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If you could walk up to anyone form FMA and talk to him or her, who would it be, what you would say or do, and why?
foolmetal alchemist
Definetly a teacher.
silver bg
ed. he's so short
HEY!!!!!!!!!! DON'T BE MEAN TO ED!!! HE'S CUTE, AND YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SHORT TOO!!!!!! mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif
Do anything to them? >:B Nee hee hee.

I'd probably

<Very long censor bleep>

to Envy... or something like that...

Okay....... Was that to be nasty or something?
I would walk up to Roy, Ed, Maes, and Al in turn and tell them each that they are VERY hot. Then while they were stunned from the suddenness of it all, I would go into tourist mode and get some random passerby to take a picture of us.

Then I would go and follow Envy around, poking him and glaring at him, meanwhile hissing under my breath, "You bastard! How can you live with yourself??"
Yeah! you go!

P.S. I like your Avy is that Ed?If it is The pony-tail makes him look like a girl!
Yeppers, it's Ed. And don't say that! Lucky thinks the ponytail makes Ed uber-hot.
Nice... Shortys are cute! (Like me!)
QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Jun 16 2005, 05:39 PM)
Do anything to them?  >:B  Nee hee hee.

I'd probably

<Very long censor bleep>

to Envy... or something like that...


That is what I basically what I would do to Toby Trisha-san :3
Celestial Shadow
Heh heh heh...

I'd go up to Ed and after hugging him to death, there's...quite a lot of things I'd like to do tongue.gif

Hey, just being honest.

I also wouldn't mind doing some of the same to Roy, or Al (in his human form).

I'd also love to meet Izumi and just talk with her about stuff, that'd be awesome biggrin.gif
No offense but, i would do this to ed:

I would kick the crap out of Slash Basque Gran and tell him he's a worthless good-for-nothing. tongue.gif
I'd walk up to Ed adn give him like the biggest hug ever ...and maybe other things... tongue.gif
Then I'd like to meet Tucker and kick the crap out of him for
[spoiler]turning Nina and Alexander into a chimera mad.gif[/spoiler]
Whatever, I'd walk up to Ed and totally steal him and do some......................Stuff! *giggle* And mabye Roy too.........
Sloth because it pisses me off! tongue.gif
I'd also wanna meet Envy and make him turn black and blue because he killed certain people mad.gif
Have you seen the entire series? It's a major spoiler. You have been warned...
[spoiler]He killed Hughes and Ed ='([/spoiler]
If you met an FMA character, what would you say (or do) to them??

Tell him that he's NOT that WE are not short.

Please Please, teach me automail skills ^^;;
Winry, when will you say what you thought to Ed?? *coff*the thought of loving him more than a brother*coff*

Why do you like cats ??

Riza-san, do you know that *coff*taisaRoy*coffs* likes you??<---message from a fan
You should wear a miniskirt *AoKo gets shot*

Do you like Riza, the Chuui Riza...wait..of course you do..
Will you go out with one of your fangirls??

*shoves pics of Elicia in my face* Aokochan says: I would glady have one of your Elicia pictures ^^

Envy & Wrath: probably kill them

Ling: well do you see *Aoko is then beaten up by RanFan*

How can you be soo brave??

mm..I wanna learn alchemy and other skills from youu, can you teach me?? *Aoko finds herself on an island*
andres higuera
If i didn"t know ed and i saw him for real i would
ask him how he got the metal arm
I'm not tall! I'm wearing platform shoes! {I'm pretty tall for a 10 year old...160 cm}

good morning/afternoon/evening. My friend thinks she's a cat and she's lost at Walmart in the clothing section.

Everyone else:
Hello, and good morning/afternoon/evening.
Ed: *looks down* cut your hair you look like Winry

Al: Could I wear you?

Roy *steals gloves and walks away*

Riza: Marry Mustang he's desprate!!

Izumi: Teach me alchemy please

Scar: Hey

Winry:Lets go get some coffee and talk

Havoc: Your funny
Another one of these? They have one in SC.
Ed: *kneals on ground and starts bowing* I'M NOT WORTHY I'M NOT WORTHY!!! or You are so cool.

Envy : *coff* palm tree *coff*

Jean: dont worry, you'll find the right girl evetually

Roy : hey why dont you go out with Riza instead of asking her to wear a miniskirt? or I'm honored to meet you.

