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Full Version: Petshop of Horrors, New Petshop of Horrors (Petshop of Horrors - Tokyo)
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Omakase Shimasu
Anyone heard about and/or read this fabulous horror/humor manga? smile.gif
It's everything a good story needs. Mystery, humor, suspense, drama, horror, an androgynous Count managing Chinatown's shady Petshop and a bad-ass LA cop who's always the first to grab the chance to "bust D's ass". *__*
It never ceazes to amaze me how the mangaka comes up with these lugubrious tales of hers. Not to mention the shameless innuendo between our two male lead characters. At least.. I think the mangaka's a her.. O___O

(Source: MangaFox)

Years of Released: 1995
Status: Completed
Author: Akino Matsuri
Artist: Akino Matsuri
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-fi

A Japanese horror manga created by Matsuri Akino. The series focuses on the eccentric Count D, proprietor of a mysterious pet shop located in the heart of Chinatown, and the numerous patrons who visit his shop.

Details: Count D is the mysterious caretaker of an exotic pet shop in Chinatown. Each pet purchased from the shop comes with a contract with three major points. These points differ for each animal sold, and breaking this contract usually results in dire (and sometimes disturbing) consequences for the buyer, for which the pet shop claims no liability.

Individual chapters of Pet Shop of Horrors are often based on these consequences, and are each written as a stand-alone story, usually introducing one or more new characters in each chapter. With the exception of the main characters and their families, it is rare for a character to carry over to a later chapter, providing the series with a very episodic nature.

The detective Leon Orcot is used to tie the chapters together into an ongoing plot, usually in the form of a subplot within each chapter. Initially he suspects Count D of malicious criminal activity and using the pet shop as a front for drug trafficking. As the series progresses, he learns more about the pet shop and Count D himself, entering into a strange friendship of sorts with the Count as he works to uncover the truth.

A sequel is in the works to by released in the USA by Febuary 2008. TOKYOPOP has acquired the rights to this sequel and will call it "Pet Shop of Horrors-Tokyo"


(Source: MangaFox)

Years of Released: 2006
Status: Ongoing, New Petshop of Horrors 7 is coming next...
Author: Akino Matsuri
Artist: Akino Matsuri
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-fi, Supernatural

For those who haven't read Petshop of Horrors, Count D's Petshop is a place where one can find animals from the most ordinary housepets to savage predators to mystical beasts that should belong only in legends. Customers often find that their new pets change their lives more than they expect, fulfilling their dreams, or realizing their nightmares.

I've seen it! I have books 1 to 8. Its awesome! I like Ten-chan, Tet-chan and Honlon.
Omakase Shimasu
You've read 1-8?? ...heh, I thought PoH only had 7 volumes. biggrin.gif But you read them, the first reader! Only.. you aren't registered.

OT: I demand you do, if you want to hold a civil conversation with me about this. tongue.gif
Pet Shop of Horrors has 10 books and an anime series to go with it. How far have you read?
Omakase Shimasu
Oh, you joined! biggrin.gif;; Sorry for not replying earlier. Couldn't get on the forum for a while.

I've read up to volume 4 which really isn't much. sad.gif But then again I live in the Netherlands where it's hard to get your daily dosis of anime/manga. *big sigh* *__* But it's such a great series...

OT: I've also seen the 4-part OAV anime. XD I love D's seiyuu. Very sexy.
@Omakase Shimasu- is it, a "Shounen-ai" thingy that you like so much?
I think there is implied yaoi, but I'm not really sure as I haven't had a chance to pick the manga up. Its ten books?! wow.
I just love the artwork and the different stories.

Ferly Caroline
(Woo! My first post here ever!)
I adore Pet Shop- it's hilarious and discomforting by turns. Thank god Tokyopop is being regular in their release schedule. *_*
It doesn't seem like D cares enough about people to fall in love with anyone, man or woman.

OT: I haven't seen the OVAs yet. Are they worth buying?
Omakase Shimasu
biggrin.gif Wow, all of a sudden this thread's "bombarded" with interest.

