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(Preface: this isn't a survey or anything)
I was browsing the manga section in the local B&N and realized something: in no other section of the store was there such a diverse population of readers as there was by the manga. It was rather astonishing.
So I found myself curious:
what made you interested manga/anime? What drew you to it? Did someone introduce you? Do you have friends who you can talk to about anime/manga or is it more of a private obsession?
QUOTE(drake220 @ Jun 16 2005, 06:14 PM)
(Preface: this isn't a survey or anything)
I was browsing the manga section in the local B&N and realized something: in no other section of the store was there such a diverse population of readers as there was by the manga. It was rather astonishing.
So I found myself curious:
what made you interested manga/anime? What drew you to it? Did someone introduce you? Do you have friends who you can talk to about anime/manga or is it more of a private obsession?

i was young and needed something to do so i started reading manga DB and then i moved on to animes and other manga
Celestial Shadow
I started watching anime without knowing it was anime at first. When I was 4 I started watching Sailor Moon, then Speed Racer, and Battle of the Planets later on. Then around 1997, Sailor Moon came back on Toonami with some lost episodes or something, and I guess I got hooked again. Then that led to Dragonball Z, Pokemon. Around 2000 (I was 12) I started watching Gundam Wing and stuff like that, and learned that all this stuff I had been watching was called anime.

As for manga, I only started reading that this year. I only heard of manga really just last year when a friend bought Saiyuki and started telling me about it. My school's library recently purchased a bunch of manga (I was so happy and surprised) and I started reading Saiyuki and Evangelion. I meant to check out DN Angel and others, but it was hard to find and by the time I actually could find it, school was out.

Now that I've recently got a job, I'm going to buy FMA and Chrno Crusade manga when I get my first paycheck biggrin.gif
lt. Riza Hawkeye
The art.
I really don't know, maybe coz somethimes is a total difrent story from the anime, i like the drawing of it, altought i haven't read that much, just some from FMA, Hellsing, Chobits, And all from Bleach.
foolmetal alchemist
I was desperate to find out more about FMA so I started reading the manga since I couldn't watch the episodes I missed. Of course, now I realize that it didn't help because the manga chapters all vary compared to the episodes.
DarkWater Alchemist
My slight obsession with anything that's Japanese, the fact that I already liked drawing in anime style myself and that there's a mangastore at a seven minutes' walk from where I live.

What makes me pick up a certain manga now is having heard good critics and... dundundun... the art.
Well, reasons for picking new manga... it always differs. tongue.gif
For example... I've started reading Naruto after seeing a video (made by fans) about it. At that time I couldn't watch the anime, so... cool.gif
And about FMA... I just heard about it on some forum (drawing-related) and there was a link for the first two chapters (later I found the others).

What makes me pick up a certain manga now is having heard good critics and... dundundun... the art.

And also that of course. happy.gif
I saw the Shaman King anime and I found out about manga. And I ended up getting different manga.
I've always liked to read more than watch TV. As well, manga artwork is usually nicer than the corresponding anime.
heh, that's interesting wink.gif
I too had watched anime without knowing it was that.. I learned the name while I was in Germany (as an exchange student). That was also the place I discovered a "comic book" called Vampire Miyu belonging to the kids in my host family. I "read it" the wrong way round and was told that these "manga" were read from right to left wink.gif. The first manga I then read was Videogirl Ai (also discovered in my room)....I've always liked comics and figured that it was an easy way to learn the langauge too.. but I guess there was something in that particular manga that attracted me. Mainly the story and characters.... I later read every possible manga in their house (volumes of Angel Sanctuary, Fushigi Yuugi, Ranma 1/2, DNA^2, You're under Arrest, Seimaden etc. For some reason I didn't get into Vampire Miyu tongue.gif)... bought some myself and slowly my obsession grew. I also learned about the connection between manga and anime.. but got into anime later.
My mom always borrowed mangas from my cousin who is obssesed with them(she is now in college in Japan, hoping to become a manga drawer). I always read them, my mom liked to borrow mangas because she likes to draw them. (mi mom was a manga drawer assistant, but not anymore) Then I began to watch animes like Pokemon, Digimon, Card Captor Sakura, Detective Conan and stuff. I always read mangas where ever I find them. Then, I saw the universe of the computer world of animes, now I'm an anime/manga freak. So in another words, I just grew up in a manga enviornment.
I started to watch Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura and didn't even know it was anime. i found out they were anime when I started watching Pokemon. For some reason, I just always loved anime.

