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Full Version: Any Anime Made You Cry?
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Black Cat when Saya was killed by Creed and she said to Train that she wanted to see the fireworks and have ramune (it's like lemonade?) now that made me cry T.T
Omg i cried over so many FMA episodes!!!
Maybe i am an emotional dork! So what??
Hmm wow its been a while since ive watched anime.
Oh S-Cry-Ed made me cry too!
Jeez i miss anime. Just getting back into it now. smile.gif

I cried at one of the Nina episodes when I first watched FMA, and possibly when Hughes died, but wasn't really hysterically upset.

I did have a good cry in the last episode of Cowboy Bebop, though.

-Fullmetal Alchemist (So many sad moments T-T *sniff sniff*)

I definatley cried a little at some parts of FMA, ad I might have cried when Toboe died in Wolf's Rain.
I don't know if I cried at all in Ginga Densetsu Weed, maybe when Jerome died.
animes making me cry:

fma-death of nina, hughes, ed.... (couldnt contain myself...)

romeo x juliet

strangely, sailor moon... (shut up, i was little when it happened...)

Master Jack Ryerson
Man, I cried for the entire last like three episodes of Wolf's Rain.

I still cry in FMA when Hughes died.

And I cried during the Air Gear manga when Spitfire and Aeon clock died.
FMA : When Hughes die..

Naruto Shippuuden : When Asuma die and Gaara die but came back to life.
FMA. and until now my heart's depressed.

okay parts when I was near to tears:
1. Hughes' funeral
2. (in the start of the movie) how Mustang ended up as a corporal. a bitter, sullen depressed corporal.

then I cried. yes i admit it. well to you guys only. ^^
I cried my heart out at the last episode. Well, that's how I felt. You could've felt it too. the grief of their separation. and how, all throughout the series they were looking for a way to get back what they've lost. eventually losing each other as well.

but it's not all tears. ^^ they still believed they would see each other again. ^^ wee~!

The air ending.
FMA, at Maes Hughes' funeral..
i looked at elysia... so sad.. T.T
FMA: hughes funeral also
Code Geass R2 Shirley Death and final episode
Bokura ga Ita final episode.
every FMA scenes "al and ed flash back memories"
Kale Mustang
Grave of the Fireflies
FMA: Hughes' funeral
FMA:B--Elysia at Hughes' funeral T_T
Almost cried at last episode of Full Moon XD
The last two episodes of Wolfīs Rain T T

Clannad movie T.T

Fullmetal Alchemist know which character died T^T

Romeo x Juliet the final episode T__T

So nice series, so damn sads!! xD
Red Shrimp
FMA:B - First few episodes, especially when they failed the human transmutation
DGM - When Allen Walker was revived in Asian Branch.
FMA - Hughes's and Nina's death and at the end... and in the movie when Alfons and Wrath died I might have cried to.

Death Note- when L died.
Reindeer Age
Digimon Tamers made me cry >.<
Most of the little problems the characters had.
I guess Nabari no Ou. I was crying really hard at the end of this anime. it was really heartbreaking. and also fuyu no semi. that one made me cry like a little baby... but I donīt usually cry watching the anime, but reading the fanfiction about it... sometimes itīs just sooo sad.... I cried a little watching fma but itīs not nearly as much as I cried reading for example Sevlow fanfiction about fma... but nabari no ou and fuyu no semi were different. these two completely got me. srsly. if you ever watch it prepare handkerchiefs.
The last two episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist ...........Y.Y
FMA made me cry . . .
Chibi Vampire also . . .
Death Note . . . when the guy . . .
and Bleach . . . .
never mind bout that
- Fullmetal alchemist made me cry, and the movie.
- Elfen Lied
- Wolf's Rain
- Death Note, when L died TT__TT
Code Geass - when Lelouch died in R2 and his sistr's reaction and when he fell and the... whole scene.
Naruto/Naruto Ship - Gaara's childhood memories and when he died/lived, and when Asuma died and his funeral and stuff

Funnily, I've never cried in FMA. I think theres been other times I've cried, but the ones listed are the most I've cried actual tears. Other times it might have been just a little throat cloggyness.
I haven't cried yet in FMA:B, but in FMA1 when Nina died, when Hughes died and also in the movie when Ed decided to go back by himself leaving everyone behind

Code Geass: Shirley's death and the final scene

Death Note: death of Naomi Penber in episode 7
EniviD EiraM
in FMA, I became teary-eyd when their past was revealed and that the Elric brothers have gone through many obstacles .. sad.gif

in Death Note , I felt sad when Light killed the Naomi girl but after seeing Light's handsome look,
in the end, I smiled dry.gif
The Copycat Alchemist
There are certain times in anime where the author wants you to have a hard time keeping your composure. Depending on the anime really.