@Blahblah: Like dreamcatcher said, it's only implied. ^_~ But it makes for hilarious situations.
Btw, you can find it on TokyoPop's site if you don't mind buying online

@Ferfy Caroline: I don't even think he has a sex what with him being what he is. biggrin.gif
But I will always believe he began to thaw at the end. X3 (Chris &) Leon helped a great deal, of course.

OT: As for the OAVs, they're almost exactly like the chapters from the volumes, storyline wise. So if you don't have any problems with seeing instead of reading those chapters... smile.gif Your choice. I presonally love the OAVs (although it's more centered around horror and mystery - barely showing the humorous side), D's seiyuu makes me melt. *__* Toshihiko (??) Seki.

Btw, Ferfy Caroline welcome to the forum - enjoy your stay! biggrin.gif
RoyxRiza BigFan
Count D looks like Jrock star @W@
Omakase Shimasu
QUOTE (RoyxRiza BigFan @ Oct 24 2004, 12:03 PM) *
Count D looks like Jrock star @W@

laugh.gif You mean to say all J-rock stars are androgynous? Hmm, you've got a point. X3
They're all hot. And have sharp claws. *___*
He's my idol.
love petshop of horror~~ eeek! count d is soo cool!
manga really was great! loved it!
i think the mangaka is drawing a new serie right now, not very sure though

OT: i don't think they have enough anime >__< only few episodes, i was just having the time and it ended booo~
Omakase Shimasu
A new series? You mean new as in really new or a follow-up of PoH?

T_T The ending's really... open and sad. Hate it when that happens. >__>

Yesh, Count D's cool beyond words. My first experience with Petshop of Horrors was through fanfiction, so I had no idea Count D could be so... cute. ph34r.gif
Honestly, that wo/man's got like eighty different personalities/masks. And he likes to switch just like that. !! *snaps fingers* The humor's fabulous, it surprisingly goes well with the horror theme. cool.gif
Does anyone know what D is?
People say he's a kami, in other words, a god.
He has a sister, who died in the same chapter she came in, which is a shame. She's like the female version of him, and Count D actually is a he. She's just like D . . . with boobs. And she's so cute! I can't wait for the last two books to be released.
I wanna see what happens to D.
Does anyone like Ten-chan? *waves* I do!
Omakase Shimasu
laugh.gif I only call him a wo/man because he's androgynous and since everybody says he doesn't have a sex... like an Angel. biggrin.gif

You don't know what's going to happen at the end? sad.gif Poor thing. I didn't really like the end cuz it's sad and open. Although it gives the reader/writer quite a time imagining and making up a sequel. *___* Poor Leon though...

I like Ten-chan, too. laugh.gif He and Leon's antics are just too cute. Anybody like Chris?
Damien, D is actually some form of vampire-spirit/vampire-demi god from what I've been told.

I want to pick up the manga so badly! that's on my list for down at neko-con, if I can't find the FMA stuff I want.
Anyone can be bothered to tell me how it ends?
Also, I've just gotten book 9. D's father ish cool . . . It also has a kiddy picture of D. Apparently, his 'sister' is just a monkey sent by D's daddy.
Omakase Shimasu
D's father's very cool, indeed! laugh.gif If you think D's cool, everybody in his family is cool, wouldn't you say?

The manga's ending's very unexpected though, at least it was to me. T_T I didn't like it...
OK, I did like it, but I always hate endings that aren't happy.

OT: The anime is actually four episodes following four different Petshop cases. biggrin.gif The episodes are as follows:

Episode 1: Daughter (from the first volume, I think, with the rabbits)
Episode 2: Delicious (the one with the mermaid from Volume 2 or 3?)

Episode 3: Despair (with Robin Hendrix and Medusa from the first Volume)
Episode 4: Dual (the one about the legend, I haven't read that one yet so it's somewhere in Volume 4 till the end)

So you see, they're all chapters from the volumes but don't really follow the manga. biggrin.gif;;

I just completed my collection.... meaning that I am now the proud owner of the entire anime and all ten mangas! Which is completely awesome!
Omakase Shimasu
Conratulations! biggrin.gif

Man, I still need to buy me those last 6 volumes... -__- *sigh* That's gonna take me a while, I figure...