As for manga, when I got addicted to Inuyasha, I learned about manga on the internet. I didn't think of reading them, cuz I already watched the anime. But after going to a bookstore and seeing ALL the manga, I decided to try reading Inuyasha. I was only going to read vol. 1, but decided to continue. After that, I got Gravitation manga, Fruits Basket and others!
And, yes, the art.
One of my friends made me read one. After that I was hooked.
Mainly because I love the art style and became curious. I discovered once I read one of the graphic novels that the inside storys can be just as wonderful as the internal and external art work! laugh.gif I love comparing the different artists styles, plus the stories are so endearing I don't know how I ever got along with out them. lol biggrin.gif
i like reading love hina/mahou sensei negima manga because its perverted. that and the girls are hot. *grin* o yes and of course the storyline is good, and i like ken's art style. but those are only sidenotes.
I picked up manga from my friend Abby-chan. I always saw her with manga and I read one and then I wanted to read more, and then my manga obsession began. lol
I have always liked comics, but I picked up InuYasha at the library and it all kind of went down-hill from there.
I became interested in manga through Japanese class in High School. I would read really simply child aimed manga in Japanese like Card Captors Sakura or Sailor Moon. Now, that I have a greater understanding of the Japanese language and kanji characters I am starting to read Hagaren manga in Japanese. I bought this great book from the book-store a couple days ago that gives brief biographies of Japan's greatest manga-kas.(It is called MANGA and it by Amano Masanao. The book features all most every type of manga out there, so just be wary of some of the images in the book. ) I have found some wonderful manga series that way from historical to artsy. Learn Japanese so that you will be able to read and comprehend all of these great manga that can not be found in the US yet.
when i was 4 my friend told me about sailer moon and i watched an epodsode .when i was 5 i started watching it evryday and lateri became a pokemon fanatic then tenchimuyo then hamtaro ,dbz,yugioh ,dbgt and wen i was 10 i discovered that these shows i watched came from comics called manga so i bought shonen jump coiuse i love dbz .but i was confused there were others so i gave up then in the summer my mom bought me 3volumes of cardcapter sakura bot she didint know what she is buyin and i only found out wat i am watching is anime now im hooked plus since i found out theres anime on as istarted watching it first fms then evry thing else
I just started to collect manga when I was little about 7 and I started to just collect them cause they are fun to read biggrin.gif
when I was 4 i used to watch "yaiba" (anyone know that????) in the phillipines it made me laugh soo much! Then when I moved here in america my brother started talking about manga i thought..."You read fruits?"
Manga (in our language) - mango fruit
Then he gave me a japanese version of a pokemon manga (lol) even thought I didn't understand it then he gave me a suikoden 3 manga and I liked it! And then, i started watching more anime and then yeah thats what made me hooked on phonix! I mean...Manga!! (hardy har har) huh.gif
My first manga was A.I love you by Ken Akamatsu. I didn't know why I picked it up...maybe beacause I'm a big fan of Love Hina or I liked the art. Maybe it's my obsession for anything Japanese >_<
I am so hooked I can basically read Inu Yasha printed in chinese and I hate reading chinese without the 'pin yin' [like romanji]