Wolf's rain was a pretty sad anime, Certain parts in InuYasha, such as the special episodes of InuYasha and Kikyo's romance before they were betrayed were also sad. FMA: Brotherhood has drama in certain points where you think someone is dead or gone but it jerks you back to a spazz-attack [I won't say which just incase of spoilers.]
EniviD EiraM
FMA made me cry again *Mommy ! XD* .... I forgot what episode it is but remember Nina and Shou Tucker? Nina turned into a chimera? that's it ... I cried for their desperate life sad.gif

Also in Toradora .. the time when Aisaka expects a lot from his Dad .... it's just sad sad.gif
I cried when Nina and Hughes died in FMA
I also cried a lot in Clannad Fuko's backstory really made me weep. I heard that Clannad After Story is even sadder. I want to watch that eventually.
FMA1 when Nina and Hughes Died, when Al saying his 'solilquoy' in the end, riza-and-roy-buying-apple-scene, and when ed is in the train, in the end he raise his and out of the window at the same time with Al, saying "Mata aou, Aru!" graaaaaaaaaah I cried so hard. yes yes I'm a crybaby.
FMA movie: well maybe most of the time in the end. dry.gif. after Ed went by and winry said in an empty tone "He's not allowing me to wait for him anymore" or something like that. and when Alfon's funeral (and the requiem song is soo good ;__;), and I'm having a terrible chest-ache when in the end ed said "i don;t think i can seperate myself from this world anymore, this is our world, there's nothing different about it. here, we will live." and there goes "Lost Heaven" and I just want to kick the laptop's screen.
FMA:B when Winry cried over Hughes ;_;
So far, there have only been two animes that pulled at my heart strings (well, technically three, but that's beside the point). The first is Toboe's death in Wolf's Rain, because the one thing I truly hate is the death of a child. My face was soaked after that. The second is Maes Hughes' funeral in Fullmetal Alchemist. Doesn't matter if it's the manga or either anime, Elicia's pleading cries for her papa gets me every single time. (It didn't help that while reading the manga version, I played a funerel bugle on my computer. Just felt the guy deserved it, you know.)
fma conqueror of shamballa ending..((((((((((((((((((((((((
A Pierrot's Aria
FMA, definitely. xD No matter how many times I watch the first anime's Hughes funeral scene and especially the part where his spirit (or something) is waving at Ed at the train station. I blubbered like a looney at that part.

One Piece is another I've cried at. At the bit where Dr. Hiruluk dies and he says a speech about when people truly die. What's worse about that whole scene is that the play Ave Maria in the background.
The Fullmetal Alchemist's movie. I remember my sister saying she cried like a baby, when she watched the ending. Saying it was so unfair. After I had watch the ending, I cried,cried CRIED! ;A; I became so anti about the ending.
Thanks for the Manga is not like that.

And Chrno Crusade's ending ;A; ..
I've come close with a few moments in Brotherhood and in the last episode of Haibane Renmei.
gundam 00 second season: when anew died. that ALMOST made me cry. just a lil more n tears would b spilling
code geass second season: ALOMST when shirley died, same w/ rolo. n i think i cried at the end when leluoch(idk how to spell his name.....) died
gurren lagann second movie: pretty much at all of the ending. especially during the credits. but i didnt cuz my bro was there n he would had start laughing.

and thats all i remember
I cry easily. So there are many shows that made me cry.

