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Full Version: Any Anime Made You Cry?
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Cowboy Bebop
Last Exile
Samurai Champloo
Wolf's Rain
Episode 25 of Fullmetal Alchemist (when Maes Hughes dies sad.gif )
Indignant Judgment
FMA mainly the deaths of the main characters got to me happy.gif and when Al ran away because of the fake memories that he thought were implanted into him (Darn you Barry, sorry to those Barry the Chopper fans)

Trigun one episode from there made me ball like crazy sad.gif (Though I haven't watched the whole thing yet wink.gif)

Inuyasha well really a movie did biggrin.gif

That is all I can think of now
Fullmetal Alchemist! When Ed died! And when Hughes died!

Oh, Blood+ too. When Riku and Solomon died! When Saya killed Diva too.
Huhu...I cried over most of the animes i see. Not just those tear up thing, I cry really really hard that i end up having a runny nose for a day or so...

I cried over-
-Fullmetal alchemist (mostly over episode 51 but I cried when Hughes died too. huhu to think that i cried over it's manga too. At the same part none the less!)
-Texhnolyze (I didn't even understand the story)
-Mobile suit gundam seed (each and every episode was filled with tears)
-Mahou sensei Negima (The three last episodes reduced me to a puddle of sobbing goo)
-Naruto (their pasts were tragic~ I couldn't help it)
-Trinity blood (It was hard crying in this one because it was funny but I did)
-Fruits basket (Tohru was being herself!)
-Rurouni Kenshin:reflection (I watched it three times and cried three times)
-Cardcaptor Sakura - the second movie (I couldn't help myself)
-Honey and clover (I didn't get it. I just cried. I don't know why)
-The law of Ueki (Don't was a one time thing)
-Eikoku koi monogotari Emma (The ending was...)
-Gunslinger girl (at the end)
-Jubei-chan (hehe)
-Black cat (When Saya got killed. Past that, it was hard to find a scene to cry over with all the cute cats running around and they were making me laugh)
-Paradise Kiss (when Yukari got all those dress to herself)
-Onegai Teacher (near the end...)
-Samurai 7 (the guy with the orange hair just had to go and die...)

I guess...that's all i can recount for now. Kind of seems like I cry too much
Fullmetal Alchemist has made me cry more than any other anime (Episodes 7, 24, 25 and 35, I'm looking at you), but two episodes and the OVA of Elfen Lied have also made me cry, as well as the Inuyasha episode Little Washu mentioned. I can be pretty emotional at times!
Winter Phantom
I cried at the last episode of DNAngel and episode 25 of FullMetal Alchemist.
Full Metal Alchemist I can't remember what episode, though. And then the last episode of Eureka Seven made me cry.
Winter Phantom
The good ending of the third FMA game,when [spoiler] Edward,Winry and Alphonse hugged Sophie[/spoiler] ...I need to watch that again.
Only FMA so far, I sobbed during 25 (mostly the funeral). I was even crying while i tried to tell my sister about that episode. And Episode 50 when you-all-know-who died. Even though i'd already seen the movie and knew he wasn't gone for good.
By some miracle i managed to hold back my tears in episode 25 of death note.
Little Washu
Episode 24 of Negima!, called 'Both Weapons and Words Wound', at Asuna's funeral.
FMA has made me cry tooo much..... Episodes: 03, 25, 27(dunno why) 34, and 52

Also the ending of Cowboy bebop left me bawling, Episodes: 24, 25 and 26)

and Trigun made me cry 'till I felt sick Episodes: 11, 17, 24 and 25.
ergo proxy: last scene with Raul.. [spoiler]I really wanted for him to be able to see Pino again..[/spoiler]

fma & cowboy bebop: the episodes people have already listed
Y'know, I didn't think that the last episode of Samurai 7 was all that sad enough to make me cry. Although when I watched it the second time I did cry lol.
gunslinger alchemist
none yet. some fanfictions have though....
"Tears" from the tales of Symphonia catagory to name one.
Most anime that i've watched makes me CRY
Knight Alchemist
Oh, gosh. . . I cried buckets when Hughes died in ep. 25, when Ed "died", and when Al gave his little summary at the end of the series depicting the other characters returning to some degree of a normal life. It was very painful to watch Ed kill Greed in Dante's house and see Riza run to Roy after his confrontation with the Fuhrer. I think I cried when I realized that Ed and Al weren't going back to Amestris at the end of the movie.
As for other anime, Naruto made me cry when Sasuke appeared dead after the fight with Haku on the bridge, and Sakura ran over to him and started weeping. . . sad.gif
Well. Rozen Maiden has been added to my list.