Scar: yo *gives me a cold stare*
Azura Elric
Ed: ....Wow you really are short. *blinks* ^^;; sorry but it's the truth.
Al: *pokes him* Do you like dogs?
Winry: You're the first girl I ever met that loves mechanical stuff.
Roy:....omg...*salutes* = = Hey Roy, are you ever going to stick with one girl?...specifically one that loves to use guns...
Havoc: Have you consider asking the ladies out that are in the military?
Riza: What do you look for in a guy? and It's an honor to meet you.
Izumi: *bows* Teach me alchemy! Please!
Wrath: Wrath you're such a crybaby. and a brat.
Lust: *droolz* *is run through by nails*
Ed: Scream. The faint. Tell him to show me some alchemy.
Winry: Dunno. Do nutin'?
Al: Uh... go inside this suit of armor and see how it feels?
Riza: Uh... scream and faint again?
Roy: Do nuthin'. I'll probably just greet him then leave.
Hughes: If he keeps talking 'bout Elisa and showing pics to me, I'll punch in the face or tell him to shut up!
7 deadly sins: I'll just hope they won't kill me. If they do, I'll run away from them!
Ling: dunno.
RanFan: dunno.
Izumi: tell her to teach me alchemy as well. happy.gif
Envy: Shoot him

Wrath: Shoot him

Scar: Tackle him

Lust: bow down to her

Gluttony: Scream and run

Ed: Call him short then run

Al: give him a kitty

Hughes: Tell him to shut up

Armstrong: Ask him why he has such a big ego
Le Monkey
Ed: Hey Ed... Don't worry you're better than Roy!

Winry: Don't come closer with your wrench!

Al: You're so cute! I love kitties too! Marry me so we can adopt all kitties! (no, just
kidding! happy.gif )

Scar: Touch Lust and die!

Envy: You sexy palm tree "runs away"

Hughes: I miss you so much! How is Nina?

Wrath: "spreads arms" come to me Wrath! I am your new mama!

Gluttony: Can't you say other things than "can I eat him?"

Lust: Adopt me, please! tongue.gif

Greed: Go go Greed! You're the best!

Pride: Wow... You look so much like my grandpa!

Roy: You idiot! Can't you see the woman of your life is just before your eyes everyday?!

Riza: Don't worry Riza! You'll get him soon!

Havoc: Never thought about Scieska?... What? She's cute!

Izumi: Teach me alchemy, please!(well What can I say? happy.gif )
elyisia : hugs her to deat and sqeel your so cute!!!
riza: hey hawkeye can I see one of your guns?
Hughs: ur right your kid is lovly she is so cute and...*rants on for hours about elyisia*
Lucky Charm
Edward: *looks at Ed and notices how short as hell he is* your really SHORT. ( im sorry, but I WOULD say this )

Alphonse: OMG you are teh cutest thing ever. Can I be your mom? *huggles*

Nina: OMG your dub accent is soo adorable. So kawaii!

Winry: Let's dress up Ed like a girl when he's asleep.

Hughes: *hides behind a bush*

Armstrong: *pokes muscles*

I don't know what else XD
Mistress of Darkness
Edward: OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU. AHHH!!!!! *squeals and jumps on top of him* MY EDWARD. ALL OF YOU STAY AWAY FROM HIM. *hiss*

Al: *knocks on his suit of armor* Aww. You're so adorable. I'd consider being your sister, but then I wouldn't be able to marry Edward. happy.gif

Winry: *begins to fight with winry over edward. combats her wrench with my WOPP (wand of purple [nail]polish!)*

Roy: Hi. I really have no idea what to say to you, Roy, so I'll introduce my friend who's obsessed with you. *friends proceeds to glomp him to death*

Riza: It's okay. Roy will come around one day. He'll probably end up almost dying and then realizing you're the love of his life. =D (I know, I KNOW what I just said, okay?!?)

Hughes: Really, that's alright, Lt. Col. I think I have somewhere else to be! *runs away from him and his pictures of Elicia*

The Homunculi: *waves arms frantically* LEAVE EDWARD AND AL ALONE YOU CRAZY FREAKS!!!!! *begins to cry. Almost gets killed when Edward (her lover. ^_~) shows up to saver her*

And yes, those are the things I would actually say to them. I'm very short, so I doubt Ed is any shorter than I am. happy.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Merged "If You Meet FMA Characters" topics. Thanks, Toby-Chan.
Alphonse Alchemist
Ed- Uh... *blank stare* Hi... Nice braid

Al-Cool suit. Um you hate fighting right? Me too

Winry-WOAH WOAH WOAH!! Keep ten meters away from me with that wrenchl......

Izumi: YOu're cool, teach me some alchemy? Please?

Hug all of them and ask for their autographs.
Frank Archer
He got Scary looking! Also hes ugly lol
Ed- -glomps- OMG! I LOVE YOU!

Winry- >_O STAY AWAY FROM MY ED! -chases-

Al- ^-^ AWW! -gives kitten-

Scar- O_O -runs-

Mustang- Ed is MUCH seksayer than you! -runs-

Lust- -shoots-

All I can think of at the moment! ^-^;
Ed: *stares for a really long time until Ed is creeped out* *glomps and hugs him using the HUGOFDEATH* EDOOOOOOOOOO!!! GOOD GOD I'M AS SHORT AS YOU!!

