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Full Version: Which Is Your Favorite Forum Here?
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Among the public discussion boards here in, which is your favorite?

Mine is the FMA Characters Discussion board. Why? The FMA characters are so cool biggrin.gif
Open chat, just because it's one of the most active discussion boards, and not all topics are completely pointless.
spam: 2 forums that take the least time to post: word assoc. and last letter game =)
u gotta love the spam section
Open Chat, where i spend most of my time. biggrin.gif it's got a lot more substance than SC, in which most of the topics are almost pointless, and OC is pretty active. some pretty interesting topics come up in OC, too. smile.gif

my least favorites are the FMA anime section (the american audience subforum in particular), character discussion (every now and then), and the fanworks section. part of it has to do with the amount of modding the sections call for, though.
sc then oc and cd
foolmetal alchemist
I like the Fanworks section the most. I love to see how cretive the writers of this website are. I also like to see the fanart.
I suppose my favorite it probably Open Chat. I agree with what ninja-san says, there are so many fun threads in that sectiont~

General Music would be second, as the karaoke thread there is a big highlight...

Well...character discussion used to be my favorite...but it'd been mostly degraded into frivolous topics and obsessive character worshipping/hating...sleep.gif
foolmetal alchemist
Yeah, especially after that Ed, Roy turn on thread was started......ew.
I couldn't decide but I did anyway. So I chose Open Chat. I never go on Spam Central for some reason
1-Spam Central
2-Open Chat
3-General Music
4-General Anime

i now it was just one, but what a heck...
my new favorite is Open Chat
Open chat is prolly the best cuz there's lots of crazy people here XD
I love Spam Central, with the Fanworks sections coming a close second and Open Chat in third.
I would have to say that Fanworks is my fave. Specifically the Fanfic section.

I love reading everyone's fanfics, tho some of them make me a little nautious coz of how the writer decided to portray the characters.

My second favorite would have to be Open Chat coz I love my forum family ^^
Hmm.. I don't really post that much anymore.. I voted general anime since I doubt I'll lose interest in that biggrin.gif
Hmm.. It used to be character discussion.. but I can't remember the time I last posted there..
I never visited the game section.. welll since I don't play computer games, and didn't really fancy spam central either. *shrugs* I find both pointless from my point of view .. tongue.gif
I enjoy Open Chat the most. It's got the most interesting topics, and the Queendom is there (though it's not as active as it used to be).

I try not to wander into the FMA Anime sections now, unless I am doing mod work. I used to like it there, but now that it's been taken over by n00bs, I get irritated by it. biggrin.gif
Open Chat is probably what I frequent the most. I used to frequent Spam Central, but not so much anymore. It's just gotten too pointless, but every once in a while something interesting comes up there.
I would say anime cool.gif
i like Open Chat
thats where i first posted T.T (happy days ^^)
NEW FAVORITE!! Spam central crazy stuff goes on there everyday!
Le Monkey
Omakase Shimasu
I'm joining the majority (for now): Open Chat it is.

Like Quistis, I'm beginning to get kind of edgy in most sections containing the words Full Metal Alchemist. tongue.gif
Spam Central. cuz I get to spam. also cuz them games are there.
I like open chat.*Picks nose*o.O
spam central because of all the cool games there
Water Achemist
Open Chat because...Just because......
ed's numbuh 1 fan
spam cetral all the way! smile.gif
Anime chats
i think that music (music is the thing that i like more in this world)
Mrs. Edward Elric
I voted for spam because I totall love the randomness biggrin.gif .

"I spam, you spam, lets hug!" --anonymous
spam central (lol)

(I wanna hug)
Mrs. Edward Elric
*Hugs Aog* I spam, you spam, high five! biggrin.gif
Riza Babe
Fanworks!! I love people's Fanart and fanfics!!!
QUOTE(Riza Babe @ Sep 3 2005, 10:44 AM)
Fanworks!! I love people's Fanart and fanfics!!!

i agree with you also the misic forum
Le Monkey
I like Open chat the most./.. But SC is so aluring.. ph34r.gif
Spam Central, because it usually gives me something to do xP
Spam Central tongue.gif
Smoke Alchemist
Spam central...tis spamerific!
spam central 4tw!!!
Sleeping Forest
spam central!!

half of my posts are in there...
I like them all, but I seem to post more in Characters Discussion forum. happy.gif
Spam central because I love the games.
My favorite is Spam Centeral...the games rock.
Spam Central! wink.gif
Me likes the games!! laugh.gif
Character disscussion,
Open chat,
FMA manga,
FMA anime.

I really don't care about Spam Zone.I have one on another forum thats like it mixed with open chat which is suited to me for spamming.

I love this place though biggrin.gif
Spam Central tongue.gif
Lone Wolf
Umm... the games forum's great, but I also like the spam forum for its craziness! biggrin.gif
Le Monkey
OC and Debates! biggrin.gif
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