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Full Version: Confederate_alchemist's Fanart
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ph34r.gif hey yall!!! i have no clue how to actually paste pics in the post, so my fanart is going to be thumbnails attached to the post ^^;;;;;; well, this drawing is just someting that popped into my head! i think it looks okay, but not as good as some of the other people on this site O.o

it's a picture of Ed on a bearskin rug, and i hope i did right on the auto-mail hand! to tell you the truth, the hand is the one part of the body i have so much trouble with... but sometimes it turns out good!!!
Omakase Shimasu
I'm afraid the thumbnails are failing to show. biggrin.gif;; Or it could be me.

To make a picture appear in your post, you should upload your chosen image on a site that allows you to host it (i.e., Imageshack, etc). Once that's done, you click on the button titled [IMG] in your reply screen, right above the comment box, fill in the url and voila. smile.gif
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