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Full Version: Any Anime Made You Cry?
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hmm, i cry a lot. the ones that really got me were FMA 25 (roy's "ame ga futtekita na" was just so...;__;), the last episode of Chrno Crusade, and Hikaru no Go 70 or 71. i've sniffled and blinked my way through tons of other episodes, though, including sappy moments in Pokemon...
Aww come on Pokeman? I feel like slapping the s*** out of some of you! And I thought you were a tough cookie, Ninja! Oh well, I guess there's just something wrong with ME, not any of you!
Tenchi Muyo
Saturn Stars
I think I cried in ROD... when you thought the maggie was dead and anita was beside herself
I cried during numerous episodes of Hagaren especially the episode with Nina, Maes Farewell Ceremoney, and the Final episode. However, I love how Hiromu's writing is not over the top sappy though. There are these little moments in Hagaren that just make you sit back with your jaw droping. It takes a lot to make me cry, but the emotions of Hiromu's characters are just so great.
Elegy of Wind and Water from Rurouni Kenshin was simply beautiful. It got me all teary eyed to see Kenshin find happiness at last. I really enjoyed it because the episode hardly contained any spoken words but rather really nice images.
Gosh.. there's too many to remember.. the times that stick out most are:

The last two episodes of Fruits Basket
Episode 19 of Naruto with Zabuza and Haku..
Episode 7 (I think) of FMA with Nina..
The last episode of Chobits for some reason..
Episode of Trigun where wolfwood dies
Gaara's whole backround story
Episode of Naruto where Chouji dies
Episode 51 & 25 from FMA

I was thinking something like this in 25: HUGHES!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! omg.. he's still alive *heart thumps* not dead.... he can't be dead........ he's dead... sad.gif crap!

The episode with Tachikoma & the little girl looking for her lost dog in GITS sad.gif
Random Person
I've cried durning:

FullMetal Alchemist-When Hughes and Nina died. I also got teary eyed durning episode 24, near the end.

Naruto-I cried durning the whole bridge fight with Haku and Zabuza, from when Sasuke got hurt, all the way till they named the bridge.

Pokemon-I cried when Ash and Butterfri(SP?) seperated ways. I dont know why.
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Jun 18 2005, 06:23 AM)
QUOTE(What @ no bacon?,Jun 17 2005, 11:31 PM)
Elfen Lied made me bawl like a little girl a few times.

I only got a little teary in the last episode before the timed detonation.

It was mostly Mayu's backstory, and the flashback to Lucy in elementary school [with those little pricks murdering an innocent puppy] that got to me. Humans are so cruel...
QUOTE(What @ no bacon?,Jun 21 2005, 10:09 PM)
It was mostly Mayu's backstory, and the flashback to Lucy in elementary school [with those little pricks murdering an innocent puppy] that got to me. Humans are so cruel...

Humans are quite cruel, yes. And I see how the puppy one would have gotten to you. It made me sad, but didn't make me cry or anything, as I've never had the fortune to own a dog of any sort.
Oh great, Full Moon wo Sagashite just made me cry.
Celestial Shadow
QUOTE(edsgirl @ Jun 21 2005, 01:46 AM)
Aww come on Pokeman? I feel like slapping the s*** out of some of you! And I thought you were a tough cookie, Ninja! Oh well, I guess there's just something wrong with ME, not any of you!

Well I got teary during some of the movies. I have to say I never really cry during anime, just a few tears, but after Hughes died I did really cry ._. I bet I'll cry like a little girl during the last few episodes of FMA also, soon as I finish the subs.
^i didn't tear up at the end of FMA as much as when Hughes died. i was just, really really really depressed. and i mean like, depressed for an entire week.
Celestial Shadow
I think I understand what you mean. I didn't cry when he was killed but at the funeral...yeah...and then I was depressed for the rest of the day and the next day. Pretty sad, huh?
I think almost everyone was sad when Hughes died.

