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How involved are you in the Harry Potter fandom? Are you obsessed with it? Do you write fanfic or read them only? Do you participate in discussions? Do you participate actively in any forum like Where do you lurk? What are your favourite archives? Slash or het? Favourite characters?

All this and more. Please vote above then post anything about Harry Potter.
I've read the books, but I'm not really obsessed with it. Although, I was a little sad that I didn't live in England or something when they started the Cho Chang auditions. mellow.gif But then, she's really whiny . . .
I have no interest, nor do I foresee any interest in the Harry Potter series. It just doesn't work for me.
i read the books and preorder the new ones, but i have no interest whatsoever in the fandom.
I like the books, and look forward to their coming out. I finished the last two in a day, then passed them on to my sister, hassled her to finish them then had a little discussion thing amongst my friends. But that's about it.

And Quis, I'm glad you didn't audition for Cho Chang. She is, indeed, a very whiny person.

<-- Don't like Cho much.
QUOTE(mei_tenshi @ Feb 4 2005, 11:04 PM)
And Quis, I'm glad you didn't audition for Cho Chang. She is, indeed, a very whiny person.

<-- Don't like Cho much.

I don't like Cho much either, but since according to the descriptions given in the book, I kind of resemble her, I thought I could always try. Then again, like I said, auditions are UK citizens only. Ahh, well. Wouldn't have gotten the part anyway. *silently cheers* biggrin.gif I wanna get "famous" just so I can sell my written work, since it's my dream to get something published. It's all about going all out to get my stuff published (hopefully). biggrin.gif Though that'll probably never happen.
i didnt read the books at all...... dry.gif
alchemist x
For everyone who doesn't know the next book comes out and april 21
I think

I've read all the books too but not obsessed whatsoever
Nope. The book is out in July.
Big fan, am I. Not because they're especially good books, but mainly for the super fandoms. It's a good source of slash fanfictions.
Can't say I'm a Fictionalley veteran, though. I lurked for a few months then left. I was at for a while also.
Favorite archives? Mainly unless I want something good, then I go to Restricted Section.
Evil Alchemist
Well, I like the books and I read the fanfiction. Only because I want to see the obsurd ideas that people come up with. Like Malfoy and Hermione being together dry.gif Yeah right!
i read tha books n i'm read fanfics and all but i'm not obsessed wit it unlike my friend
I read the books but have no feelings on it.. so yeah, basically not having any discussion with anyone about that.. -..-;;
Wow, Harry Potter was a big part of my life for a while. I read all the books (at the time) and decided I wanted to write a fic. Out of that fanfic came my e-mail name which I still keep today. However, she was about to release another book which could have influenced my fic. Somewhere online (I forget quite where) I have a couple of chapters posted, but then I stopped. I may begin them again. I've pre-ordered 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' so I may start once I have read that.
At the moment, my fanfics are usually anime. But I still read others fanfics on Harry Potter. laugh.gif
wow... another big fan of Harry potter ^^
Oh and while I remember the book is out something like 16th of July. Well here anyway, I don't know about overseas.
you mean book 6?
'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' to be exact. Mmmhmm, book 6.

BTW, the half blood price isn't Voldemort or Harry according to JK Rowling.
uh-huh this is interesting... ^^
Her books get darker each turn. After book 5, I can't wait to see how this turns out. Angst filled Harry, girls, death....
Hmmm maybe there will be a twist somehow.. -.- *just realize herself starting in a conversation she never had before*
*it's a good conversation* She does like her twists JK. It's probably going to be someone really random like Neville again. Or a character who isn't around anymore...something like that.

And she has already written the last chapter of the last book. All we know is a major character is set to die...but no clues as to who.
hmmm I dun want Ron to die.. >.>;; Well.. that's just my thought.. Well, she does liek to make suspence TT__TT
Harry Potter's ok, I've read all of them and I thought they were pretty good, although I think that in book 5, my favorite character shouldn't have died, *cough* THIS COULD BE A SPOILER! SIRIUS BLACK SHOULD HAVE LIVED!!!! and for that I hate JK now!
I've read all the books, but the whole fandom thing never caught on with me. Maybe I'm just strange. huh.gif
Oh, don't worry, Rogue--you're not alone.

