going out with the wrong girls...


What're you gettin' at Vash?
I have a fetish with hands. Everyone thinks I'm like mental. XD Really pretty hands.
And chocolate. XD
Have a fetish with hair. Love to play with nice smellin' and good lookin' hair.
And skin! Skin is great to touch. I like fur. Pet cats and so on.

Yeah and my biggest fetish are uniforms! Love them!
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