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Full Version: Will You Spoil Yourself?
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For those of us who do not live in Japan and won't get to see the movie in a while, will you view the spoilers or will you wait till the fan sub or dubbed version comes out? (assuming it will be dubbed tongue.gif )

I don't believe any has taken a poll on this.
Ill try not to, but I have no idea how tempted Ill be, b/c I watched the series (dubbed) w/o looking at the spoilers first, but OMG! Its the movie, I MUST KNOW! tongue.gif
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I voted some of them.

I'm trying not to look at too much about the movie but curiosity is getting the better of me. I saw FMA without knowing too much about the series and I kind of liked it that way, I'm trying to do the same about the movie but I'm weak. laugh.gif
Rusty the thunder alchemist
Im not japanese, so I gotta wait till the subbed version comes out, but yeah, because of Ep.51, its so hard not to look at spoilers ._.
i voted some; i'm a sucker for spoilers. i always try to restrain myself, but i can never fully stop myself from reading spoilers. right now i'm debating whether i should watch the movie raw once it's uploaded somewhere, or wait until it's subbed...i'll be able to understand probably a third or so of it raw, but would i rather do that and then get what i missed by watching the subbed version, or just wait and watch it subbed...?
Absolutely. I will be reading any and every spoiler that I can get my hands on (and like a madwoman at that). I am too impatient when it comes to these things.
Of course i will, one think is reading or seeing some screenshots, and another is actually seeing the complete movie, and i LOVE spoilers too^^
No i'll wait to see it myself.
Fullmetal Fangirl
Like, no matter HOW HARD i try, i cant stop myself from spoiling...thats what annoys me but ho well *shrugs*
Lucky Charm
I will wait for the subbed version to be out.
I voted "Yes".

This is the only movie that I've ever had anxiety over - there's probably no way I'll be able to wait until it's actually released ^^;

Is it bad to feel anxiety over an anime?
Omakase Shimasu
I know that if I spoil myself it will be harder to enjoy the movie, but spoiler tags are an evil invention. If I am dead-set on preventing myself from being spoiled I would go on a forum-hiatus which I just can't do anymore. biggrin.gif So I eventually settled for "some of them."
As if I would pass up a chance to spoil myself. tongue.gif I love indulgence every once in a while. Most of the time, I like to know what happens, even if it spoils the surprise.
I am not strong enough to withstand spoilers. biggrin.gif
But I will try to resist, because the spoilers are getting worse...
Nahh, I'm waiting for the fansubs. x3
I will try not to read them, I hate spoilers. It's easy to run into them even when you're trying to be careful, they're everywhere! I don't think that there will be so many about the movie though. At least, not until it comes out in Japan.
I will only spoil myself a little, since I'm going to see it in theaters anyway around November.
If there was an "Are you kidding? Heck YEAH!" i would have picked that one. I cannot wait to read spoilers and see screen shots!! Must have FMA!!
I dont want to wait forever to watch it so i might peek at a few but I dont want to ruin all the surprises. biggrin.gif
I won't read them. I will just wait for the fansub...
I'd view SOME of them... Since I am so curious XD But I'll wait for the Fansubs... I can't wait ._.'''
I'm going to have to avoid all FmA-related boards until I've seen the sub, I think. Because I hatehateHATE spoilers and it only takes one idiot to post them without warning and ruin the whole thing... >_<

I was lucky enough to see the entire series before it got really big, so I got through it all without spoilers. And I want the movie to be the same.... happy.gif;
I accidentally watched screen caps of last episode x.x
Oh well, I didn't care.

But I hate spoilers too.... I hope that movie comes out as fansub soon....
Well, I try to stay out as much as possible.. waiting for the fansub will be hard when it has been released in japan.. knowing me.. I think I can wait to a certain point until my patience runs out tongue.gif
Christallie Kalric
yes to spoilers...
i'm in singapore and there is not fullmetal alchemist except for manga...
doubt there will be the movie here and my mom don't allow me to download movies for internet...

so, any spoilers, pls give/email me if anyone of you know any thing about the movie... thank you
I try to avoid them as much as I can but I end up reading them... X_X
Yeah same here Lyndsie Elric O.O I always end up reading them... x.x
I wonna know when that fansub comes out ><
Yup, I can honestly say that I will have no qualms with spoilers whatsoever. I'm just DYING to know what happens in the movie.

I'll read all spoilers I can find... Its FMA... I just can't wait...! biggrin.gif
I probably would because I like knowing what's going to happen before I actually see it. XD Plus it's too hard NOT to!
I find it hard to spoil myself since all the stories I have heard about the movies are few and far between and those that I am interested in, don't make sense to me I guess I'll just have to wait and see when the movie comes out.
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