Anyway, have you seen and read everything yet? smile.gif
hello all PSoH lovers! i enjoy Petshop immensely, and though the ending was sad, i am growing to like it as i think about it further.

anyway, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. also, D isn't a vampire anything, it says so in volume 10. a lot of people thought that for a while until volume 10, and i wondered myself about it.

OT: i'm glad that they didn't continue the OVA series, because i found that they simply took out a lot of what Petshop was about. they lost the humor and the fun of the manga, and just turned it into a horror anime. there are better straight horror animes out there.
Hello hello. I love Petshop of Horrors^_^. I've read up to 9 and I can't wait to get the last one.
Ten-chan is so cute, and D is way awsome. Its probably one of the better Manga's out there.

At the beganing of the series, The pets always had rules that the owners had to follow.
But later in the series they just forget about the rules, so I don't think that was very well thought out. But its great other than that.
alchemistgirl zero
I've read the manga. I like the rabbit one with the little girl. It really freaked me out. happy.gif;; Probably because I love horror so much.
Arg! I just finished reading Petshop of horrors, and I don't get it!
The ending confused me so much! Anyone care to explain it to me?
Are the two at the end D and Chris?

ETA: Feb 4
Meep. Sorry. Well, my friend told me about the end, so I don't need any help acutally. Yay for friends!
Oh yea, and he is NOT a vampire for those of you who are wondering.
Yup. Tokyopop licensed it. All ten volumes are available.

BTW, Petshop of Horrors is AWESOME!!!

I think they have a NEW Petshop of Horrors manga series...? Not too sure about this one... Sorry. ^^;
Water Achemist
I've read the first two volumes. Some parts were....disturbing, but I still liked it.
I absolutly love this manga, I own all 10 volumes.

The end of book 10 was a little confusing I had to read it 2 times in order to understand everything fully. Actually it was more like.
"Wait did that just happen....Let me check.....Still says the same thing....Let me check again....."

OT: I've recently been looking into buying the anime series off ebay or amazon, though I heard it didn't do the manga justice.... Anbody know if that's true?
Omakase Shimasu
QUOTE (lialiakicks @ Jun 25 2005, 12:06 AM) *
I think they have a NEW Petshop of Horrors manga series...? Not too sure about this one... Sorry. ^^;

I do know there's a manga out there that kinda takes after Petshop of Horrors (read: Count D-look-alike) but it's done by a completely different mangaka. =) Maybe it's worth checking out though.

<Note: The new series IS done by the SAME artist>

I've recently been looking into buying the anime series off ebay or amazon, though I heard it didn't do the manga justice.... Anbody know if that's true?

In my opinion, the anime takes a more serious approach to the stories found in the manga. No chibies, hardly any gags, etc. But considering there are only four episodes, I didn't think it was that bad. Plus, they didn't have much time to work with either. Seiyuu and OP are great though. biggrin.gif
I just finished reading this some time ago... and yeah it became one of my faves pretty quickly.
I was really enthralled by the dark and surprisingly deep stories and really liked rereading them.
The developing relationship between D and Leon was also a plus (and I see it in a certain way...
They so acted like a married couple at times. laugh.gif)

The series had a kind of beautiful and depressing feeling that got to me at times and a few stories were nicely complicated so I neer was quite sure if i had grsped te point. tongue.gif

Yeah, I wasn't too thrilled with the ending though.. I suppose I sort of understand it, but quite a few events are left in the dark... I wished to have known more.

I've seen the OVA too.. I suppose it's okay if one hasn't read the manga and is probably something that would spark some interest (to readf the manmga), but I didn't really see it offer anything new.. Although it was nice to see the characters animated and hear their voices wink.gif:
Omakase Shimasu
Yay, Kihaku's joined the Petshop gang! *__*

QUOTE (Ki-chan)
The developing releationship between D and Leon was also a plus (and I see it in a certain way... They so acted like a married couple at times.

I couldn't have said it better. biggrin.gif It warrants two definite emphasized plusses in my book.
Two plusses? wink.gif (hah and glad you agree with me wink.gif I just loved the fact how at times they (including Chris) seemed to be like a family.. eg. when they went to the beach. It was so funny and cute wink.gif.)

