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Full Version: Ed Or Al? Who Is Your Favourite?
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I changed the thread title from "Ed or Al? Which Is The Better Character?" to "Ed or Al? Who Is Your Favourite?" because "better" implies a definitive answer and seems too strong a word. smile.gif -Pierrot

i like edward but thats just me who do you like? smile.gif And Why?
I like Scar! smile.gif
foolmetal alchemist
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Alphonse Alchemist
Al I guess
How could you even choose?? It's a toughy but I have to go with Ed.
This question is evil... making people choose from the two tongue.gif. I would say neither, they are worthless without each other in terms of character because you just can't have one without the other(because you know if there was no Al than Edo wouldn't be who he is and vice versa). If your playing favorites than I like Edo more, Al is third place after Roy.
Yeah, I agree. They would be completely different if they didn't have each other.
Lucky Charm
These brothers can never be torn apart! That is why I adore their brotherly bond! If one of them dissapear, the other goes after looking for him (could be Al or Ed). They will do anything to find each other even if it means risking their lives. They are the only family (if you can put it in that way) they have left. GOD I LOVE THESE BROTHERS! laugh.gif You can say I like both of them.
I prefer Ed but I agree with everyone else, the show wouldn't have a point if they didn't both exist...
Al! He is so sweet and he loves kittens! wub.gif
Diamond Ice
Out of favorites, it has to be Ed. But everyone does have a point. The two brothers need each other.

If Al wasn't there, who will be able to calm Ed down and give reason? And stop him before killing somebody who will associate anything with the word, 'short'. Like Al said in one ep, he'll be a jerk.

If Ed wasn't there, Al will be quite naive and won't take things as seriously. He's polite, and we need a personality like Ed's for him to get through what's ahead of them. Also, Ed has more understanding, I think. I mean, Al's whole armor will be full of kittens if Ed didn't put some strict code.

They balance the other out.

Basically, without the brothers, there isn't a anime or manga. Full Metal Alchemist will never exist. Period.

This is very hard. *sniffs* How...can you make me decide something like this?

But ya, it's Ed.
I like Al best he's my favriot carictor beacuse he just wants to be normal.
I like Al better because he's the more level-headed one of the group. happy.gif

Hagane no Renzy
Alphonse!! Because...well, who wouldn't want to be in his company? lol (I know I wouldn't wanna be in Ed's....too arguable)
Besides Riza itd be Al Elric
This one is so very easy for me, EDWARD, of course! =D
And i would absolutely LOVE to be in Ed's company...but let's not go there *nose bleed* XDD
ALPHONSE! >.> <.< He is just so wise, kind, and not to mention, CUUUUTE! *him in the bg: Oh man, not another rabid fangirl* -gigglesnort-
I'd ave to pick Ed... because... Well... he's hot and I like to argue with people! ^-^
icy dragon
edo! all the way, i just love him
I think there both fantastic characters, so in my oppinion, it's a tie.
Ed is a more well-rounded character. Alphonse is a bit too nice to -I find characters with some personality flaws more believable, and Ed certainly has some issues! laugh.gif

But there is not much between them, which is hardly surprising. At it's core, FMA is a series of deeply brotherly love, so the two brothers have more time devoted to building their personalities than anyone else.
If I had to choose Al. But ehres my list
1. Roy
2. Scar
3. Hughes
4. Al
5. Izumi
Hard to say... Ed is really funny when he's angered when someone mentions his lack of length. Plus, he's a quite good fighter. But Al is good too, his kindness seems to melt many hearts. Personally, I think that Al deserves a kitten. smile.gif

SIGH...So many decisions...but it has to be Al, actually.
Gaah, it'd have to be Alphonse. I have many reasons for this choice, many of which I won't list because I'm sure people have better things to do than read a fan's rant. (Then again, we're all fans so, yeah.. o_O).