I got teary while watching episode 15 of Witch Hunter Robin.
QUOTE(edsgirl @ Jun 20 2005, 10:46 PM)
Aww come on Pokeman? I feel like slapping the s*** out of some of you! And I thought you were a tough cookie, Ninja! Oh well, I guess there's just something wrong with ME, not any of you!

Heh.. I did mention that it's kind of embarrassing laugh.gif .
I tried to hold back tears because I refused to cry watching Pokémon... Didn't always work. tongue.gif
Carnal Malefactor
Grave of the Fireflies will make any grown man break down like a little girl.
Hm...I actually didn't cry when I saw that...I sort of teared up a little though...
Haldir of Lorien
I gotta a whole list of Anime's that made me cry .

Wolf's rain,
Spririted Away
Wolf's Rain
Ghost in the Shell-Stand Alone complex
Wolf's Rain,
and Case Closed......

Did I mention Wolf's Rain?
Well, I must admit lately I've been crying thanks to many animes XD
Here's my lil list:

- FMA = ep 25 OF COURSE!! [SPOILER]I was going "No, hughes isn't dead.. nah, it's just a trick... he CAN'T be dead!!! oh wait... he IS dead!!! :´´´´´´´´´(((((( and then Elysia starts with the whole "Daddy said he had lots of work to do, don't bury him!" and I was far gone by then, even worse when even Roy-sama said the rain line... :´´´((([/SPOILER] Also on ep 50 [spoiler]when I though Ed was dead. I kept thinking "he's the main character, he CAN'T DIE!! then remembered that other shows have killed the main char.. and cried XD[/spoiler] and technically all episode 51. Then, since I'm a masochistic with my heart, I downloaded the Reflections FMA special and just cried the entire thing from beginning to end. They are cruel, they had Bratja as BGM for so long! (and the damn fansub had the translation for the lyrics, so it just teared me up :´( )
- Fruits Basket = Pff, too many times to count XD let's see (in no particular order) : Hatori's story, Momiji's story (why oh why must HE suffer so much?!?!!!), the New Year's Eve thing, when Tohru goes back to Shigure's house, the most foolish traveler in the world, Kisa's story, and of course the entire last two episodes XD
- Candy Candy = When Anthony dies v_v when Stir dies, Terri's story and other moments lol The end of the series just sucked though, Terri disappointed me 100% by staying with that girl Susanne just cuz he felt guilty for her being crippled pff rolleyes.gif
- Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: The last two eps of the first season [spoiler]when the inners died (specially when Mars died :´´´( ). Also whem Mamoru broke up with Usagi in the 2nd season, when Super Sailor Moon saved Saturn and then she was reborn into a baby ^^. When Uranus and Neptune died in Stars, when Usagi realizes Mamoru has been dead the entire last season.[/spoiler] Also during the R movie when they play Moon Revenge.
- The end of:
- Chobits
- Lost Universe
- Kenshin Reflections OVA
- Versailles no Bara
- Yami no Matsuei
- Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Celestial Shadow
._. I have to admit now...I teared up during a few cases on Detective Conan/Case Closed. Usually the romantic tragedies that ended so sadly and didn't have to happen at all.
QUOTE(edsgirl @ Jun 20 2005, 10:46 PM)
Aww come on Pokeman? I feel like slapping the s*** out of some of you! And I thought you were a tough cookie, Ninja! Oh well, I guess there's just something wrong with ME, not any of you!

like i said, i cry easily. my eyes just well up on their own, and before i know it, tears are dribbling down my face...tongue.gif
for me it would have to be

Fruits Basket - the doctor's story made me cry and the end

FMA - Their mother and other misc things

Voices of a Distant Star - The whole story

Haibane Renmei - after ep 5 or 6 i think

Grave of the Fireflies - The little kid...