That would be first and foremost Ojamajo Doremi (especially the Na-i-sho OVA series) the second to last episode (was it 12 or 13?) oh GOD Non-chan! D:
Kodomo no Omocha. I cried especially at this anime only arc where Sanas Dad died.
Then Gakuen Alice, the show wasn't THAT good, but it made me cry several times.
Lovely Complex. I cried at the 2nd episode already and serveral times thoughout the show (the other half I laughed.)
Chrno Crusade. Oh god, the END D:
Code Geass R2 when Shirley died.
Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, the episodes after Kamina died i cried for 2 whole episodes. and the end.
Fullmoon wo Saga....e when Mitsuki found out that Eichi is dead.
Higurashi no Naku koro ni. the arc with satoko and keiichi (dunno anymore what the title was... murder-something arc)
Kobato. Episode 19
Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi. the end.

can't think of more now. but these are many already. what can I do, when they're dying all the time? D:

Toradora. definitely Toradora
it has tons of tearjerkers and especially that one during the christmas episodes right after Ryuuji visits Taiga in a santa bear costume made me cry so hard T.T
CLANNAD. so freaking sad
Clannad. Only anime that's made me cry real tears, rather than just get a little teary like I usually do.
QUOTE (Pyroclasm @ Aug 26 2010, 03:14 AM) *
Clannad. Only anime that's made me cry real tears, rather than just get a little teary like I usually do.

same. even the closing is sad. I broke at episode 9 like most people do.
When Elysia is asking her mom why they're burying Hughes, and when Ed and Al's mom died.
Voices of a Distant Star makes me bawl every time I watch it. D:

I'm pretty sure the ending of Code Geass: R2 made me cry.

I cried at the ending of Ouran High School Host Club, only because the series was over. XD
I've cried in a couple of anime's. I bawled my eyes out when Haku died in Naruto, and when the Third Hokage died (again in Naruto) and I must've used half a tissue box when Hughes was murdered in Fullmetal Alchemist. I've cried when I watched InuYasha but I can't remember which scene ^^;
FMA when...Nina, Alexander, Hughes, Captain Buccaner and Fu... u u
Wolfīs Rain

QUOTE (Vagrant @ Apr 19 2010, 04:41 AM) *
I've come close with a few moments in Brotherhood and in the last episode of Haibane Renmei.

Same, Fma BH was really sad, although me and my friend made fun of the ending a little. Haibane had some sad eps too, i cried sad.gif
I did cry while watching Conqueror of Shambala, when Alfons died, but I think that that's mostly the only time I've actually cried. However, me and my friend have decided that sad movies/moments/whatever can be divided into ones that make you cry, and ones that make you ache. The aching ones are much worse than the crying ones, I think.
For example, every time I watch Marley & Me I bawl my little eyes out, but when I watched Brokeback Mountain, I didn't cry. I ached. The tragedy of it kept me up at night and sent me into a little depression for a few days. c: /hypersensitive
So while I haven't had many crying moments, I've had my fair share of aching moments.
In FMA:B, Nina, Hughes, the whole ending in general; I ached. And Death Note, oh man. Light's death more than L's, actually. Though Light was a twisted murderer, I liked him more. I felt for him more. Aaand Wolf's Rain. Just the whole ending, that they went through so much to find this "paradise." Just... everything. I don't even know.

Butyeah. Those are my aching/crying animes. :|
The most tear jerking anime I've ever watched is MOST CERTIANLY Clannad and Clannad After Story. Ohhh my goodness. SO many times. When you learn Kotomi's true story, Nagisa's death, Mesia's cat, Tomoya apologizing to Ushio, when Nagisa's performing her play and she has a break down. SOOO many times. But the music especially adds to it! It's gives off such a sad mood TT___TT

But it's still one of the best anime's I've ever watched.
cherry-chan. :D
Romeo x Juliet. Even though I knew that they were going to die in the end (since it is Romeo and Juliet, lol), it still made me cry! ;___;
I think I cried a couple of times while watching FMA Brotherhood. XD And I think it's weird that I cried for minor characters and antagonists instead of the main characters. XD Like when Dr Knox's wife and son came back, and Knox was crying. ;____; And the whole scene about Envy's death. OH OH! But I did cry once for a main character--I can't remember exactly, probably Episode 63, when Ed called Hoho "dad". ;____; XD
FMA: Epi.62-64
Clannand:(can't remember)
~Dark Flames~
There are not many anime that had actually made me cry although FMA came pretty close...I almost cried during the last four episodes of Brotherhood. Oh and the first anime and the Conqueror of Shamballa were also pretty sad and depressing at times although I can't recall that I've actually cried.
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