The last five or so episodes of the traumend season just had me a bawling, ESPECIALLY episode 10. And Hinaichigo wasn't even one of my favorites!
QUOTE(Fushigi Rockna @ Aug 4 2007, 12:56 AM) *
And Hinaichigo wasn't even one of my favorites!

I didn't cry but I do remember yelling "oh come on now, that's to much." when she started trembling. It was a heart string tugger.
QUOTE(Popogeejo @ Aug 3 2007, 05:59 PM) *
QUOTE(Fushigi Rockna @ Aug 4 2007, 12:56 AM) *
And Hinaichigo wasn't even one of my favorites!

I didn't cry but I do remember yelling "oh come on now, that's to much." when she started trembling. It was a heart string tugger.

Yes. D: The combination of the wind up doll like trembling and the stuff she was saying to Tomoe just messed with my wee heart strings. Tomoe's outburst didn't help matters.

Suiseiseki and Kanaria's were also heart breaking. Kanaria especially: with her it's what you DIDN'T see that gets you the most. (That being not actually seeing her getting stabbed. But the crack on Suiseiseki's crystal behind her is enough to tell you.)
I'm a big softy, I cry over everything...
T'would be more difficult for me to name an anime that didn't make me cry at some point x.x

The shows that made me the most teary would be Wolf's Rain and FMA (Yes, episode 7, I'm looking at YOU!).
And Death Note ep. 25 was horrible as well. The way the whole episode was building up... and then L's death... sad.gif
Winter Phantom
The shows that made me the most teary would be Wolf's Rain and FMA (Yes, episode 7, I'm looking at YOU!).
And Death Note ep. 25 was horrible as well. The way the whole episode was building up... and then L's death...

I almost cried on Episode 25 of Death Note,how it was a calm episode and L was pretty sad the whole episode.DIE,LIGHT,DIE YOU SICK TWISTED,HOT GENIUS!!! (Awkward Silence)I'm still not over it.I wonder why the sad episodes are sometimes episode 25,like on FMA.Episode 25 and 7 on FMA made me cry..
I like just finished wolf's rain. That was like the saddest ending ever!!!!!! Though i only cried for Toboe. I was sad, but didn't cry for the others. But his made me sob.
Elvn Angl
the two that really made me cry were:

Fate/Stay Night
and Lunar Legend Tsukihime
The one I've been watched is none other than Victorian Romance Emma (I just saw the whole episodes plus a sequel on felt my heart racing or I just felt I'm crying. It was intimately romantic and sentimental (little different like the manga version).
Also I felt crying is FMA episodes 7 and 27 (where Izumi hugs Ed and Al). Hell yeah!

As Mr Fu (from FMA manga chapter 41) says 'We cannot afford to waste a bit of fluids from now on'
Actually, the end of Death Note made me really upset. I hated the way they ended it. Sorry for the spoiler, everyone dies.
QUOTE(uc0nnh00ps @ Sep 23 2007, 11:43 PM) *
Actually, the end of Death Note made me really upset. I hated the way they ended it. Sorry for the spoiler, everyone dies.

Apparent;y you don't know what "everyone" means.
[spoiler]you text goes here[/spoiler]

Just type those tags around your text to hide spoilers.
watching Zatchbell made me cry in one of the early episodes...

I cry reading manga too and today I teared hearing this song on the radio...and I'm not one who usually cries..
I cried when L died in Death sad...T^T
In the last episode of Chrono Crusade. I cried like crazy.
A episode of Naruto made me cry. Awww it was just so sad.
Byousoku Go Senchi (5cm/s) does it every time. I highly recommend it... not enough people run into that OVA.
i got really close to crying during Wolf's Rain

and then in FMA episode 25...i was doing so well i was trying to be strong but then i heard Elicia say "why are they burying daddy? he has a lot of work to do, make them stop.." and the tears came... My friend was like "you have a cold heart if ep.25 didn't make you slightly sad"
I can thankfully say I have never cired from watching an anime..
wow, so many come to mind....scrapped princess, chobits, chrno crusade, full moon, aye my me strawberry eggs, some seasons of sailor moon, and of course moon phase.

fyi: male. i know i know, mostly romantic comedies are listed, its a guilty pleasure. LADIES! i shoot straight and narrow, so dont miss a chance to hook up with the real deal! LOL, j/k ;p
I cried during FMA, and when Tohru visited her mother's grave in the middle of the night as her two friends are physically fighting over her in Fruits Basket, and I'm sure I shed a tear or two during Evangelion. Also, I was extremely bothered for days over Wolfwood's demise in Trigun.
Episode 25 (I think) of 'Death Note' when Watari and L die. Cried my heart out.
Kanon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Grave of the Fireflies, Clannad, Fruits Basket, Full Moon wo Saga....e, Death Note, Air TV, Haibane Renmei, Monster, and... um... that's all I can think of.