BTW: My originality is asian...but my English is better.
Don't double post!! sad.gif
Luceit Elric
Ooh, Suikoden! That's a nice manga... When I was little, about five years old or so, my dad always had to buy me comics to get me to go to the dentist. I'll never forget that Doraemon was the first exposure to manga that I ever had. After that came Dragonball (admit it, who's never heard of it?), Sailormoon (only for a while), and then Rurouni Kenshin (oh yeah!). I guess, at first I gothooked to manga because I read almost anything and manga is intresting, but now, I realize that manga is a very good way to preserve culture and yet entertain (Hikaru no Go, anyone?) Besides that, the translation for manga nowadays is excellent, so you don't need to worry about bad English (rude Engish is a different matter though.) Finally, by reading manga/watching anime, I have picked up on a lot of information, as I like to research anything that I come across.
I started reading comics (mostly french ones) because of the artwork. I never took a close look at mangas because I thought - meh, they are not coloured and drawn too fast.
That was before I watched the first ep of FMA. After that first ep I wanted more...
The second ep took too long to download so I started reading the manga in the meantime - and I really loved it!
my first was tsubasa,and it was because i got a extra 20$ and my freind stole it from me,baught the first 2 volumes,trashed the recite then gave me them and laghed...he was trying to dom me a favour and he did,now i cant stop reading manga...which is actualy bad cause now all i spend my money on is manga...and vid games
I first started to read manga when my sister's friend started lending books. My sister would let me read them, and then I got hooked on the series she sent over....
Carnal Malefactor
Ehhh... to be honest, I'm not all that familiar with manga outside of what's tied in with anime. But with most series, there's significant divergence from the anime's plot to warrant reading the manga, and there is more cohesiveness in a lot of ways, because a manga is generally created by a handful of people and only one or two writes and directs things, whereas in anime, there are dozens of people involved in a project, all of whom have different ideas about direction.
Plus, manga tends to handle more 'adult' subject matter, which is too risqué, even for Japanese tv, and doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to sex, violence and generally adult topics.
I always read graphic novels, and I come from a Japanese background, so anime seemed to always be around (parents/grandparents/friends of family getting them for me). I had the anime kid movies when I was little (like Magical Princess Gigi). I realized somewhere along the line that there were mangas of the animes and that did it.

Now I really love it for the art of it.
Blade Alchemist
The only reason I came across manga was because I like dragons and I saw Dragon Knights and the title hooked me at first, then I started to read it and I instantly became addicted to manga.
Well, first I got into all these anime series (little:Sailor Moon, Speed Racer, Pokemon, Hamtaro older:Inu Yasha, FMA, Rurouni Kenshin, all the stuff I'm into now) Then i "found" the manga sectoin at Walden Books. I've really been looking at them since I could read pretty well (about 2nd grade). So i got my friend to but me Tokyo Mew Mew for my B-day. Than I started collecting. I only stsarted though I think a year ago.
What hooked me onto Manga? I'll be truthful, a couple of years ago I could have cared less about this stuff. I remember my mom trying to get me to watch Sailor Moon when I was little but I refused. I wanted to watch Looney Toons and other types of cartoons. Another time, when I was little, I stayed the night with one of my older brothers and his friend and they were watching DBZ (I didn't know it was DBZ at the time they were watching it) and I didn't really care much for it. But, my 8th grade year (I'm a Senoir in High Schoo now so this is a looooong time ago) I was watching Cartoon Network because we finally got it on cable and I saw Toonami and I saw DBZ and Tenchi Muyo. I reconized DBZ and Tenchi Muyo (I saw bits of Tenchi Muyo when I was at a friend's house when I was little) and I immediatly liked it. I got on the computer and started researching other animes. I started downloading music videos, moives, online mangas and episodes off the internet and started watching/reading them as well as watching what anime and movies come on T.V. In fact, in less than I week I learned, by reading, everything that happened in DBZ up the the current events that were showing on T.V and the characters etc etc down those lines. In less than a year I started watching: Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, DB, DBZ, Pokemon, and Digimon. As years progress I've learned of many more animes and manga's that I have come to love. This is the list of animes and I know a lot about: Sailor Moon, DB/Z/GT, Digimon, Pokemon (the earlier seasons), Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Spiral, DNAngel, Hellsing, Excel Saga, Azumanga Diaoh, Noir, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Samurai Girl Real Bout High School, Saiyuki, Rurouni Kenshin, and Chobits. I guess you can say I have no life.