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - The story

Trigun - The episode about their childhood

Elfen Lied - ending episodes

Azumanga Daioh - Last Episode when they are singing

Detective Conan - some episodes and movies

Gunslinger Girl - The Girl's Background stories

Wolf's Rain
[spoiler]woaw wait Hughes died? (Don't mind me) Heh apparently I havent been watching too much FMA...Damn AS!!! Friggin show more episodes already...did they show this eps on Adult swim? anyways I might have cried when hughes died (though i wont...maybe)[/spoiler]
AlchemistCookie are the anime[s] which make me cry:

Naruto ~ when Haku and Zabuza died. This made me cry like hell

Inu Yasha ~ When Kikyou died

Full metal alchemist ~ [spoiler]Maes's funeral. His daughter made me cry even more. And the end, where 'brothers' is playing. Also some-other bits which I can't remember.
Spirited away ~ I cried at the end where Chihiro helps Haku remember his name. I just cried.
Lord Odenetheus
No one cried during the Ricky/Leo scene?!
QUOTE(AlchemistCookie @ Jun 27 2005, 08:35 PM)
Inu Yasha ~ When Kikyou died

:\ Kikyou died before the show started so you cried on the first episode
QUOTE(~FMAgurl~ @ Jun 16 2005, 10:20 PM)
Full Metal Alchemist- episode 25 and 51

Wolf's Rain-  [spoiler]When Toboe died[/spoiler]

Edit:i Also cried the first time I saw episode 7 of FMA.

EXACTLY the same for me. I think I was crying during the entire 29th episode of "Wolf's Rain".

During "Full Metal Alchemist", I did during episode 7, I think that particular bit was one of the most shattering, devastating and vicious things I have seen in any series. Also, episode 25's ending was really really sad.

[spoiler]"Why are they burying daddy??" He was one of my favorite characters, too.[/spoiler]

And the finale was amazing, I would've gotten foggy eyed but it was such a perfect ending, wow.

Another one is "The End Of Evangelion":

[spoiler]The entire third impact scene makes me choke up, but particularily when Maya gets gooped. The thing "Ritsuko" wrote before killing her was really intense.[/spoiler]

Hm. I like this board. *registers*
Le Monkey
The almost last ep of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Where the major seems to die and Batou Gets upsett...
None anime made me cry but these made me sad:

Haku's death- Naruto
Stellar's death- Gundam Seed Destiny
Many parts- FMA

Many more but can't remember them all!
not really but there alot of anime that can make you sad

X:the movie * never cried so much at a ending before*
Battle Angel
Rurouni Kenshin:Reflections

ummm...thats all I can think of right now
Some parts Fruits Basket made me cry as well. I just finished the watching the series.
Luceit Elric
Some tear-jerkers:

Rurouni Kenshin:1) When the Oni Gang members get shot.
2) Soujirou's story (OMG that has to be one of the best episodes ever)
Rave: 1)When Gail Glory gets killed
2) Hearing King's story
3) That part about Resha Valentine (You know, whan Siva is telling his story)

And now, *drum roll*, the most vicious ones:
Fullmetal Alchemist:
Episode three: When Trisha dies.
Episode seven: We all know what happens here, don't we? sad.gif
Episode thirteen: When Roy tells a bit about his past.
Episode fifteen: Seeing Ed surrender himself to Scar, scary and sad.
Episode twenty-five: Hughes' death, seeing Roy sad.

Heh heh, I didn't cry at episode fifty because I happened to find out what happened.
[spoiler]when hughes died[/spoiler]
Fma--eps 25...too saddening...haha

Saiyuki--the episode when the four of them met another four of the gurl's name is shunfa i think...when sanzo has to kill them and goku cries...i got teary eyed...

D.N Angel--the ending episode if ice and dark

Rurouni could they end they anime like that....

Pokemon--The Mew2 movie...when ash turns into stone and pikachu is devastated...haha

Episode 7- Poor Nina... ;-;

Episode 23- Poor Ed... ;-; Stupid Al...

