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Full Version: Chrno Crusade (Chrono Crusade in U.S. version)
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foolmetal alchemist
Does anyone read this manga?
Also, does anyone know how many volumes there will be in total?

(Source: wiki Chrono Crusade)
This manga was originally published by Kadokawa Shoten in Dragon Magazine which began serialization in November 1998.
The series was released in North America by ADV Manga, titled Chrono Crusade.
Set in the United States during the 1920s, Chrono Crusade follows the story of Rosette Christopher, and her demon partner Chrono. As members of the Magdalene Order, they travel around the country eliminating demonic threats to society, while Rosette searches for her lost brother Joshua.

Genre: Action-Adventure, Drama, Romance
Author & Artist: Daisuke Moriyama
Published by: Japan Kadokawa Shoten
English publisher: United States, Canada: ADV Manga Singapore: Chuang Yi
Australia New Zealand Madman Entertainment
Demographic: Shōnen
Magazine: Comic Dragon, Dragon Age
Status: Completed
Original run: November 1998 June 2004
Volumes: 8


I read the first volume of manga in a bookstore a while seems pretty interesting and the art is decent.
(Chrono's character design seems a lot like a black-haired Ed tongue.gif)
I'd like to have a chance to finish reading the manga and watch the anime as well (which I heard was extremely tragic...). rolleyes.gif
i read the manga... i think its better and more original than anime
I am reading the manga! I just got vol. 5 yesterday!! I really like it.
Does anyone know how long the manga is? How many vols. it goes to?
I love Rosette! She's so funny and she's pretty tragic too.
Celestial Shadow
8 Volumes I believe.
I love this manga so much, but not the anime. ^^;
The manga is better than the anime, the characters are more complex and it's not really as cliche as other manga out there.

But yes, this is my second favorite...FMA still takes first...(Maybe that's why I wrote that crossover fic...XD)
Yeah i have the first 2 volumes and i have to admit its pretty good! smile.gif
I saw a few also, I just didn't get them at the time. It's a good manga though.
Did you know that the manga has a better ending than the anime?

I'm borrowing Chrno Crusade from my friends, and reading some she doesn't have in Borders. biggrin.gif Nothing gets better than free.
I LOVE THIS SERIES! Both anime(seen it all) and manga(read up to vol. 5) I my fav. next to FM!
Yay! I just got (and read) vol. 6 yesterday!!
Soo good! Can't wait for the next vol.!!
I love Chrno Crusade. I haven't watched the anime...but I HAVE read volumes 1-2 of the manga. I like it.
That seris rocks. tongue.gif I wanted to see what the fuss was about it was after going to Otakon and I totally love it.
i cried at the end it was tragic

i got volume 1,2,4,5,6
and gospels 4,7

5 more animes and three more books to complete the colection yay it took me ages but finally almost there

i just have to get 3, 7 and 8 to complete it
Kal Rommel
Chrono Crusade was like...awesome. I've been waiting here in the U.S. for like...5 months for volumes 7 and 8 to come out.
I had to order 7 offline...and I bought it in an hour...and ended up very depressed.
It was a depressing manga...I only watched the first DVD to the anime. I think I like the manga a bit better....but the anime could be just as good, I dunno^^;;
All in all, it was great.
I've watched all the anime and own all the manga. I like how they changed it in the anime, not because i like that ending better but because you come to expect something and Bam! its totally different and thats what i like. I'm glad that there are a lot more people who appreciate Chrono Crusade *grins* i really really am cause i love it to peices.
What caught my eye about this series was the manga's artwork wub.gif
So far I've only read up to a bit of volume 3 T___T
Great, now I feel like going all the way to Kinokuniya just to find out what happens next T__T <offtopic> and buy FMA!!!! </offtopic>
So it's 8 volumes,so that means I only have 4 out of 8.happy.gif
sad.gif This anime/manga soo sad !!It turned out really badly !it's a happy ending but well !!Rosette and Chrno shouldn't DIEE !!I cried when i saw the last episode !
The two of them... dying... man it's sad !
I really like both, the manga and the anime. They are funny.
Oh I love this manga!! It's my second favorite (after Fullmetal Alchemist of course wink.gif )
This one is the only one I've ever cried to. EVER! My favorite character is Satella! Haha, she's the only one left you suckersss!! xD *points at Rosette, Joshua, Azmaria etc and laughs*
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