I have seen: Inuyasha, DB/Z/GT, Hellsing, DNAngel, and Full Metal Alchemist from very first episode to the current, new episodes
I have Played and Beaten: Inuyasha and the Cursed Mask (PS2), FMA and the Broken Angel (PS2), FMA and the Crimson Elixer (PS2) and the 1st Digimon Game for the PS1.

blink.gif Holy crap...I have no life. LOL
Coz Slash told me to read Bleach.
Celestial Shadow
XD He told me to read it too but that didn't make me read it...
well i didn't exatly read it coz he told me, i first got into the anime, then he told me that there was a manga and it was more advance (and you probably know how I love spoilers) so knowing that, made me read the manga^^
Elric Edo-chan
Because I was into anime, and i saw teh colorful books...and yar
i started liking manga.. because of my slow internet connection...
it takes me a while to actualy download a full epsiode of i started downloaded manga..which would occupy me much longer then anime..and the file size is much smaller then episode...

and theres just alot of interesting and crazy manga out there!!
I was roaming around the library and then I saw a volume of Cardcaptor Sakura. It looked so cute that I checked it out, and I've been hooked since. XD
my mom made me couse of the artwork A(she had no idea id become obsessde with it)
A Song of Storm and Fire
my first 'manga' was the english Shonen Jump magazine and me being a newbie otaku, squealed in delight for something cheeper than DVDs yet still remained anime!
Riza Babe
I Picked up manga because Coffee&Zarpia were talking about Hot Gimmick and well I felt Left out biggrin.gif
well i love the art thats found in them and the story lines in them are often well thoght out, my fav is Love Hina,

I started to get into The DNAngel anime, and I had heard that there were such things as books of anime so i looked around on the web and saw the tokyo pop website. I got the manga, and pretty much everytime I watch a new anime series I get the manga for it. I love manga!
I started reading manga off the Internet about a year ago...winter break, I think it was. I had a lot of time then. I came across a scanlation site for short manga stories, and I started reading those. I liked the artwork, and I was amazed at how easily the story was conveyed through dialogue, short explanations, and the actual images. At first I was a little wary of the ongoing series--would I have time to read them? But I couldn't say no to Naruto and Bleach.

Nowadays, I use manga to supplement anime. There's so much more detail in the manga sometimes. And as others have mentioned, the stories, in some cases, are different.
ed's numbuh 1 fan
i forget how i learned about it i think i might have played Fullmetal Alchemist:and the broken angel and their might have had a advertisment and when i became an Edo/Fullmetal Alchemist otaku i wanted everything todo with FMA and so thus i looked into it at my fave bookstore i.e Border!!!!!!!!! man i love that store smile.gif
Actually, I never heard of manga until I saw it with my own two eyes. Saturday morning/ extremely dubbed kid anime, yes, I mean who HASN'T heard of either DBZ, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Oh? But with manga, a few years ago, I was lookin' through the young adult book section and I see it. Well, I see Sailor Moon. And I used to LOVE Sailor Moon so I'm like "I KNOW THAT!!!" Sadly it was the 2nd edition but I got it anyway, despite my worried-ness about the price. And after my SM craze, I got into all these other titles and authors and that brings me to where I am today, I guess. Yeah Manga!!!
The Black Blood Alchemist
The artwork/characters first, then I looked at the storyline. Whenever I see an anime I like, I try to read the manga. And whenever I read a manga I like, I try to see the anime.
i believe picking up a manga and read it- is simply my most natural action... the first manga i read was Daremo~^^~
that was about 13 years ago, from then, i never stopped reading manga smile.gif
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