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Full Version: Interview With Paku Romi And Kugimiya Rie!
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All in Japanese though, anyone care to translate?
I would like to give the original scavenger credits...
the original scavenger's info got snatched by the 2nd scavenger, and got snatched up by the 3rd scavenger from the 2nd scavenger. And the 3rd scavenger is me. So I don't know who the original scavenger is. Since the 2nd scavenger never mentioned it.
Saturn Stars
I'm bad with kanji, so if i were to try and tell you what she is saying that would be stupid. All I could pick up from the kanji I could read was basically about how much Al has changed and the meeting of the two brothers again. It's mostly crap.

Interviews usually are before the movie, they won't give away any info apart from the obvious, that's exatly what's happening here
yeah, I know. But it's still interesting to see Romi-san and Rie-san telling us their feelings about these stuff.
The thing that caught my attention was Romi saying 'It will not be a tradegy.'
Does it mean...?
Can anyone translate?I am interested.Thanks
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