But that doesn't mean you're not strange. I know I am. biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Ryuji1314 @ Feb 6 2005, 06:24 PM)
Harry Potter's ok, I've read all of them and I thought they were pretty good, although I think that in book 5, my favorite character shouldn't have died, *cough* THIS COULD BE A SPOILER! SIRIUS BLACK SHOULD HAVE LIVED!!!! and for that I hate JK now!

Are we completely sure he's dead though? He vanishes and they presume he's dead. JK isn't scared of refering to death openly...look at book 4. I think he might come back.
QUOTE(Chiyo @ Feb 6 2005, 05:41 AM)
Mmmhmm, book 6.

I don't know, I personally think Book 5 was a letdown and a little inappropriate for my 8-yr-old cousin. Book 6 can't possibly repair the damage.
I read the first book before all the movies came out. After hearing all the hype about it, I didn't get what was so wonderful and went back to reading other things. I watched the movies then, and was entertained. I know a considerable deal from my little sister who, when she has an obsession, talks incessantly about it.

As for fanfiction? I've read... a few. Not all too interested. Escpecially considering there are a hundred bazillion on alone, most of which are crud.
I don't know what's so great about it either. It's not bad, but it's not especially unusual. I think some people who read it think it's special because everyone else thinks so, too.

I've never read the fanfics cause I'm not really a fanfic person, and if I ever read a fanfic, it's only because the original fic is really short and I haven't had enough of it (which, at 300+ pages per book, HP clearly is not).
I'm pretty sure Sirius is dead. but if he does manage to live, then i will hold off the assassination of JK and well many people will be happy.... but if not, then JK is a dead person, my forces will tear here apart!
Alchemy's Lover
Ack I love Harry PotterI am a crazied lunitic fan! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif wub.gif tongue.gif

I am very excited about the 6th book I it will be interesting to find out who the half blood prince is I bet it will be Neville
Yay, someone who agrees with me!
Points at avatar ---(I think its obvious happy.gif)

I'm betting the HBP is Godric Gryffindor (or some historical figure)
My other theory. Thats a really good suggestion actually, hmm...

Anybody seen some of the anime fanart people do for Harry Potter, it's fantastic (I'd guess you have blueices). Some Harry pics are really dark...the way I like it.
Hi People!

Oh good. There are actually some HP fans here tt participate in fandom. I was just despairing about it. I didn't vote in the poll but I do read fanfiction and look at the pretty fanarts. I tried my hands on writing once before I condemned it into the dustbin. I've since confined a few more into the trash, never to be seen in the light of the day.

Besides that, I don't speculate much on the "Who is The HBP?" debate. I participate in though to a much lesser extent now than before. My main fiction source is LJ since I've had a few trusty authors which regularly churns out fic/recs for my viewing pleasure.

Besides that, I code for PSA. This is a plug people. Go to the Potter Slash Archive!!! It rocks!
Le Monkey
I Like the books but I don't like the fandom... Or the movies...

Well, Thats it..

@Chiyo: I love your avatar...
i have seen the moves, but i did not reed the bookes. sad.gif
That's okay, it's understandably hard to reed the books.
i have ADD so it is hare to read some on the post on this forum.
i've seen the books and movies
but i don't really like the movies
just the books
You've seen the books? laugh.gif What a conclusion you must have made.
QUOTE(hidden_death @ Feb 9 2005, 11:54 AM)
i've seen the books and movies
but i don't really like the movies
just the books

Thats more like it. The books have alot more in them.
Le Monkey
QUOTE(frostman @ Feb 7 2005, 07:44 AM)
i have ADD so it is hare to read some on the post on this forum.

Duse this make any sesnse, what so ever???

Un less you mean AND, Not ADD...