The funny thing is, I don't cry very easily.
I say Clannad. Don't want to explain in details for if I explain, it will be a spoiler and i don't feel like putting spoiler tags up xD


Can't remember if I posted here already but here goes:

Rozen Maiden Traumend episode 10. And that was the only time I actually did cry during the entire series.
Pokemon the 1st movie. I was only like 11 at the time. ;~;
Fruits Basket during the final episodes and volume 16 of the manga when they showed Kyoko's past.

There were times when I was close to crying in Tokyo Babylon, X and Tsubasa as well. (manga only for these tho)

And of course like everyone else FMA had me in tears at times too.
I don't know if I've posted here before, but oh well.

I cried after watching Byosoku 5 Centimetre. That was such a sad movie! ;.;

I cried at the end of FMA. I was just so sad that it was over.

There were times when I cried so much while watching Naruto. There was that episode where Rock Lee injured himself and thought that he could never be a ninja again. And then I cried when there was that flashback of Sakura and Ino as children, and Sakura was jealous of Ino.

I cried when I watched that episode of Pokemon called "Pikachu's Good-bye", and I almost cried when I watched Pokemon: The First Movie.
The episode of FMA when Wrath causes the "alchemical accident" involving Sloth. I don't know why that ?almost? made me cry.

And Fruits Basket: Momichi's story almost made me shed a tear, or did. I can't remember. xP
Little Washu
Blood+ episode 45.

When Karmen and Moses die. Karmen! Nuuuuu!
Meitantei Conan
FMA did.
One Piece on this one ep did.
Rurouni Kenshin.
Dragon Ball Z.

Case Closed.

like pretty much all did.

cuz I love happy endings.
Little Washu
So many times in Kodocha.

1.) When Sana sees Asako leaving from a meeting with Rei, and realizes that he's not her boyfriend.
2.) During Sana and Mama's mother-daughter moment in the episode "Daughter Cries, Mother Cries".
3.) All through episode 50, and the end of 49, when Takeshi dies, and Sana goes all crazy on everyone.

Shoujo anime can be depressing D:
Elfen Lied, it made me quite sad at some parts. Like when the Director took him and his daughter out on the bridge, then killed themselves.
Death Note, when L and Light (odd, I didn't really favored Light. But the ending saddened me, and I pitied him.)
Fullmetal Alchemist touched me at heart the most though. When Edward was stabbed, Marta was killed whilst Alphonse mourned for her death, Hughes died, their mother, and when Winry was left alone at the end of the movie.
And I cried about a bunch of other parts too, but I can't remember them right now...
The only two I can think of that made me cry:

- Grave of the Fireflies (Studio Ghibli movie): The whole damn movie is just depressing and makes me cry

- Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody: The ending is just....sad

@Nekokitty: OMG Kyoko's backstory also made me bawl while reading Fruits Basket, because I know exactly how she felt (I read that just a couple months after my husband passed away...probably not the best choice of reading material at the time dry.gif )
Grave of the Fireflies made me sad, but oddly enough, it didn't make me cry. Maybe it was too depressing to make me cry. The movie The Girl Who Leapt Through Time made me cry though, I remember. It was amusing, funny, and it touched my heart.
#1 Wolf's Rain

I cried when the old man that was chasing the wolves was dying and Toboe was hurt and he cuddled up next to him and the old man thought he was blue and then they both died.... Oh man that made my heart break.....

#2 My-HIME

When one of the HIME decided to show her boyfriend what she really was another character who was made to destroy the HIME destroyed her power, she lost what she held most dear, most think its their lives but in her case it was her true love..... that was upsetting....

#3 Fruits Basket

I cried when Momiji was telling the story of why his mother doesn't know him and Tohru goes rushing at him crying and he turns into the rabbit and she's holding him in that form as they cry together.....

#4 Samurai Champloo

I cried in the episode where Jin saved that woman from being in the brothle for the rest of her life and as she's leaving on the boat she runs to touch him one last time but the boat is just a tad bit too far and she has a tear that falls as she thanks him.... makes you wonder if he found her again...
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