Al: *squeals* *HUG OF DEATH*

Roy: *pokes* You're hot. *HUG OF DEATH*

Fletcher: *squeals and huggles*

Hughes: I'd take pictures with him! What else? laugh.gif

Envy: I'd follow him around, poking him and hissing, "You bastard! How can you live with yourself??"

Scar: *follows him around, annoying him, but in a friendly way*

Gluttony: You're tubby. *grins and pokes his belly* PILLSBURY!! XD
Fullmetal Fangirl
@Ed: Yo~! Hey, ya know~! That auto-mail weighs ya down heaps and that's why ya all short 'n' stuff, yo~! *pats Ed on the head and runs away*

@Al: It must suck being in that armor thing, ey? Well...*knocks on the armour* It IS cool ya know? cant really...DIE can you? *Grins*

@Roy: Hey, has anyone ever told you you're hott? ...I thought so! Hah! Oh, by the way, those flames are awsome! *points at white gloves*

@Riza: Dude! *pushes Riza into Roy* Ok there! Oh, hey I like your shiny gun too!

@Envy: I hate you *kick*

@Frank Archer: I hate you too *double kick*

@Wrath: They just. keep. COMIN'!

@Winry: *Poke*
hmmm... if i met them

Ed - I'd pull his braid and say somthing like "Wow your shorter in person"
Hughes/Roy -I'd jump'um wink.gif
Armstorng/Al - I'd hug them to affinty and back and tell them how cute the are!
Kitty Cat
Edward: *Squels and Hugs* Hagane No Chibi-san your so uber cute~~~~ (Ties Edward up and throws him Winry

Alphonse: Yo Al! Hug me I'm called Cat! (Yes that's my real name)

Winry: *Plays matchmaker and takes her wrench away*

Roy: *Wears miniskirt, gets him to choose between me and Riza in her military uniform

Riza: Yo sister teach me how to handle a gun.

Envy and Wrath: * Hangs them from tallest point of the IFC Tower, puts a huge bowl full of sharks and crocodiles under them, forces them to drink some poison, holds a rifle and shoots them in the head, throws knifes at their foul excuse of a heart, wets them with petrol oil and uses Mustangs glove to produce fire, locks them in a building and puts a bomb in it, blows them up... (I can go on forever)

Lust and Havoc: *Introduces her to Havoc* Actually Havoc, she's not as bad as she seems although she...

Gluttony: *whispers* Hey you see that guy that looks like a palm tree?Ipromise you, even though you eat him up hell still be there for you to eat. He's delicious so go and eat him...


Greed: Hey Greed I'll like you to punch that kid to death that looks like a skinny killer over there and I'll give you 1,000,000$$

Sloth: Oi Trisha-san! Teach me how to bake potatoes!! *Locks her up in the oven*

Muahaha thats all I can think of now... I'm evil
Well, I'd hug Ed if I met him XD I wouldn't call him short though since I am short myself.... But actually I have no idea what I would do if i met them... sad.gif
Random Person
Ed~Winry~ *stares for a couple of hours from a safe distance* *schemes* la la la la la *turns head to stare at Winry for a couple of hours from a safe distance* *schemes* *then puts devious plot in action to get Ed and Winry together.* You both own me one.

Al~ Wanna go to the kitten farm?

Roy~ Marry Riza, or die! *pours bucket of water of Roy so he is soaked and holds a knife or gun to his head* *I help Roy shop for a Tux the next day*

Riza~You owe me big time.........I get to be a bridesmaid? Hells yeah!

Pinako~How old are you??

Gluttony~ All you can eat Chinese buffet, my treat!

Lust~ Do those shoes every hurt your feet?

Envy~ OMG the funniest thing ever, Up to a week ago I thought you were a girl! *Envy then kills me*

----up in heaven-------

Hughes~ *talk about random things for 2 hours*

Nina and Alexander~ *draw and color*

Trisha Elric~ Its an honor to meet the mother of Ed and Al! BTW, is it true your stew tastes like milk? *Trisha stares at me like im an idiot*

Winry's parents~ My toe has been killing me! Will you give me a check up?

Basque Gran~ Why are you here?

tongue.gif that was fun!
I would ask ed and al if they wanted to stay at my [place for the night.not anything dirty just a place to stay. I would try to get along withed and maybe even become friends, then I would dramatically confess my love for him when it was time for him to go! lol
I LOVE YA, YOU PSYCHO BOMBER! laugh.gif *hugs to death*

Of course, everybody hates your guts! But you still got ME! *hugs*
.....Hey! Where did you go?!

I LOVE YA TOO, YOU PALM TREE! .....But I won't hug you. :\

Pretty PLEASE teach me alchemy, Izumi!

Lets be friends! XD

Ever thought of hooking up with Havoc? I bet he's still devastated after his rejection. tongue.gif

And I thought I had long nails.... ohmy.gif
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