Episode 25- Poor Hughes... I really started crying when Mustang cried... ;-;
Azura Elric
Fruits Basket ep. 25 and 26. First Anime that has ever made me cry so hard. T_T
FMA ep.25 of course T_T
- Lots of Detective Conan episodes have made my cry.
- When I was a DBZ fan, I cried when Goku died O.O
- Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
- Digimon (not a fan anymore though..)

And FMA!!! God I cried in ep 7 with Nina! ;-; And lots of other episodes where ppl died.... And I cried in the last episode.
Last Exile:
- When Luciola went to the Maestro. Poor Luciola.
- When Dio went crazy and jumped off his vanship. (or maybe he fell off... I can't remember)

- Episode 7
- When I heard about episode 51 dry.gif
- Episode 25
nope never ever
Im a guy, so this is kinda weird, lol, but I cried when Maes Hughes died(especially at his funeral), like when Mustang said that it was raining, though he was actually crying... sniff, sniff... Umm, I cried when Sensei was saying sorry to Ed and Al after the cats funeral, and oh ya, when the little girl was crying to get her cats life back, I cried there. And finally, at the end of the series when (SPOILER) Ed died and Al sacrifices himself to get Ed's whole body back, and Ed, in turn, passes willingly through the gate to get Al's body back. A lot of crying for an 18 year old, eh?
I came very close to crying in several scenes of FMA. Usually what gets me is when something bad happens to little kids.

That's why the one time I really wanted to break down was when I saw Grave of Fireflies. I was in a little store the other day and I saw the little candies from the movie (you know those little fruit candies in a tin can)

I nearly broke down looking at it =(
Celestial Shadow
O_O I-is that really you blueices? *knows she probably doesn't know her*
Excel Aishi
Let's see... in wolf's rain, when toboe died, I was bawling my eyes out... And the last episodes of Fruits basket had me close to tears.. and i have a feeling Full Metal Alchemist has the power to make me cry, (sigh... i wonder what episode they are on in the u.s right now? ) And the thought of never seeing the end of Full metal Alchemist itself is enough to make me cry! LOL. usually i only cry near the end of a series.. that's when they are the saddest...

I laughed so hard i cried during episodes of Fruits basket, does that count?
ok i may be a guy but i still have the right to cry...right?
anyway here are my list of tearjerkers

Naruto-when Sasuke leaves Konoha and toatally like mentally screwed up Sakura

Escaflowne- when Hitomi sees Millerna and Allen making out in Asturia on top of that one building heart goes out for Hitomi

Dn Angel- ugh all the fricken time daisuke and RISA!!!! (that cow ugh i hate her some times) are having a nice conversation up into the point risa makes about how her and dark make a nice couple and how shes going to cook for him and what not.

Gundam Wing- when Hiro escapes the millitary camp and accidently kills the little girl and that puppy with the explosives ment for the mechs...*sighs*

G Gundam- When Domon finds out Rain is like locked up in the dark gundam and its his fricken fault because hes an idiot that doesnt take a hint whe a girl like him...

ugh thats it for now....

p.s-No Im Not Gay
THE ULTIMATE TEARJERKER IS IN EPISODE 25 i hate it i love hughes in a non sexual way like a friend right and hes my favorite char since you meet him in episode like 3 or somthin and then to through some drama in [spoiler]the ffin writer kills hughes....*Imatates watchin episode 25* dude no wtf noooooooooooooo
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stabs the comp screen with knife hoping to get envy* after that my veiw towards envy changed, i hate him 300% more then i did in episode 24

-God Bless In Memory Of Col. Maes Huhges[/spoiler]
Salutes Col. Maes Hughes
pokemon master
the last episode of pokemon master quest when ash misty and brock went their own ways until the 1st or 2nd episode of Pokemon Advance brock appeared with forretrees and as so as Ash heard go "FORRETREES rapid spin" and ash was glad to see brock again,so afterwards ash introduced brock to Mai and Max.Plus Tears ran down my eyes so quick the 1st and 2nd time i saw that episode.SMELL YA LATER.
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