For me.. there could still be a few plusses.. being an animal lover and a people hater I felt possibly more touched (and didn't quite hate all the people in question tongue.gif).. and that D happens to be my favourite letter (yes, I have one of those. tongue.gif )
... although the slashiness is still the biggest plus. tongue.gif
Omakase Shimasu
But dear Kihaku, how could I not agree? The interaction between the characters was basically the first thing that drew me in. That and the Count himself, the mystery surrounding him and his Petshop and his looks (yes, so very shallow)... *-*

And it was hard for me to dislike any characters, because they were written in such a... 'way', you know? I loved all the animals, my favorite was the military dog from the first volume, I think? The guard dog, with a chip taken out of his ear. ^-^

Leon x D = <3
Uh... I have to admit that the interaction was what drew me to it too..
I guess I paired Leon and D amost immediately. (I like DxLeon though.. although I guess it could go both ways..)
... but the strories really got me hooked.

Hm... while D is an interesting personality I'm more a fan of Leon.
He should be a annoying moron, but because of the way he is portrayed I can't help but like him. wink.gif

And yeah.. possibly because of what you mentioned I don't dislike any character either.
Sure... I wouldn't like most as actual people, but they're really interesting and have an important part to play in each story.
Hm... my favourite animal would be Dorothy.. the black cat(?). I really admired her attitude.
And I really adore Testu even though he's man eater tongue.gif and Pon (since she's so cute wink.gif)
Omakase Shimasu
@Kihaku: D x Leon? There exists such a thing?? tongue.gif I should've known you'd go for the opposite again. I guess I didn't really take it into consideration because D's just too feminine. That did me in, huh?

Pon-chan is adorable. *-* And who wouldn't want Tet-chan as their pet? XD

@Dark: A convention?? And you're going to cosplay as a character from Petshop? *__* I must see.

I was thinking about going to Abunai next year, and am pretty sure I'm going to crossplay (and afterwards crossdress, because I can XD), but the character I'm not sure about yet. >__> And time flies by regardless of fun or not.
DxLeon does exist... I read even fanfiction on it (I think tongue.gif)....
Actually this is one of those pairings I see either way. heh.. and my favourites are usually seme... so I should think of Leon as one...
His character kind of fits it too, mentally and physically, but D seems to be the guy who's otherwise in control... so even if he's the uke, he'd actually be the seme in disguise. tongue.gif (Who says females/feminine guys can't be seme anyway? tongue.gif)

Heh.. wouldn't want Tet-chan as a pet.. hed probably eat me... Can't have that. tongue.gif but if he didn't.. then yeah wink.gif.
I've read it. I was addicted to the manga. It was fabulous to say the least. I recommand it to those who haven't read it. smile.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Have any of you seen and/or read the New Pet Shop of Horrors / Shin Pet Shop of Horrors yet? It's good, but totally unexpected! Scanlations can still be found on the net, since it hasn't been licensed yet. Definitely worth a check. ; ]
So the rumours of a sequel are true after all??? *jumps up and down*. I really, really have to check this out then! Unexpected.. hmm....(don't know if that's a good or bad thing..)
Omakase Shimasu
Kihaku, my sweet! It's been so long! <3 Now h\this is what you call unexpected. biggrin.gif
I thought you'd exchanged the forums for livejournal? Ah well, great to see you still visitate every so often.

As for the scanations, since this group is nice enough to stop making scans when their project gets licensed, I'll just help along with the search: Night Exile

And well, I don't know whether or not it'sa good or bad thing. I don't really think it is, aside from Leon and all... but that's me. I like the new guy. XD He's such a dork!
Hiya! Good that you haven't left either! biggrin.gif
No.. I'm just actually so busy/lazy that I can't do anything.. then I unexpectedly had some extra time and felt a certain urge to check what was going on here...

Thanks for the link! But they didn't work though... well maybe they'll be up soon...

*highlights spoiler*

Does that mean Leon's not around anymore??? Nooo.... *dies*
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