Hehe biggrin.gif laugh.gif

Please tell me English is your second language.

Thats more like it. The books have alot more in them.

That's true, but this girl is adorable:

Ah Hermione. She looks far more grown up now. I like her, she is a good actress. Most of them are good actually...but I think Ron was best in the first film. Harry is begining to act more natural.
I love Harry Potter, but am not terribly involved in the subculture. I chat about it with my girlfriend and she writes fan fiction, but other than that, not much. I've already got book 6 ordered.
the sellout
Now, granted, my Harry Potter obsession has diminished quite a bit, which I blame partly on the fact that we went without anything new for a while (yeah, I have no patience). But I've found myself reading theories and speculating with the rest of the fans, as the released day gets closer. Most of my theories were pretty much far from the truth last time (when the 5th book was released), so I've been cautiously re-reading the books and analyzing every single clue we've gotten, and even so, I can't come up with any plausible theories. So, I'm thoroughly prepared to be completely surprised by the revelation in the new installment.

I do have this nagging feeling that Professor Lupin's going two join his two best mates, either in the 6th or 7th book, which, quite frankly, is a really sad thought. He's one of my favorite characters. Oh, I know everyone had their money on this, but Dumbledore pulling an Obi-Wan in the next book? I really can see it happen. I just hope Voldermort doesn't end up being Harry's father as well.

So, any theories on who the royal might be? Or simply fangirling? It's permitted, you know. tongue.gif

By the way, I did post this thread on the correct forum, right?
Omakase Shimasu
No theories of my own, but I chalk that up to me not being a true Harry Potter nut, regardless of the fact I own every installment - and have read everything there is to read - so far. The books are getting quite dark though. I don't like. -__-

But for some reason I've had my mind set on the fact that the royal might turn out to be Niffles (forgot the kid's name, how awful... something with an N - the boy that shared Harry's 'future'). x_X

Anyway, fangirling's more my thing, I guess. I'm a James & Harry-nut. tongue.gif I love Father-Son duos to death.

And, correct forum as far as I'm concerned. smile.gif
the sellout
See, I actually like that the books is getting darker and in some sense more mature. Although, I believe Harry is going to be even more angsty in this book, considering that now he's lost (dammit, I still can't bring myself to type it!) Sirius. Aw, it seems like it was long ago when his only preoccupation were quidditch games and school subjects. *pats his head*

LMAO, Niffles! Neville, yeah, but I believe he's pureblood, so I doubt it. However, I'm pretty sure he's going to play a bigger role in the next two books.

I am more of a Marauder fan (Remus/Sirius especially, they are the reason I got into slash), actually. I wish JKR would write a series or a book about them after she's done with Harry Potter.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite characters, ships, etc?
Omakase Shimasu
I know I should have expected the outcome, but still... it's such a major change if you look back at the first book and see all the happy-go-lucky personalities still intact. I guess I just hate the fact so many people you come to love throughout the series eventually up and leave... Some in more brutal ways than others. -__-

=0 Neville!! How on earth did I end up with Niffles? Hehe, how can you not love that guy, actor included. :3 Such a cutie.

Hmm, favorite characters/ships, huh? Oho, you asked for it. This is one of those fandoms that makes you go all out for some reason or another. Um, beware though, I'm a total Potter nut.

Favorite Characters:
- James Potter
- Harry Potter
- Oliver Wood

- Sirius/James
- Remus/James
- Sirius/Remus/James
- Snape/James
- Lucius/James (!love!love!love!)

- Ron/Harry
- Draco/Harry
- Snape/Harry (>__> what?)
- Sirius/Harry

- Ron/Hermione
- Fred/George
- Percy/Oliver
- Fred/Oliver/George (>__> what??)
- Seamus/Neville

Ugh, I'm clearly forgetting a few of them couples, but 8/10ths of brain is out of order right now. biggrin.gif;; Need to get up early as well...

Hopefully my list hasn't scared you off though. It's quite a bit to take in, I guess.
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