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Full Version: Mirror Mirror On The Wall.
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Mirror Mirror on the Wall.

Ed Paced back and forth in his small room. Once again Winry had come to visit… well fix his automail, and her train was to leave the next morning. But he wanted to do things differently this time; he wanted to let her know he felt, that, and tell her his feelings without getting a wrench to his head.

“Ok, ok, how am I going to do this,” Edward asked himself, still pacing around the room. He looked over towards the mirror on his dresser and walked to it.

“Maybe I can practice using this thing,” he said, examining the mirror. He still didn’t understand what made this so hard; it was three simple words after all. Then again, thinking about it, they were “live happy” or “die hard” words at that too. After all, many people had been turned down before, and he had heard just how bad it felt to be rejected. But rejection or not, he decided he would go through with it, for he didn’t know how many chances he would have in the future. He looked at his reflection…

“Ok, Winry – Be mine!” He shook his head quickly, “No, no, that’s to fast, it’ll scare her off.” He went back into thought for a second before turning his head back to the mirror.

“Winry, I really care about you, and I…” He stopped for a minute, to think over his words, “I really like you!” He announced before looking sheepishly at his reflection, “No way, she’ll think I’m a stupid twirp.”

“Winry! I can’t stand to be without you!” He slapped his face with hands, before pondering it over again, “That’s way too dramatic… reminds me of Armstrong,” he shuttered, thinking it over once again.

“Winry, if there were one girl who... Forgot that,” he said, glaring at the mirror.

“How bout just, Winry, I love you,”

Ed froze, turning around slowly to eye who had spoken. “Gah! L -- Lt. Riza, Ho-How long have you been here,” He said, a big sweat drop appearing on his head.

“Long enough to…”

“I’M RUINED!!!” He cried, surely Roy would find out, and it would be the end of his ‘cool guy’ career.

“I could help you pract…”

“This is corny, I’m going to eat something,” He said stomping out the room, leaving an intrigued and smiling Riza, “Stupid mirror, didn’t help at all.”

Riza chuckled, watching the boy throw his fit all the way to the cafeteria, “Maybe there is hope for you after all, Ed.”

She glanced sheepishly around the room, she had arrangements to make.


Haha, another stupid one-shot by Morgri.

XD I bet you dime to a dollar Ed would act that exact way. Awe I thought it was cute! One day Ed, just take one day at a time.
foolmetal alchemist
I always like your stories morgri! laugh.gif
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