Without going into detail unless asked or whatnot, I'd have to say Alphonse.
Ed is cooler than Al na no da
wow, that's a pretty deep discussion. but here goes,

ed and al are really great characters, in terms of the author's development. Hiromu did an excellent job at crafting them. they are deep realistic and believable people (a hard task, it shows she is a good writer).

ed is a hot tempered, action ready person, who suffers from resentment and anger. but despite the seemingly negative elements, he is a good natured young man and has the desire to do good to his fellow man, the most important characteristic one should have (except love for God, which is ed's greatest flaw).

al is almost the exact opposite of ed in terms of temperment. his is more passive in general, but when there is need for action he is willing to defend and help other. he is most definitely far more innocent and naive than ed, with a great heart. like ed he desires to do good to his fellow man, probably more so than his brother.

i think in terms of character and morality--in knowing and doing right and wrong--i'd say ed is the better person (in episode one, this is shown in al's openness and compassion toward rose's faith, while ed cynically criticizes it). however, when it comes to a character who is believable and can be easily related to by the viewer, and portrays the great element of change and growth, it would be ed (as shown when the boys meet dr. marcoh, ed says himself he had grown up and refused to snatch marcoh's red stone, saying he needed it to heal the towns people).

but in my own opinion, i'd choose ed. he's just so darn cool!
QUOTE(adamclark @ Jul 31 2005, 12:53 AM)
wow, that's a pretty deep discussion.  but here goes,

al is almost the exact opposite of ed in terms of temperment.  his is more passive in general, but when there is need for action he is willing to defend and help other.  he is most definitely far more innocent and naive than ed, with a great heart.  like ed he desires to do good to his fellow man, probably more so than his brother.


Why would you call Al naive? I think he knows quite a bit about the world and i consider him wise.

o and like Lyndsie_Elric says i like to argue biggrin.gif
Ed cause Al sounds like a 10 year old.
I love them both the same: they compliment each other too well.
Edward is the hot head, Alphonse is the only real person who can tie him down and make him listen to reason. Ed is the one that takes action and Al is always the one to support him....They're a perfect fit as a wole (don't get any ideas here people) and I just can't choose between them.
if AL and ED is a team, there a team so u can't split them up! both is my opinion

IPB Image
Alchemist Adiktus Alexuna
For me is ed and al... it depends at the action of each character. smile.gif
I can;t choose, they both look hot.
I LOVE Edward
im going with ed because he has more humor in him
Vivian Remora
I love them both alot. But, I'd have to go with Al, since he reminds me of myself at times! happy.gif
Ed, cause he is cute when u piss him off. laugh.gif
ed the coolest of the brothers, but al does hav his moments.
They're both awesome, but I have to admit, I'm more of an Al fan. He's often underappreciated, because of all the attention Ed gets...
*gasp* Are you callin' Ed an attention whore? O_o

(LOL! JK!)

...But now that I think of it, maybe Ed IS an attention whore. O_O;;;
lol! It's true though! Ed always gets most of the attention because he's always freaking out about something or plotting something, and poor Al always has to calm him down before he kills someone. So yes, I'm calling Ed an attention whore! tongue.gif
QUOTE(Mikage_Elric @ Aug 28 2005, 04:44 PM) [snapback]265994[/snapback]

I can;t choose, they both look hot.

I would have to agree. biggrin.gif
I meen they are both hot and uhhhhh animegarden are making me choose for thier wedding garden thingie.

hai. that is cruel. >.>
<.< any ideas guys?

My favorite characters are Maes Hughes, Pride, Wrath, Edward, and Alphonse. I couldn't help but throw some Sins into the mix.
Shane -Biggest FMA-
Ed, no apparent reason. I just like him cause he's cool and a kick ass fighter for someon in their teens.
When they are younger I prefer Al just cause of his gentle nature.
When they are older i prefer Ed because of how determined he is to help Al get his body back.
ed is the winner there, al is big but ed is funnier
ed's numbuh 1 fan

but i like Aru too but when i first got into the anime i got he game first and i looked in the characters and i saw Alphonse,i did'nt know who he was and i just knew i was'nt going to like him because i thouhgt he was going to be some macho man.But then i started the game and played it awille and got the anime and i thought he was the cutest thing!!:wub:(next to Ed of course tongue.gif ) and i too think he's cute and it's true what someone else said: they need to balance themseles out and it's almost like one has something the other dosen't like Edo is hott headed and "short XD" tempered andd Aru could'nt be that way if he tried,Aru is tal and Edo...well is'nt XD XD(GRAHHHH DON'T HURT MEEEEE) XD XD XP XP

Edward is the Comic relief and Alphonse is like a shy lil boy.

I can't pick which one
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